Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1812 December 22

Vol. VII.]


[No. 539.



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The King's House. [heading]
DEMERARY. [heading]

NOTICE. [heading]
THERE being reason to presume, that Bush Negroes, Runaways, and others of an improper description, have frequented the Markets, and may at this season of the year, take the opportunity in public assemblies of mixing with the negroes: and as it is not the wish of His Excellency the Acting-Governor, to prohibit or obstruct, in any respect, the innocent amusements or dances of the Negroes, where it is with the permission of those, under whose authority they may be -
Caution is hereby given, that every Negro belonging to an Estate, or Private Proprietor, will have a Pass, with the day of its being given, and for what period granted, the name of the negro, the estate or his owner, and with the signature of his owner, attorney, or manager, as the case may be.
His Excellency, upon this occasion, refers to the Instructions to Burgher-Captains, of the 9th of September, 1812, and offers a reward of Twenty Dollars, to any Negro who will make prisoner, and secure a Bush or Runaway, and convey them in safe custody to the Jail.
It is likewise thought proper, here, to call the especial attention of the Commandants of Militia, and the Burgher Captains, to the ensuing Militia Return; specifying very particularly, the actual state of the Absentees, as an object not merely confined to Civil Police, but closely connected with another matter of much importance to the Colony.
A very particular Return of the Arms upon each Estate, will be required, with the order they may be in, and the repairs wanting.
King's House, George-Town, December 22, 1812.
By His Excellency's Command,

NOTICE. [heading]
WE, the Undersigned, hereby inform the Public in General, that in consequence of their not being able to procure cattle without paying the ready cash, and also from the great difficulty they experience in collecting their money, they cannot, from this date, deliver any fresh meat from the market, without the cash being paid down.
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[end columns]
George-Town, Dec. 21, 1812.

THE Subscriber has for sale, at his Store in America-Street -
Building lime in strong English puncheons, butter in firkins, port wine and porter, sago and sago powder, black pepper, split peas, pickled tripe, hyson tea, salad oil in pint and half pint bottles, spices, tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, cordage assorted from 1 to 5 1/2 inch, nails from 4d. to 30d. shovels, cutlasses and hoes, coopers' and carpenters' tools, brass, iron and stock locks, pump tacks, brads, iron pots, kettles, gridirons, coffee biggins and sod irons, brass wine cocks, coffee manaries, copper wire for ditto, Indian corn mills, knives and forks in sets, guaging rods, proof phials, boxes of proof bubbles, cotton and coffee bagging, negro clothing, Osnaburgs, checks, Irish linen and sheeting, long lawns, white cotton for lining, imitation Madras handkerchiefs, gentlemen's coats, coatees, vests, and pantaloons, shoes and boots, sein and sewing twine, cherry-tree arm chairs, curry combs and brushes, paint brushes assorted, shoe brushes, comb ditto, yellow and blue paint, glassware, stationery, &c. &c.

IMPORTED in the Bridget, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool, and for sale by the Subscriber -
A general assortment of Hardware, consisting of brass and iron door, pad, desk, case, box, drawer and trunk locks, brass and iron hinges of all descriptions, nails from 4d. to 30d. 6-inch spikes, coffee, pepper, and corn mills, coffee toasters, fryingpans, gridirons, boat, dog, and monkey chains, hasps and staples, staybars, steel and plated snuffers and trays, brass candlesticks, chamber ditto with snuffers and extinguishers, sash pullies and cord, felling and Buck axes, wood and socket handled hatchets, an assortment of carpenters' and coopers' tools, mason's trowels, brass and iron sopha, bed, and table castors, table hinges, brass furniture mountings, bed screws and keys, fish hooks, metal and iron-tinned spoons and ladles, pewter chamber utensils, syringes, grindstones, fowling pieces, powder and shot, house bells, earthen, tin and glassware, fishing and log lines, green cord, brooms and dusters, dust pans, scrubbing, furniture, shoe, hair, cloaths, crumb, paint, tar, and nail brushes
[illegible line - paper fold]
riage varnish, jewellery, stationery, perfumery, mice and rat traps of various descriptions, mess beef and pork, barley, oatmeal, hyson tea, refined sugar, salad oil and a variety of other articles.
Dec. 20. G. ANGLE

A. CART again returns his best thanks to the Friends of the Pupils entrusted to his care; and takes this opportunity of saying, that the support and encouragement he has invariably met with, call forth his warmest acknowledgements. He also respectfully begs leave to inform them, and the Public in general, that the Christmas Vacation commences in the morning of Thursday next, the 24th instant; and that the labours of the Academy will be resumed on the 8th of January: the situation of which, however, is too well known to require any additional description to what appeared in August last.

Wanted - a middle-aged Assistant; of sober habits and otherwise well-qualified for such a situation.

