Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 July 04

Vol. VII.]


[No. 490.


SATURDAY, JULY 4th, 1812.

BETWEEN Phillip Phillips and Christina France; also between Joseph Byble and Mary-Ann Heyliger.
Any person knowing cause why these two couple [sic] should not be joined together in holy matrimony, must declare it to me.
W. G. Straghan,
July 4. Minister.

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, July 4, 1812.
ALL persons having demands against this Office for Materials supplied, or for Negro Artificers or Labourers, for the quarter ending 30th ultimo, are requested to send in their claims immediately, in order that they may be included in the accounts for that period.
Henry St. Hill,

NOTICE. [heading]
BY virtue of a Resolution of the Hon. Court of Policy, dated 28th of August, 1804, and by direction of the Hon. the First-Fiscal of the United Colonies, there will be sold at Public Auction, at six weeks' credit, in one month from this date, the following SLAVES, who have been confined for some time past in the Jail of Essequebo, and are at present in the Colony-Jail, in George-Town, viz.
The negro Collin, belonging to Harris, brought by the free man Jotto.
Damon, of Pl. Grove, brought by Lanferman.
Ambrose, belonging to D. Dunn, ditto.
Demerary, George-Town, July 3, 1812.
S. G. Martens,

FOR SALE, [heading]
WHITE Pine Lumber, Tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, Lamp-Oil in barrels, Salt in puncheons, Building-Lime, Dutch Terras, and Wood Hoops: - very reasonable for immediate payment.

                  George-Town, July 4.
THE Second Subscription Ball will be given on Monday, the 20th of July, at Marshall's Hotel.
Subscribers are expected to bring the ladies of their family. Those desirous of introducing strangers; will have the goodness to apply for Tickets to the under-named Stewards, or to the Standing Committee, at the above Hotel.
John Johnson, [right pointing brace, indicating 'Stewards.']
A. Van Der Stok,
Charles M'Garel,

FOR SALE, [heading]
PLANTATION Philadelphia, situated on the East Coast of Essequebo, between the Plantations 't Vergenoegen and St. Christopher, containing about 500 acres of land, with all, or a part, of the Negroes, or without Negroes, as will suit a purchaser. The land can be recommended to be excellent for the sugar-cultivation; and the coffee-logie and dwelling-house, having brick walls, may easily be converted into a boiling and a curing house.
The terms of sale, particularly when bought without Negroes, will be made very easy to an approved purchaser. Apply to
Stephen Cramer,
On Pl. Ruimveld.

NOTICE is hereby given, that three copies of a petition to be presented to the Honourable Court of Justice for the United-Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, praying its sanction to the resolutions entered into by the Creditors to the Estate of the late Mrs. Geertruy de Bruin, widow of J. Bastiaansz, dec. at a meeting held on the 29th ult. are now laying for signature of the Creditors to said Estate, viz:
At Messrs. P. Verbeke & Co.'s, George-Town,
Mr. C. A. Van Grovestins', Pl. Betere [sic] Verwagting, East-Coast,
And at Mr. Stephen Cramer's, on Pl. Ruimveld. And said Creditors are kindly requested to call at either of these places for that purpose, as soon as possible, as the Sequestrators would try to see these resolutions brought into effect by the sitting of the Honourable Court this month; and in order that the Court may judge of the amount of the claims of those of the Creditors who have entered into the resolutions taken, it is also requested to fix the amount of their claims next to their signatures.
C. A. Van Grovestins,
Demerary, July 4. Stephen Cramer,
Sequestrators to the Estate of Mrs. J. Bastiaansz, dec.

WHEREAS I am informed, that some person or persons have taken the liberty of endeavouring to hurt my character, I have only to observe, their aspersions do not give me the least cause of uneasiness; and that an upright, honest, man, who is neither ashamed nor afraid to look in the face of any one, can only treat them with silent contempt, and consider them nothing more than infamous lying scoundrels.
July 3. Robert Powell Conway.
P.S. - Whoever wishes to contract for three able Ship-Carpenters yearly, from the 23d inst. may apply to the above Undersigned, who wishes them to be employed on an Estate, in preference to the Town.

ABSENTED herself from the Subscriber, a Negro-Woman, named Diana, of the Papa nation. She is of a light complexion, about six feet high, has her country-marks on her forehead, is well known about town, and was formerly the property of C. D. Forrester, Esquire. Any person bringing the said woman to the Undersigned, will be handsomely rewarded.
July 3. F. Desbrass.

NOTICE. [heading]
THE Mulatto-Woman (named Sally Betsey) lately advertised in this Paper, as having absconded from the undersigned, was apprehended on Tuesday last, on Plantation Orange Nassau - but has since made her escape from thence. For her re-apprehension, therefore; the same reward will be given, and the same caution is implied in this notification, against her being harboured, or taken from the Colony.
July 4. E. J. Henery.

Mules for Sale. [heading]
The Cargo of the Schooner Niery, from Oronoko.
Inquire of William Lucas.
George-Town, July 4.

