Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 January 05


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 543.


The King's House,


THE following Promotions to take place in the Demerary Militia -
A report having been made to His Excellency the Acting-Governor, of the conduct of Lieut. PLAYTER of the Grenadiers of the 1st Battalion, having distinguished himself in a severe engagement with the Enemy, on board of the Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, in which, highly to the credit of the Commander, and every person on board, a very superior force was defeated -
Lieut. PLAYTER is promoted to the rank of Captain in the Militia, remaining (agreeable to his own wish) in the Grenadiers, which company he will command in the absence of the Senior Captain, ROBERTSON.
Lieutenant ALEXANDER GRANT to be Captain of the Artillery Company.
M. VIRET and JAMES H. ALBOUY, Gent. to be Lieutenants of Artillery.
King's House, George-Town, January 5, 1813.
By Command,
[Transcriber's note: Details in the last paragraph change in the next issue; see 18130109EDRG.]

ON Tuesday the 12th of January, 1813, will be publicly sold at the Custom House, for immediate payment in cash -
102 Bags of Cloves,
2 Kegs of Wine,
Seized by Alexander Kennedy, Esqr. Commanding His Majesty's Sloop of War Forrester and condemned in the Vice Admiralty Court of this Colony.
The Cloves will be put up in small lots, to suit purchasers; and will be sold either for the consumption of this Colony, for exportation to any place not under the dominion of His Majesty or for exportation to London, under certain restrictions, which will be explained on personal application being made at this Office, previous to the day of sale.
JOHN FORBES, Collector,
J. W. HOBBS, Acting Comptroller.
Custom-House, Demerary, Jan. 2, 1813.

NOTICE is hereby given to the Public, that the Colonial-Receiver's Office is removed to the Subscriber's House, adjoining the Premises of Joseph Ward, Esqr. District of Werk & Rust, George-Town where regular attendance will be given agreeable to the Proclamation issued by His Excellency the Governor and Hon. Court of Policy, on the 26th ultimo.
Demerary, January 4, 1813.
Colonial Receiver.

THE Fourth Subscription Ball, which was unavoidably postponed last month, will take place at Marsh's Hotel, on Monday evening, the 18th instant.
The Stewards request that those Ladies and Gentlemen, to whom Cards were sent at that time, will have the goodness to consider themselves invited for the 18th.
George-Town, January 5, 1812.

THE term of Copartnership entered into between the Subscribers, having expired on the 31st of December last - notice is hereby given, that the Firm of JAMES JACKSON & Co. was accordingly dissolved on that day.
P.S. - They earnestly request those indebted to them to come forward with payment, as they cannot give longer indulgence, but will be under the necessity of proceeding against every person who will not have their accounts settled by the next Courts. They have further requested their lawyer to persist in recovering those debts for which he has already obtained sentence.
January 4.

Demerary Almanacks for 1813,
May be had at any time after To-morrow, price f 3.
Printed and sold at the Royal Gazette Office.

THE Mercantile Business carried on hitherto by the Undersigned, will be conducted in future, under the Firm of Mackintosh & Tulloh.
George-Town, January 1, 1813.

IMPORTED by the Ship Ramoncita, from London, and for sale, the following Goods: -
Superfine French black coats, superfine coloured and blue cloth coats, fashionable coloured coatees and jackets, flannel jackets and coatees, flannel dressing gowns, negro cloathing, viz. indigo-blue, double-breasted jackets, blankets, hats, and duck trowsers, Oznaburgs, and blue India salempores, shirts, and women's blue wrappers, tradesmen's blue jackets, hats, and trowsers; hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, felling-axes, buck-knives, double and single bolted pad-locks, warehouse and bastard plate locks, brass and iron rim chamber locks, nests rivetted gimblets, sod irons, curry-combs and brushes, horse scissars, silver pencil-cases and pen-knives, fashionable toilet-glasses, best plate-glass; masons' steel trowels, German steel hand and pit saws, beer and porter, boat-cloaks with sleeves, &c.

Gunpowder and shot, writing-desks, dressing-cases, carpenters' and coopers' tools, spirits turpentine, lamp and paint oil in jugs, sein twine and log-lines, cotton pruners and gin-cranks, tin and horn lanthorns, leather shot-belts and powder-flasks, plated bottle-stands, cork-screws, plated and japan coffee pots, fish kettles and sauce pans, chalk-lines, grid-irons, servants' glazed hats, with gold and silver bands, silk and cotton umbrellas, Irish sheeting, stationery assorted, blank bills of lading and exchange, India jeans and princes' cord, clothes, shaving, and hair brushes; salad oil and white-wive [sic] vinegar, glass-ware assorted, beer and porter corks, sherry and Madeira wine in bottles.

