Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 May 19

Vol. VII.]


[No. 477.


TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1812.

IN ESSEQUEBO. [heading]
THE little place called Maria's Lodge, (without Negroes), is offered for sale.
This property adjoins Mr. Prins's Bathsheba's Lust, and contains 160 acres of land, more or less. The cultivation is about 60 acres, under Plantains and Coffee. The dwelling-house is spacious and elegant, and stands upon a brick wall 10 feet high, forming underneath large and commodious stores. A small coffee-loge, and kitchen of brick, with other useful out-buildings, are attached, comprising in the whole a most desirable residence for a genteel family. To a person wishful of possessing a good Stock-Farm, this offers advantages seldom to be met with; for, added to the ample support of food in plantains, and the finest grass for every kind of stock, it boasts the valuable supply of a constant stream of fresh water, in a small creek, running by the side-line. The terms of purchas will be easy. Apply to
J. L. Smith.
Bridge-Town, George-Town, May 19.

TWO SLAVES, the property of the Subscriber, having absconded from Mrs. Susannah Hunter, born Simmons, one a woman, named Bett, and a yellow-skin boy, named John, whoever will apprehend the said slaves, and bring them to the Subscriber, shall receive usual reward. All persons are hereby forbid harbouring or employing the said slaves, under the severest penalties of the law being enforce against such offenders.
May 12. William Good.
[Transcriber's note: item not found in previous issues.]

THE Subscriber has imported, per Ship Friendship, a selection of London articles, which (with others on hand) comprise the following assortment, offered for sale, viz.
Pine and loaf cheese, pickled tongues, beef, pork, Cork butter, candles, soap, split-peas, barley, macaroni, vermicelli, sago, spices assorted in canisters, double-refined sugar, hyson tea, white-wine and pickling vinegar, in jugs and per dozen, olives, capers, salad and spermaceti oils, starch, blue, mustard, pepper, basket-salt, Huxham's bitters, rappee, Hardham's, Macauba, and Lurdyfoot's snuffs, sole and mixed; honey in 2 lb. pots, Hoffman's raspberry and cherry brandies, brandied fruits and preserves, orgeat, capillaire and sirop, rusks, rout-cakes, sugarcand; peppermint and ginger drops, Day and Martin's liquid blacking, Morton's London brown-stout in hhds. porter, strong and weak beer in tierces of 6 doz. each, Burton ale in barrels of 3 doz. each, Holland's gin, cyder, Champaigne, Hock, Claret and Port Wines, India shades, handsome vase and barrel lamps, decanters, rummers, cut goblets and tumblers, finger-basons, salt-stands, liquor-frames, shelf, hour, and wine, glasses; deep-sea, hand, log, and chalk, lines; seine and sewing twine; best staple cordage, assorted from 9-thread to 5 inch cable; fashionable yellow-top'd and Hessian boots; pumps; half-dress, buckled, and common, shoes; ladies' and children's black and coloured slippers, coats, coatees, jackets, figured and plain Marseilles and black silk vests, flannel and calico night-gowns and jackets, superfine black broad-cloths and cassimere, baby-flannel, green table-covers, ditto canvas for blinds and green line; blue, yellow, red, and white, bunting; real Russia sheeting, 7-8 and 4-4 Irish linens assorted, long-lawns, musquito-netting, furniture and gown prints, India ginghams and long-cloths, real Bandanna, black Barcelona and fancy silk handkerchiefs, Company's long white and yellow nankeens, short ditto, crapes, bombazeen and bombazet, hair-cord dimities, jeans, bed-tick, platillas, flax Osnaburgs, white diamond Marseilles, linen diaper and cotton towels, linen and cotton pocket-handkerchiefs, black and coloured plain and twilled sarsnets, satins, black and coloured sarsnet cambrics and fancy ditto jaconet cambrics, thread and cotton laces and edgings, ladies' straw-bonnets and dresses, coloured and ounce threads, tapes, ribbons, needles, perfumery, mattrasses and bolsters, cane and rush bottomed chairs, window seats, Morocco trunks, rocking horses, sets of mahogany waiters, knife-trays, fashionable damask paper hangings for rooms and staircases, brass and iron wine parrot-cages, bed-room carpeting, gentlemen's fashionable silk and beaver hats, opera ditto in cases, black and yellow Leghorn and willow ditto, women's silk and beaver hats and bonets, boys' and girls bonnets, hats, and leather caps of all kinds, patent and common green silk umbrellas, ladies' parasols; ladies', gentlemen's, and children's worsted, cotton, and black and white, plain and ribbed, stockings; long and short silk, cotton, doeskin, Limerick military, and funeral, gloves; sets of account-books, foolscap and 4to [sic - quarto?] paper, quilts, school-books, slates, and other stationery assorted; house-brooms, shoe and horse brushes; crown window glass, 14 by 10, 15 by 11, and 16 by 12; full sets of ivory handled table knives and forks, common ditto, cooks' ditto, plated and pewter table and tea spoons and lades, fish-kettles with steamers, tea ditto, saucepans, garden watering-pots, and shears, horn and tin lanterns, pump and tin tacks, musket and fowling-piece flints, gunpowder and shot, lacquered boxes, fishhooks; stock, pad, box, and chamber-door locks; brass cocks, curry-combs, pewter hand-basons, sodirons, stay-bars and staples, window-bolts; HL, T, and hook-and-eye, hinges; adzes, files, glue, masons' trowels, corn and coffee mills, coffin-furniture, boat-anchors, nails 4d. to 30d. fryingpans, gridiorns, Buck glasses, handsome table sets of blue ware, white ditto, an assortment of modern jewellery, &c. &c.
First quality Madeira Wine . . . . . f 40 per doz. cash.
Second . . . . ditto ditto . . . . . 30 ditto ditto.
A large Punt for sale or hire.
Those persons indebted for last year's accounts are earnestly solicited for payment.
May 18. Thomas Shute.

