Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 August 22

Vol. VII.]


[No. 505.



THE Reverend G. RYK being gone on duty to Essequebo, no Divine Service will be performed by the Dutch Reformed Congregation the two following Sundays.
Demerary, August 21.

DEN Predikant G. RYK in ampts berigheeden, na Essequebo gegaan Zynde, zal op de twee eerstkomende Zondagen geen kerkdienst by de Hervormse gemeente Vertigt worden.
Demerary, Augustus 21.

                        Demerary, August 22.
FOR SALE - A SCHOONER-BOAT, built of Sirowabally; 27 feet long, 9 feet wide, and 4 feet deep.
Also for Hire - 2 Cooper-Negro. [sic]
T. Quiding.

THE Undersigned having always been desirous, during a long residence in this colony, of being servicable to his fellow-colonists, begs leave to acquaint the public, that, considering the greater extent of this town, and encrease of population, he has thought proper to establish an Office, where persons wishful of employing, or being employed as, Clerks, Managers, Overseers, &c. or of renting or hiring houses, slaves, &c. may address themselves: in order by that means to attain their wishes.
For further information please to apply at the Domicilium-Office, where to prevent errors, the above Office will also be kept, till further notice.
August 22. T. Quiding.

THE Subscriber has just received by the Ship Richard, Capt. Robinson, from Liverpool:
Printed calicoes and cambricks, spotted and plain cotton cambrick, Irish linen, brown Holland, furniture and other checks, huckaback and diaper, tape, thread and bobbin, ladies' parasols and umbrellas, India jeans and dimities, ladies', gentlemen's, and children's cotton and silk stockings, men's half cotton stockings, muslins, black cambrics, handkerchiefs, saddlery, leather boots, shoes, &c.
Which he offers for sale at his Store, on his usual low terms, for Cash.
August 22. William Lucas.

TWO HUNDRED DOZEN LONDON PORTER, for sale, at f 7 per dozen - Cash.
August 22. Thomas Shute.

                        VENDUE-OFFICE, Berbice.
ON Thursday the 17th of September, 1812, will be exposed for public sale by order of the Curators for the effects of the late Firm of Heywood & Taylor, on the premises, payable in 3 and 6 months in cash - Sundry articles of household furniture, &c. consisting of sophas, chairs, a set of mahogany dining tables with D ends, a side-board, mahogany liquor-case, shades, wash-hand basons, wine-glasses, tumblers, rummers, waiters, a backgammon box, a lamp, a book case, a convex mirror, a chest of drawers, oil paintings, a profile of Lord Nelson in bronze, bedsteads, mattrasses, a cloaths-press, card tables, a toilet and glass, spy glasses, steelyards, a hair broom, water vats, silver fish knives, table, tea, gravy, and salt spoons, do. sugar-tongs, plated candlesticks, a ship's compass, brass-cocks, kitchen furniture, a parcel of green paint, accounting house desk, a paper-case, shoe-maker's lasts, a gallon and half gallon measure, &c. Also a variety of books, consisting of two sets Encyclopedia, Johnson's lives, 2 vols. Shakespear's works, 29 vols. Junius, 1, Naval Chronicle, 16, History of England, 11, Pindar's works, 1, Shakespear, 1, Johnson's lives, 1, European Magazine, 15, Roman Empire, and Johnson's works; and the following prime Negroes, viz. - 2 carpenters, 3 men-boys, house-servants, 1 washerwoman, 1 sailor-negro, 1 butcher, 2 boys about 10 years old, and 1 sailor negro. Also the extensive premises where they transacted business; too well known to need any further description.
Berbice, August 20, 1812.
William Threlfall,
Deputy Vendue Master.

Public-Offices, [heading]


BY Authority duly obtained from the Honourable J. Johnson, Member of the Court of Justice, by indisposition of His Excellency the Acting-Governor, I, the undersigned Acting Deputy First Marshal, will expose and sell unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellors-Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice and their Secretary, at the Court-House in George-Town, on Tuesday the eighth day of September next ensuing: In behalf of B. Hebbelinck, Acting Vendue-Master of Essequebo, versus the free coloured Peggy Tubbs, sole Heir to the Estate of B. Tubbs, deceased - a Negro man, named Apia. Any person or persons having right, claim, or interest on the above-named negro Apia, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or persons address themselves to me the Acting Deputy First Marshal, stating their reasons of opposition in writing, I will appoint such opposer or opposer a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice for the trial of the same; and those inclined to speculate, please attend the sale on the day and at the place before-written.
Demerary, George-Town, August 20, 1812.
B. Teyssen, Jun.
Acting Deputy First Marshal.