JUST Received from London, by the Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, and for sale by the Subscriber, for Cash - an Elegant Assortment of MILLINERY, and many other articles, consisting of
Ladies' fashionable sarsnet, crape, gossamer, net, and leno full dresses; dress caps and hats, ladies' and children's fine split straw bonnets, long and short lace veils, square and half lace shawls, plain and figured silk ditto, of different colours, ladies' and gentlemen's black and white silk hose, gentlemen's gloves, ladies' long and habit ditto, twilled and plain sarsnet and crape, India silk, of different colours, for ladies' dresses; India silk handkerchiefs, spotted, sprigged, and plain lenoes; gossamer nets, green silk gauze, fine thread lace, footing and edging; silk and cotton ditto, fancy silk trimmings, a large assortment of ribbons, ostrich feathers and artificial flowers, tape, thread, bobbin, and cambric buttons, pins and needles, stick and ribbon wire, white jean, Batilla and jaconet muslin, cotton cambric, damask table-cloths, Britannias, ladies' black and white trimmed kid slippers, jean, velvet, and morocco ditto; ladies' walking shoes, children's morocco spencers and shoes, a handsome assortment of jewellery and perfumery, &c.
January 2. S. DE SAULLES.

IMPORTED per Ship Ramoncita, from London, a large and fashionable assortment of Straw Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, and other goods of that description; which (with the Subscriber's former Stock,) are selling very reasonable for Money.
January 4. T. SHUTE.

A CAUTION - The Undersigned hereby cautions all persons whomsoever, against receiving in payment or otherwise, a certain Note, given by him to Mr. Hugh Douglas, on the 4th of July, 1811, for one thousand six hundred and nine guilders, nine stivers, and eight pennings, H. C. bearing interest; which note was afterwards given by the said Mr. Douglas, to William Postlethwaite, and fully settled in account, between him and the Undersigned, who is obliged thus to notify the same, in consequence of the improper refusal of the said Wm. Postlethwaite to give it up notwithstanding that there remains a balance on said account, still owing to the Undersigned.
January 5, 1813. JAMES DUNCAN.

A Copy of the Resolution entered into at a late Meeting of the Planters, Merchants, and other Inhabitants, at the Union-Coffee House, will be left there until the sailing of the next Packet, for the Signatures of such gentlemen as may approve of them
January 5

WANTED to Purchase - a New Four-Oared TENT-BOAT.
Demerary, Jan. 2, 1813. Commissary.

IMPORTED by ARCH. IVER, in the ship Ramoncita, from London, and other recent arrivals, for sale (cheap for immediate payment), at his store, in American-Street: -
Best superfine black, blue, scarlet, and mixt broad cloths; double milled cassimere, Gentlemens' best superfine coats and coatees, marseilles waistcoats, fashionable knee breeches, ditto Hessian boots, dress and half dress shoes, best superfine black beaver and silk hats, fine Leghorn and willow ditto, boys' and girls' black beaver ditto, childrens' ditto, Welch flannel, Irish linen, cotton shirting, and shirt buttons, French and cotton cambric, printed calicoes, furniture ditto, twilled sarsnet, black silk velvet, Irish sheeting, anchor dowlas, duck sheeting, India salempores, boat cloaks, ship mattresses, ladies' and gentlemens' silk and cotton stockings, ladies' parasols and cotton gloves, silk umbrellas, mock Madras handkerchiefs, green gauze for window blinds, green cord or lamp line, soap and candles, loaf sugar, hyson tea, best rose butter in firkins, Yorkshire hams, white wine vinegar in small jugs, fine salad oil, black pepper, mustard in small bottles, glass ware assorted, plated and brass candlesticks, bottle slides, ivory handled knives and forks, buck handled ditto, pewter spoons, japan knife trays, ditto bread baskets and waiters, beess [sic] wax, gunpowder and shot, gentlemens' best (London made) hogskin saddles, silver plated Portsmouth bridles, with bradoons, Pelham ditto, horse halters, canvas, cordage, blocks and mast hoops, nails assorted, mill grease, copper skimmers and ladles, boiling-house lamps, mill brasses and wedges, copper spirit pumps and funnels, a complete assortment of carpenters' tools, long planes, jack and smoothing ditto, mitre squares, saws, compasses, chissels, hand and whip-saw files, gimblets, Turkey oil stones, sledge hammers, masons' trowels, pump tacks, window glass different sizes, coopers' tools, axes, jointers, bake irons, flagging irons, puncheon iron hoops and rivets, iron and tin tea-kettles, ditto tea pots and coffee biggins, fish hooks, marking irons, stock and pad locks, till and drawer ditto, &c. &c.
January 5.

RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, a negro, named Richard, a mason. He is about 5 feet 6 inches high, of a slender make, with very full eyes, and a disagreeable countenance. Had on a flannel jacket, a check shirt, and short breeches. As he is a Barbadian, it is very probable he may endeavour to get thither by passing himself for a free man, and shipping himself on board of some of the traders to that island. Captains of vessels are therefore cautioned against employing or carrying away such a person, and the above reward will be given to any person apprehending and lodging him in the Colony-Jail.
January 4. C. MONAHAN.

THE Subscriber, intending to leave this colony in the month of March or April requests those persons who have nay [sic] demands against him, to render them for settlement, and those indebted to him, he expects they will make payment.

Just landed and for sale by the Subscribers,

Superfine Flour in barrels,

Potatoes in hampers,


Coffee and Cotton Bagging.

THE Subscriber having some pressing demands against him, which he is under the necessity of immediately answering, to prevent himself from being sued, again solicits those indebted to him to come forward with payment of their accounts in all the present month; as it is his settled determination (however repugnant to his feelings) to place all accounts unpaid on the 1st of February next, in the hands of a lawyer to be recovered, as no further indulgence will be given. He still carries on his business as heretofore, but begs leave to notify, that nothing in future will be delivered on account; and also requests all those sending articles to be repaired, to send a note along with them, otherwise they will not be received.
NB. - Some excellent sole leather on hand, cheap for cash. Jan. 5.

