Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 August 01

Vol. VII.]


[No. 499.



AT a Meeting of Subscribers to the Quarterly-Balls, held at the Union-Coffee-House, on Tuesday the 21st instant, in consequence of the advertisement of Mr. Robertson, the late Treasurer -

PRESENT, [centered]
[first column]
The Hon. John Wilson,
Mr. Hubbard,
Mr. Robertson,
Mr. Van Der Stock, [sic]
Mr. A. Smith,
Mr. P. M'Garel,
Mr. C. M'Garel,
Mr. J. Beete,
[second column]
Mr. Seward,
Dr. Gill,
Mr. Van Braam,
Mr. M. Dyett,
Mr. Hicks,
Mr. W. King,
Mr. W. King, (Vlissengen,)
[end columns]
Mr. Robertson stated, that in consequence of the death of one of the Gentlemen of the Committee, which had been appointed for the regulation of these Balls, the absence of another, and a third having declined to act, he was in fact the only one remaining, and therefore resigned; recommending a new Committee should be appointed - when the sense of the Meeting being taken, the following Gentlemen were chosen:
The Hon. J. S. Masse, [centered]
The Hon. J. Wilson, [centered]
Mr. Hubbard, [centered]
Mr. W. King, (Vlissengen,) [centered]
Mr. Robertson then tendered his resignation of the Treasurership, when he was unanimously requested to continue acting in that capacity, which having declined, Mr. C. M'Garel was nominated, and consented to take that trouble upon himself.
It was the opinion of the Subscribers present, many of whom were authorised to express the same sentiment for their friends, that it would be much more agreeable to the Ladies, that the regular Supper should be discontinued; but this matter, as well as every other relating to the remainder of the Balls, it unanimously resolved, the Committee should determine upon.

George-Town, July 31.

The Committee now give notice, that the next Ball will be about the middle of September, on what particular day will be hereafter announced; in the mean time they request that the remainder of the Subscription-Money may be paid to the Treasurer, during the first week of that month, or before, as may be convenient to Subscribers.
J. S. Masse,
John Wilson,
John Hubbard,
William King.

FOR SALE, the Ship Spectator's LONG-BOAT, with Mast, Sails, &c. complete; all quite new. Also a pair of London-made Mahogany SOPHAS, stuffed with best hair, and covered.
August 1. Cornfoot & Bell.

FOR SALE, by the Undersigned, lately arrived; Smoked herrings in boxes, pickled herrings in barrels, salmon in kits, fresh ox tongues in half barrels, onions, potatoes, double Gloucester cheese, Irish butter in firkins, loaf sugar, a few bottle real gooseberries, almonds and raisins, &c. Also a few barrels of terras.
July 29. M. Jacobs,
Who will dispose of a very valuable House-Boy, and take first quality Coffee in payment.

FOR SALE - a considerable quantity of excellent MADEIRA WINE; per pipe f 1000, and per dozen f 30.
Cumingsburgh, July 29. T. Delisle.

FOR SALE, at the Store of the Subscribers: -
Superfine flour, tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, copper and tin pumps and funnels, copper skimmers and ladles, mill capooses, steel plates and cases, mill brasses, iron pots and copper lamps, bar and rod iron, sugar boilers, and grating bars, gauging rods, proof bubbles and phials; paint oil in 2 and 3 1/4 gallon jugs, cordage assorted and sewing twine, blocks, mast-hoops, and jib shanks; Oznaburgs, and a variety of pullicates, stationary in trunks; a few casks of cod fish, &c. Also a Steam-Engine, of eight horse power, and a Sugar-Mill complete.
July 29. Garden, King, and Co.

WHEREAS four Carpenter Negroes, named William, Dick, Ben, and Harry, the property of the Subscriber, have absented themselves from his service, about two weeks ago, without any cause; a handsome reward will be given to any person or persons who will lodge them in the Barracks, or bring them to the store of Messrs. James Jackson & Co. All persons are hereby cautioned from harbouring or taking the said negroes off the Colony, as the law will be enforced against offenders.
August 1. John Crauford.

