Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 January 12


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 545.


                        COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                        Demerary, Jan. 11, 1812.
CASH wanted for a Government Bill of Exchange of Two Hundred Pounds Sterling, drawn by Joseph Bullock, Esquire, Commissary-General, on the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners of His Majesty's Treasury, London, at Thirty Days' Sight. Tenders in triplicate, on half-sheets foolscap paper, will be received at this Office, until Thursday the 14th instant, when they will be opened, and the tender most advantageous to Government accepted.


THIRTY-SIX Mules & Seventeen Horses arrived this day in the Spanish Schooner --, from Oronoko. Apply to Mr. LA RASS, on board, or to
January 11. W. LUCAS.

THE Subscriber has received by the Ship Ramoncita, from London, and the Belmont from Liverpool, the following Goods, which he will sell low for Cash:
Yorkshire hams, Platillas, Britannias, printed calicoes and cambricks, mourning ditto, diaper and huckaback, bed ticks, linen and cotton checks, furniture checks of various patterns, tape, thread and bobbin, handkerchiefs, corded, figured and lappet cambricks, corded striped ginghams, corded dimities, Irish linens, brown holland, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton stockings, gentlemen's brown half ditto, India white calicoes, china crapes and silks, India silk scarfs, black lustrings and sarcenets, silk Bandana, Romall and Pullicate handkerchiefs, India jaconet muslins, salempores, superfine white quilting, India yellow and white nankeens, silk seersuckers, silk and cotton ditto, and a variety of other articles.
January 11. W. LUCAS.

N. WINANDY and Co. No. 2, Front Street, Werk & Rust, next M. Downie, Attorney at Law, and near Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach and Co. request all those who are indebted to them, to come forward with payment within a month, after which term they will be under the necessity of putting their claims, without distinction, in the hands of their Attorney.
They offer for sale very cheap for cash - a very elegant desert service, neat decanters and salt cellars, square bottles for liquor cases, double flint wine glasses, vinegar and liquor stands, tin ware, copper mongery for furnitures, tacks and screws assorted, cabinet and writing desk locks, brass pad locks for trummels, 4 inches spikes, portalif [sic] bidets, knife trays, Indian beads, copper scales with beams and weights; Oznaburg linen check, long lawns, cotton thread, musquito lawn, gentlemen's ready-made shirts, mould candles, creme de noyau and d'anis, French vinegar, olives, capers, &c.
January 13. [sic]

L. M'BEAN has received per Union, Capt. Henry, from Glasgow, the following Goods, which he will sell very cheap for immediate payment -
Candles and soap, potatoes, ling fish and herrings, barley, white and printed calicoes, ginghams, Irish linen and sheeting, long lawn, anchor dowlas and harn diaper, bed tick, cotton and linen checks, furniture do. Bengal stripes, men and women's stockings, ancle socks, thread and tape, black silk handkerchiefs, do. Florentine, cotton cambricks, blue pullicates, jeanett, jeans, Prince's cord, quilting, bone, Asbuck [sic], wood and ivory handled knives and forks, sailors' and pen knives, women's and horse scissars, Whitechapel needles and pins, brass, pinch back and silver thimbles, carpenters' braces, gimblets, chizels, brass wine cocks, fish hooks, box locks, lined and unlined negro jackets, &c.
January 11.

AT No. 9, West-Coast Berbice, 200,000 Ears of very large fine Corn, now in the field and ready for breaking in, at a reasonable price for Cash or Produce. Apply on the Estate, to A. THORNBORROW, New-Amsterdam, Berbice, or
January 12. George-Town, Demerary.

FOUND, drifting on the West-Coast of Essequebo, a PUNT. Whoever has lost the same, will have it restored, on application being made at Plantation Tenez Ferme, by paying for this advertisement, and giving a reward to the negroes who found it.
Dec. 6.
[Transcriber's note: this ad did not appear in an earlier issue.]