RECEIVED by the Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, from London, and for sale, at very reduced prices for immediate payment: -
Morton's full bodied London brown stout, in bottles, hogsheads, and barrels; fine old hock, red port and malmsey in bottles, pale ale, cyder, cogniac brandy, a few puncheons old Jamaica and Antigua rum, sago, pearl and Scotch barley, split pease, oat meal, gunpowder tea, loaf sugar, bloom raisins, currants, bitter almonds, honey in pots, black pepper, allspice, mace, cloves, cinnamon, nutmegs, saffron, vermicelli, macaroni and currie powder, white and brown sugar candy, crackers in cases, rusks, ginger-bread nuts, comfits, Westmoreland hams, pickled tripe in kegs and jars, deers' tongues, smoked sausages in lard, sweet oil, olives, capers, mushroom ketchup, meat and fish sauces, lavender, rose and honey water, orgeat, and raspberry vinegar, kitchen garden seeds, flower-garden-ditto, a great variety, soap, wax candles, tallow in kegs, mill grease in ditto, white ivory handled knives and forks, carvers with guards, to match; black and green ditto with ditto, scissars assorted, Whitechapel needles in cases, 1000 in each, superfine pins, Kerby's fish hooks, gilt and plated coat buttons, best polished silver table and tea spoons, salt spoons, and butter knives, best plated soup ladles, table and tea spoons, fish knives, snuffers and trays, shade ditto and ditto, bottle stands, large candlesticks, with plain and painted shades, chamber ditto with extinguishers and snuffers, epyrgues with handsome cut glass, globe tea and coffee urns, with thistle rings and patent cocks, newest fashion, Japan and gold coffee biggins, breakfast and tea China, elegant richly gilt tea trays, ditto ornamented mirrors, small waiters, bread baskets and knife trays, coffee pots, house bells with springs, dollies and furniture complete to hang them, cake and pudding shapes, double block tin and iron tinned inside fish-kettles, 24 to 30 inches, ditto tea kettles, dripping pans, long-handled frying pans, gridirons with fluted bars, iron pots, 1 to 12 gallons each, sheet tin, ditto copper, brass candlesticks, ditto Japanned chamber ditto, large bottom, with snuffers and extinguishers, boiling-house lamps, copper skimmers and ladles, iron boilers, 90 to 300 gallons, grating bars assorted, steel steps, round and square-shouldered capooses with steps, cable chains for colony schooners, close links with swivel-rings and shackles; ditto for punts, cambooses for colony schooners, mill clinches and mill wedges, ship scrapers, caulking-irons, building lime in new 24-bushel hogsheads, marble temper lime, salt in puncheons, tierces, barrels and baskets; negro pipes, negro blankets and hats, tradesmen's hats, jackets, striped shirts and trowsers, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, pruning knives, sailors' clasp knives, buck axes with round eyes, American felling axes, negro small tooth combs, window crown glass 13 by 10, 14 by 10, 14 by 11, 15 by 11 and 18 by 14; drawer, chest, and desk locks, brass wine and butt cocks, Japanned tin boxes with locks, whip, cross-cut, and hand-saw files, cloak and hat pins, drawer knobs, window curtain do. warranted hand and cross-cut saws, tenon-saws with brass backs, compass and lock saws, long smoothing, jack, sash, pannel, fancy, moulding, and grooving planes, and plane irons; adzes, axes, drawing knives, helve hatchets, hammers, squares, compasses, augers, firmers, chissels, gouges, braces and bits, brick-layers' trowels, and coopers' tools; grindstones, canvas for boat sails, No. 1 to 6, double and single blocks, ditto runner blocks, mast-hoops, and jib-hanks, dead eyes, woulding [sic] and rooves for mast hoops, red, white, and yellow bunting, ensigns and jacks, cordage, best staple, 1 to 7 1/2 inch; fishing seins with bags, 10 to 25 fathoms, and 10 feet deep in the middle of some; sein and sewing twine, deep sea and log lines, whip cord, shoemakers' hemp in balls, cotton bagging, Russia sheeting and Raven's duck, check, long lawns, camblet boat cloaks, flannel dressing gowns and coatees, fine flannel, ladies' and gentlemen's fine cotton and silk stockings, half stockings, children's stockings, men's long and short and foot socks, gauze-worsted and fine lambs' wool stockings, doe-skin and white cotton gloves, ladies' white kid and fawn wash-leather gloves, white Queen's silk and kid slippers, black morocco and kid ditto, children's ditto, boys' shoes, gentlemen's Spanish leather and calfskin boots and shoes, dress, half-dress, and planters' strong shoes with buckles; gentlemen's slippers, gentlemen's superfine beaver, silk, and straw hats, planters' do. children and servants' ditto, gentlemen's superfine coats, coatees, round robins, cassimere pantaloons, waistcoats and trowsers, black silk waistcoats, umbrellas and ladies parasols, ladies' superfine black, blue, corbeau, and bottle-green broad-cloths, black, blue, white, drab, red drab, and mixed superfine kerseymeres; chaise-lining and livery cloth; Company's real long white India nankeens, India furniture chintz, ditto coarse plain and striped muslins for musquito nets; black silk, Barcelona, white and coloured handkerchiefs; fashionable damask silk shawls, black, white, yellow, lavender, plain, figured, and twilled sarsnets; bedsteads and mattresses with pillows, fine fluted bedsteads with ditto, sea mattresses with pillows, cherry-tree chairs, arm ditto, chamber swing glasses, paints, paint and neats'-foot oil, fine bees' wax, glue, paint and white-wash brushes, house brooms, clothes and table-cloth brushes, boxes bubbles, folding gauging-rods; stationery, including gentlemen's pocket books, folio and letter-size writing cases; glauber salts in kegs, powder bark in 1 and 2lb. bottles, gentlemen's pocket and dressing combs, nail brushes, small-tooth ivory combs, a few cases of razors, coopers and carpenters' nails, 12d. 20d. and 30d. nails, bats and flooring brads, &c. horseshoe nails and saddlers' tacks; red, green, blue, yellow, royal purple, royal blue, morocco skins; basils, and black and brown harness hides, black and brown bridle buts [sic], leather for chaise dashers, chaise and jockey whips, horn lanthorn, &c.
Jan. 2. H. O. SEWARD.

