Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 December 08

Vol. VII.]


[No. 535.

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The King's House. [heading]
DEMERARY. [heading]

                        OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                        Demerary, Dec. 7, 1812.
WANTED, for the service of the Ordnance Department in this Colony - Carpenters, Coopers, Smiths, Masons and Labourers. Persons willing to furnish such numbers as may from time to time be required, for six months from the 1st of January next, will please send Tenders to this Office, until Monday the 21st instant; on which day they will be opened in presence of the respective Officers, and the offers most advantageous to Government, accepted. Further information, if necessary, will be afforded, on application at this Office or that of the Commanding Royal Engineer.
Henry St. Hill,

                        COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                        Demerary, Dec. 7, 1812.
ORDNANCE BILLS. [centered]
WANTED for Four Hundred Pounds, Sterling for Bills of Exchange, drawn by Henry St. Hill, Esq. Ordnance Store-Keeper, in Sums not less than 50 Sterling, on Messrs. Cox and Greenwood, London, at Thirty Days' sight. Tenders in triplicate, on half-sheets of foolscap paper, will be received at this Office until Tuesday the 15th instant, when they will be opened, and the offer most advantageous to Government, accepted.
Alex. Pitman,

IMPORTED per Brig Bridget, Capt. Kennan, and for sale by the Subscriber - Candles and soap, mess beef in half barrels, Lancashire hams, kits of white pickled herrings, single Gloucester cheese, kegs of tongues, tobacco in hogsheads, Irish linen, superfine blue, mixed and black broad cloth, planters' strong shoes with buckles, gentlemen's dress shoes, puncheon iron hoops and rivets.
Dec. 8. James Fraser.

RECEIVED by the Bridget, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool, and for sale - Cumberland hams, pearl barley and split pease in jars, Scotch barley in kegs, and half barrels, oatmeal in kegs, soap in boxes, and salt in puncheons and barrels.
Dec. 7. Henry O. Seward

THE Subscriber has imported in the Ship Albion, Capt. Nicholson, from London, the following articles, which he offers for sale at his Store in New-Town, for immediate payment:
Hams, pine cheese, pickled and smoked tongues, pork in half barrels, Scotch & pearl barley, split pease, Stoughton's bitters, olives, capers, sallad oil, mustard, vinegar in jugs, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, brandy fruits assorted, raisins, currants, and almonds in jars, port wine, beer and porter, old hock, tea in canisters, loaf sugar, black pepper, spices assorted, candles, soap, tallow, gunpowder and shot, brushes and brooms assorted, sein and sewing twine, deep sea lines, fishing lines, cordage assorted, sets of ivory and black-handled knives and forks, backgammon boxes, chess boards, gentlemen's writing desks and tool chests, boiling-house lamps, copper ladles, sugar strainers, coffee sifters, japan and tin lanthorns, large tea waiters, gallon measures, guaging rods, prooff [sic] phials and bubbles, Buck knives and axes, Swedish bar iron, scales and weights, steelyards, money-scales, wine and vat brass cocks, fowling pieces, fusees, flints, fish hooks, boxes with paints, shaving cases complete, shaving boxes and brushes, razors, lavender, honey and rose waters, essences assorted, Windsor soap, tooth brushes, gentlemen's tortoise-shell gold and silver-mounted snuff-boxes, tortoise-shell pocket combs, ladies' tortoise-shell combs, pump tacks and brads, sets of fish-counters, Hardham's snuff in canisters, Hessian, top and military boots, gentlemen's pumps and dress shoes, planters' shoes, ladies' Spanish leather and white and black kid slippers and roses [sic], boys' and children's shoes, gentlemen's silk, beaver, and Leghorn hats, women's black silk hats with round rims, ladies' fashionable dressed straw bonnets, silk umbrellas and parasols, Irish linen, printed cambricks, furniture checks, white and brown Russia sheeting, Irish sheeting, diaper clouting, Coker canvas, lawn and silk handkerchiefs, long lawn, linen and cotton cambrick, gentlemen's and ladies' cotton stockings, ditto white and black silk stockings, white and yellow wash gloves, ladies' habit gloves, white and yellow India nankeen in long and short pieces, Marseilles' quilting, blue, black, and fashionable coloured coats, white and fashionable coloured pantaloons, flannel jackets and dressing gowns, blue, black, and scarlet broad-cloth, blue and black Kerseymere, black Florentine, satin, bombazin, broad and narrow crape and black calico, salempores, tradesmen's jackets and hats, common lined jackets, blue trowsers, women's wrappers, cotton and silk braces, cotton for lining, diaper and damask table cloths, tea towels, corded dimity, green baise, tap. thread, bobbin, blankets, nails, 4d. to 40d. iron tea kettles, iron sauce pans, frying pans, iron handled cutlasses, carpenters and coopers tools, brass and iron locks, linseed and lamp oil in jugs, white, brown and blue paint, shoe blacking in jugs, stationery - consisting of best foolscap, post and pot paper, blank and ruled books, quills, wafers, penknives, inkpowder, &c.
Dec. 8. R. D. Jeffers.