J. H. and N. W. POLLARD have received by the latest arrivals, and have on hand -
Building lime, furnace bricks, vat hoops, grating bars, frying pans, patent grid irons, Dutch ovens, iron pots, tea kettles, sauce pans, candlesticks, snuffers, tinderboxes, funnels, brass cocks, cruit [sic] frames, butchers' knives, horse shears, curry combs and brushes, scrubing [sic] do. hand and long brooms, proof bubbles, treble proof gun powder, fowling flints, scissars, pins, thimbles, adzes, hoes, chissels, gimblets, timber scribes, timber-measuring tapes, porter, beer, hams, loaf sugar, checks, salempores, Irish linen, 9-8 French cambric, coats, waistcoats, twilled coffee bagging, an assortment of jewellery, time pieces, &c.
Also a Consignment of the following Books:

Cobbett's Political Register,

19 vols.

Cobbett's State Trials,


Cobbett's Parliamentary History,


Cobbett's Porcupine's Works,


Gibbon's Rome, 8 vo. in calf,


Belsham's Essays, 8 vo. do.


Smith's Wealth of Nations, 8 vo.


Burnett's History, 8 vo. cf.


Fox's History of James II.


Sterne's Works, 12 mo. cf.


Swift's Works, 12 mo.


(elegantly bound, gilt and lettered.)


The whole is offered at low prices for ready payment.

NOTICE - The Undersigned-Receiver for George Town, requests the Proprietors of Lots and Buildings in said town, will have the goodness to call and pay their quotas, or one per cent. according to the schedule given in; as also arrears and purchase money for mud or water lots - on or before the 25th instant, as after the expiration of that time, he will be under the necessity to enforce payment by Summary Execution.
January 13, 1813. J. M. SPOONER.

JUST received from Bond-Street, and for sale by the Subscriber, an elegant selection of Millenery consisting of ladies' ball dresses, morning and half ditto, Chenille, crimped and other ribbons, silk handkerchiefs, lace veils, ostrich feathers, artificial flowers, mull mull, book and tamboured muslins, ladies' dress shoes, best Italian long and short white kid gloves, silk ditto, Chinese silk stockings, essences, oils, &c.

IMPORTED per ship Belmont, and on hand from former importations - a General Assortment of Provisions, Gentlemen's Fashionable Wearing Apparel, and sundry other Goods, which will be sold cheap for immediate payment.
January 11. J. R. KENNY and Co.

ABSCONDED from the undersigned, a Negro, named Lovelace, well-known about town, of the middle stature, limbs well set, a sulky countenance, dark skin, speaks good English. A liberal reward will be given for his apprehension. All persons are forbid to harbour him, or to assist in his escape. Every measure will be prosecuted, which the law will grant, against such defaulter or defaulters.
NB. He had a Pass, but that has expired. Jan. 12.


Close to the Vendue-Office:
REAL Cogniac brandy, fine flavoured old rum, tar, salt in tierces and barrels, black pepper, fowling pieces, strong leather portmanteaus, iron hoops, white nankeen per bolt and per piece, fine & coarse Irish linen, Gentlemen's shirts, trowsers, and vests, chip hats, a general assortment of stationary, wine decanters, finger basons and wine coolers, tumblers and salt cellars, cruet and liquor stands with plated frames, sets coffin furniture large and small plain and gilt, japanned tea and snuffer trays, bread baskets and decanter slides, guaging rods, marking irons (scribes), a few large cotton hammocks, brown linen, calicoes, real India and other handkerchiefs, Jewellery, viz: gold rings and ear-rings, set with pearl, broaches plain and set, ladies belt clasps, lockets, &c. Brass gilt watch keys, chains and seals, one elegant patent tea urn, perfumed palm soap, almonds, cases rasors, and shoe blacking. Also the following books - Pope's works complete, nine volumes; Guardian and Tatler, Telemachus, Shakespeare, Pleasures of Hope and Imagination, Bellamy's Apology, Robertson's America, views of Italy and the northern kingdoms of Europe & Asia, Dictionaries in various languages and many other volumes.
It being the intention of D. S. to leave this Colony for a short time, early in the season, the above will be sold cheap for Cash, or Produce on delivery, and he hopes for the same reason that his friends, in arrears will come forward with payment as soon as possible. Should any of these remain unsold on 31st Inst. they will next month be sold at Vendue.
America Street, 12th January 1813.

