Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 November 03

Vol. VII.]


[No. 524.



The King's House. [heading]

THE following Promotions will take place in the Third Battalion
First Company, [centered]
N. M. Manget, Esqr. to be Captain, [centered]
AND [centered]
J. Gentle, gent. to be Lieutenant. [centered]
King's House, Demerary, Nov. 3, 1812,
By His Excellency's Command,
John Eyre,


By His Excellency Major-General Hugh Lyle Carmichael, Acting-Governor and Commander in Chief, in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. - and the Honourable the Court of Policy of said Colonies:
Unto all whom it may concern - Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS it has been found expedient to alter and amend the existing Ordinances for the better regulation of The Demerary Ferry.
We have thought fit, for this purpose, to enact, and it is hereby enacted, that on, and from the date of publishing these presents, the following Rates of Ferriage, and no others be allowed and paid by those persons using said Ferry:
From Sun-rise to Sun-set. [heading]





Every Person crossing in Ferry, whether White or Free Coloured




A Slave . . . . .




An Horse . . . . .




Two-wheeled Carriage




Four –-- ditto ---




Cattle . . . . .

for each head



Calves, Hogs, Goats, and Sheep




A Pagal, Trunk or Package




And every Person, whether white or free coloured, going over said Ferry, between Sun-down and Evening-Gun-Fire, to pay

If alone




If two persons




If more than two persons




A Slave




All Persons landing at the Stelling from Boats, not belonging to the Ferry, to pay each five stivers for the use of the same.
That all Public Officers, and Officers of His Majesty's Army and Navy, be exempted from the payment of the Sums allowed by this Tariff.
That no Punt be allowed to cross the River with less than Four Negroes, for the purposes of navigation.
That all the Regulations as published on the 24th of August, 1797, not done away by these presents, are still in full force.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of this our Publication, the same shall be published and affixed for general information.
Thus enacted, at the Ordinary-Session of the Honourable the Court of Policy aforesaid, held at the Court-House, in George-Town, Demerary, on the 27th and 28th of October, and published the 3d of November following.
H. L. Carmichael.
By Command,
Charles Wilday,
Clerk to the Court of Policy.

By His Excellency Major-General Hugh Lyle Carmichael, Acting-Governor in and over the Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, and their Dependencies, &c. &c. and the Honourable the Court of Policy of said Colonies: -
Unto all whom it may concern, Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS it has been observed, that a Proclamation has been omitted, founded on the Proceedings of the Honourable the Court of Policy, at their Extraordinary-Meeting on the 6th of June last, with respect to the Report of the Board of Police for George-Town, dated the 11th of May - which Report of the said Board's Proceedings having been confirmed and approved of; we have though fit, on a Memorial of said Board having been presented to us, praying said omission be rectified, to publish this our Proclamation, declaring the Resolutions of afore-said Board, dated the 11th of May, are accordingly confirmed, as we, by these presents, do confirm the same.
And it is further enacted, that, agreeable to a Resolution of said Board, a Tax of one per cent. on the Appraised-Value of the Lots and Building, according to the schedule given in - be levied for the present year. The said tax of one per cent. to be paid on or before the First of January next, on pain of Summary Execution on the Defaulters, to J. M. Spooner, Esquire; who is confirmed Receiver, according to his appointment by the Board.
And it is further enacted, that the aforesaid Board of Police, having taken over from Cumingsburg-District, the Mud or Water Lots, in and for the consideration of the Debt due by that District to the Public. And the said Debt is hereby declared to be cancelled and extinguished: the Board having full power and authority to bargain, sell, and transfer said Mud-Lots, as they may deem it fit for the public benefit.
And lastly - the appointment of F. van den Velden, Esquire, as Inspector General over the Town, is confirmed; but conformable to the regulation and instruction, he shall from time to time receive from the Board of Police for George-Town.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of this our Publication, the same shall be published and fixed for general information.
Thus enacted at the Ordinary-Session of the Honourable the Court of Policy aforesaid, held at the Court-House, in George-Town, Demerary, on the 28th of October, and Published the 3d of November following.
H. L. Carmichael.
By Command,
Charles Wilday,
Clerk of the Court of Policy.

                        Demerary, Nov. 2, 1812.
ORDNACE BILLS. [centered]
CASH WANTED for One Thousand Pounds Sterling for Bills of Exchange, drawn by Henry St. Hill, Esq. Ordnance Store-Keeper, in Sums not less than 50 Sterling, on the Right Hon. the Principal Officers of His Majesty's Ordnance, London, at Thirty Days' sight. Tenders in triplicate, on half-sheets of foolscap paper, will be received at this Office until Friday the 6th instant, when they will be opened, and the offer must advantageous to Government, accepted.
Alex. Pitman,

THE Subscribers being the Attornies of Walcott and Forrester, and of C. D. Forrester, en prive, request that such Persons as stand indebted to either of those Concerns, will forthwith discharge the same. They also request, that if any claims exist in these Colonies, against either of the said Firms, the particulars may be rendered in immediately.
Demerary, J. Beete, Junr. [right pointing brace, indicating 'qq.']
Nov. 3, 1812, C. Ridley,
Walcott & Forrester, & C. D. Forrester, en prive.

ABSCONDED from the Subscriber, a Creole Negro-Girl, named Amber. The usual reward will be given for her apprehension; and all persons are cautioned against harbouring, or carring [sic] her from this colony.
November 1. Susannah Parish.