THE Subscribers have imported in the Diana, the following articles which they offer for sale at their Stores in New-Town:
Irish mess beef and pork, rose butter in whole and half firkins, hams, tripe, Gloster and pine cheese, ling fish, potatoes, pickled herrings, split pease and barley, refined sugar, port wine, sago, spices assorted, black pepper, salt in baskets, mould candles, fours and sixes, brown soap, salad oil, olives, capers, fish sauces, pickles assorted, raspberry and cherry brandy, bottled beer and porter, white, Spanish brown, yellow and green paints, paint and neat's foot oil, a large assortment of negro cloathing, consisting of blue and grey jackets, red flannel and check shirts, trowsers, hats, wrappers, Guernsey frocks, blankets, Russia sheeting, Oznaburgs, cotton and coffee bagging, salempores, cotton hammocks with curtains, bed tick, wine rubbers, linen and cotton checks, seins, sein and sewing twine, sail cloth from No. 1 to 4, cordage from one inch upwards, cables from 5 to 6 inches, hand lines, white rope, bedsteads with mattresses and curtains complete, Irish linen, diaper, dowlas, huckaback table cloths, jeans, India dimity, Prince's cord, white corduroy, striped nankeens, white calico, muslins, handkerchiefs, cotton and French cambric cotton shirting, long lawn, diamond quilting, superfine broad-cloth, Kerseymere and Florentine gentlemen's vests, pantaloons, ditto boots, dress and snow shoes, ladies' shoes, boys' and children's ditto, parasols, gentlemen's silk and Leghorn hats, servants' glazed ditto, children's hats, gentlemen's leather and net gloves - stationery, consisting of blank books, post, foolscap, and pot paper, quills, ink powder, wafers, letter files, &c. Assortment each of tin, glass, and earthen ware - hose [sic], shovels, cutlasses, pruning knives, nails from 4d. to 30d. boat and coopers' ditto, puncheon hoops and rivets, skimmers and ladles, cotton gin cranks, brass cocks, brass and iron chamber-door locks, brass candlesticks, carpenters' and coopers' tools, fay [sic] axes, adzes, hand, whip, cross-cut and tennant saws, long, jack, smoothing, flooring, plough, o. q. bead, and rabbit planes, with spare irons, chissels, hand and whip saws files; ivory handled knives and forks with carvers, brass wire coffee minaries, cassava graters and bakers, iron pots, sod irons, gridirons, frying pans, gunpowder, shot and flints, gentlemen's best hog-skin saddles, single and double bridles, martingales, horse nets, halters, curry combs and brushes, gig harness, portmanteaus, spare reins, girths, horse and chaise whips, calf skins and sole leather &c. - Also Blackburn's best Old London Particular Madeira Wine in pipes, hogsheads' and quarter casks.
Dec. 7. Henry Halket & Co.