IMPORTED by ARCH. IVER, in the ship Ramoncita, from London, [see 18130105EDRG] . . .
And in addition to the above per Traveller, Capt. Fisher, from Glasgow:
Coffee and cotton bagging, cotton and linen checks, Oznaburgs, cotton and linen table cloths, clouting and table diaper, white and grey lamb wool stockings, ounce and Oznaburg thread, tape, and bobbin, musquito lawn, best London porter and table beer, beef and pork in half barrels, soap and candles in 30lb. boxes, house brooms, paint brushes, shoe and cloth ditto, sash do. wine corks, ancle shoes, with buckles, boys' and girls' ditto – stationery, consisting of ledgers, journals and day books, from five quire super royal to three quire foolscap, hot pressed wove, foolscap and post paper; paints assorted, paint and lamp oil, patent cordage from 9-thread rat-line to 6-inch cable, nails from 4d. to 5-inch spikes, Negro cloathig, consisting of lined and unlined jackets, women's wrappers and petticoats, negro and tradesmen's hats, blankets, &c.
January 5.

FOR SALE - Two Excellent HORSES, fit for the saddle or draft; with a good Chaise and New Harness complete. Apply at Plantation Turkyen, East Coast. - Jan. 12.

WHEREAS an Obligation, drawn by J. S. MASSE, Esq. in favour of ROBERT THOMPSON, for the sum of fourteen hundred guilders, bearing date the 19th of January, 1812, and endorsed by the said ROBERT THOMPSON - was in the hands of the late ADAM SMITH, at the time of his decease, but has not since been found. - This is to caution the public against negociating the above note, payment of which has been stopped. January 12.

RECEIVED per Ship Ann, Capt. Birbeck, and for sale by the Subscribers: -
Prime mess beef and pork in barrels and half barrels, ox tongues in firkins, butter in whole and half firkins, white herrings in kits, superfine flour in barrels, hams, refined sugar, brown stout, porter, and small beer in bottles, port wine, soap and candles, Irish linen and bed sheeting, real Russia sheeting, long lawn, cambric, jaconet, hair corded, fancy sprigged, and embroidered muslins; printed and French cambric, bombazeen, broad and narrow crape, musquito lawn, damask table cloths, platillas, jeans, India and corded dimity, fine and coarse flannel, salempores, lawn, cotton, Madras, and negro handkerchiefs; superfine scarlet, black, blue, and bottle-green broad-cloth and cassimere, gentlemen's fashionable coats, coatees, and waistcoats, Hessian and top boots, men and women's shoes and stockings, ancle socks, a variety of negro cloathing and blanketing, flax and tow Oznaburgs, coffee bagging, 30 and 40 inch cotton bagging, No. 1, 2, and 3 canvas, a general assortment of coopers' and carpenters' tools, cloth, table, paint, white-wash, and shoe brushes and house brooms, boiling-house lamps, ladles and skimmers, manarie wire and sheet copper, cordage assorted, paints, paint, sweet, lamp, and neatsfoot oil, a variety of wood, iron, and brass locks, pad-locks, ivory-handled and common knives and forks, plated cruet stands, candlesticks, snuffers and trays, single and double patent lamps, nails assorted, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, tea kettles, iron pots, grid-irons, frying pans, fish-kettles, gunpowder, shot, flints, ball-moulds, fowling-pieces, spirit pumps, proof phials and bubbles, copper and tin funnels, steelyards, single and double jack-screws, iron and wood hoops, bar and bolt iron, anchors, cambooses, grapnels, blocks and dead eyes, with chain-plate fitted, chests of drawers and bureaus, rush bottomed chairs, cellerets, liquor-cases, portable mahogany and ladies' morocco writing-desks, gentlemen's and ladies' dressing-cases, mattresses, bed side carpets, &c. tar in barrels, temper and building lime, bricks, salt, coals, and Madeira wine in pipes.
Also the remains of a consignment of tobacco in hogsheads, and negro cloathing; which, to close sales, will be sold very low for immediate payment in cash or produce.
Jan. 12. SIMSON, GRANT & Co.


