Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 April 21


Vol. VII.]


[No. 469.

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TUESDAY, APRIL 21, 1812.

Fashionable Straw Bonnets & Ribbons, [heading]
Just received per Ship Admiral Colpoys, from London, and for sale by
April 21. C. Shute.

FOR SALE, by the Subscribers, at their Stores in Cumingsburg; for which Produce will be taken in payment:
Wood hoops; Newfoundland cod fish; tobacco in hogsheads, first quality; grating bars, steel plates, and capooses; mill wedges and brass bushes; shovels, hoes, cutlasses, and iron pots; copper and tin pumps and funnels; skimmers, laddles [sic], and Boiling-house lamps; terras, in puncheons and barrels; mill-grease; truss-hoops; porter and ale; cordage assorted; Madeira, in pipes and hogsheads; Port Wine; Oznaburghs; Negro hats; seersuckers; &c. Also a Steam Engine, complete.
April 21. Garden, King, & Co.

NOTICE. [heading]
ABSCONDED from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman, named Susanna, formerly belonging to Miss Catharine Simon. A reward will be given to any person who will bring her to the Subscriber, on Robb's Stelling.
April 21. George Daly.

JUST arrived, by the Admiral Colpoys, from London, and for sale by the undersigned, very reasonable for immediate payment, in addition to his former importations:
Gunpowder and hyson tea, double and single refined loaf-sugar; Morton's London brown stout, in full quart bottles; split peas and pearl-barley, in jars; sago, black pepper, mustard, salad oil, cherry-brandy, best canister powder, patent shot and flints, verdigrise, green paint, white-lead; brown, black, yellow, and blue, paints and paint-oil; neatsfoot-oil, in jars; large and small paint-brushes, house-brooms, white-wash, counter and scrubbing, brushes; frying-pans, block-tin and iron tinned inside stew-pans, block-tin dish-covers; bar, bolt, and stunchen [sic], iron; vat hoops and rivets, &c. &c. &c.; also a few cases of Irish linen.
Some very handsome and fashionable Furniture, viz. [centered]
Japanned chairs, cane seats, of various patterns; Grecian shaped, Windsor, and cherry-tree, ditto ditto; bedsteads and mattresses; mahogany dining-tables, of various patterns, such as Grecian shaped, patent, &c. &c.; sideboard-tables, with cellarets complete; Pembroke and card tables; satin-wood card-tables, rich borders and covers; rich-veined patent card-tables, Grecian claws, richly finished; Pembroke tables in suite; and a variety of other goods.
April 21. H. O. Seward.
He has also on-board the Belmont, from Liverpool, expected in a day or two, having been spoke by the Colpoys two days ago - hams, Gloucester and pine cheese, soap, and candles, 4s. and 6s.

THE Subscriber having been appointed by Mr. Isaac Wade, his Attorney during his absence, requests all persons, to whom he stands indebted, will be pleased to favour him with a statement of their respective accounts, (which they will leave at the Store of Messrs. I. and C. Mackintosh,) in order that they may be liquidated with all the dispatch in his power; and for which purpose, he now offers for sale, the house in Cumingsburgh, lately occupied by him, and at present tenanted by John Wilson, Esquire - and his Place, opposite the fourth island up this River, called Hyde Park, is offered to be let; - there are at present, about fifteen acres of Plantains in a thriving condition, and land cleared and drained for about the like quantity. There is plenty of excellent Greenheart and other hard-wood timber a-back of it; and from the facility of cutting fuel-wood therefrom, it would be a desirable place to be occupied by any Proprietor of a Sugar Estate, who may have occasion to bring that article from up the river. There is an excellent House thereon, and plenty of Negro-rooms.
Demerary, April 21. W. N. Firebrace, q.q.