THE Subscribers have received by the Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, the following assortment of Goods, which they offer for sale on the customary terms and credit: -
London particular Madeira wine, brown stout in hogsheads, ditto and pale ale in bottles, fine strong ale and cyder in ditto, first quality Irish butter, small Yorkshire hams, hung beef, pick'd pieces pickled ditto in small kegs, pickled tongues, sausages, and tripe, walnuts, cucumbers, beans, pecallilo, capers and olives, essence anchovies, ketchups and other sauces, sallad oil, vinegar, mustard, pepper and salt, currants, spices, hyson tea, double refined sugar, sago, pearl and pot barley, oatmeal, split pease, celery seed, and assorted garden seeds; wax, spermaceti, and best tallow candles, assorted lengths and sizes, in small boxes, ornaments for ditto, yellow and bottled soaps; house brooms, mops, scrubbing brushes, dusters, &c. tea trays, matts, bottle stands, waiters, knives and forks, spoons, ladles, tureens, fish kettles, sauce pans, tea kettles, frying pans, grid-irons, dressing pans, coffee mills, japan'd pots, canisters, candlesticks, tinder boxes, lanthorns; corks assorted, fine and coarse gun-powder, shot assorted, No. - to dust; fine green, blue, and black paints in pots, white, red, brown, and yellow, ditto in kegs, red and yellow ochres in ditto, whitening, putty, size glue and lamp black per lb. paint, lamp, neatsfoot and florence [sic] oils, spirits of turpentine, and black and bright varnishes in jugs, painters and plaisterers brushes assorted, curry combs and brushes, shoe ditto and blacking; best tallow in small kegs and powdered black lead for mill work, sugar ladles, skimmers, funnels, measures, cranes, pumps, proof beads, phials and other rum store utensils. Long wood hoops, puncheon iron ditto, shead [sic] lead and solder, hoes, shovels, cutlasses and axes, iron pots, corn mills, blocks, canvas, twine, cotton and coffee bagging wide and narrow, Osnaburghs, negro womens wrappers and petticoats, mens lined and unlined jackets and trowsers, shirts assorted, pipes and blankets, fine flannel superfine black, blue, bottle green, and scarlet broad cloths, white and black cassimere; ladies parasols, gentlemens' best lustring [sic] umbrellas with rings and in patent cases as walking canes; ladies' fashionable silk hats, gentlemens' ditto, finest beaver ditto, broad brim'd drab ditto, childrens ditto assorted, servants ditto, ladies' fashionable Spanish, morocco, nankeen, jean and velvet half boots, strong walking shoes to tie, and dress black, cloud and white kid slippers, gentlemens' fashionable military, Hessian and jockey boots, walking shoes and dress pumps, children's, youths and young ladies shoes assorted; ladies elegant china plain and black silk and fine cotton hosiery and long and short-silk Italian kid and cambric and cotton habit gloves, girls ditto, gentlemens' china and plain and black silk, fine cotton thread and half hose, military, buck and doeskin gloves, stout wash wood stock, grain, drab, York tan and patent ditto, Irish linens and sheetings, India dimity, cotton shirtings and cambrics, furniture chintzes, huckaback, diaper, table cloths, coopers, carpenters and boat builders nails assorted, hinges, bolts, stays, &c. various sorts and sizes; wood, iron and brass door locks, pad, desk, drawer, chest, cupboard and trunk locks, brass headed nails, cloak pins, hat ditto, drawer handles and escutcheons, bed screws and ornaments, hammock rings, jacks and screws, assorted; small chests carpenters tools complete for gentlemen, Turkey oil stones and slips assorted, files various sorts, hand, tenon and smaller saws, compasses, squares, rules, pincers, screw-drivers, chissels of all sorts, gouges, augers, brad awls, gimblets large and small, drawing knives, spoke shaves and spare irons, claw, shingling, and heavy hammers, axes, hatchets, jack, smoothing, and long planes, and spare irons, beading and pairs grooving planes, braces and bitts, coopers' dowling ditto, croze [sic] irons, bung borers, bung drawers, adzes, broad axes, drivers, punches, hollowing knives, flagging irons, &c. Masons' trowels, squares, bevels, rules, lines and pins, compasses, hammers and mallets, chissels and points, &c. Farrier's vices, hammers, files, rubbers and plyers, nippers, callipers, compasses, chissels, drill bows, screw plates, pokers, tongues, superfine folio post, best foolscap, thin bath, thick wove, extra large and quarto post, and pott, papers per ream, bills of lading, and blotting stuff per quire, large and small handsome ledgers and journals, waste letter and other books, alphabets, memorandums, &c. Finest quills, pencils, ferret, tape, ink powder, red and black, best wafers in tin boxes, wafer seals, lead flats, &c. A selection of prints in handsome gilt frames, varnished, and per package, an elegant assortment of ladies fashionable straw bonnets and hats of various shapes and patterns, childrens white and colored do. with feathers, ribbons, silk handkerchiefs, crapes, muslins, gauzes, laces, pins, &c. Lavender, rose, and honey waters, oils, powders, brushes and perfumery in general, books, jewellery, and various other articles.
Jan. 2. Opposite Messrs. Rose & Croal's.