JUST received from London, and for sale by the Subscriber, for cash only:
Ladies' fashionable split-straw-bonnets,
Fashionable silk ditto,
Dress-caps, ostrich feathers, artificial flowers,
Fashionable full-dresses, morning ditto,
Twilled and plain sarsenets, crapes, fashionable corsets,
Long white kid gloves, and short ditto,
White kid trimmed slippers, and walking-shoes.
May 19. S. De Saulles.

THE Subscriber have imported by the Ship Friendship, from London, the following assortment of goods, which they offer for sale:
Yorkshire hams, butter, in whole and half firkins; Leadenhall beef in kegs; pine, Bath, loaf, and Gloster cheese; tongues, in kegs; tripe, in do.; beef, in whole and half barrels; candles, soap, plit-peas, Scotch and pear barley, in jugs; gunpowder and hyson tea; refined sugar; white-wine Chili, Tarragona, and garlic vinegar; pickles and fish sauces of all kinds; port wine, claret, old hock, and Rhenish wines; brandy and Geneva, in pipes; cyder, perry, Seltzer and Soda water, pale ale, brown stout, and draught porter; Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, and nectrine [sic]; raisins, currants, and almonds, in jar; spices assorted; oats, in puncheons; temper-lime, in kegs; tallow and mill-grease in do.; nails, 4d. to 30d.; iron boilers, from 60 to 300 gallons; puncheon hoops and rivets; copper skimmers and ladles; boiling-house lamps; mill brasses, cappooses and steps; cow-mouths and plates; plantation bells; puncheon and hoghead truss-hoops; patent canvas, No. 1, 2, 3, and 4; blocks assorted, mast-hoops, jib-hanks, ensigns and jacks, for colony boats; anchors and cambooses for do.; blue, white, and yellow bunting; cordage, from 12-thread ratline to 6-inch cable; white rope; sein and sewing twine, deep sea lines; Inverness coffee and cotton bagging; negro clothing of all kinds; hoes, shovels, cutlasses, and pruning knives; felling axes; window-glass, of different sizes; brass sash-pullies; stay-bars and staples; carpenters' and coopers' tools assorted; iron chests, with two keys; brown and white Russia sheeting and duck; white and brown platillas; Britannias, huckaback, diaper, Irish linen and sheeting; long-lawn in whole and half pieces; linen and cotton check; India and corded dimity; linen and cotton cambric; ladies' and gentlemen's silk and cotton stockings; do. umbrellas and parasols; gentlemen's fashionable wearing apparel; blue, black, and red broad-cloth; black silk Florentine; baby flannel; silk and beaver hats; jockey, Hessian and military boots; planters' strong shoes, with buckles; half and full dress shoes; ladies' black morocco slippers; blue and full dress shoes; ladies' black morocco slippers; blue and white India salempores; white and yellow nankeen, long pieces; India check ginghams; fine striped do.; fine Custeer do; fine rich India Bandanna handkerchiefs; do. Bamagore do.; do. Romall do.; field-bedsteads, with mattresses, complete; musquito-netting; handsome cane-botton and cherry-tree chairs; London-made saddles, Portsmouth and snaffle