Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 March 14

Vol. VII.]


[No. 458.



Notification. [heading]

[first column]
[image of a seal, a circle, with the letters 'L. S.' within]
H. W. Bentinck.
[second column]
By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, Vice-Admiral of the same, President in all Courts, Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
WHEREAS it is become highly requisite that every precaution should be taken to prevent improper persons introducing themselves into this Colony, which, if the same were not timely and effectively checked, might be of great prejudice to individuals, and possibly tend to a general disquiet; it is therefore, after mature consideration, that I have resolved on the following regulations, in order to prevent occurrences of that nature, so subversive of good order:
All persons (except those in His Majesty's service) arriving at this Port, shall not be permitted to land until the Master of the ship or vessel in which they are embarked has reported his arrival to me, and also the names and descriptions of the passengers he may have on board, on which he will receive a Licence for their landing and immediately proceeding to the King's House; and if, on examination, I find that they be fit persons to be admitted, they will receive a Certificate from the Government-Secretary to that effect, which must be registered at the Fiscal's Office within twenty-four hours after their report to me; or, in default thereof, they will be apprehended, and dealt with as the exigency of the case may require.
And all persons whom these present doth, shall, or may, concern, are hereby enjoined to observe the regulations herein-contained, and conduct themselves accordingly.
Given under my Hand and Seal-at-Arms, at the King's House, Stabroek, this 12th Day of March, 1812, and in the 52d Year of His Majesty's Reign.
H. W. Bentinck.
By His Excellency's Command,
F. White,
Gov. Sec.

By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, and their Dependent Districts, Vice-Admiral, President in all Courts and Colleges, &c. - and the Honourable the COURT of POLICY of the Colonies aforesaid.
Unto all whom these Presents shall or may concern, Greeting, be it known:
THAT we have thought proper to enact, as an amendment to the existing laws on the subject of Public Roads and Bridges, and it is hereby enacted accordingly - that, in future, it shall lie in the option of every Proprietor or Attorney of Estates in these Colonies, to have the railings of the public bridges, on the estates belonging to them, or under their charge, either painted white, in oil-colour, or white-washed; provided only, that care be taken to keep the same at all times white - under the penalty of incurring the fine provided by the law in this case.
And, that no ignorance may be pretended of this our Ordinance, the same shall be published, affixed, and printed, for general information.
Thus resolved in the Ordinary Session of the Honourable Court of Policy aforesaid, held at the Court-House, in the town of Stabroek, Demerary, on the 30th of January, 1812, and published the 14th of March next thereunto following.
H. W. Bentinck.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dep. Sec.