N.B. - A. Cart likewise takes the liberty of reminding his Friends, that his establishment being expensive - punctual payment is absolutely necessary.
December 22.

WANTED - Six CARPENTERS on Hire, for Six months certain from the 1st of January next.
Runaway, a Boat-negro, named Robin. A reward of One Joe will be paid on lodging him in the Colony Barracks. Apply to

THE undersigned particularly requests those Gentlemen Merchants, who have dealings with Plantations Pattensen, East-Coast, and Enterprise, in Pomeroon, not to deliver any goods in future, for account of their of those Plantations, without an order signed by him, as he will not allow the charge for articles delivered without such order.
Demerary, December 21, 1812.

WANTED to Hire - a COOK. Apply to the Printer. - December 22.


This is to inform the Pubilc, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Abel Allen, and Lady, in 14 days or 6 weeks from Dec. 4.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, December 5, 1812. [sic]
Sworn Clerk.


On Wednesday next, the 23d instant, at the Store of J. Robertson and Co. - The remainder of their Stock of Merchandize. See Saturday's Gazette.

On Monday, the 1st of February, 1813, at the Vendue Office, by Order of Dr. J. L. Smith - The Plantation Maria's Lodge; situated in Essequebo, adjoining Mr. Prin's Estate, Bathsheba's Lust; together-with Four Negroes.

There have been no arrivals since Saturday.

For want, therefore, of something more rational, just, and amicable - we have devoted our news-page to the political peregrinations of Mr. President Madison - the Wildgoose of America! - who, in search of amusement for the Congressional Goslings, when next they assemble under her wing, has made the tour of the globe! - This surprising Creature, it will be seen, first goes to her devotie[illegible]s, and is very sublime on the goodness of Providence - she then visits a Foreign Power, which we presume to be France, from the circumstance of its seeming determined to persevere, in its "system of injustice and aggression." She then sets off for Canada, but not admiring the tomahawks of the Indians, soon departs - having first however, slapped her wings of vengeance in the face of Hull. After this, she visits several of the States of the Union, and finds the volunteers so very eager to march, that the Commanding Officer is almost under the necessity of placing them under arrest. So far, so good. But she now leaves terra firma, and seeing the gallant little navy at anchor in a place of safety, takes a drop of grog with the Commodore, Rodgers. England, however, soon has the honour of her company; but meeting with the Repeal of the Orders in Council, which she did not want to do; in a very short time alights in Paris. There the fraternal hug is received, but it does not appear, with sufficient warmth. The Barbary States, (with the exception of the chief one) Denmark, Sweden, and Russia, nevertheless make up the deficiency - and, therefore, contented with which, she returns to America. The great work then ends with a little fluster in the War Office, the Dock-Yards, and the Treasury, of so amusing a nature, that we leave our reader to his enjoyment of it.

LOCALITIES. [heading]

The Court of Justice adjourned on Saturday, to the 11th of January next; previous to which, however, the Honourable Members witnessed the execution of their sentence on a person of the name of Nurse. He was flogged and branded in the usual place of public punishment. He was found guilty of theft, agreeable to the Statute of their Noble and Great Mightinesses the States of Holland West Friesland, dated the 19th of March, 1614.

On Sunday last was performed, another of those feats of fiscal policy, which have distinguished the reign of our present Executive. About noon, a period of the day in which the Market-place is generally thronged with Negroes, a detachment of the 60th Regiment surrounded it; and all those not possessing passes, were detained.

The Colonial Budget for the ensuing year, makes it appearance on Saturday next. The chief novelties however are, an additional duty on wine, and a tax on produce in lieu of the capitation tax. The time of payment, until the 1st of May next.

The ship Maxwell, and the schooners Joseph, Fame, Good Intent, Fanny, and the Berbice Mail-Boat, sailed also in company with the Opossum.

The schooner Brothers, late from this river, arrived at Barbados on the 10th instant. On the preceding day, however, the master of her, Martin, was precipitated into the sea by the boom of the vessel, and unfortunately perished.

Departed this Life, on the 15th instant, at Plantation Johanna, Mr. Samuel F. Adams, aged 36, leaving a disconsolate widow and three young children to lament his loss. Also, on the 17th instant, in Mahaica, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Bonyun, wife of Mr. George Bonyun. This lady (to repeat the description of her afflicted but resigned Parent) was a dutiful child, an obedient wife, a truly affectionate mother, and in every respect a good Christian.



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[sailing ship icon - heading]
THE SHIP ISABELLA, A. 1. [heading]
MICHAEL HUMBLE, Commander, [heading]
Will sail with the first Convoy. For Freight or Passage, apply to the Commander on board, or to
December 22. HYNDMAN and CARY.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
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By Edward James Henery.

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