ONE JOE REWARD. [heading]
RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, a Negro Woman, named Phoebe, a native of St. Eustatius; is coal-black, and has lost some of her fore-teeth; formerly the property of James Samson, Esq.; has lately been seen at Plantation Belmont and among the scattered Huts a-back of Cumingsburgh. The above Reward will be given to whoever will deliver her to Mr. R. Noonan, in America-Street.
April 21. A. Bryant.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Philip Tinne, in 14 days or 6 weeks from April 3.
Duncan McLachlan, in do. or do. . . . . . . . . . . . 7.
James Gover, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7.
Henry Frost, in do. or one month, . . . . . . . . . . 9.
H. T. Ferguson, in do. or do. . . . . . . . . . . . . 9.
Chas. Griffith, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.
P. D. W. Cuvelje, ditto . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.
George Martin, in 14 days or one month, . . . . . . . 12.
D. N. A. Van Hoytema, in 14 days, . . . . . . . . . . 15.
J. L. C. Brauns, in 14 days . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.
H. Cantzlaar, and one Servant, in a month or 6 weeks 16.
Colin Douglas, in 14 days or 6 weeks, . . . . . . . . 16.
Secretary's Office, Demerary 17th April, 1812.
Robert Phipps,
Sworn Clerk.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

[Transcriber's note: no new or modified vendue in this issue.]

IN ESSEQUEBO. [heading]

On Monday and Tuesday, the 3d and 4th of May next, at the Vendue-Office, Fort-Island by order of the Hon. Board of Orphan-Chamber of this River, - Slaves, a logie, with posts into the ground; a side-building, an unfinished hard-wood frame, 33 feet by 17 1/2 feet, situated on Plantation Good Intent, West Coast of this River; the buildings to be taken away immediately after the sale; also a piece of land, near Sarapapa-Creek cattle, vats, tools, &c.
By order of the Executor of the Estate of J. H. Boter, deceased,- a piece of wood-land, situated near Arrowary-Creek, West Bank of this River; boat-people, carpenters, a schooner-boat, pieces of timber, furniture, &c.
By order of the Curator of the Estate of W. S. Mayers, deceased,- Two Negro men, two women, and one cow.
By order of the Executors of the Estate of J. G. Kolff, deceased - Eight Negroes, amongst which are capable captain and sail-maker, house-servants, and field-people; also, household-furniture, cattle, &c.
By order of the Executors of the Estate of the Widow Kolff,- Two house-servants, furniture, and cattle.
By order of Messrs. Walteling, Kelderman, & Theyssen, - A third-portion in the land and buildings named Batavia, situated on Varken-Island, to be sold in the same state as it will appear on the day of sale.
April 15. B. Hebbelinck,
Dep. Vendue-Master.

Notice is hereby given, [heading]
THAT F. A. Vernede and L. M'Bean, Esqrs. have given over to the undersigned all books, papers, and property, belonging to the estate of Robert Younghusband, deceased. All Colonial creditors are therefore requested to render in their accounts on or before the 6th of June, as no claims will be admitted after that period; and all those indebted to the estate, are requested to come forward wit immediate payment, otherwise proceedings will be adopted, however disagreeable, the Subscriber having it in contemplation to leave the Colony.
W. Younghusband,
April 21. At. Mr. David Gould's, America-Street.

The Mercantile Arrivals since our last, are the Phoenix, from Barbados, whose Papers are to the 11th instant; and the Admiral Colpoys, from London, after a passage of forty days from Portsmouth, whose Papers are to the 7th of March.

The Transports, with that portion of the 60th Regiment (commanded by Colonel Codd) destined for the garrison of this colony, arrived on Sunday.

Additional Ship News. - The Commerce, Capt. Watts, and Camilla, Capt. Orr, from this River, have arrived in the Clyde; and the Ann, Capt. Spence, Traveller, Capt. Fisher, and the Claude Scott, Capt. Stroyan, are arrived at Liverpool.

The Eliza-Ann, Capt. Ross, may be daily expected from London - as may the Belmont, from Liverpool.

Addresses, it seems, have been presented to Colonel Barnes, the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Privates, of His Majesty's 46th Regiment of Foot, lately stationed on the Island of Dominica, by the Honourable Board of Council, and the House of Assembly - expressive of the esteem in which that Regiment was held while doing duty there: - and, we are happy to say, that the detachment of Royals, garrisoned in Tobago, have received similar declarations of the esteem and approbation of the Inhabitants, to those made to their Military Brothers in this Colony.

BARBADOS. [heading]

Convoys, it appears, are to sail from the island, with the trade of Nova Scotia, Quebec, and New Brunswick, at the following periods: the 1st of June, July, August, September, and October. But the ships which are to give protection to these convoys are not to wait one day after the periods fixed for their departure.