FOR HIRE. [heading]
THE Premises at present occupied by the Subscriber, on the North-Dam, Stabroek. Apply to
July 30. A. Cart.

A Few dozen of genuine old Cote De Rotee Wine, shipped by Messrs. Daniel and Sons, Bristol, and received through Messrs. E. B. Walcott and Co. of Barbados - on sale, at f 88 per dozen, for cash only.
July 31. J. L. & G. M. Forrester.

BROOKS JUDSON respectfully informs his Friends and the Public in general, that he has taken over the business of Mr. Robert Fellows (Cooper) during his absence in Europe; and solicits a continuance of the favours from the friends of the latter, to the concern, as they may rely on the best materials and workmanship - being in possession of able tradesmen.
The business of a Carpenter is still carried on by B. J. where all orders will be thankfully received at the Cooperage, opposite Messrs. Hyndman & Cary.
July 30.

AN Apprentice, of about 12 years of age, having been unfortunately drowned, along-side the Ship Proselyte, on the 30th ultimo - the Master of said vessel would be thankful to any person, who may find his body, to give him information thereof. He had on a check shirt and duck trowsers.
August 1.

ACADEMY. [heading]
Late THEATRE-ROYAL, Pl. Vlissengen. [heading]
A. Cart presents his grateful acknowledgements to his friends and the community at large, for the liberal support he has experienced, since he first commenced the public instruction of youth; and, humbly presuming on a continuation of the same, respectfully informs them, that from the spaciousness and healthy situation of the above-mentioned Building, he has been induced to engage it - and finally intends opening his Academy therein, on Monday next. George-Town, August 1.

THE Subscriber, anxious to give every satisfaction to the Parents, Guardians, or Friends of his Pupils, will insure the most liberal encouragement to any respectable Elderly Lady, who will devote her attention to the Young Ladies boarding and lodging in his house, in respect to their persons, apartments, and comfort in general; and to an able Assistant, as English Tutor to the Academy, an encouragement equally as liberal, will be given.
The Subscriber also takes this opportunity of requesting, that all persons who are in arrears, will come forward with immediate payment.
August 1. A. Cart.

NOTICE. [heading]
The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the undersigned is at the House of Mr. L. Van Daalen, on the water-side, next to Mrs. Ravenscroft's, Werk en Rust, where he requests all those to whom he is indebted to render in their accounts, in order to arrange with them in a satisfactory manner, and by enabling him to accomplish the same, he earnestly solicits the promptitude of those who are likewise indebted to him to come forward with payment: if due notice is not paid to this advertisement, and any of his creditors proceed against him by law, in that case he cannot pay any respect to persons.
George-Town, August 1. J. A. Kihing.

MR. THOMAS BRADLY, educated under the celebrated Dentist Le Cler, of Paris, will undertake to extract teeth with the least possible pain to the patient, to scale and clean teeth without hurting the enamel, to fill the hollow teeth with gold or silver, and make and fit artificial teeth to answer the same purposes, and have the same appearance, of natural ones.
The Subscriber having engaged Mr. Bradly in his employ, can recommend him, from a thorough conviction of the exact performance of what he professes to do; and as he has witnessed Mr. Bradly's neatness, care, and skill, in scaling and cleaning teeth, in several instances, he can particularly vouch for that part of his performance, as exceeding in skill any he has seen in Europe even.
Mr. Bradly's Antiscorbutic Wash for the teeth and gums, for sale.
A liberal price will be given for the tooth of the Sea-Horse, or good ivory.
July 31. J. L. Smith.

IMPORTED in the Harmony, Capt. Woodall, just arrived from London:
Wax and spermaceti candles, in 14 lb. boxes; mould candles with waxed wicks, in whole and half boxes, and consist of long fours and short sixes; wood hoops and iron puncheon hoops and rivits [sic]; bar, truncheon, round and square iron, assorted; loaf sugar, hams, gunpowder and hyson tea, split peas, pearl barley, sago, and black pepper, gunpowder and shot, &c. All of which will be sold reasonable for immediate payment, by the Subscriber at his Store in Cumingsburg.
July 31. H. O. Seward,
Also on Consignment - a few Puncheons of Morton's London Brown Stout, containing about 15 doz. each, f 8 5, cash.