By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Governor, and Commander in Chief in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, Vice-Admiral, and President of all Courts and Colleges within the same, &c. &c.
And the Court of Policy, combinded with the Representatives of the Inhabitants of the said Colonies for fixing Colonial Taxes, &c.
Unto all whom these Presents may or shall concern, Greeting! be it known:
WHEREAS a statement has been laid before our present combined Assembly of the supplies wanted to defray the Colonial Expenditure for the current Year; and whereas, the usual Poll or Capitation Tax on Slaves has already been otherwise provided for:
We have fixed, and by these presents do fix, for the purpose of raising the deficiency, a Colony Tax for the Year 1811, as follows; viz: -
That all Persons deriving, or who may derive a Revenue in the said Colonies from any other Source than Military Situations, fixed Salaries from Government, (the profits, fees or emoluments of any kind received by all Public Civil Officers whatsoever being liable to the after-mentioned Tax), or the Cultivation of Sugar, Rum, Molasses, Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa or Indigo, shall Pay on the gross amount of his, her or their said Revenue or Revenues, without deduction of any Expence, according to the gross amount of such Revenue or Revenues from the 1st January 1811 to the last day of December of the same Year, and so in proportion for any shorter period within the last Year - such rate as is pointed out by the following Classes, viz: - those whose Revenue or Revenues aforesaid amount to any Sum from –
--- No. 1. -- - - f 2000, to f 3500, - - f 44. ---
--- -- 2. -- - - 3500, -- 5000, - - - 88. ---
--- -- 3. -- - - 5000, -- 6500, - - - 110. ---
--- -- 4. -- - - 6500, -- 8000, - - - 160. ---
--- -- 5. -- - - 8000, -- 10,000, - - - 200. ---
--- -- 6. -- - - 10,000, -- 15,000, - - - 250. ---
--- -- 7. -- - - 15,000, -- 20,000, - - - 370. ---
--- -- 8. -- - - 20,000, -- 25,000, - - - 500. ---
--- -- 9. -- - - 25,000, -- 30,000, - - - 620. ---
--- -- 10. -- - - 30.000, -- 35,000, - - - 740. ---
--- -- 11. -- - - 35,000, -- 40,000, - - - 850. ---
--- -- 12. -- - - 40,000, -- 45,000, - - - 1000. ---
--- -- 13. -- - - 45,000, -- 50,000, - - - 1200. ---
--- -- 14. -- - - 50,000, -- 55,000, - - - 1400. ---
--- -- 15. -- - - 55,000, -- 60,000, - - - 1600. ---
--- -- 16. -- - - 60,000, -- 65,000, - - - 1800. ---
--- -- 17. -- - - 65,000, -- 70,000, - - - 2000. ---
--- -- 18. -- - - 70,000, -- 75,000, - - - 2200. ---
--- -- 19. -- - - 75,000, -- 80,000, - - - 2400. ---
--- -- 20. -- - - 80,000, -- 85,000, - - - 2600. ---
--- -- 21. -- - - 85,000, -- 90,000, - - - 2800. ---
--- -- 22. -- - - 90,000, -- 95,000, - - - 2900. ---
--- -- 23. -- - - 95,000, -- 100,000, - - - 3000. ---
--- -- 24. - - - 100,000, -- 110,000, - - - 3200. ---
--- -- 25. - - - 110,000, -- 120,000, - - - 3400. ---
--- -- 26. - - - 120,000, -- 130,000, - - - 3600. ---
--- -- 27. - - - 130,000, -- 140,000, - - - 3800. ---
--- -- 28. - - - 140,000, -- 150,000, - - - 4000. ---
Excepting from such Payments, all Persons whose Annual Revenue or Revenues, has or have not respectively for the last Year, exceeded the Sum of Two Thousand Guilders.
It is also to be understood that all Persons who derive a revenue by the labour of Slaves, not attached to Estates, in whatever way such Slave or Slaves are employed, and altho' occasionally worked upon Estates as Task-Gangs or hired Negroes, shall be considered as coming within the description of Persons liable to Pay the Tax on Revenue, and are consequently to pay the said Tax on the gross amount of the Revenue derived by them from the labour or hire of such Slaves, as well as on any other Revenue derived by them from any other source or sources, than those above excepted, and without making any deduction for the maintenance of such Slaves or otherwise.
It is ordered, with regard to Firms or Copartnerships in Trade, Task Gangs, Wood Cutters, Brickeries, or of any other nature whatsoever, that wherever a Copartnership of any kind exists, whether all the Partners be known and named in the Firm of that only the name of one or more of the Partners appear, the acting Partner or Partners residing in the Colony, shall pay the Tax on the gross amount of the Revenue made by the whole Partnership, whether all or any of the other Partners reside in or out of the Colony, to this effect, that the acting Partner or Partners in the Colony, shall bona fide pay, not only his or their own proportion of the Tax on the gross amount of the whole Revenue made by the Copartnership, but also the proportion of all and every one of the Partners, altho' they may reside in Great Britain or elsewhere, - It being always understood that, independent of the Tax thus to be paid on account of the Partnership, each of the Partners is moreover liable to such further Tax on the gross amount of any Revenue or Revenues derived by him, her, or them, from this Colony, from any other source or sources unconnected with the Partnership. -
All Person or Persons leaving the Colonies, previous to the Publishing of the Ordinance imposing the Taxes for the Year in the course of which they shall so leave the Colonies, whether they are or are not liable to the Tax on Revenue according to the Classification contained in the Ordinance for levying they Taxes of the preceding Year, shall, previous to their being entitled to obtain a Passport, besides observing the other formalities required by Law, appoint some Person or Persons duly instructed in case of his, her, or their not having returned to these Colonies at the time at which the Colonial taxes for the Year during which they shall so leave the Colony, shall become due and payable, to give in, in his, her, or their name or names, or in the name or names of the Firm or Firms, Copartnership or Copartnerships in trade or otherwise, which such Person or Persons may represent or have represented, his, her, or their Return or Returns of the Revenue or Revenues, he, she or they, or the Firm or Firms, Copartnership or Copartnerships in trade or otherwise which such Person or Persons do represent or have represented, have derived from any source or sources other than those herein before excepted, and shall further duly and lawfully empower and qualify such Person or Persons so instructed as abovementioned, to make oath in his, her or their name or names to the truth of such return or returns; and the Person or Persons so leaving the Colony shall further give good and sufficient Security, not only for the payment of the amount of the Tax on Revenue, which such Person or Persons, or the Firm or Firms, Copartnership or Copartnerships represented by them as aforesaid, shall be liable to pay, according to such returns, but also for the appearance of such Person or Persons, so instructed, empowered and qualified as aforesaid, to give in such return or returns and to make oath to the same; to this effect, that the Person or Persons becoming Security as aforesaid, thereby becomes also liable, in case of such return or returns not being made, to the Penalties imposed on Persons neglecting to give in their returns - and the Secretaries of both Colonies are hereby enjoined to see a bond of Security to the above effect duly and Lawfully executed, previous to their giving to such Person or Persons, applying for a Passport, the usual Certificate of their having complied with the formalities required by Law on such occasions.
