Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 April 14

Vol. VII.]


[No. 467.


TUESDAY, APRIL 14, 1812.

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, April 14, 1812.
CASH WANTED (one-sixth in Joes or Silver,) for Bills of Exchange, drawn at Thirty Days' sight, on the Principal Officers of His Majesty's Ordnance, London, for 600 Sterling. Sealed Tenders, marked, "Tenders for Bills of Exchange," will be received by the Subscriber until 12 o'clock on Friday, the 17th instant: when they will be opened in presence of His Excellency the Governor, and the highest offers (if approved) accepted.
Ordnance Store-Keeper.
N.B. The Bills will be drawn in Sums as low as 50 each, if required.

St. George's Church. [heading]
NOTICE is hereby given - that, in consequence of the Painter being at work upon the Church, there will be no Divine Service performed on Sunday next. April 14.

FOR SALE OR HIRE, [heading]
THE House in Kingston, occupied until his death, by the late Mr. Bothamley. Apply to

THE Subscribers have received by the Brig Union, Capt. Henry, from Glasgow, and for sale at their Store:
Lime, Roman cement, beer, porter, vinegar, port wine, mess beef, mess pork, pickled salmon, pickled herrings, pearl-barley, split-peas, hams and cheese, tripe, ling-fish, potatoes, pickles, fish-sauce, oats, soap and candles, Irish butter, paints and paint-oil, lamp-oil, fishing-seines, 15 to 30 fathoms; best tweeled [sic] hempen cotton-bagging, Inverness cotton-bagging, Osnaburgs, Dundee and real Russian canvas, sewing and seine twine, Osnaburg thread bagging and Osnaburg needles, linen Bengals, cotton and linen checks, cotton checks; Irish linens, 7-8 to 4-4; Irish sheeting, 5-4 to 9-8; superfine full and half bleached Irish dowlas, long-lawn, diapers assorted, common blue pullicates, superfine Madras and Masulipatam handkerchiefs, checked and striped seersuckers, hair cord, tape and fancy striped dimity, fine jean, Marseilles quilting and royal rib, table-cloths assorted, cotton Britannias and shirting, brown and white ancle-socks, men's and boys' plain cotton stockings, ladies' plain and embroidered ditto, cotton and French cambrics, black Barcelona handkerchiefs, silk Bandannas, blue cottons, mourning calicoes, light-ground fancy calicoes, superfine rich furniture-chintz, fancy ginghams, ladies' Morocco slippers with shoe soles, Hessian boots, dress-shoes, men's and boys' strong calf ditto, planters' strong ditto, laced and with buckles.
ALSO ON HAND, [centered]
Negro-clothing, ready-made clothes, real Russia sheeting and duck, superfine silk and beaver hats, Leghorn ditto, umbrellas; furniture, consisting of Pembroke and card tables, guard wines, liquor-cases, wash-stands, dressing glasses, night-tables, &c. tin-ware, earthen-ware, stationery, coopers' and carpenters' tools, sets of ivory-handled knives and forks, ditto common ditto ditto, plated liquor frames, cruet-stands, bottle-sliders, snuffers and stands; double jack and worm screws, square window-glass, iron-chests, iron-pots, grindstones, nails, sheet copper and copper-nails, coffee-manaries, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, fine stock-locks, trimming-knives, wood-hoops, fusee with bayonets, common and treble-seal powder, patent shot assorted, large anchors, lumber, shingles, &c. &c.
April 14. M'INROY, SANDBACH, & Co.

THE Creditors of Plantation Elizabeth and Success, situated on Leguan-Island, are hereby informed, by the Trustees of the same, that Forty Casks of Sugar will be ready for delivery on said Estates, on the 30th instant, to the highest bidder for part or the whole; and for which, sealed Tenders will be received at Mr. Marsh's Hotel, from this day to the 27th instant, at 9 o'clock in the forenoon precisely, when they will be opened in presence of such creditors as may choose to attend.
Essequebo, April 14.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Mrs. Waterton, and her servant, 14 days, from 2 April.
Philip Tinne, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . . 3.
Duncan McLachlan, in do. or do. . . . . . . . . . . . 7.
James Gover, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.
Henry Frost, in do. or one month, . . . . . . . . . . 9.
H. T. Ferguson, in do. or do. . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.
Chas. Griffith, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.
Sworn Clerk.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

On Friday the 1st of May ensuing, will be sold by Public Vendue, for immediate payment, by Order of John Evans, q.q. Solomon van Thol, on the premises - The Plantation Calcutta, situated in Abary, betwixt the Recess and Catharine estates, containing 500 acres of land (more or less). There are from 90 to 100 acres planted in Cotton, and from 20 to 30 acres in Plantains; with all the buildings thereon, comprising a dwelling-house, 36 feet by 18, and 8 feet gallery; a logie, 36 feet by 18, and 8 feet gallery; a gin-house, negro-houses, &c. together with fifteen negro men and one woman.

Not having had any arrival since Saturday, and, of course, being without intelligence of more importance - our readers will find most of the subsequent columns of this day's publication, occupied by the detail of a Trial of High Treason, which has lately taken place in England; and the Particulars we promised in our Paper of the 7th instant, of the lamented Fall of Valencia in Spain.

Shipping Intelligence. - The Opossum brig-of-war, left this River yesterday, for Surinam.

It is with deep concern we announce the death of G. A. F. Van Kinschot, Esquire - for he was not only a gentleman in manners, but the amiable qualities of his heart certainly conferred as much honour on human nature, as his talent would have done, on the profession he had lately engaged in! The afflictive event thus mentioned, took place on Sunday last. Mr. Kinschot was Provost-Marshal of the First Battalion of the Brigade of Demerary Militia; and, for some time, a Marshal of the Court of Justice in this colony - a situation, however, he resigned, in consequence of being admitted in the Practice of the Law.

FOR GLASGOW. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] THE BRIG UNION, MATHEW HENRY, Master,
To sail in all the month of May. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
April 14. M'INROY, SANDBACH, & Co.

STABROEK: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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