FOR CASH ONLY. [heading]
[first column]
5 hams, at 17 1/2 stivers per lb.
1 do. at f per do.
6 loaves sugar, at 16 stivers
1 do. at 18 do.
Fine new hyson tea, per lb. f 8.
Do. 7lbs. f 44
Fine gunpowder do. per lb. f 12
Do. 4 lbs. f 44
10 lbs. sago, f 25
1 do. f 3
Pearl barley, per jug f 22
Split pease, per do. f 22
Mould candles, 21 stivers per lb.
Soap, 12 1/2 stivers per do.
Block-tin dish-covers, 8 in a set, f 50
Do. stew-pans, 7 in a set, f 50
Iron tinned inside, do. f 50
Cherry-tree chairs, per doz. f 121
Cane bottom do. various patters [sic] f 132
Do. do. f 180
Windsor do. f 144
Elegant sets dining tables, Grecian shape, claw feet, from 18 to 22 joes
[second column]
Small dining table f 88 to f 154
Sideboard table f 176
1 pair patent card tables, very elegant, and richly mounted - Pembroke do. to match, 25 joes
1 pair elegant satin-wood card-tables, 10 joes
Pembroke tables, from 8 joes to f 77
Swinging glasses, some of a very large size, f 16 10 to f 55
A few pieces coarse India muslin, for musquito nets, 10 yards, 1 1/2 wide, for 8 pieces f 22
Fine India chintz, 6 yard pieces, per yard, f 3
Yellow nankeen pantaloons, 6 pair, f 55
White do. do. f 60
Cordage, per lb. 18 stivers
Coats, coatees, round robbins, waistcoats, web pantaloons, and every thing else in proportion to close sales
[end columns]
Mess beef and pork, in barrels and half barrels, long leaf tobacco, &c.
July 29. H. O. Seward.

TO HIRE. [heading]
THE HALF OF LOT No. 16, situated in the District of Charles-Town, lately occupied by the free coloured-woman Nancy D'Helliand. Apply to Miss Nancy Kroll, on the adjoining lot, or to N. M. Manget, Esqr. on Plantation Ruimveld.
July 28.

King's House. [heading]

By His Excellency Major-General HUGH LYLE CARMICHAEL, Acting-Governor in and over the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo: - and the Honourable COURT of POLICY of said Colony: -
Unto all whom these Presents shall come, Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS by our Proclamation, bearing date the twenty-ninth day of April last, and published on the fifth of May following, declaring the union of Stabroek and the different Districts into which it was formerly divided, and to be in future styled under the general designation of George-Town.
Now, as it appears doubts still exist respecting the local ordinances and enactments, promulgated in Stabroek and the different Districts, previous to said union - We do hereby declare, that all laws and regulations not annulled or repealed by this Honourable Court subsequent, are still in full force and effect, and to extend to all, without distinction.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of this our Ordinance, the same shall be Printed and Published, and affixed for general information.
Thus enacted in the Ordinary Session of the Honourable Court of Policy aforesaid, held at King's-House, in George-Town, Demerary, on the 27th of July, and Published the 1st of August following.
H. L. Carmichael.
By Command,
Charles Wilday,
Clerk of the Court of Policy.

Militia General Orders. [heading]

HIS Excellency the Acting-Governor has been pleased to make the following Promotions and Appointments in the Militia of this Colony:
First Battalion Demerary Militia. [centered]
Major Otto, to be Lieutenant-Colonel, vice Macrae, resigned.
Captain Adam Smith, to be Quarter-Master-General, with the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel.
Captain Henry Tulloh, to be Major, vice Otto, promoted.
Lieutenant Alexander Tinne, to be Captain, vice Tulloh, promoted.
Lieutenants Archibald Iver, Charles M'Garel, and F. P. Francker, to be Captains.
Hugh M'Kenzie, Charles Simpson, A. Grant, A. Van Der Stok, and H. B. Fraser, Gents. - to be Lieutenants.
Charles M. Brotherson, Esquire, to be Provost Marshal, with the rank of Captain.
Cavalry. [centered]
W. Chorley, Gent. to be Lieutenant, and S. Sayers, Gent. to be Cornet.
Essequebo Militia. [centered]
John Fullerton, Esq. to be Burgher Captain, in the room of W. Robertson, Esq. appointed Second Fiscal.
King's House, 29th July, 1812.
Henry St. Hill,

