Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 March 28

Vol. VII.]


[No. 462.



Notification. [heading]

[first column]
[image of a seal, a circle, with the letters 'L. S.' within]
[second column]
By His Excellency Henry William Bentinck, Esquire, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, Vice-Admiral of the same, President in all Courts, Colleges, &c. &c. &c.
[end columns]
Whereas various doubts have arisen among the inhabitants, and contrary opinions circulated, as to the intent of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent's commands, contained in my proclamation of the 11th ultimo; that is to say, how far the same may be considered to operate on properties then already under sequestration, on which persons resident in Holland, or other countries under the immediate controul of France, have charges payable by instalments, or otherwise. Now, in order to obviate all such difficulties, and to prevent any dispute or difference that may arise from contrary opinions on that subject, let it be clearly understood, and all Sequestrators of such properties are hereby enjoined to observe, that all monies now due, accruing or becoming due, from estates in these Colonies to Mortgagees of the same, resident in Holland, or other countries under the immediate controul of France, or their agents, shall be applied, until further orders, (in preference to the satisfaction of such mortgages) towards the payment of British and colonial creditors, in such order and proportion as by law they may be entitled.
Given under my Hand and Seal-at-Arms, at the King's House, Stabroek, this 26th Day of March, 1812, and in the 52d Year of His Majesty's Reign.
H. W. Bentinck.
By His Excellency's Command,
F. White,
Gov. Sec.

Fiscal's Office. [heading]
Notice is hereby given, that a general inspection of the public roads and bridges, throughout this colony, will shortly take place.
Demerary, March 26, 1812.
J. S. Masse,
Fiscal, ad interim.

Academy. [heading]
A. Cart has the honour to inform his Friends and the Public, that the Holydays commenced on the 26th instant, and will continue until the 1st day of April next, when the labour of the Academy will be resumed.
A steady Man, who understand the English Language and Arithmetic well, will meet with encouragement.
N.B. - A. C. will be thankful to those who are in arrears to come forward.
Stabroek, March 28, 1812.

Two Joes Reward. [heading]
Lost, a few days since, a Young Dog, of a cream-colour, with a black muzzle, cropped ears, and a long cropped tail. He has a mark of having been recently bit on his neck, and is bred between a blood-hound and terrier. Whoever may give information, so that this dog may be recovered, will receive the above Reward, on application at the Office of this Paper. - March 28.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, on Plantation Greenfield - Thirty Head of Cattle, Seventy Head of Sheep, and some very neat New Furniture, imported for his own use. They will be sold reasonable and on easy terms to approved purchasers, and may be seen on the premises.
March 28. Edward Austin.

Notice is hereby given, that no credit must in future be given to A. van Eeten, or any articles delivered to him on account, without an Order from the Undersigned.
Demerary, March 27. J. C. Brandes.

St. George's Church. [heading]

            March 25, 1812.
At a Meeting of the Subscribers and vestry, to elect New Vestry-men, examine the Church Accounts, and take into consideration other circumstances respecting St. George's Church,
Present, [centered]