This is to inform the
Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony;-

Van het Secretary deezer Colonie word geadverteerd
dat de volgende Persoonen
von voorneemens zyn van hier
na elders te vertrekken, viz;

W. Reynolds, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from Oct. 16.
W. H. Iles and Servants, in 14 days or 6 weeks, 20.
Peter Inglis, and Servant, in ditto 21.
Hugh McKenzie, with a Servant, in 14 days or by the First Packet, . . . 28.
Henry Matthews, in 14 days or 6 weeks, . . . 30.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, October 31, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.


On Thursday the 5th of November at the Store of James Jackson and Co. [see 18121024EDRG] . . .
After the above Sales are closed, will be sold at the stores of Alex. Simpson, Esq. near Robb's-Stelling, - a quantity of damaged flour.
October 24. Robert Kingston.

On Thursday the 12th instant, by order of Mr. A. Cart, Jun. q.q. on the premises; - The Buildings and Land in Kingston, the property of Mr. A. Danjoy, and lately occupied by him; a negro named James, and what further may appear on the day of Sale. And by Mr. A. Cart, Jun. two Horses.
November 3. Robert Kingston.

At length, after a longer interval than we almost ever remember, an arrival has taken place from England; the Queen Charlotte Packet with the September Mail, having entered our River yesterday morning. The London Papers by this opportunity, are to the 12th of September; but, having received by the Berbice Mail-Boat, which also arrived yesterday, Barbados Papers to the 24th ultimo, containing British Intelligence to the 19th of the first mentioned month - we have waved any selection that could have been made from the former, and only copied from the latter what will be found in the next page.

The Packet departs on Sunday. [centered]

Since writing the above, the Brothers, Captain Martin, has arrived from Barbados - and is the communicator of the following

Glorious Intelligence! [centered]

The Squadron, under the command of Sir John B. Warren, has captured

The President, Commodore Rodgers, [centered]
The Essex, Captain Porter, [centered]
The John Adams, Captain Ludlow, [centered]
And the Hornet, sloop of war, Captain Lawrence. [centered]

Therefore, we may exclaim - so much for the gallant little navy; and the fruition of American hopes!

The above intelligence was brought by the Lune, from Halifax to Martinique, and from that Island to Barbados.

The following is copied from the Barbados Papers of the 27th ultimo, brought by the Brothers:

"By the arrival of the above-mentioned vessel, (the Lune,) we also learn, that an account of the surrender of the Guerriere frigate has been received at Quebec by the way of Halifax, but under circumstances differing most materially from those which we had heard of; for it now appears, that previous to the action which occasioned her loss, she had been thrice engaged with the President frigate, Commodore Rodgers, in company with others, and was proceeding to refit at Halifax, when she encountered the Constitution, and sustained the then unequal contest for three hours and a half, which rendered her so completely unmanageable, and being in a sinking state, that her Commander was under the necessity of submitting, in order to preserve those brave fellows who had so ably defended her, for some more fortunate opportunity of signalising themselves in their Country's cause. - This intelligence considerably encreases our anxiety for Captain Dacres' account of this affair.

LOCALITIES. [heading]

[From the Orphan-Chamber.] [heading]



















OCTOBER. [heading]
4. Jan van Ouskerum, Kingston.
- Catharina Bell, Abary.
6. I. van der Haas, aged 35, Pl. Le Resouvenir.
8. Isaac Searles, Pl. Good Intent, Essequebo.
12. Cornelius L'Espair, aged 38, Pl. Werk & Rust.
15. Peter Lorlock, Pl. Concordia, Essequebo.
18. Mary Tapin, Aged 74, Bridge-Town.
19. A. H. Zicken, Pl. Vrouw Anna.
20. Sarah E. Lyng, aged 3 months, Stabroek.
21. Jabus Lamb, aged 36, Columbia Street.
23. Sarah-Joseph, (coloured woman) aged 81, Cumingsburg.
29. - Poolman (coloured) Charles Town.
30. Joseph Elliot, aged 21, years.

Vessels, late from this River, safe arrived at their [heading]
Places of Destination: [heading]
The Mayflower, Lamb - John, Conolly - Nereide, Dalrymple - Juliana, Campbell - Mary, Atwood - Friendship, Striplin - Success, Ricketts - Argo, Filer - Traveller, Fisher - Albion, Crake - and the Ann, Birbeck - who, in her passage, beat off an American privateer of 14 guns, and full of men.

Vessels for this River. [heading]

The Granger, Lamb - Albion, Nicholson - John & Thomas, - and the Queen.


LONDON. [heading]

Sept. 19. - We must wait the next arrival from America before we can hope to know any thing respecting the effect produced at Washington, by the repeal of the Orders in Council. It was impossible, as we stated yesterday, that the Gleaner could bring any thing definitive respecting this point. The Gleaner, it is true carried out intimations of the intended measure, but it may be questioned whether of such a nature as to call for instant deliberation and action on the part of the American Government; for she sailed from Plymouth on the 19th June, and the Proclamation resemding [sic] the Orders did not appear in the London Gazette until the 23d of that month. - In short, any answer brought by the Gleaner would necessarily be of a complexion that might be considered hostile; as no arrangement of the discontinuance of hostilities could possibly be transmitted by this vessel. In point of fact, we know that certain qualifying and conditional contingencies, with which the repeal was clogged in its first concoction, were not removed till after the Gleaner had sailed from Plymouth, and it would therefore be rash to conclude any thing respecting the probabilities of peace or war, till that document in its ultimate form shall have been taken, into the consideration of the American Government.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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