Major-General Carmichael, Acting-Governor, thinks it proper to repeat in Militia Orders the sentiments he personally expressed upon the parade, when communicating the information he had received of a declaration of war by the States of America against Great Britain.
The Major-General has taken the earliest opportunity of assembling the Militia, to communicate intelligence of importance, received by him in dispatches, which is the declaration of war made by the States of America against their parent country - at a period of unparalleled effort on the part of Great Britain, when she is exerting herself in every part of the world to protect that liberty which alone is real, where the peer and the peasant are alike protected by its influence, where the religion and liberty of every individual is guaranteed and held sacred there is that pure liberty which Britons alone can boast as their birth right and privilege.
The Major-General is aware that he is now addressing a variety of individuals, whose friends, relations and dearest interest may be connected with the States of America, or who may not be British born subjects - to those he wishes particularly to address himself - However numerous the foes of Britain has to contend with, however great the exertions and sacrifices she must make in opposing the tyrant of Europe, she does not wish a man to use a weapon in her cause who does not do it with true British feeling and from the heart!
We are now called upon to draw the sword, not for the amusement of children or mere parade, but with justice - it therefore must not be sheathed without honour.
Those who may not be impelled by a patriotic ardour and glory of their native country, will call to their recollection the desirable objects for which they have to contend; their homes, families, property, and a grateful remembrance of that Sovereign and Government protecting those blessings they may be suddenly called on to defend.
All persons who may be so situated with regard to the United States of America, the Major-General hereby informs may have audience of him during the whole of the present week, from six o'clock to ten in the forenoon, when they may tender their objections, which will be received without offence to their fame, or reference to personal feelings or opinions; and engages, on his part, that they shall be so disposed of to protect the property of themselves and friends in this colony, without being committed in open conflict with those they may have a reluctance to meet.
The Major-General therefore has every confidence, that the sentiments will be unanimous for the general protection and peace of this valuable, and, it is hoped, happy colony.
In consequence of the above intelligence, Lieutenant-Colonel Otto, Commanding the First Battalion of Demerary Militia, will order a subaltern and twenty privates, with non-commissioned officers in proportion, to be in readiness to march for Ruymzigt Barracks, there to be stationed until further orders.
Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, Quarter-Master General, being charged with the establishment of signal-posts along the western coasts, should he find it necessary to give any orders to the above post, they will be attended to. - Two privates of the cavalry will be attached to that post, the Commanding Officer of which will have separate instructions for his conduct.
King's-House, George-Town, Demerary, the 31st July, 1812.
By Command,
J. R. Brandt,
Major Brigade D.M.

NOTICE. [heading]
WHEREAS a Number of Guns were fired from a Vessel in the Offing last night, between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock, which, connected with other circumstances, caused considerable attention during the night, but, on enquiry this morning, appears to have been for the purpose of scaling the guns. As it has been represented to His Excellency, the Acting-Governor, that the circumstance occurred from the ignorance of an inferior officer, the Master not being on board. All persons are therefore hereby cautioned against firing guns after sun-set, or making use of any means by fire or otherwise, to cause false and groundless alarms, which may be of the most mischievous consequences. Persons so offending, will be considered as disaffected to His Majesty's Government, and must undergo the full penalty of the law in such cases.
King's-House, George-Town, Demerary, Aug. 1, 1812.
By Command,
Henry St. Hill,