And it is further ordered and required that all and every Person or Persons in these Colonies, without exception, whether they are or are not liable to the Tax hereby laid on Revenue or Revenues, agreeable to the abovementioned Classes, shall before the 1st of May 1812, declare to which of the said Classes they respectively belong, and also at the same time further certify and declare upon Oath, to the best of their knowledge and belief, - that the gross Amount as aforesaid of his, her, or their Revenue, or the gross amount of the Revenue made by the Firm or Firms, Copartnership or Copartnerships in trade, or otherwise, represented by them, does not, for the period aforesaid, exceed the highest Sum of the Class to which he, she or they, or the Firm or Firms, Copartnership or Copartnerships in trade, or otherwise, shall declare themselves to belong; or (should that be the case) that they do not come within the description of any of the said Classes, either in consequence of their having derived no such Revenue or Revenues at all, or from their respective Revenues not having exceeded the Sum of 2000 Guilders for the period aforesaid: - Excepting from the Obligation of taking the Oath, those who shall declare as aforesaid that they belong to the highest Class and pay their Tax accordingly, all such Persons being hereby excused from taking such Oath.
And it is hereby ordered, that all Proprietors, Renters or Occupiers of any Plantation or Plantations in the said Colonies, or their Dependencies, and all other persons, possessing any Slaves, shall nevertheless, deliver or transmit exact Returns upon Oath, of the number of their Slaves, to the respective Colonial Receiver's Offices at the time hereinafter fixed. - The aforesaid Returns of Slaves, shall afterwards be Printed for Public Information.
Exclusive of the abovementioned ordinary annual Tax on Revenues, the Combined-Court having agreed to dispense for the present year, with the fines or rates imposed on exemptions from active duty in the Burgher Militia. It is also ordered that the following Regulation duties shall be levied and paid to the Colony, viz.
1st. A Colonial Duty at the rate of Fifty Guilders per Pipe, containing 110 Gallons, and so in proportion for every larger and smaller quantity, on all Madeira or other Wine in Wood, - and also a Duty of One Guilder per dozen of all bottled Wine of every description and denomination to be imported in these Colonies; both which duties shall be Paid at the Office of Francis White, Esquire, Government-Secretary, (who has been specially appointed for the collection thereof on the part of the Colony) on pain of a Fine of Five Hundred Guilders to be forfeited and Paid to the Colony, for every offence, in case of any Wine of the aforesaid description being found to have been landed without the Colonial duty having first been Paid or Security for the same given to the said Secretary; and it is further provided in this behalf with the concurrence of His Excellency the Governor, that no Ships or Vessels, having imported Madeira or other Wine, either in wood or in bottles, shall be admitted to a final Clearance, unless, in addition to the other Colonial requisites, it shall also appear by the signature of the said Secretary on the Manifest of the Cargo of such Ship or Vessel, that such duty has been Paid, or Security given, for the same as beforestated.
2dly. All transient Traders, viz: all Masters of Ships or Vessels, Supercargoes or others, who during their temporary stay in the Colony, derive a Revenue from the Sale of Goods or Merchandize, shall Pay a Colonial Tax of Five per Centum on such Goods according to the Invoices thereof, - and it is ordered accordingly, that all such Masters of Ships or Vessels, Supercargoes or others, previous to their quitting the Colony, shall either Pay to Francis White, Esquire, Government-Secretary, (who has been appointed to collect the same,) on the above Tax on the original Invoices, to be produced by them, or make Oath before the said Government-Secretary, (who is empowered to administer the same), that they have not derived, directly or indirectly, during their stay in the Colony, a Revenue from the Sale of any such Goods or Merchandize; - and unless either the attestation of their having made such Oath, or a Receipt for the Duties paid by them, be produced in the Secretary's Office, no Permit or Pass for the departure of such Persons from the Colony shall be issued by the Secretary.
It is understood that the above duty is not to apply or to be extended to the Masters or Supercargoes of Vessels from the United States of North America, in consideration of the heavier Duties which these are already liable to Pay in behalf of the Sovereign's Chest.
3dly. The Duty of Twenty-Two Guilders, Payable every Six Months, on Licences for Huckstering or Selling Goods about the Country and in the Town of Stabroek and its Precincts, shall continue to be Paid in the same manner and subject to the same Penalties, as provided by Our Ordinance of the 17th December 1807 and the subsequent one of the 26th January of the past Year.
4thly. It is further ordered, that all Proprietors of Horses in these Colonies, without any Exception or Exemption whatever, shall Pay a Tax at the rate of Twenty-two Guilders for each and every Horse belonging to them.
5thly. All Persons in these Colonies, without any distinction or exemption, whether residing on Estates, Plantations or elsewhere, shall pay a rate of Fifty Guilders for every two-wheeled Carriage, and of One Hundred Guilders for every four-wheeled Carriage in their Possession; and it is ordered for that purpose that in the Returns of Slaves and Revenues, every Person making such Return, shall also state and make Oath to the number of Horses and Carriages belonging to him on the 31st fo [sic] December 1811.
And it is hereby further ordered that the Returns and Attestations herein required to be made as aforesaid, as far as relates to the number of Slaves on Estates or Plantations, the Tax on Revenues, and on Carriages and Horses, shall be made in the following forms respectively: -