BY virtue of an order granted by the Honourable J. Johnson, Member of the Court of Justice, by indisposition of His Excellency the Acting-Governor, I the undersigned Acting Deputy First Marshal, in the name and behalf of Charles de Beausobre, in his prive, and as Representative of Jeanne de Beausobre, for the Steam-Engine Saw-Mill, Madewyne Creek, in Demerary River - do hereby by Edict Summon, all known and unknown Creditors of the Steam Engine Saw-Mill, Madewyne Creek, in Demerary, and of Charles de Beausobre, prive: to appear before the Honourable Counsellors-Commissaries of the Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, at their session to be holden at the Court-House, in George-Town, on the seventh day of September next and following days: in order to hear such proposals as shall be made on that day, and should the same not be thought fair or equitable, then to have the business reported by said Commissaries to the Honourable Court of Justice, in order to be decided thereon as the case my require, and according to law,
Demerary, George-Town, August 21, 1812.
B. Teyssen, Jun.
Acting Deputy First Marshal.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, and two children, with one servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from July 7.
Frances Rebecca Frye, in 14 days or 6 weeks 17.
Adam Niel, in do. . . . 20.
J. C. H. Kuster, with 12 Slaves, names to be seen at this Office, in do. 21.
Frederick Backer, with negro boy Favourite, in 14 days, . . . 24.
Thomas De Lisle, in 14 days or six weeks, Aug. 1.
Richard Jenkins, in do. . . . 6.
Cotton Brown, in 14 days, or by the Schooner Governor Carmichael, . . . 10.
Owen Jones, in 14 days or 6 weeks . . . 15.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, August 15 [sic], 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.

AT the request of Mr. J. H. Beekman, notice is hereby given to all those whom it may concern, that his late Attorney, J. Pantlitz, Esquire, having declined acting or taking any further charge of his affairs, he has therefore, at his desire, cancelled and revoked the Power accordingly.
Charles Wilday,
August 22. Sworn Clerk.

At the COMMISSARY-COURT on the 7th of September [heading]
next, will be passed the following [heading]
viz. [heading]
1. By Isaac Hadfield, a Transport of a Piece of Land, called New-Hope, on the south-side of Madewiny Creek; about 160 roods facade, and bounded on the lower side by the land of C. de Beausobre, Esqr. to James Johnstone.
2. By J. T. Van Well, a Transport of the Half-Concession or Lot, No. 32 situate in Werk-en-Rust; with the Buildings - to P. Van Straten.
3. By J. J. Kotwyk, a Transport of the Lot of Land or Concession, No. 3, Vlissingen - to Peter Verbeke.
4. By John Austin, a Transport of Plantation Good Fellowship, situate on the east-side of Mahaica, cum annexis - to Lewis Forrester.
5. By John Brown, a Second Mortgage on the Buildings situate on the Trench or Parapet-Lot, next Front-Dam, South-Corner of South-Street, Bridge-Town; together with all his right and interest in the land during the present lease - to Thomas Smith.
6. By the Youngest Attorney-at-Law, at the Bar of Demerary and Essequebo, for the time, as Attorney for Mrs. Maria Bourda, wife of Richard Bas Daly, a Donation, inter vives, on her One-Third of Plantation Vlissingen and Nieuw Aanleg, cum annexis; subject to certain conditions, as in said Donation more fully set forth, in favour of her two children by her two children by her aforesaid husband, named Richard Joseph Johan Edward Daly and Richard Bas Daly, Junr.
7. By J. Samms, a Mortgage on Plantation Felicity, situate on the East-Sea-Coast of this Colony, cum annexis, in favor of Messrs. Munro and Brown, Merchants, London.
8. By the Board of Orphan Chamber, as representing the Estate of Sarah Martin, Deceased, a Transport of the Quarter-Concession or Lot, No. 29, situate in Cumingsburg-District, George-Town, with all the Buildings thereon - to William King.
9. By William King, a Transport of the above to Isaac Wade.
10. By Isaac Wade, a Transport of the same, to Ann S. Ramsey.
Secretary's Office, August 22, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.


On the 1st of September, 1812, by Order of Messrs. E. and A. Fraser, at their Store in Cumingsburg - Cotton and Coffee Bagging, Oznaburgs and Negro Cloathing of the first quality; Madeira Wine, Boxes of Herrings, Barrels of Turpentine, Puncheon's [sic] of Smiths Coals, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
August 22. Robert Kingston.