bridles, martingales, halters, curry-combs and brushes; jockey, twig, and chaise whips; India shades, rummers, decanters, wine and water glasses; plated and morocco bottle-stands; plated snuffers and stands; do. liquor and cruet stands; travelling canteens, complete; small liquor-cases; silver fish-knives and soup ladles; do. table and tea spoons; sets of white ivory table knives and forks, with deserts and carvers, complete; sets of black do.; paint, lamp, neatsfoot, and chamber oil; spirits of turpentine; white-lead; Spanish brown; blue, green, and black paint; stationery, consisting of sets of books, foolscap, pot, thin, and hot-pressed wove post paper, wafers, quills, inkpowder, &c. a general assortment of medicines; muskets with accoutrements; steel-mounted fowling-pieces; common Buck do.; gunpowder and shot; handsome sabres and belts; sword-knots; silk sashes and epaulettes; cockades and feathers; sheets of copper and coffee minaries, &c.
Johnson, Dyett, M'Garel, & Co.
ON HAND, [centered]
London particular Madeira Wine, in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter-casks; also a few quarter-casks of rich old Malmsey. May 19.

THE following goods imported by the Friendship and Spectator from London, viz.
Gentlemen's superfine fashionable silk, beaver, and black Leghorn straw hats; gentlemen's best wax-leather shoes and half-dress shoes, gentlemen's Spanish-leather full-dress ditto; ladies' Spanish-leather slippers, with spring-heels and roses; fashionable coloured coats and coatees, superfine camlet great-coats, white quilting waistcoats, black silk waistcoats; gentlemen's wash, tan, and drab, doeskin gloves; patent shot in bags, gunpowder in canisters, pickled salmon in kegs, loaf-sugar and hyson tea; Pocket Repositories and Goldsmith's Almanacks, covered with Morocco leather, silver locks; silk umbrellas, different sizes, with walking-sticks; double-spring silk braces, stationary assorted, wine and porter corks, best Kirby tea-hooks, Buck stout pocket-knives, German-steel pit and hand saws, London brown stout in bottles, Port wine in ditto.
May 12. John & Charles Macintosh.
[Transcriber's note: item not found in previous issues.]

ALL persons having any demand against the above vessel, will please render them in, at the Store of Messrs [sic] Wardrop & Ferguson, for settlement, on or before the 27th instant. - May 19.

NOTICE - Gentlemen who send their horses to water at Plantation Ruymveld or La Penitence, are requested to caution their boys against running them in full gallop along the public roads, to the risk of passengers, as they will become liable to be severely punished for so doing, and measures taken to stop them.
Demerary, May 19, 1812.
J. S. Masse,
Fiscal ad interim.

LOST, - Seven Water-Casks, belonging to the Brig Union, and marked with that word. The boat, containing them, sunk up the river. Whoever has found the same, and will deliver them on board, or at the Store of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and Co. will receive a reward of two dollars each.
May 19.