PUBLIC VENDUE - On Wednesday the 27th of January, 1813, will be put up for public sale, at the Vendue Office, and sold to the highest bidder, by order of the Curators of the Estate of the late JOHN STOBIE -
The Plantation RICHLAND, (being half of No. 14, on the West-Coast of this Colony) with all its Buildings, Cultivation, &c.
Also on the same day, three Negro-Men, and a variety of Dry-Goods
Berbice, Dec. 24.

FIFTY Barrels of New Superfine BALTIMORE FLOUR, of excellent quality - just landed from the schooner Brothers, and for sale. Apply to
Dec. 29. H. FOX.

THE Gentlemen who engaged room in the Ship Fame, for Liverpool, are respectfully informed that she will positively sail with the first Convoy - appointed to leave this river on the 15th instant. The undersigned request of the shippers to send their produce on board with all possible dispatch.


RETURNS his grateful thanks to his friends and customers, for the kind support he has hitherto received, and hopes from attention to business to merit a continuance of their favours; any commands he may be favoured with, shall be executed with neatness and dispatch.
He has received by the Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, from London, the following choice collection, being particularly ordered of the best quality:
Superfine blue, black, and rifle-green cloth; ditto black and fashionable coloured kerseymere, single and double milled white ditto, Nash's superfine scarlet cloth, black Dutch velvet, fashionable coloured waistcoating, fine white quilting, India dimity, black silk Florentine, stout 7/8 white calico, fine flannel, gold and silver embroidered cuffs and collars for staff coats, narrow gold and silver lace, gentlemen's neat cotton braces, ends the same; gilt and plated buttons, blue, black, and coloured sewing silk, white and coloured thread, nankeen, white, and black Italian ferret, taylor's needles, ladies' black and coloured slippers, half a dozen first quality London-made coats, of the latest fashion; cloth and shoe brushes.
Cumingsburg, January 5.

THAT Large and Commodious Store, situated on the Canal in Bridge-Town, and hitherto occupied by the Resident Commissary, with the Out-Building and Land annexed to it.
Also a Dwelling-House on the opposite side of the Canal, with the Out-Houses, &c. now occupied by Mr. H. S. Thomas.
For Terms, which will be made very reasonable to approved purchasers, please apply to
January 4. HYNDMAN & CARY.

AS a Meeting of the Commissioners of the Market will take place early this month, it is ordered, that every one in Arrears for Stall and Shed Rent, as well as for Market Fees, will come forward and pay the same up to date, as no longer indulgence will be given; and those who have any claim against the said Market, will be pleased to render their accounts to
Clerk's Office, Stabroek Market,
Jan. 2, 1813.

WANTED. - A Person well acquainted with the Navigation from Demerary to all parts of Essequebo and back again, wishing for a situation to act as Captain to a schooner-boat, and as Overseer to an Estate, is requested to apply for it, to
S. CRAMER, Pl. Ruimveld.
[right pointing hand icon] Persons who cannot be well recommended, or who are not well qualified for the situation, need not apply; but if he is approved of, he may expect a liberal salary - January 1.

NOTICE - The Firm of WARDROP and FERGUSON, hitherto carried on in this Colony, is this day dissolved. All those indebted to the said Firm, are requested to come to as speedy a settlement as possible, in order that the affairs of the concern may be brought to a close. The business will in future be carried on under the Firm of HENRY T. FERGUSON and Co.
H. T. FERGUSON, for self and
Demerary, January 1, 1813.

THE Subscribers offer for sale, the following articles, now landing from on board the schooner Jane from New-Brunswick:
Dry Cod and Scale Fish, Alewives, Beef in barrels, first quality Mess Beef in half barrels, Pork, Tar, half barrels of Pickled Salmon, boxes of Smoaked Salmon, boxes of Smoaked Herrings, Souced Salmon in kits, Sounds and Tongues in kegs, and Hogshead Staves-
For which Sugar, Rum, cotton and Coffee will be taken in payment.
Dec. 28. GARDEN, KING, & Co.