NOTICE. [heading]
THE Subscriber respectfully informs the Public, that he cannot, for various causes, quit the Colony, according to notice given in the Royal Gazette; and that, by the permission of His Excellency the Governor, and the Honourable Court of Policy, he intends carrying on the Pilotage, as usual, and hopes by his attention to merit the confidence and protection of those gentlemen who formerly favoured him.
July 4. William Mackenzie.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

W. D. Grant, in do. or a month, from June 18.
The Free Charlotte Scott, in do. . . . 20.
The Free Cuba Williams, in do. . . . 20.
Richard Jenkins, in 15 days or 6 weeks, . . . 20.
John Naegeli, in do. . . . 20.
The free William Bennett, in 14 days, . . . 22.
Mrs. H. Van Voorst, in do. or by the Brig Success 24.
Elizabeth Rouse Bentinck, in do. or a month . . . 27.
James Ogle, in 14 days, or by the Ship Friendship 28.
Mrs. Mary Farnum, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . 29.
William M'Bean, in do. . . . 29.
Sally Cumings, and one servant, in 14 days . . . 30.
Francis Wingate, and one servant, in do. . . . 30.
Gabriel James, in 14 days or one month . . . 30.
G. M. Forbes, in do. . . . 30
The Hon. M. Lamaison, LL.D. with two servants, Quamina and Francis, in 14 days or by the Ship Spectator, from July 1.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, July 4, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

AT the request of the Hon. M. Lamaison, LL.D. notice is hereby given, that it is his intention to quit the Colony; and that he has this day nominated and appointed as his Attornies, the Hon. V. A. Heyliger and Hugo Cantzlaar, JZ. Esquire, generally and especially to act for him during his absence.
Secretary's Office, George-Town, July 1, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

BY order of His Excellency Major General H. L. Carmichael, notice is hereby given, that all papers concerning the Secretary's Office of Essequebo, when a distinct colony, are removed into the Old Dutch Church in this colony, and under the immediate charge of
J. J. L. Moliere,
Continued Sec. ad int. for Essequebo Papers.
Demerary, George-Town, July 4, 1812.


Note. - In consequence of Mr. Staunton's indisposition, the Vendue which was to have been held on Plantation Bel Air on Tuesday the 7th inst. is postponed till Monday the 20th inst.

On Tuesday the 7th instant, by order of J. P. Hicks, Esq. at his store on Robb's Stelling; - Beef in tierces, Tar, Rice, Fish, &c.
July 4. Robert Kingston.

On Friday the 10th instant, at the Vendue Office, by Order of Mr. James Parss; - Two good Carpenter Negroes, named Simon and John; - Also by order of F. Kent, q.q. a Carpenter-Negro, and Washer-Woman, also a piece of wood-land, in Hayama-Creek, and a negro woman, named Jennet, by order of Mr. J. Shanks.
Also, on the same day, by order of Mr. James Parss, will be sold, for no other cause than to satisfy a pressing debt: - A Schooner-Boat, 36 feet keel, 13 feet beam, in complete order, and fit for sea.
July 4. Robert Kingston.

On Tuesday the 14th July, by Order of M. Lamaison, Esq. LL.D. (on the premises) - The Concession, &c. formerly occupied by Mr. Hoytema; another Concession now occupied by Mrs. Van Voorst; furniture, horses, mule, carriages, cart, wines, &c.
July 4. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday, the 16th of July, will be sold at the Office of the Board of Orphans - Wearing apparel, furniture, watches; a small, but choice, collection of English classical Works, amongst which are the Works of Sterne, Raynal's Indies, Shakespeare, Virgil, Homer, Plutarch's Lives, Milton, Horace, Ossian, Peter Pindar Elegant Extracts, Adolphus's Biographical Memoirs and what further may be offered on the day of sale.
July 4. Robert Kingston.

The Tiger, Capt. Lewe, from Barbados, arrived on Thursday last; and we understand that the Hope, Capt. Millar, late from this River, has reached Liverpool in safety.

Barbados Papers, by the above-mentioned arrival, are to the 23d ultimo; and, by a reference to our Foreign Department, it will be seen, that we have made as extensive a compilation from their contents as our limits would permit.

On Thursday last, by appointment, an interview took place at the King's house, between His Excellency the Governor, and the Carib Chieftain, who had previously arrived from the interior, attended by a numerous train. His Excellency, for the purpose of conferring all possible eclat on the occasion had ordered the grenadier-company of the 60th and its excellent band, to be on the parade, at nine o'clock - where had been already placed several pieces of ordnance, and a sufficient number of artillery-men. The concourse of people to witness the ceremony was very great. At about twelve o'clock, His Excellency's Indian visitors arrived in procession; and the Chief, with his Interpreter, was immediately conducted to the Presence Chamber; but the inferior Chiefs remained in the hall, and their followers in the avenue. The audience lasted till about three o'clock, when the Chief was informed that a repast waited his presence below; - after which a discharge of cannon announced his departure for that day. The arrival of this person was, we understand, in consequence of certain promises made to him by Governor Bentinck, in the year 1810.

A Recess-Session of the Court of Justice of the United Colonies, we understand, will commence on the 9th instant.

In the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]



Brought by


Mrs. Van Doresten,



Mr. Fraser,



Pl. Soesdyk,

Mr. Poolman.


Mr. Samms,

Mahaicony Ferry.


Pl. Musquito Hall,



Widow Luhrs,

Pl. La Penitence.


Pl. Zeeland,

D. s'Gravesande.


G. Sutherland,

H. M'Coll.


Mrs. Robb,

Simson, Grant & Co.






J. Rodgers,


Kayoos (Berbice)




Capt. George.


Simmy Eyman,



Pl. Belmont,

J. Hunter.


Cornfoot & Bell,

J. Samson.


Est. D. Cameron dec.



Mrs. Goodman,

L. Gravesande.


Pl. Bel Air,



Dr. Phippin,

J. Hubbard.



From the stocks of Essequebo.



From the stocks of Essequebo.


Pl. Grove,

From the stocks of Essequebo.

July 4. F. Strunkay, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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