On Tuesday, the 7th instant, the trial of the schooner Louisa under Spanish colours, but supposed to be American property, detained by His Majesty's ship Orpheus, Captain Pigot, and libelled as prize, came on to be argued in the Vice-Admiralty Court; [mutilated] His Honour Judge Compton observed, that, as it was a case of much importance, and required time for consideration, he would defer giving sentence until the Thursday following. On that day, therefore, after most minutely detailing the evidence, commenting on the arguments of the Learned Advocates on both sides, he left little room, to doubt but that condemnation will ensue; as His Honour stated, that the claim which had been interposed for the asserted Spanish owner had not been supported by such legal evidence as would entitle the claimants to a restitution of the property.

His Majesty's ship Dragon, Admiral Laforey, has returned again from an unsuccessful cruise after the enemy's frigates reported to have been in these seas.

On the evening of the 6th inst. the harmony of the Theatre Royal was again disturbed; but, in this instance, certainly by an occurrence rather unusual in the dramatic annals, viz. the precipitate exit of the leader of the band! and that, too, in the middle of the overture!! On what account, however, Tweedle-dum thus left in the lurch his Tweedle-dee, was not correctly ascertained until the Saturday following; when an apology in the Mercury announced his contrition, while it intimated, at the same time, that his conduct was owing, in the first place, to their discordant scrapings; and, in the next, to the unexpected reception of a blow in his eye, doubtless, from some one who preferred the having no music at all, to the necessity of hereafter appearing as a witness to the Overture's murder!

BERBICE. [heading]

The following copy of the Tarif for the Attornies, addmitted [sic] before the Bar of the Honourable Court of Justice of Berbice, and others appearing before the said Court, either as Plaintiffs or Defendants, which has been published there By Command - appears in this Paper for the advantage of those of our readers, who may have occasion to visit our Colonial Neighbour, in either of the above-mentioned capacities:

For instituting any action, drawing up the necessary documents, vacations to public offices, appearance in court, whether such cause is defended or not, hearing sentence, pleadings, &c. - f 25 the plaintiff and defendant.
For summation, renovation, and petition for execution on such sentence either inlocutory or final. - f 25 the plaintiff.
For appearance in court to obtain a second default, &c. - f 25 the plaintiff.
For any action settled previous to its appearance in court, the attorney is allowed to charge f 12 and no more.

GREAT COURT. [heading]
For instituting any action, together with consultations, vacations of public offices, forming plaint, writing or answering letters, appearance in court, hearing sentence, or any other charge heretofore allowed in any suit not defended and whether a final interlocutory or other provisional sentence be granted - f 88 the plaintiff.
When defence is made in such cause together with pleadings. - f 110 the plaintiff, and f 88 the defendant:
Summations, renovation, and petition for execution inclusive of all vacations. - f 20 the plaintiff.
For appearance in court to obtain a second default, defendant being absent - f 25 the plaintiff.
If defended, including pleadings. - f 36 the plaintiff, and f 88 the defendant.
The cause being referred to the court of rolls, from the first court of rolls to the termination of the cause before the great court. - f 100 the plaintiff, and f 66 the defendant.
For any action settled previous to its appearance in court, the whole charge allowed to the attorney is f 44.
Proceedings in a cause of civil confinement (gyzeling), to the termination thereof. - f 110 the plaintiff, and f 66 the defendant.
And in case of debate, including memorials, &c. f 66 more. - f 176 the plaintiff, and f 132 the defendant.
In (cas possesoir) to the full termination of the cause. - f 400 the plaintiff, and f 200 the defendant.
Journies to the spot disputed, double the distance money allowed to the Marshal.
Petition for a writ of arrest, poenal interdict, or any other writ of whatsoever nature till the cause be brought before the great court. - f 88 the plaintiff, and f 44 the defendant.
When terminated before the said court de plano. - f 44 more: - f 132 the plaintiff, and f 88 the defendant.
When referred to the court of rolls. - f 188 the plaintiff, and f 110 the defendant.
Oppositions against execution sales, transports, or mortgages, terminated before said court de plano. - f 66 the plaintiff, and f 44 the defendant.
iEdctal [sic] citations by execution of estates for four summonses - f 110 the plaintiff.
Ditto with proceedings on the right of preference on the proceeds of any insolvent estate or of plantations sold by execution sale - f 220 the plaintiff.
For exhibiting any claim against an estate or plantations as aforesaid, maintaining right of preference, for each such claim. - f 6 the plaintiff.
The said right of preference being contradicted and the same being proceeded on at the roll courts. - f 44 the plaintiff.
The evidence of any person being wanted in any cause, the attorney for the plaintiff or defendant on whose instance evidence is given, is allowed to charge for every witness, not exceeding three in number. - f 22 the plaintiff.
Drawing up any other petition, memorials or other documents for which no provision has been made in the present tarif. - f 22 the plaintiff.
To say not exceeding 2 pages, if longer, f 6 for every additional page containing not less than 20 lines.
Consultations in causes independent of any action already instituted or pending before the court. - f 22 the plaintiff.
Any other person instituting or defending any action before the great or commissary court, and appealing either for himself or by proxy, shall be allowed to charge for every appearance f 25 and no more, in lieu of the fees allowed for attornies at the bar.