On Wednesday the 9th of September, at the Vendue Office, by order of Thomas Delisle, Esq. - Twenty Pipes and Half Pipes of good quality Madeira Wine. Samples may be got at any time from Mr. Delisle, and at the Vendue Office on the day of sale.
August 22. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 10th of September, 1812, at the House in Kingston opposite the Military Hospital, by order of P. Rose, q.q. the Assignees of W. M'Kenzie & Co. - the Premises in Cumingsburg, and those in Kingston. Also, a variety of household furniture, consisting of dining and Pembroke tables, sideboards, chairs, bedsteads, &c. glass and table ware, silver spoons, &c.
August 22. Robert Kingston.
[Transcriber's note: see 18120919EDRG where the date of this vendue gets changed to '24th of September']

WANTED for the Government-Negroes: -
Twenty-five Lined Negro-Jackets,
Ditto Check Shirts,
Twenty-five Pair of Penniston Trowsers,
Ninety Negro-Hats and Blankets, best kind,
Sixty-five Women's Penniston Wrappers,
Four Hundred and Fifty-five Yards of Linen Check,
Three Pieces of Salempores,
Five Tradesmen's Jackets, Hats, and Trowsers,
And one Barrel of Tobacco.
Person wishing to deliver the above Cloathing, &c. at the Commissary's Store, will please to send Tenders to the Government-Secretary's Office, on or before the 1st of Sept. when they will be opened before His Excellency the Governor, and the lowest (if approved) will be accepted.
August 22. H. B. Fraser,

On Thursday last an arrival took place from Newfoundland: by which conveyance Papers were received to the 9th ultimo; and from which we have extracted those Communications from Halifax, our readers will find in the ensuing column.

In addition to the above, we have also to announce the Richard, from Liverpool. She is the bearer of London Intelligence of a much later date than what we have previously received - and it will be found highly important.

LOCALITIES. [heading]

The Court of Justice continues to sit daily. Edward Barnwell, Esquire, of Essequebo, has been chosen a Member, in the room of Jonas Fileen, Esqr. resigned.

The Court-Martial on Colonel Codd concluded yesterday, but the decision is not yet known.

The following are the names of those Gentlemen of the United Colonies, who are already become subscribers to the intended History of the Volcano in St. Vincent's; the profits of which publication are to be considered the exclusive property of the sufferers in that Island:-
Joseph Beete, two copies. [centered]
[first column]
Joseph Beete, Jun.
William Cook
J. S. Massˇ
Patrick Quin, (2 copies)
[second column]
J. Robertson
Philip Portless, and
Philip Burrowes,
George Bone,
[end columns]
William Threlfall, Berbice.


ENGLAND. [heading]

                  London, July 10.
A Mail from New York arrived this morning, and the intelligence brought by it, which reaches to the 18th of that month, is of the highest importance.
On the 1st of June, a confidential message was received from the President, accompanied by some correspondence between Mr. Foster and Mr. Munro, and the House of Representatives sat with closed door on the 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th. Their proceedings had not been made public, but it had transpired, that a declaration of war against this country had passed the House by a majority of 79 to 49. The feeling of the House on the subject had been anticipated by Mr. Randolph, who, before the message was received, moved a resolution that "it was inexpedient to go to war with this country," which, after a stormy debate, was negatived by a majority of 69 to 37.
The Declaration of War by the House of Representatives was sent to the Senate, and referred to a Committee of 7, by a small majority of 17 to 15 - Subsequently, however, the Senate adjourned, to wait for a communication from Mr. Foster, in answer to a letter which had been sent to him by Mr. Munroe. Our declaration of the 22d April had been received before the President's Message was sent to Congress, and Mr. Rose, the King's Messenger, had reached Washington with dispatches for Mr. Foster, which had given rise to some further correspondence with Mr. Munroe. It was to wait for the result of this correspondence that the Senate is supposed to have adjourned.

CURIOUS TRIAL. [heading]
A cause has been tried at Philadelphia, in North-America, in which the King of Spain was plaintiff, and a person of the name of Parish, defendant for 180,000 dollars, for duties on a licenced trade. The subject involved the question, who is the King of Spain? The cause occupied fourteen days, and the Jury were three days agreeing to a verdict. The King of Spain was called to Court three times, pro forma, and no one answering in his behalf, the plaintiff was nonsuited. The Counsel for the plaintiff, however, protested against certain proceedings of Judge Yeates. The Spanish and Russian Ambassadors, the Swedish Charge d'Affaires, and the French Vice-Consul, were witnesses.