IMPORTED in the Ships Albion and Granger from London, by the Subscriber, a choice selection of articles, which (with his former stock) compose the following assortment, offered for sale, viz: -
Hams in canvas, firkins of spiced salmon, kegs of white herrings, pickled tongues, dry smoked ditto, pine and Bath loaf cheese, bloom raisins, currants, and shelf almonds in jars, Hoffman's raspberry and cherry brandy, sugar plumbs, damsons, gooseberries, ginger and peppermint drops, brandied gages [sic], cheries [sic], apricots and pears, capillaire, orgeat and raspberry syrup, macaroni, vermicelli, and sago, rose, macauba, rappee, and Landifoot snuffs, plain and mixed; bitters, Gordon and Emmott's pickles, white-wine vinegar in jugs, olives, capers, salad oil, chamber ditto in gallon jugs, spices, mustard, pepper, butter, basket salt, Poland oats in puncheons, mould candles, wax ditto in 12-lb. boxes, yellow soap, green and yellow split peas, and barley in jugs, best hyson tea, refined sugar, brown and white sugar candy, liquid blacking, London brown stout in hogsheads, porter and ale in puncheons, hock, claret, and port wines, Gordon and Duff's Madeira ditto, white-lead in 28 and 14lb. kegs, paint and lamp oil in jugs, Spanish brown, blue and green ditto in pots, gentlemen's best super-fine black, blue, and olive coats, coatees, and ronud [sic] jackets, Kerseymere pantaloons, flannel jackets and dressing gowns, white and figured Marseilles and black silk vests, black and blue broadcloths and kerseymeres, green canvas and table-covers, negro blankets, hats, shirts, blue and duck trowsers, jackets, lined and unlined, tradesmen's ditto, Welch and Lancashire flannel, bunting, gentlemen's superior quality fashionable beaver, silk, and Leghorn hats, broad and narrow rimmed; women's and girls' silk ditto and bonnets, boys' and tradesmen's hats, ladies' fashionable trimmed black and white straw and chip bonnets, girls' ditto, gentlemen's town-made Hessian and top boots, morocco slippers, dress pumps, half-dress, strong buckled and plain shoes, boys' ditto, ladies' white, coloured, and black kid shoes; jean and sattinett ditto, boots, and cork-soled ditto; full-size hair bed mattresses, and cot ditto, with pillows; hanging-paper and bordering; carpeting, cane-bottom chairs, variegated morocco trunks, vase and barrel lamps, liquor-stands, finger-basons, decanters, goblets, tumblers and wine-glasses; window-glass, 14 by 10, 15 by 11, 16 by 12; best plated chaise harness, town light-made saddles, bridles, head-stalls and reins, horse-nets, girths, hunting and twig whips, curry-combs and brushes; ledgers, journals, blank books, foolscap, quarto black and gilt edged paper, quills, slates, ink and ink-powder, playing-cards, spelling and prayer books and bibles; gold and silver epaulets, silk sashes, dirks, gold and silver lace, silver table and tea spoons, corals, and small jewellery; an extensive assortment of Irish linen, sheeting, and long-lawns, cotton cambric, linen and cotton checks, blue and white salempores, white, yellow, and blue nankeens; mourning and fancy calicoes and chintzes, furniture ditto, musquito netting, linen and cotton diaper, ginghams, Marseilles quilt, bombazeens, crapes, sarcenets, Persians, chambrays, dimities, jeans, brown Holland, India silk handkerchiefs, black ditto, silver plated top umbrellas, spencers, mantles, and scarfs, lace, thread, tape, bed and furniture fringe, perfumery, cravat jaconet, India, and leno muslins and shawls; men, women, and children's silk, worsted, and cotton stockings and gloves, braces; sets of ivory handled knives and forks, bone-handled ditto, corn-mills, with or without fly wheels; gunpowder and patent shot, buck knives, cutlasses, hoes, felling axes, frying-pans, gridirons, tea-kettles, hinges, locks, bolts, files, coffin-furniture, fish hooks, house and hand brooms, parrot cages, sein and sewing twine, cordage and cables, log and fishing lines, temper lime, sheet lead, porter and wine corks, negro pipes, hogshead and puncheon truss-hoops, anchors, &c.

