Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 December 01

Vol. VII.]


[No. 533.

[Transcriber's note: severe mutilation with this issue. First page cut-up and succeeding pages (including back of first page) do not appear.]


Domicilium and Register Office, [heading]

WHEREAS letters are frequently sent to George-Town, by Gentlemen residing in the country, and which are sometimes of particular consequence, but often not received by the persons to whom the same are addressed. The Undersigned therefore, to prove the more effectually useful to the community, further recommends himself to their notice in this respect; and begs leave to state, that any letter from the country, directed to the care of the above office, will be delivered agreeable to address, by himself or another white person, for one guilder each.
[right pointing hand icon] To prevent any mistake, there is a Sign placed over the door of the office, with the words Domicilium and Register Office.
December 1 T. QUIDING.

[sailing ship icon heading]
FOR SALE, [heading]
The well-known staunch, fast-sailing Schooner SHARK; in complete order for any voyage or employ; well worth the attention of a Sugar-Planter, being of an easy draught of water. She will be sold on reasonable terms, as the Subscriber is prevented from sending her out of the river. Apply to
Dec. 1. John P. Hicks.

ABSENTED himself, about two or three weeks since, a Negro-Man, named Cuffy; he is of the Coramanty nation, speaks good English, is well-made and clean skin. He has taken his wife with him, and is supposed to be harboured in Mahaicony, where he has many acquaintances. Whoever will lodge him in the barracks, or deliver him to the Subscriber, shall be liberally rewarded.
December 1. W. L. Hamilton

FOR SALE - a very censiderable [sic] quantity of excellent MADEIRA WINE, imported in February last, at f 1,000 per Pipe.
Cumingsburg Dec.1. Thomas Delisle.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed & published every Tuesday & Saturday Afternoon,
By Edward James Henery.

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