LOST, on the morning of the 28th instant, going from Mr. Vincent's Office at Mr. Spooner's house, to the Store of Mr. Metcalf, in the American-Street, opposite to Mr. P. Verbeke's, along the north or back dam of Stabroek - Eighteen Joes, Demerary Paper Money; consisting of one paper of ten joes, rather old, and eight separate papers of one joe each; these latter quite new, and some of them still joined together.
Whoever has found this paper money, is requested to return it to the Royal Gazette Office, and for which a reward of Two Joes will be given.
Dec. 29.


THE Honourable the Court of Justice for Demerary and Essequebo having fixed on the following days, during the next year, for the dispatch of Judicial Business, the Exploiteurs, and all others whom it may concern, are to govern themselves accordingly:

Ordinary Sessions of the Court of Justice.

February 15.

June 21.

October 18.

April 19.

August 16.

December 20.


Commissarial Court.

January 4.

April 5.

July 5.

October 4.

February 1.

May 5.

August 2.

Nov. 1.

March 1.

June 7.

Sept. 6.

Dec. 6.


Fourteen Days' Roll Court.

January 4.

April 5.

June 21.

October 4.

January 18.

April 19.

July 5.

October 18.

February 1.

May 3.

July 19.

Nov. 1.

February 15.

May 17.

August 3.

Nov. 15.

March 1.

May 31.

August 16.

Nov. 22.

March 15.

June 7.

Sept. 6 & 9.

Dec. 6 & 20.


Court-House, December 31, 1812.
By Command of the Court,
Clerk to the Court of Justice.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Alen Culpeper, and a Servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks from the 2d of January.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 2, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


NOTE - The Sale of the House, &c. in Columbia-District, belonging to the Heirs of EVE ANN JORDAN (see the last Gazette), is postponed to Tuesday next the 12th instant.

On Wednesday the 6th of January, by order of JAMES JACKSON, & Co. at their store in American-street - the right and title to the premises at present occupied by them; they are all in good repair, and afford every convenience for an extensive business; they may be viewed every day previous to the sale. - Also their remaining stock of goods, without reserve, consisting of the following articles - Excellent Madeira wine per dozen, old rum in kegs, loaf sugar, table cloths, spotted muslins, vest patterns, and quilting, a parcel of books, consisting of English and French Grammars and Dictionaries, Scot's Geography, Letter-Writer, Swift's Works, Yorick's Journey, Falconer's Shipwreck, Harvey's Meditations, Adventurer, Romain's Works, History of Glasgow, blank books, travelling maps, pencils, &c. plane irons, broad axes, adzes, rivets, iron squares, metal tea-spoons, gilt and plated buttons, paint and tar brushes, negro jackets, ditto trowsers, Guernsey frocks, tea-trays, iron pots, boiling-house lamps, twine, single and double blocks, mast hoops, jib-hanks, grindstones, cordage, rum-vats, a parcel of trunks, an elegant counting-house iron book-case, with two iron drawers and shelves, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
Also a very fast sailing staunch colony schooner, in complete order, and three sailor negroes; likewise an elegant hand-organ, with four barrels in excellent order.

On Saturday next, the 9th instant, at the Vendue-Office, by order of FULLERTON, OLIVERSON, & Co. - a consignment of 50 barrels flour and 50 hampers of new potatoes, just arrived.

On Wednesday the 13th of January, 1813, will be exposed for sale at Public Auction, on the premises of Messrs. PATERSON [sic] & CROSSMAN, by Order of the Executors of M. CAMPBELL, (deceased) and J. D. PATTERSON; - Fifty negro wood-cutters and carpenters. Also the wood-land Christianburgh, with the saw-mill punts, boats, &c. The whole will be sold without reserve, to close the late firm of CAMPBELL & PATTERSON.
Also on the same day, by order of PATERSON & CROSSMAN - 50 wallaba liquor vats, of different sizes, from 300 to 600 gallons; and a colony-schooner, about 15 hogsheads burthen, in complete repair.
Also on the same day, by Order of A. Meertens, Esqr. - Two Lots of Coffee, 2500 pounds and 1345 pounds - as advertised in the Royal Gazette of the 26th of December last.
Also by order of J. R. KENNY, for the benefit of those whom it may concern - Fifty barrels of superfine American Flour.
[Transcriber's note: no date for this] ROBERT KINGSTON.
[Transcriber's note: in 18130109EDRG the last paragraph about J. R. KENNY does not appear under the vendue date of the 13th, but appears for a vendue of the 12th.]

On Tuesday, the 19th of January, 1813, [see 18121212EDRG] ...
Also by order of Messrs. DOUGLAS, REID & Co. – Five Head of Cattle.
Also by order of Mr. Cooper - a mulatto boy, named Thomas, and a negro woman, Kitty a very good washer.

On Wednesday the 3d of February, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. JOHN RUNCIE, Executor to Mr. THOMAS CRAWFORD, deceased - Eleven excellent Negroes, a Gold Watch and Chain, &c.

On Monday the 8th of February, by order of Doctor CHAUDONY, at his residence in front of Plant. Malgre-Tout, on the west-side of the River Demerary - Fifteen Negroes, amongst them are field negroes, grass-cutters, a captain and people accustomed to work in punts, creole milch cows, a chaise horse, a chaise and harness, a capital riding mare, medicines and medical books, &c.