NOTICE. [heading]
IT being the intention of the Undersigned to quit this Colony in the month of July next, she requests all those who may have any demands against her, or the Estate of Nathan Morehouse, deceased, to render in their respective accounts for payment, on or before the 31st inst. as no claims whatever will be admitted after that period. The Subscriber also requests those who are indebted to either of the above claims, by notes-of-hand or open accounts, to come forward with payment, on or before the 31st inst. to enable her to discharge all demands against her; as all unsettled accounts after that period will be placed in the hands of her Attorney-at-Law, in order to obtain a speedy settlement.
May 19. S. Morehouse.

DEMERARY. [heading]

This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Harriet Owen, in do. or one month, from. . . . . May 1.
Joseph Conyers, in do. or 6 weeks, . . . . . . . . . 1.
C. L. Robertson, in do. or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . . 4.
James Anstice, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.
John Staunton, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.
Mrs. Van Hove, in 14 days, or by th Ship Mary
      Captain Hewes, with two servants, and
      two mulatto children . . . . . . . . . . . . 5.
Gabriel James, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . 11.
G. M. Forbes, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.
Thomas S. M'Ewen, in 14 days, or by the Ship
      Belmont . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 11.
James Jamison, in do. or by the Ship Diana . . . . . 11.
Henry Frost, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . . 12.
D. Dominick Ghio, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.
The Hon. T. Higgins, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . 13.
Franchine de Brulon, in do. in 14 days or 6 wks from May 14.
G. Van der Haas, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.
Donald Morrison, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.
Ann Harris, [right pointing brace, 'with 4
servants and a child, in 14 days]
[combined with the following]
Elizabeth Greenaway, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.
Henry M. Mathews, in do. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15.
George Montauroux, in do. or 6 weeks . . . . . . . . 16.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 16, 1812.
H. J. Van De Water,
Sworn Clerk.

ERRATA. - For what appears in the list of Transports and Mortgages in the Royal Gazette of Saturday last, as Numbers 10 and 11, respecting Plantation Land of Plenty, read
By John Austin, Transport of the undivided half of Plantation Land of Plenty, with 89 slaves, to Nathaniel Gittens.
By Nathaniel Gittens, Mortgage on the said undivided half of Plantation Land of Plenty, and slaves, in favour of John Austin.
Secretary's Office, May 19, 1812.
H. J. Van de Water,
Sworn Clerk.

IN DEMERARY. [heading]

On Friday the 29th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. Henry Buckoll, acting for Joseph Trigger, will be sold, without any reserve, in order to satisfy a very pressing debt - The half Concession No. -- [sic - dash line], in the District of Cumingsburgh, with a substantial dwelling-house, and regular set of out-offices, built of the best materials, erected thereon; and being a corner-lot, forms as desirable a residence as any in that part of town. Also three slaves, viz. a negro woman, Fanny, a good washer and seamstress; a negro man, Billy; and a mulatto man, named William.
N. B. - Terms for the above Premises are, 4, 8, and 12 months' credit; possession will be instantly given, and Transport passed at the Secretary's Office, when the last instalment is paid.
May 19. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday, the 9th of June, at Fort-Island, by order of the Honourable G. Munro, and Evan D. Fraser, as Agents for the Berbice Government, - Forty to Fifty Negroes, who are to be sold under the restrict of not being sent back to the colony of Berbice. The sale will begin at 10 a.m. precisely, and terms made known on the day of sale.
May 16. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: this Vendue did not appear in an earlier issue.]

Those Gentlemen who promised us Papers yesterday, to a particular date, are respectfully informed that we have not received them.

The only arrivals we have to announce, since our last, are the Douglas, Capt. Evans, and the Spectator, Capt. Richardson, from London; the Ann, Capt. De Munnick, from Surinam.

The Packet did not sail until yesterday morning. His Excellency Governor Bentinck being a passenger, the vessels in the river saluted as she passed from the King's stelling.

By the arrival from Surinam, a gentleman of this colony, received a letter from his correspondent in that, which announced his reception, from North-America, of the Act of Congress, ordering an Embargo for ninety days.