BY authority duly obtained from His Excellency, the Acting-Governor, I, the undersigned Acting Deputy First Marshal, will expose and sell unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellor-Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, in George-Town, on Tuesday the eighth day of September next ensuing -
In behalf of J. H. Pollard, q q A. Hewlings, versus Bryant & Noonan - a certain part of lot No. 1, situated in American-Street, with all the buildings thereon, containing a dwelling-house, two stories high, 36 feet long by 18 feet wide, more or less, with all such out-houses as are thereto belonging, at present occupied by Mr. R. D. Jeffers and Mr. R. Noonan; the same however subject to all such right, title, and privileges, as are thereunto belonging; the lease only of the land to be sold.
Any person or persons having right, claim, or interest in the above-named premises, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or persons address themselves to the Acting Deputy First Marshal, stating their reasons of opposition in writing, I will appoint him, her, or them, a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice for the trial of the same, and those inclined to speculate please attend the sale on the day and at the place before-written.
Demerary, this 27th day of July, 1812.
B. Teyssen, Jun.
Acting Deputy First Marshal.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, and two children, with one servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from July 7.
Archibald Edmonston, in 14 days, or by the John, 11.
John Welsh, in 14 days, or by the Ship John, 16.
Frances Rebecca Frye, in 14 days or 6 weeks 17.
Maria Kendrick, in do. . . . 17.
J. B. Cleton, in do. . . . 20.
Adam Niel, in do. . . . 20.
J. C. H. Kuster, with 12 Slaves, names to be seen at this Office, in do. 21.
Henry Woolford, in do. . . . 22.
Frederick Backer, with negro boy Favourite, in 14 days, . . . 24.
Thomas De Lisle, in 14 days or six weeks, Aug. 1.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, August , 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

AT the request of John Braun, notice is hereby given, that he will give a Second Mortgage to Thomas Smith, on the Buildings and Lot, situate on the Trench or Parapet Lot next the Front Dam, South-Street, Bridge-Town. All persons who may have any opposition, why said Mortgage should not pass, to give notice previous to the 15th, to
Charles Wilday,
August 1, 1812. Sworn Clerk.


On Thursday the 5th of August, will be exposed for sale by Order of Messrs. Garden, King, & Co. at their store: - Fish in hogsheads, spiced salmon, and a few barrels flour, &c.
August 1. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 26th of August, at the Vendue Office, by Order of M. Van Kerkwyk, as q.q. D. M'Nicol; - The negro William, a carpenter, his wife Betsey, a complete washer-woman, and five children; the negro L'Esperance, a good house-servant and has been twelve months at the cooper's trade; Thomas, a field negro; Joe, a house-servant; Eliza, a lady's maid, and can be well recommended; a negro Harriot, likewise a compleat washing maid; two horses, the one an excellent riding horse, the other a draft-horse.
July 29. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 27th of August, at the Vendue Office - 3 or 4 dozen very fine ready-made linen shirts and pocket handkerchiefs, thread, ladies' and boys' shoes, umbrellas, patent parasols, a few dozen excellent Teneriffe wine, Creme d'Anis and Noyau vin, old rum, above give gallons; glass, earthen, and tin ware, &c.
July 28. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 16th of January, 1813, will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, by Order of the Executors of M. Campbell, (deceased) and I. D. Patterson: - Fifty negro wood-cutters and carpenters. Also the wood-land Christianburgh, with the saw-mill, punts, boats, &c. The whole will be sold without reserve to close the late firm of Campbell & Patterson.
August 1. Robert Kingston.

The Harmony, Capt. Woodall, from London, and the schooner Fame, Capt. Greenidge, from Barbados, arrived on Thursday last. The former brought Papers to the 20th of June; but the latter, to only the same date as those already in our possession.

The Packet for England will sail on Monday.

On the subject, which induced, at an unexpected moment, His Excellency our Acting-Governor, not only to assemble the Militia of George-Town on Tuesday last, and to deliver in their hearing, the appropriate loyal, and liberal Address, of which the chief part of the Brigade Order in our second page, is a confessed repetition; but also to make those local arrangements we are witnesses to, and which are certainly calculated to ensure the internal tranquillity [sic] and safety of the Colonies; and on the same subject, which occupies every mind and animates the patriotism of every heart in this community - we have been favoured with the following Extract of a Letter:

                        "Barbados, July 28.
"By a Brig this morning, in twenty-two days from Halifax, the AMERICAN WAR is confirmed, it was declared at Washington on the 20th ult. and had been carried by a majority of FOUR voices only!"