The King's House.

Militia General Order.
HIS Excellency the Acting-Governor feels it a duty incumbent upon him, in the temporary command he has the honour to hold of the Demerary Militia, to express his warmest thanks to the Revd. W. G. STRAGHAN, for his appropriate, impressive, and animating sermon yesterday, upon the important military duties of that respectable body.
From the well known soldier-like feeling of the Corps, and the evident attention shewn to the exhortation, with the examples adduced from Sacred Authority of Victory and Success attendant upon true valour and confidence in a good cause, there can be little doubt of the result should Providence permit the present tranquillity [sic] and happiness of this Colony to be disturbed by any Enemy.
It being the intention of Major General Carmichael to attach two Field-Pieces to the First Battalion of Demerary Militia, as soon as possible - Lieutenant-Colonel Otto will form a Company of Artillery from the Line; in the first instance to consist of one Captain, two Subalterns, two Serjeants, three Bombardiers, and thirty Gunners; a return of the names of the Officers, and Non Commissioned Officers to be given in to Lieut.-Colonel and Adjutant-General Brandt.
King's House, George-Town, January 4, 1812. [sic]
By Command, JOHN EYRE,

The Fame, Capt. Greenidge, arrived from Barbados yesterday, and has brought Papers to the 29th ultimo; but their contents are not important.


At the commencement of the new year, we should be certainly guilty of gross dereliction of duty, both to ourselves and to our friends, did we not express our gratitude for the past, and our hopes for the future. For the occasional assistance, therefore, of some, the liberal criticism of others, and the ultimate patronage of all - we return our thanks; and, as our exertions, during the present year, will, we trust, be similar to those of its predecessor - we also trust, that similar will be the conduct of the Public toward us.

On Sunday, pursuant to what appeared on the subject, in the Militia Order of Friday, the Royal Battalion accompanied His Excellency the Governor and Suit, to the Parochial Church. Demerary, we believe, has never before witnessed so fine a military spectacle. About two o'clock, the line was formed under the auspices of the Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant, Otto, and Major Tulloh, on the dam, in front of the house of P. A. de Veer, Esqr. About half past, the Governor, attended by his Aides-de-Camp the Hon. J. Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel Van Rossum, and Capt. Eyre, and preceded by the banners of the regiment, escorted by an armed detachment, and attended by the Band of the 60th, issued from the King's House, and passed the line in grand review. On entering the avenue of the Church, His Excellency and Field Attendance alighted, and proceeded in quick time, to the Sacred Edifice; at the door of which, the Revd. Pastor met his Martial Visitors. The scene was truly impressive - the Discourse was worthy of the occasion, the orator, and the auditory - and the text was the 7 verse of the 32d chapter of the 2d book of Chronicles.

We now present our promised narrative of the Ramoncita's victory over the Hornet: - a victory, so unparalleled in the annals of mercantile warfare, that we know not which sensation predominates - surprise or pleasure! - This, however, is certain; that to those brave and skilful defenders of vessels committed to their care, (our Thompsons, our Irlams, and our Kennans,) we feel a particular gratification in adding the name of - Venables - The following is extracted from the log-book: - "In lat. 32. 18. n. long. 41 w. Nov. 25, at half past two, p.m. a sail was discovered on our starboard beam. At three, found her to be a ship bearing towards us, under a heavy press of sail. We then bore on a wind, got ready for action, and continued on the same tack in order to be convinced how she could sail with us - her superiority, however, was soon apparent. Being now within gun-shot, we tacked, and crossed him a-head. Evening fast approaching, we thought it prudent to show our colours, for the purpose of preventing any mistake in the dark, should the ships near each other. The Enemy, however, did not follow our example, until we gave him a shot - when he hoisted British. By his superior sailing, he was soon after this under our lee - he then hailed, and asked what ship ours was - we answered, His Britannic Majesty's armed-ship Ramoncita - and enquired what ship that was. He replied, His Britannic Majesty's ship Indian, and desired us to send our boat on board. Receiving for answer, we should not, until convinced he was British, he declared he would fire at us. To this we replied, if he did we would return it. After a few minutes, he hailing again, we lowered our boat, and manned her with an officer and two of our weakest hands, sent her along-side, and she was almost immediately after, returned with an Officer from the ship. This gentleman was soon marched into the cabin - where we again enquired what ship it was - he however said that his Captain had ordered him not to inform us. We then enquired, what flag he sailed or fought under - and his reply was, they had British colours flying. We then informed him we were convinced he was an enemy, and therefore should detain him and commence the action. On this he cautioned us against commencing an action with a ship under British colours. We then proposed that if we permitted his return, would he pledge his honour to send our boat and men back, with the information as to what ship it was - he answered he would. It was now 5 o'clock - and in about ten minutes, those we expected came, and it was then found that it was the United States' sloop of war Hornet, with 22 long twenty fours and eighteens, and 250 men, our officer having been permitted to examine the vessel. By our officer a message came that if we did not strike immediately he would sink us. By this time he hailed, and asked if we had struck - we answered we should convince him of the spirit of Britons so long as we had a man on board; and gave orders to fire - the enemy being nearly yard-arm to yard-arm. - The broadside was soon returned, and a most severe fire kept up on both sides for three hour and a quarter; when we found that all his guns, but three on the larboard side, were silenced. Hitherto we had a windward position, but now the wind flew suddenly round on the starboard beam, which made us become the leewardmost ship. He soon bearing up on our larboard side, and his yards nearly locked in our braces, the action was renewed with great vigour, and continued about an hour and a quarter longer - when it was evident, that we had also silenced the guns on that side, except two. He then bore away. On mustering our brave crew, we found that two men were killed and twelve wounded. The situation of our ship was very bad, having had two feet and a half water in the hold, from the commencement of the action - scarcely a shroud or back stay left to hold the masts - the yards without braces, and the sails in a shattered condition; the main-top-gallant-mast and yard being shot away - and the main-mast severely wounded, a 24 pound shot having passed through it - the mizen-top-mast likewise severely wounded - and much shattered in our hull." We shall have some further particulars to communicate on Saturday.