NORTH-AMERICA. [heading]

Papers from the United States to the 6th ult. have been received in Barbados. The House of Representatives appear to be imposing taxes in order to be prepared for a state of warfare - in short, they have already enacted one upon the importation of salt, and were discussing the propriety of doing the same on stamps and spiritous liquors, particularly whiskey. The following are the sentiments of two of the Members, and most of them consider war as inevitable, notwithstanding what appears under the head of "England."
"Mr. Smilie begged the House to consider what would be the opinion entertained of us by foreign nations if this imposition should be carried. It was a mode of proceeding which he had never before seen, and of which he had never heard or read. We have been repeatedly told that the spirit of the people was up to the war-point, and by the very gentlemen who are now desirous of postponing it. And now. when we are ready to show them the necessary means for carrying on the war - when we present taxes to their view, we are told they will shrink - that they will be alarmed. Did they expect war should cost nothing? If we must retreat, let it be by order of the people. If they have called so loudly for resistance, for war, let us not fly till they desire it. How do gentlemen know that they will not patiently bear the taxes? They will - He would at lest speak for his constituents. If this motion is carried, we shall be the laughingstock of Europe - we shall become the by-word of all nations. We must carry on the first year of war upon credit; and, if we delay the levying of taxes, we shall be obliged to go upon credit two years. What will become of the credit of the Government?!
"Mr. Troup had hoped that temporising was now at an end. He had reason to hope so from the spirit displayed by the House some weeks ago. We have tried temporising sufficiently. The Non-importation Act, Embargo, and Non-intercourse, were excuses for postponing long enough. When the honour, the rights, and interest, of our country, had demanded resistance and decision, we had always been prepared with some temporising expedient - a sprain in the ancle, vertigo in the head, or the gout; one excuse after another. He declared, that the national character of his country was sunk almost beyond redemption, and feared no effectual stops would be ever taken to raise it. What does Bonaparte tell us, in so many words? - That we are a good-for-nothing, trifling people, without honour, spirit, or policy - worse than a Jamaica Legislative Assembly. And what do the actions of Great Britain towards us prove? - a nation fighting alone against almost the whole world, and, in her greatest distress, yet regarding us so little that she rejects our good-will, or is indifferent to it - indifferent to the friendship of eight millions of people. - What contempt of us does this shew. His feelings, he said, were such that it would be impossible for him to proceed, and use such language as became the dignity of that House. He would sit down."

The following pithy extract is taken from the State Paper of the United States, dated the 25th of February:-
"Such (says the editor) is the wretched state of our country. A Government without energy or concern on the one hand, and a perverse, insidious faction devoted to Great Britain on the other. From this gloomy and deplorable condition nothing can save us but the appearance of some truly great and good man on the political stage, endowed with the brilliant genius of a Chatham, and clothed with the confidence of all true and independent Americans. And if such a man is not to be found to concentrate the energies of the nation, and to snatch it from imbecility, faction, and jesuitical intrigue, and foreign influence, co-operating with the intrigue to produce odious measures and eternal decisions, the we the [illegible] people; and only as well prepare to receive the yoke of England, and sink into infamy and servitude without a struggle."

[sailing ship icon, heading]
FOR BARBADOS. [heading]
R. Norburn, Master, [heading]
Will sail on Sunday next. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain, or
April 21. R. NOONAN.

STABROEK: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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