Rev. Mr. Straghan,

John Wilson,

Joseph Beete,


W. N. Firebrace,

J. Robertson, Esquires,

Mr. Cook, the remaining Vestry-man, being unavoidably absent at Berbice, has requested Mr. Robertson to act in his name.
The state of the accounts of last year having been duly examined, the Vestry came to the following unanimous Resolutions:
That it is with sincere pain that they observe an indecorous traffic attempted by some persons, desirous of parting with their pews, who aim at reimbursing themselves for their original voluntary subscriptions for the purpose of erecting St. George's Church.
That, being desirous of putting a stop to such a practice, as well as to prevent public advertisements of pews in the Church for sale, the Vestry think it proper to publish the 5th Resolution of the 1st of June, 1811, which states –
"If it shall appear that any holders of the pew, or sharers therein, refuse or neglect to pay the assessments now declared payable, or which may hereafter in public meeting, be appointed to be paid, towards the proper support of this establishment, and continue to quit doing so for one year, that the Members of the Vestry be then authorised, in order to give the person neglecting every opportunity of preventing unpleasant further coercive measures, to give public notice, in writing, affixed for one month on the Church door, of their intention to sell the said pew, or share thereof, for recovery of such assessment; and, if payment of the arrears is not made during this notice, that the Members of the Vestry shall then consider the right of the pew, or share thereof forfeited, and shall be permitted to sell the same by public advertisement, reserving always a preference thereto, in the first instance, to a Subscriber, if any should be desirous of purchasing the same, and paying over to the late owner of the forfeited pew, or share therein, the surplus, if any, above the arrears due and expence of sale; and to inform all persons desirous of parting with their pews, that the Treasurer is requested and empowered to repay them the original sum they paid as quit-rent for the same, and to re-let the same to such persons as may be willing to pay the said quit-rent, giving a preference in all cases, to Subscribers to the erection of the Church.
That the anxious desire of the English Government, as well as that of the persons who so liberally contributed to the erection of the Church, being to propagate the principles of the Christian religion, under the pure form of the Church of England, to persons of all colours and complexions; they lament to see an illiberal attempt made, by a very few individuals, to prevent the People of Colour from availing themselves of the pious endeavours of the Rev. Mr. Straghan in performing afternoon-service for their benefit, by affixing locks on the doors of their pews, keeping them empty, and preventing these persons having a proper opportunity to hear the Word of God. The Vestry trust this admonition will cause the removal of such improper obstructions, and prevent their taking more unpleasant steps for the purpose.
The Vestry also observe, with concern, that some persons still remain defaulters for the rent of the pews fixed last year; and, as the inevitable expences of the Church amount to the full sum to be raised by such means, the Vestry trust that all arrears will be paid in one month from the date or they shall be under the necessity of ordering the sale of their pews, under the 5th Resolution.
That, it appearing by a late Resolution of the Commissaries of Cumingsburg, that the opposition to a bridge from the road in that district to the Church is withdrawn, the former contract for the bridges be proceed on as soon as can be conveniently done.
That two windows or openings be made from the north porch of the Church into the body thereof.
That Tenders be advertised for painting the Church inside and out, or outside only.
That it being deemed necessary to pave the path up to the Church, and Mr. Wilson having kindly offered to get out Welch paving-tiles for that purpose, the Vestry accept his offer with many thanks.
That, it appearing that no votes have been sent in for any New Members of the Vestry, the Gentlemen at present acting will continue to do so for the present year; and have resolved to meet every quarter, on business relating to the Church, on the first Wednesday in January, the first Wednesday in April, the first Wednesday in July, and the first Wednesday in October, exclusive of the Annual Meeting on the 25th of March.
Lastly, That these Resolutions be printed in the Royal and Demerary Gazettes.
(Signed) W. G. Straghan.
Joseph Beete.
W. N. Firebrace.
John Wilson.
James Robertson.

Persons willing to Contract for Painting St. George's Church, inside and out, or outside only; will please send in Tenders to the undersigned, mentioning the Terms of each Contract, by the 11th of April, when the most approved will be accepted.
March 26. James Robertson,

J. Shanks respectfully informs his friends and the public, that the Easter vacation commenced on Friday the 27th instant, at which time he removed into the upper part of that large and commodious house in Bridge-Town, at present occupied by Thomas Green, Esq. every way adapted for the reception of boarders. Those who will entrust him with the care of their children may rely that no pains shall be wanting on his part to make them perfect in whatever branch of education their parents may be wishful having them taught. The Seminary will be re-opened on Monday the 6th of April. March 24. [sic]
[Transcriber's note: this does not appear in the previous issue]

The Harbour-Master's Office will in future be kept at the Colonial Secretary's Office. March 25.

The Undersigned (being duly authorised) requests a Meeting of the Creditors of A. J. J. van den Heuvel, Esquire, at the Union Coffee House, on Thursday the 16th of April next, at 12 o'clock, to hear such proposals as will be made in behalf of the said A. J. J. van den Heuvel, Esq.
Demerary, March 25. A. Backer.

For Glasgow. [heading]
The Ship [heading]
Aurora, [heading]
Malcolm M'Dougal, Master, [heading]
Will sail from hence in all April. For Freight or Passage apply to
March 28. Evan & Angus Fraser.

Notice. [heading]
The Subscribers, as Executors to the Last-Will [sic] and Testament of the deceased Thomas Riding, hereby inform all parties concerned, that they have given over to Mr. M. Campbell the whole papers and property belonging to the Estate of the deceased: and they hereby request, that all persons having demands against it will send in the same to Mr. Campbell; and all persons owing the Estate are requested to pay the same to him, he being fully authorised by us to receive and discharge all debts due to or by the said Estate.
Archibald Edmonston.
March 28. James Bowman.