[NEW - note change for Hamilton - formerly H. L. now W. L.]
Secretary's Office. [heading]

This is to inform the Pubilc, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Samuel Procter, in 14 days, . . . from Nov. 10.
W. L. Hamilton, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from 27.
Abel Allen, and Lady, in 14 days or 6 weeks from Dec. 4.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, December 5, 1812.
Charles Wilday,
Sworn Clerk.


On Monday the 14th and Tuesday the 15th of December, by order of Hugh Mackenzie & Co. their remaining stock on hand, without reserve -
Consisting of negro jackets, lined and unlined; ditto hats, sailors' and tradesmen's cloth jackets, ditto duck trowsers, boots and shoes, Shetland hose, sein and sewing twine, mattresses with bolsters and pillows, green baize, deep sea lines, portmanteaus, hair brooms, seins, 10, 15, 25, and 30 fathoms, with bag in the centre; cordage assorted, hoes, cutlasses, cotton pruning knives, shovels, sugar-strainers, boiling house lamps, iron-pots, capooses, corn-mills, with fly-wheels and hoppers; mill-wedges, steel-plates, brass vat cocks, stocklocks, grating-bars, gin cranks with brass and screws, vat and puncheon rivets, suits of colours for colony boats, small boats with rudders and tillers, pumps complete for Colony boats, mast-hoops, jib-hanks, and blocks; coopers' and carpenters' tools, block tin dish covers, tea kettles, frying pans, grid irons, sod irons, superior double-power ship screws, sets dining-tables, Pembroke ditto, cane bottom chairs, bason stands, bottled old port wine, glass and earthen ware &c.
Dec 8. Robert Kingston.

[a seal - heading]
By His Royal Highness [mutilated]
Wales, Regent of the United [mutilated]
of Great Britain and Ireland [mutilated]
and on behalf of His Majesty [mutilated]
A PROCLAMATION. [centered]
G.P.R. - Whereas we are informed that [mutilated]
numbers of mariners and sea-faring men, [mutilated]
ty's natural-born subjects, are in the service [mutilated]
foreign Princes and States [mutilated]
Majesty's Kingdom; [mutilated]attempts are [mutilated]
made to seduce some of His Majesty's subjects [mutilated]
trary to their allegience and duty to His Majesty [mutilated]
to enter on board ships or vessels of war, or [mutilated]
ships or vessels belonging to the United States [mutilated]
America, with intent to commit hostilities [mutilated]
His Majesty or his subjects, or otherwise [mutilated]
or give aid or comfort to His Majesty's enemies [mutilated]
the sea; now we, in order that none of His Majesty's subjects may ignorantly incur the guilt and penalty of such breaches of their allegiance and duty has thought it necessary, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, and by and with the advice of His Majesty's Privy Council, to publish this Proclamation hereby notifying and declaring that all persons [illegible] His Majesty's subjects, who shall enter or be found on board any ships or vessels of war, or any ships or vessels belonging to the United States of America, with intent to commit hostilities against His Majesty, or his subjects, or who shall otherwise adhere and give aid or comfort to His Majesty enemies upon the sea, will thereby become liable to face the pains of death, and all other pains and penalties of high treason and piracy; and we do hereby declare, in the name and on the behalf of His Majesty, our intention and firm resolution to proceed against all such offenders according to law.
Given at the Court at Carlten-House, the [illegible] day of October, 1812, and in the 53d Year of His Majesty's Reign.
God Save the King.

His Excellency the Acting Governor, having received positive information of the traitorous conduct of some few individuals joining the Enemy, upon the capture of a British vessel, a few weeks ago, notwithstanding the most gallant and honourable example of the remainder of the crew, who refused all [illegible] of invitation to become Traitors to their Country, trusts the above determination of His Royal Highness by them

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