Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 August 18

Vol. VII.]


[No. 504.



The Commissaries of the Harmony-Society, inform the Gentlemen Amateurs, and Honorary Members of said Society, that the CONCERT will take place to-morrow evening the 19th instant, at 6 o'clock. George-Town, August 18.

THE Subscribers have received by the Demerary, from Glasgow, and on hand of former importations -
Mess beef and pork, hams, Irish butter, and cheese; slender beer, porter, herrings, solid porter, tongues, split-peas, pickles assorted, loaf-sugar, sago, salt, oats, pickled salmon, paints and oil, neatsfoot and lamp oil, spirit of turpentine, glauber salts, bark, tallow, mill-grease, fishing lines and seins, cordage, canvas, negro cloathing, cotton and linen check, brown-Holland, blue cotton, linen Bengals, fine dowlas, Irish ravensduck, platillas, Osnaburgs, Osnaburg thread and needles, sein twine, table-cloths, bed-sheeting, fine lace, French and cotton-cambric, Irish linen, long-lawn, diaper, calicoes, ginghams, seersuckers, fine Madras handkerchiefs, tape, thread, fine furniture calico, cotton hammocks, dimity, fine quilting and jean, green-gauze, bed-tick, flannel, ladies' hats, silk, beaver, Leghorn, straw, and planters' broad-rimmed hats; gloves, coats, shoes, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton stockings, umbrellas, ready-made cloaths, saddlery and stationery assorted, glass, earthen, and tin ware; hoes and shovels, cutlasses, fusees with bayonets, gun-powder and shot, furniture, locks, bolts, hinges, coopers' and carpenters' tools, wine corks, nails assorted, large and small anchors, cambooses, boat-chains, sheet copper, ivory-handled knives and forks, pen and pocket knives, double-plated candlesticks, &c. neat guardevines, portable desks, handsome dressing glasses, guaging-rods, and proof-bubbles, lime, bricks, Roman cement, &c.
August 15. M'Inroy, Sandbach & Co.
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NOTICE. [heading]
BROUGHT to the Colony-Jail, on the 9th instant, a BLACK HORSE; and which, if not claimed in fourteen days from this date, will be sold at Public Vendue to defray the expences.
Demerary, August 18. Samuel Jacobs,

NOTICE. [heading]
THE Undersigned, having observed in the late Gazettes, an advertisement of Messrs. W. King, and P. Benjamin, as Curators to the Estate of F. Bynoe, deceased, together with a List of Debts due to the said Estate, in which the name of - Evertsz, is mentioned for a sum of f 4620; begs leave to caution the Public against said demand, as he is able to prove by vouchers, which he has in his possession, that it is totally erroneous.
August 18. H. C. Evertsz.

THE Creditors of Messrs. Bryant and Noonan are requested to meet at the House of the Undersigned, on Thursday the 27th inst. at 12 o'clock, inconsequence of the unfortunate death of the latter; when a fair statement of their concerns will be laid before them.
August 18. Aaron Bryant,
Surviving Partner of the said Firm.

PICKED-UP in front of Plantation New-Hope, a Punt, 39 feet long by 12 broad, with a tent in the middle. - The owner may have her, on paying the customary remuneration to the negroes who found her, and the expence of this advertisement.
August 17. A. Macqueen, q.q.

BERBICE. [heading]

BY virtue of an appointment, granted by the Hon. Court of Civil Justice of this Colony, upon a petition of Wm. Scott, dated 22d July, 1812.
I, the Undersigned First Marshal of both Courts of this Colony, and at the request of aforesaid Wm. Scott,
Summon by Edict; [centered]
all known and unknown Creditors of the aforementioned W. Scott, to appear before the Commissaries of the Court of Civil Justice of this Colony, on Monday the 24th of August, 1812, at the Court-House, in New-Amsterdam, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon of that day, for the purpose of hearing the proposals of the said W. Scott, by virtue of the above-mentioned appointment, as well as to enable the Honourable Commissaries to make a report of the proceedings of this meeting of creditors and further to proceed according to law.
This summon by edict being made known to the Public by beat of drum, from the Court-House of this colony, and further dealt with according to custom.
Berbice, 8th August, 1812.
K. Francken, First Expl.

Public-Offices [heading]
of the United Colonies. [heading]


This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, and two children, with one servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from July 7.
Frances Rebecca Frye, in 14 days or 6 weeks 17.
Adam Niel, in do. . . . 20.
J. C. H. Kuster, with 12 Slaves, names to be seen at this Office, in do. 21.
Frederick Backer, with negro boy Favourite, in 14 days, . . . 24.
Thomas De Lisle, in 14 days or six weeks, Aug. 1.
Richard Jenkins, in do. . . . 6.
Cotton Brown, in 14 days, or by the Schooner Governor Carmichael, . . . 10.
Owen Jones, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . 15.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, August 15, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.


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Absented herself from the subscriber, a Negro woman, named Belia, of the Congo Nation, yellow-skinned, and pock-pitted; she is supposed to be harboured in Courabana. Whoever will give information of said negro, or lodge her in the Colonial Jail, shall receive a reward of one joe.
August 18. Sarah Allen.

We have to announce the arrival on Sunday, of the Ship Sir Edward Pellew, from Glasgow; on Monday, the Sloop Eliza & Jane, from Barbados; and this morning, the Schooner Joseph, from the same island.

The Barbados Papers by the Joseph, are to the 8th instant; and, in consequence of the arrival there of the Swallow Packet, with the first Mail for July, they possess London News to the 4th of that month. - On the sailing of the Packet, England was still ignorant of the American Declaration of War.

Additional Shipping Intelligence. - Arrived at London, from this River - The Horatio, Walker; Granger, ---; Sir Sidney Smith, Knight; and Henrietta, Watson. At Liverpool, the Caledonia, Cameron. In the Clyde, the Favourite, Shannon.

The Ann, Capt. Brand, from Berbice, is arrived at her place of destination.

Localities. [heading]

The Ordinary-Session of the Court of Justice commenced yesterday; but we have not heard of any question of particular importance being yet agitated. His Excellency the Acting Governor, we are happy to say, is so far recovered from his late indisposition, as to be able to preside.

Victor Amadeus Heyliger, LL.D. and S. W. Gordon, Esqr. were admitted to the Practice of the Law, during the sitting yesterday.

Departed this life, yesterday, - Schirmeister, Esquire, of this Colony.

Absented himself from the service of the Subscriber, a Negro Man, by trade a mason, named George, formerly belonging to Mr. Rousselet, at whose Vendue he was purchased on the 20th of February last, and from which time he has absconded. A reward of Five Joes will be given to any one who will apprehend him, and lodge him in the Colonial Barracks of either of the Colonies; and all Masters of Vessels are cautioned not to take the said negro from the Colony.
Pl. Success, April 18. W. N. Firebrace.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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