I do hereby declare and make Oath to the best of my knowledge and belief: - that the number of Slaves of every description attached to Plantation [blank]
amounted on the 31st December 1811 to [blank]
and no more.

That on the 31st December 1811 I was in possession of no more than [blank] two wheeled Carriage, [blank] four wheeled Carriage, [blank] Horse.

Sworn before me this [blank]

(*) Here is to be inserted whether the Person making the Return has derived any Revenue in these Colonies from any other source than those on the Revenue whereof no Tax is required to be paid, agreeable to the Court's Publication; and if so, the Class to which such Revenue belong, &c.

I do hereby declare and make Oath, that the gross amount of Revenue derived by [blank]
from any other source than those on the Revenue whereof no Tax is required to be paid, agreeable to the Court's Ordinance for levying the Taxes for the year 1811, has not during that year exceeded the highest sum of the [blank] Class.
That [blank] on the 31st December 1811 in possession of no more than [blank] Slaves [blank] Four wheeled Carriages, [blank] Two wheeled Carriages, [blank] Horses.
Sworn before me, this [blank]

And it is further ordered that Printed Copies of these blank Returns shall be transmitted by the Colonial Secretary to the Burgher Majors and Captains in the respective Country districts, to be filled up by the Persons making their returns, and the said Burgher Majors and Captains are to attend that the same be duly filled up by the Persons who shall take before them the Oaths hereby required.
In the Districts of Stabroek and at Fort Island the said blank Returns may be had at the respective Colonial Receivers' Offices.
The several Oaths herein mentioned, are to be taken before the Governor of both Colonies or the Commandeur of Essequebo, a Member of the Court of Policy, or before the Burgher Majors or Captains in the respective Districts, such of them not already qualified being hereby specially authorised thereto by the Court of Policy.
It is likewise ordered that Attestations of the taking of such Oaths subscribed by the Persons respectively before whom such oaths shall be taken, shall together with the Returns and Certificates herein before required, be produced and delivered to the said respective Receivers at their respective Offices, before the 1st day of May 1812, and further that the amount of the said respective Taxes, so to be ascertained by the said Returns and Certificates, shall by the Persons liable thereto, be paid to the respective Receivers at their respective Offices, in Cash or good Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the said Receivers, all before the 1st day of May 1812.
All Persons neglecting to give in such Returns, Certificates and Attestations and to Pay the respective Taxes herein beforementioned in the manner and before the time herein-after stated shall immediately on the expiration of such time, become liable to Pay at the respective Receiver's Offices, as follows (viz: those who shall neglect to give in proper returns of the Slaves in their possession as aforesaid, a sum of Three Guilders Ten Stivers for each Slave, of whatever description, according to the Returns of Slaves given in by them, the last preceding year; such person as may not be known in the Books of the Receivers, and neglect to declare the number of their slaves for the last Year, are to pay a Sum of Five Hundred Guilders to the Colony Chests and all Persons neglecting as aforesaid with regard to the Tax on Revenues, to Pay, on the expiration of the aforementioned time, the rate fixed for the highest Class of Income, viz. Four Thousand Guilders,
And it is hereby ordered that for the purpose of receiving the said several Returns and Taxes, the said Receivers shall daily attend at their respective Offices, from the date hereof, 'till the 1st day of May thereto following, from 9 o'Clock A. M. 'till 1 o'Clock P. M. Saturdays and Sundays excepted.
And it lastly ordered that in default of payment of any of the aforesaid Taxes, and duties, the same shall, according to the ancient usage, be recovered and enforced by summary Execution.
And that no Ignorance may be pretended of the several Orders contained in this Ordinance, these presents shall be Published, Affixed, and sent round for general Information.
Thus resolved in Our Annual Combined Assembly held in the Town of Stabroek in Demerary, on the 15th day of January 1812, and Published the 14th of March following.
H. W. Bentinck.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Dep. Sec.