Halifax, June 29. - Late last night a Messenger arrived here with despatches from General Hunter, at New Brunswick, to His Excellency the Commander in Chief. - At ten o'clock this morning, His Excellency held a Council - before which he laid the Despatches he had received - the following is the substance of them:-
            Secretary's Office, Halifax, 29th June, 1812.
The following information, received last night by Express from New Brunswick, is published by authority:
                  "St. Andrew's, June 26.
"Last evening, at eleven o'clock, an Express arrived at Eastport, from Washington, with orders to the Collector of the Port and the Commander of the garrison, to put the town in as good a state of defence as possible, for that War was declared against England. - The declaration passed the Senate on the 17th instant."
By His Excellency's Command, [centered]
                  H. H. Cogswell, Dep. Sec.
We have been favoured with the following Letter from St. Andrews, enclosed to a Gentleman in this Town, by Robert Pagan, Esquire, and received by express:
                  "St. Andrews's, June 26.
"Last evening, at eleven o'clock, an Express arrived from Washington, with orders to the Captain of the Port, and Commander of the garrison, to put the Town in as good a state of defence as possible, for that War was declared against England! They, at the same time, were directed to act only on the defensive - The Declaration passed the Senate the 17th instant. - The inhabitants of Eastport held a meeting this morning, when it was unanimously voted to preserve a good understanding with the inhabitants of New Brunswick - and to discountenance all depredations on the property of each other.
(Signed) Henry Smith.
                  St. Andrews, June 26.
I certify that I have received the above from Mr. Henry Smith, a gentleman of great respectability - to whom the fullest confidence may be given.
(Signed) Robert Pagan.
We have also been favoured with the following extract of a letter from an English gentleman at Eastport, dated 26th of June, 1812:
"The American Government declared war on the 17th instant, but Mr. Foster officially notified to Mr. Monroe, that Great Britain would not do any thing until hostilities were commenced by the United States.
There cannot be a doubt but that war has been declared by the Government of the United States; and it is probable that in the course of this day an American Newspaper containing the Declaration will be received here. - We are not surprised at the intelligence - we expected it; and, however much war is at all times to be deprecated, and its calamities feared, still we feel happy in the reflection, that, whatever may be the issue, our Government has tried every honourable means to avert it."

Saturday afternoon arrived His Majesty's Ship Belvidera, Captain Byron, from a cruise [sic - no period]
Early in the morning of the 23d instant, about 80 miles S.W. by W. of Nantucket, five sail of vessels, standing E.S.E. were seen by the Belvidera - she stood towards them - at half past six it was ascertained they were Ships of War - 3 large Frigates, a Sloop of War, and a Brig - they were then making signals - the Belvidera hoisted her private signal, and, not, finding it answered, altered her course, and made all sail from them; but soon found, in consequence of a strong breeze, which particularly favoured them, that they nearly all gained upon her - at half past eleven the Belvidera hoisted the British Flag; and soon after the chasing vessels, the American, and two of the frigates a Commodore's broad pendant also; at twenty minutes past four o'clock, P. M. the headmost ship, supposed the President, came up within hail, rather upon the weather quarter, and fired three shots, in quick succession, which killed two men, wounded several, injured the rudder, and did other damage to the ship; a few moments after, the Belvidera opened a fire from four stern guns, the only part of the ship from which the guns would bear upon the President, which soon after poured in her whole broadside, and continued firing single guns and broadsides alternately until seven o'clock, when the Constitution coming up, she ceased firing; the Constitution then fired a few broadsides, but with little effect. At length the wind freshened, and the Belvidera succeeded in getting considerably a-head of her opponents; at eight o'clock the Commodore's ship bore S.W distant about two miles, and the Belvidera gradually increased her distance, until the American Squadron was out of sight - at 12 o'clock the two headmost frigates were last seen; they were then lying to [illegible]
Captain Byron was wounded, as also eighteen seamen [illegible] of whom were badly - two seamen were killed; the [illegible - through the following line.

For Liverpool. [heading]
[sailing ship icon - heading]
The New Ship Richard. [heading]
J. Robinson, Master, [heading]
Will positively sail with the October Convoy. For freight or passage apply to the Captain, or
Aug. 22. Fullerton, Oliverson, & Co.

For Glasgow. [heading]
[sailing ship icon - heading]
To sail the First Springs in October, [heading]
The Ship Sir Edward Pellew, [heading]
C. M'Donald, Master, [heading]
For freight or passage apply to said Master, or
August 22. Garden, King, and Co.
A few Barrels Superfine Flour for Sale.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [heading]





Mr. Fraser,



Mr. Samms,

Mahaicony Ferry.


Colony Berbice,



J. Henery,

W. Kool.


H. Douglas,



Captain Van Dyk,

Pl. Mindenburg.


Rule (Berbice)

Pl. Grove.


Island Barbados,



F. W. Zimmerman,

J. J. Bouilier.


J. Brown,



Pl. Concordia,

J. Wollen.


R. Arnot,

Pl. Providence.


Pl. Vive La Force,



H. O. Seward,

Pl. Mindenburg.

August 22. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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