The Creditors of Mr. D. Timmerman are requested to meet on Wednesday, the 1st of April next, between Twelve and One o'Clock, at the house of Mr. P. Verbeke, in order to consult on the best mode of payment of a third dividend intended to be made them, from about Forty Thousand Pounds of Cotton, which will be ready for delivery by the 30th of said month.
Demerary, March 28, 1812.
M. Van Kerkwyk [right pointing brace to words 'Sequestrators for Plantation Strandgroen']
Stephen Cramer.
Adam Smith.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

A. Fullerton, in 14 days or 6 weeks from March 4.
J. S. Johnson, in do. or do. . . . 6.
L. Barnes, in 14 days . . . 7.
The black Man William Baa, in do. . . . 7.
H. P. Fleischman, in do. . . . 9.
C. J. O'Hara, in do. . . . 12.
S. Todd, in do. . . . 16.
S. Dealey, in do. . . . 17.
Mrs. Van den Paadevoort, in ditto, . . . 17.
The Hon. Ms. Tinne, in ditto, . . . 17.
Mrs. J. A. Bate, in do. or 5 weeks, . . . 20.
J. J. Muncker, and one servant, in do. . . . 23.
H. Eyes, in 14 days, . . . 24.
W. Karst, in do. or 6 weeks . . . 24.
R. M'Lean, in 14 days . . . 26.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

At the Commissary Court of the 15th of April, will be passed the following Transports and Mortgages, viz.
By T. Higgins, q.q. the Boedel John M'Cluer, Transport of the Lot No. 221, situate in Cumingsburgh to Sarah Edey Cuming.
By Elizabeth Francina Van der Staff, Transport of the half Concession No. 74, situate on the middle-dam, Stabroek, with the buildings thereon, to - Jackman.
By Philip Burrows and Thomas Burrows, q.q. Plantation Haslenton, a Mortgage on said Plantation, cum annexis, in favour of R. Burnthorn q.q. Mrs. A. E. Bovell.
By J. M. Spooner, Transport of the Lot No. 14, situate in Charles-Town, to J. Byble.
By A. Meertens, q.q. Jasper van Son, Transport of the Plantation John, situate on the east-coast, cum annexis, to the Heirs of Michell Nihel.
By Robert Williamson, Mortgage on Plantation Glazer's Lust, situate in Little Courabana, (cum annexis) in favour of Messrs. Bolton & Littledale, of Liverpool, (letters of decree being first obtained from the Honourable Court of Justice).
Secretary's Office, Demerary, 28th of March, 1812.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

Public Vendues [heading]
In Demerary. [heading]

On Thursday the 2d of April, . . .
Also on the same day, will be sold, in quantities of five gallons - real cogniac brandy, and twenty-two half firkins of ox tongues.
Also, by order of W. B. Farrar, Executor to the Boedel of William Hooper, deceased, - a Negro, named Jem, a gold watch, &c. postponed from the 9th of March.
March 7. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday, the 14th, and Wednesday the 15th of April, at the stores of Messrs. Chorley and Cook - a large assortment of dry goods and provisions, also a fashionable curricle.
March 28. Robert Kingston.

Died, last night, at the house of Mr. M. Shillingford, in Kingston, Mr. John Thorp.

Custom-House, Demerary. [heading]
Vessels Entered and Cleared. [heading]

ENTERED. [heading]
March 23. Brig Horatio, T. Walker, from Berbice.
24. Sch. Phoenix, R. Norburn, Barbados.
25. Ship Ariadne, C. Bird, Grenada.

CLEARED. [heading]
March 24. Brig Bridget, A. Kennan, for Liverpool.
Brig Harmony, W. Gemmill, Glasgow.
Ship Pilot, T. Barton, Bristol.
25. Sch. Phoenix, R. Norburn, Barbados.

In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by





Juff. Doresten,



M. Doyle,

Pl. Covent Garden,


Pl. Georgia,

B. Jeffery,


Dctr. Richrdson,

Clerk of the Market



Pl. Cornelia & Ida,


A. Engels,

John Farrows,


Pl. Sarah Johanna,




Pl. Kitty,



J. Barrows,




March 28. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

in the Colony-Stocks of Essequebo. [heading]



Brought by.






H. Pieters,



J. Otto,


J. J. Deeges,



Pl. Grove (Mahaica)



D. Dunn,



H. Fraser,

Engel Rust.

March 25.                  W. V. D. WAGT, Scout.

STABROEK: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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