The Belvidera frigate, of 36 guns, Capt. Richard Byron, on the Halifax station, we find, lately fell in with two American frigates and a corvette; one of which was the United States, of 50 guns; and that an action ensued in which the Belvidera had two men killed and sixteen wounded. She went into Halifax very much cut up.

LOCALITIES. [heading]

Our Court of Justice has decided on the Case of the Hon. F. P. Van Berkel, highly to the honour of that gentleman. He is declared innocent of every charge brought against him.

It is with feelings of regret, we announce the death of C. T. Tinne, Esqr. for a considerable time a much respected inhabitant of this colony; and one who filled the office of Acting Deputy Colonial Secretary, with honour to himself, and, consequently, to the approbation of the public. The melancholy event took place on the 19th of May in London.

Pursuant to the Brigade Order, a party of our Rifle Corps proceeded yesterday to Ruymzigt Barracks, on the West Coast.

By a reference to our first page, it will be seen, that the late Theatre-Royal, a building, from its central and healthy situation, admirably adapted to the purpose, opens as an Academy on Monday next.

We are happy to find, by letters from Barbados, that Mr. Douglas, late of this colony, is pronounced out of danger; - and that the Traveller had left the island, for her original place of destination, in company with the Tiger.



Free Coloured.










June 22. Elizabeth Geertruy Corwin, free mustie, on Plantation Good Hope, Essequebo.
July 3. Alexander Duncan, carpenter, Robb's Town.
4. I. Marcant, mulatto, carpenter, In Hobabo Creek.
7. Susanna Hamill, aged 66 years, in Cumingsburg.
9. Henry J. Onink, aged 5 years, son of Mr. R. J. Onink, Stabroek.
11. Alexander Buchanan, aged 18 years, drowned.
14. George Fran¨ois Goppy, aged 7 1/2 years, mustie, on the West Coast.
18. Edward Hardie, aged 32 years, drowned.
20. Herodia Bruber, widow of Cornelis De Weever, aged 47 years, in Kingston.




Brig Success

Capt. Rickets





Brig Penelope






Ship Traveller






Sloop Ann Robertson






Ship Belmont






Ship Friendship






Schr. Providence






Schr. Joseph






Schr. Gov. Bentinck






Schr. Burchall









St. Eustatia.



Sloop Delight



St. Vincent.



Ship Speculator






Brig Talavera






Ship Commerce






Ship Eliza Ann






Schr. Phoenix






Ship London

Le Couteur





Ship Ann






Ship Latona






Brig Gov. Hodgson






Sloop Dispatch




THE Subscriber requests all persons having demands against her, either by open accounts, notes of hand, or deeds of gift, to come forward immediately for a settlement, as after this advertisement they will be considered void, it being her intention to quit the colony; and those indebted to her to make payment without delay, for the purpose of enabling her to settle some pressing demands.
July 27. Sarah E. Kenedy.

CASH will be given for about 100 bags of best-quality Coffee, 100 puncheons of Rum, and 100M. ears of good Corn; it would be preferred if shelled, and in that case, puncheons will be furnished.
Henry Austin.
From 50 to 100 Iron-bound Puncheons for sale.
Bridge-Town, July 28.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]





Mr. Fraser,



Pl. Soesdyk,

Mr. Poolman,


Mr. Samms,

Mahaicony Ferry.


G. Sutherland,

H. M'Coll.


Simmy Eyman,



Dr. Phippen,

J. Hubbard.


John Rogers,

Van Senden.


Mr. Blake,

Pl. Covent Garden.


Colony Berbice,




Pl. Le. Repentir.


D. Timmerman,

Pl. Chateau Margo.





A. Reedon,

Pl. Sarah Johanna.


J. Henery,

W. Kool.


H. Douglas,


August 1. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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