Capt. Venables, it appears, fell in with the Crane sloop of war, off this coast, and we feel great pleasure in having to record the very handsome conduct of Capt. Stuart of that vessel. An Officer was sent on board to press, but when Capt. S. was informed of the severe action in which the Ramoncita had been engaged, he not only would not take any of the crew, but furnished Capt. Venables with ammunition, and offered any other services in his power to render.

A Convoy for England is to leave Barbados on the 17th instant, and the General Rendezvous, between Turk Inland and St. Thomas on the 25th.

Fire Wood Wanted.
ANY Person wishing to Contract for the delivery of about Thirty Cords of Firewood Weekly, or a part thereof, for a Year certain, may apply to
S. CRAMER, Pl. Ruimveld.
[right pointing hand icon] The payment will be made to the satisfaction of the person delivering the Firewood. - Jan. 1.

Dissolution of Copartnership.
THE Copartnery Business, carried on here, under the Firm of HUGH MACKENZIE and Co. ceased on the 31st of December, 1812.
For self and as thereto authorised by
Demerary, January 1, 1813] Merchant in Glasgow.

White Oak Shooks.
FOR sale by the Subscribers - One Hundred and Twenty White Oak Shooks, with heads and hoops complete.

WANTED to Hire - a sober, well-disposed Negro who understands plain Cookery, and the care of a Horse. Apply at the Printing Office.
Dec. 30.

THE Subscribers offer for sale, the Cargo of the brig Kingston Packet, D. Lovett, Master, from St. John, New Brunswick – consisting of
Fish in 6 and 8 quintal casks, Salmon in tierces, barrels, and kits, Herrings and Alewives in barrels, Tar, Pitch and Turpentine in barrels, Beef and Pork in barrels, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Herrings in boxes, Superfine Flour, Butter in firkins and half firkins, Ship Bread in barrels, Hams, Red Oak Staves, White Pine Boards and Plank, and Potatoes in barrels-
For which Rum, Sugar, or Cotton, will be received in payment, provided it is delivered immediately.
Dec. 29. J. H. ALBOUY & Co.

Mackarels in tierces and barrels, Tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, Oars and Sweeps, Salt in barrels, Lamp Oil in barrels and tierces, Salts in barrels, &c.

JUST received, by the Ship Ramoncita, Capt. Venables, from London, and for sale by the Subscriber, at the Store of Mr. G. ANGLE, for Cash only -
Jew or spiced beef in kegs, pickled sausages, Dutch smoked salmon in tin cases, Dutch pickled salt fish, ditto pickled and smoked herrings, stuffed tripe, cods' sounds, green pease, pearl barley, Dutch almond confectionery, &c.
January 2. W. F. DOBBROUSKI.
W. F. D. hopes his friends will not take amiss the terms on which he offers the above articles, he being obliged to make instant returns to his friends in Europe, who favoured him with this consignment.

THE Committee of the Colonial Fund hereby give notice, that, in pursuance of the Resolutions of His Excellency the Governor and the Hon. Court of Policy, attendance will be given at the house of Mr. Joseph Beete, Junr. in Columbia District, on Monday the 11th, Tuesday the 12th, and Wednesday the 13th instant, from 9 till 2 o'clock, for the purpose of exchanging the Notes formerly issued, for those of a New Circulation; and they request the favour of all persons who bring in notes, to give with them, a list, divided into their respective sums, and numerically arranged, with the names of the party for whom they are exchanged, as it will save much time, and greatly facilitate the Business.
As the new Notes for f 440 are not yet come to hand, the holders of the notes for that sum, are requested to retain them till further notice.
George-Town, January 1, 1813.

Domicilium & Register Office,


THE Subscriber has the pleasure of saying, that although the above-mentioned Office has been so lately established, his exertions have not been in vain; and trusts it will prove more and more beneficial to himself and the public.
To those gentlemen who have honoured him with their commands, he returns his warmest thanks; and hopes for a continuance of their favours - as also of the public in general.
He likewise begs leave to state, that he has engaged a steady man who writes a good hand, for the purpose of copying all kinds of papers; and any gentlemen who may favour him with their commands in that line, may depend on secrecy, accuracy, and dispatch.
Dec. 29. T. QUIDING.


Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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