Wanted for the Town of Kingston, [heading]
A DAM to be thrown up from the center-street in front of said Town, to extend 240 feet in length, from the Front-Dam, 14 feet wide on the top, and a sufficient height, to be consolidated, covered with bricks or gravel, and kept in good order for six months, from the time it is finished, when it will be taken over - to drain and weed the Town in the proper manner, with parapets on each side of every drain or trench - make up the streets, where it is required, and cover the whole of the rough ballast at present thereon with gravel.
A Stelling of the best black greenheart or tataba-wood, to extend from the mud-dam 200 feet, by 12 feet wide, to low-water-mark, to be on sills, but on the model of the Stelling of Charlestown, the plank to be let-in similar to that belonging to Mr. Delisle.
Payment for the above work as follows, viz. - On the Dam being thrown up, the Town drained and gravelled, the half of the amount will be paid in cash at the King's Receiver's Office, and the other half when the mud-dam is taken over by the Commissaries at the expriation of the six months - On the Stelling being completed, be one-half in cash, as above, and the remaining half in six months.
Tenders will be received by the Committee and Commissaries on the 2d day of April, at Mr. Furnace's, at 10 o'clock; when the parties wishing to Tender are requested to come with their proposals, and a draught of the Stelling to be erected: and that approved and judged most advantageous wil be accepted. For further information inquire of the Commissaries.
G. J. Furnace, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Commissaries.']
March 14. H. B. Fraser,
N.B. - The contractor is expected to give security for the fulfilling of said contract within such period as shall be fixed on.

Hugo Cantzlaar, J.Z. Attorney-at-Law, intending to depart for Europe in the latter end of May, or beginning of June next, begs the favour of all those who have entrusted to him any law-business, to call at his Office for their papers; he also begs the favour of all those to whom he may be indebted, to render in their accounts, and call for payment, and those that owe him any money, he requests to make payment: all before the first of May next. March 14.

DE Procureur Hugo Cantzlaar, voornemens zynde in het laatst van maand Mey, of begin van Juny aanstaande, dese Colony te verlaten, versoekt alle de geenen dewelke eenige zaken aan hem hebben gelieven te vertrouwen, hunne papieren ter zynen Comptoire te komen afhalen; zoo ook de geenen, dewelken by eenige gelden mogt verschuldigd zyn, worden versogt hunne reekeningen intesenden, en betalinge te komen ontvangen, en een idere welke hem eenige gelden verschuldigt is, gelieve hem de betaling te doen geworden; alles voor primo aanstaende [sic].
Maart 14.