Want of room in our last, preventing the insertion of the names attached to the Address to this gentleman, on his departure from Demerary, we have given them a place in this day's Gazette:
Joseph Beete, L. Cuming, A. Backer, I. V. D. Heuvel, Charles Edmonston, Archd. Edmonston, G. Ryk, J. Ryan, J. Semple, H. V. Cooten, F. Van Tien, J. P. Valz, C. A. de Florimont, C. C. de Witt, J. P. A. Dardier, James Hunter, W. B. Panye, C. Spencer, G. Brown, F. C. Otto, C. A. Van Grovestins, John M'Donald, D. W. F. Steffan.
Mr. L. Avery's list. [centered]
Latham Avery, Thomas Richardson, W. Tubman, D. Timmerman, R. S. Turton, Richard T. Mason, Samuel Massiah, Thomas Skelton, C. J. Schmidt.
Mr. Visser's list. [centered]
M. Visser, F. C. Elbers, L. D. S. Wischropp, F. C. Marius.
Mr. Edmonston's list.
Charles M. Brotherson, J. Jammison, G. C. Wallace, F. P. Walcott, H. Van Lang, Abraham Brouwer.
Mr. Boller's list.
C. N. Bollers, J. C. Schultz, J. G. Bollers, P. Le Vasseur, Jos. Hubbard, G. Breton, E. Schultz, T. N. Sabbathier, J. A. Cart.
Mr. Van Kerkwyk's list.
M. Van Kerkwyk, Wm. Williams, Charles Griffith, John Walcott, G. A. Richardson, Henry Clark, N. Wooding, R. Williamson.

Free Coloured Subscribers. [heading]
J. Langevin, C. M. Dunbar, W. A. Claxton, H. B. Maggee, John Hall, jun. P. Phillips, James T. Stephens, George Fraser, J. Byble, John L. Harris, Charles Lowe, John Whitaker, H. B. Adams, Henry Baillie, H. De Luy, Philip Lovell, J. Hawkseworth, Daniel Stewart, G. F. Perry, Peter Peterson, G. Owens, John Estwick, H. P. Gall, Frederick Green, John L. Tapin, D. Knoop, M. Mauville, H. Bremner, J. P. Peterson, P. Blackman, P. Cambridge, E. Neil, A. Heyliger, John A. Nisher, James Power, J. F. Le Blanc, James Mings, J. Van Der Heyden, J. L. Langevin, Thomas Campbell, C. Cumings.

This day's Paper is rather barren of articles of domestic interest; but the contents of the London papers by the above-mentioned vessels are, however, of considerable importance -
[Transcriber's note: most European news not transcribed.]

In installing the Tribunal of Commerce at Amsterdam, on the 13th of February, we find that the President, among other things, in his address to the Prefect of the Department of the Zuyder Zee, expresses a hope that the Tribunal "may be able, by administering with strict justice and equity the existing laws, to fulfil the duties imposed upon us, and maintain, in the affairs of commerce, that good faith and equity which are indispensible to commercial prosperity, which raised our ancestors to so high a degree of reputation, and will be the firm basis of our future prosperity, when the moment shall have arrived, that the vast genius of our August Sovereign shall have re-established the liberty of the Seas, without which the commerce of these departments can never resume its activity, nor promise itself that success which rendered it during two centuries the nerve of the State and of this City."

Two American ships, laden with flour, have lately been carried into St. Lucar, by two French privateers of that place. Their cargoes were immediately condemned, and their crews put into confinement.

An American vessel, called the Congress, Captain Clark, from Baltimore, bound to London, has been taken, and sent into Cherbourg. This vessel sailed from America on the 4th of February, and had been been [sic] expected in the Thames for some time. A considerable amount had been insured upon her in London. This ship has been called an English ship in the Paris papers; but this trick will not do. This is another convincing proof that the Berlin and Milan decrees are still in force; and the attempt to palm her upon the public as an English vessel is another instance of the duplicity of the conduct of France towards America. Such attempts ought ever to be exposed in their true shape and complexion. This capture is a valuable one; and therefore they are more anxious to deceive the public.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon] The Ship Douglas, William Evans, Master,
Will positively sail on or before the 1st of August. For Freight or Passage apply to
May 19. Douglas, Reid, & Co.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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