THE Subscriber has for Sale, received by the latest Importation,
[first column]
Irish mess beef and pork
Kegs and rounds beef
Lancashire hams
Double rose butter
Scotch pickled herrings in kegs
Hyson tea, loaf sugar
Sallad oil, vinegar
Irish linens, India salempores
Furniture chintz and check
Corded demities
Broad cloths, stockings
Flannels, green baize
Tape, twist
Seine and sewing twine
Fishing and log lines
Table knives and forks
Soup ladles and spoons
Fishing hooks
Box and stock locks
Frying pans, grid irons
Tea kettles, sad irons
Setts of table ware
Glass ware
[second column]
English pickles
Post and foolscap paper
Gentlemens made cloaths
Sailors' and Tradesmens' cloathing
Negro cloathing
Boot and shoes, hats
Blocks, mast hoops
Beads, jib hanks
Cannister powder
Patent shot, flints
Demerary trenching shovels
Hoes, cutlasses, cordage,
Copper pumps, funnels
Ladles, lamps, iron pots
Mill brasses, wedges
Steel capooses, ditto steps
Mill grease
Glauber salts, Iron bolt rods
Leaf and fig tobacco
Madeira and Port wine, per dozen, London porter
Old rum, spermaceti candles
Soap, lamp and shoe blacking, &c. &c.
[end columns]
March 14. Hugh Douglas.
H. D. requests the favour of those indebted to him, for last years accounts and notes of hand, to come forward with payment, as he can give no longer indulgence.

100 PUNCHEONS OF RUM. [heading]
ANY person or persons who are willing to deliver in the course of six weeks, this, or any smaller quantity of Rum, of strength, per Browne's bubbles, No. 22, will receive at the rate of f 1 per gallon for common proof; the increase of price will be in proportion to the increase of quantity in reducing by water the strength of 22 to 26. - Example: If a gallon of the strength of 22 encreases 1/4 gallon on being reducted to 26, so will the price proportionally encreased 1/4, be f 1 5 - thus the purchaser has no view of being accommodated at the expence of the seller, but is willing he should have what his rum would yield him if he sold it in the common way. Application at the store of Mr. Henry Austin will be attended to. March 14.

THE Subscriber, from necessity, informs those it may concern, that his notes and accounts are placed in the hands of Mr. H. Kamerling for collection; and he hopes they will avoid unpleasant measures.
The Subscriber will dispose of a complete Seamstress and House-woman, warranted.
March 14. J. W. Robinson.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Domicilium of the subscriber is at the House of Mr. John Henery, in Robb's Town.
March 14. Samuel Todd.

FOR Sale, at the store of Messrs. Pollards, one pipe of Gordon, Duff & Co.'s choice old Madeira Wine, imported by a gentlemen who is not in immediate want of it.
March 14.

TO BE SOLD, [heading]
THOSE valuable Premises, formerly the property of Messrs. Pantliz & Co. and now occupied by the Subscriber, in Charles-Town, known at Lots No. 10 and 13, with the Water-Lot in front of No. 10. The situation is so well known as eligible for mercantile business as well as for the residence of a family, that there need no farther recommendation. Apply on the premises to
March 14. F. Van Kinschot.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

A. Fullerton, in 14 days or 6 weeks from March 4.
J. S. Johnson, in do. or do. . . . 6.
L. Barnes, in 14 days . . . 7.
The black Man William Baa, in do. . . . 7.
H. P. Fleischman, in do. . . . 9.
C. J. O'Hara, in do. . . . 12.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

[Transcriber's note: no new or updated Vendues in this issue]

The Honourable I. Van den Paadevoort, Fiscal ad interim of Demerary, departed this life, last night, about eleven o'clock.

To Correspondents. - A New Resident's "Hints for the Improvement of the town of Stabroek," in our next - but the Trial of "Bristol Tripe versus Bristol Genius," cannot be reported in the Royal Gazette.

Custom-House, Demerary. [heading]
Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
March 2. Sch. Phoenix, R. Norburn, from Barbados.
6. Sch. Shark, I. P. Hicks, Surinam.
9. Brig Eliza, John Davies, Berbice.
Sch. Neptune, Andrew Thompson, Angustura.

CLEARED. [heading]
March 5. Brig Tartar, P. Simon, for St. Bartholomew's.
10. Ship Ceres, R. S. Tibbets, Portsmouth.
Sloop Blackbird, T. Coverly, Barbados.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by.





Juff. Doresten,




Pl. Covent Garden,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,


P. Benjamin,

Pl. Loo,


Dctr. Richardson,

Clerk of the Market



Pl. Cornelia & Ida.


Phillis Butler,

T. Farriands,


J. McPherson,

Pl. Blygezigt,


Pl. Sarah Johanna,






Pl. Land Canan,

Pl. Elizabeth hall,





John Fraser,

R. Leith,

March 14.                  F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

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