The fast-sailing Ship BELMONT,

Will sail in all next month, with or without convoy; being well armed and manned. For freight or passage apply to
N.B. – Persons having goods on board the Belmont are requested to send for them with as little delay as possible. January 12.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Alexander Macrae, Junr. in fourteen days or six weeks from the 4th of January.
C. Waterton, in fourteen days or by the First Fleet, from the 7th of January.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 9, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


On Thursday the 14th instant, at the Vendue-Office, [see 18130109EDRG] . . .
Also by Order of the Commissary – a number of empty Puncheons, Barrels, and Hogsheads, also a Tierce Damaged Pork, and two Barrels of Flour.

On Friday the 15th of January, at the store of Messrs. Rose & Croal; - Newfoundland Cod Fish in 3, 4, 6, and 8 quintal casks, half barrels and barrels Irish mess beef Irish butter in firkins and half firkins, loaf sugar, candles, Madeira wine in hhds. and quarter casks, lamp oil in barrels, white rope, cotton baggage, boots and shoes, &c. &c.
Also the following Goods, just received per Belmont; - Superfine Flour in barrels, Irish Mess Beef and Pork in barrels and half barrels, Soap and Candles, new Butter, &c.

On Tuesday, the 19th of January, 1813, [see 18121212EDRG] ...
[see 18130105EDRG] . . .
[see 18130109EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Mr. COOPER – a mulatto boy, named Thomas, and a negro woman, Kitty, a very good washer.
Also by Order of Hugh Douglas, Esq. 50 pieces Coffee Bagging, and 50 bundles puncheon iron hoops.
Also by Order of Mr. JOHN SAMPSON, a negro man named Alexander.

On Tuesday the 2d of February, at the stores of Messrs. HENRY T. FERGUSON & Co. - Forty Pipes, Hogsheads, and Quarter-casks of superior quality Madeira Wine, just imported.

On Friday the 12th of February will be sold, by order of the Hon. F. P. VAN BERCKEL, Fiscal, according to a Resolution of the Honourable the Court of Policy, dated 28th August, 1804, the following Slaves, now in confinement in the Colony-Jail in George-Town: The negro Anthony, belonging to Telford or Alex. Tulloh, brought by the Dienders; Jack, belonging to Rule (Berbice), brought from Plantation Grove; Tom, belonging to Plantation Strathspey, brought from Plantation Zorg en Hoop; Harry, belonging to J. Cook, brought by Samuel Nichols; Henry, belonging to Plantation Alliance, brought by Charles Ridley; Grog, belonging to Plantation Georgia, brought by the Dienders; Pitt, belonging to Plantation Strathspey, brought from Plantation La Retraite.

The Belmont, Capt. Knubley, from Liverpool, arrived on Sunday.

The Berbice Mail-Boat arrived this morning from Barbados, and brought Papers to the 5th instant; the following, however, is the only extract of their contents, we have been induced to make: -
"A vessel from Cadiz has lately arrived at Angustura in a very short passage, with information of there having been a sanguinary engagement in the neighbourhood of Madrid, in which the British had been eminently victorious over the French, and had taken Soult and the other Generals prisoners. It is further stated, that Joseph Bonaparte's division was employed in this affair; and that, at an early period of the battle, this would be King, as had been the case on former occasions, fled at the prospect of danger. The allies are said to have been ably assisted by British reinforcement from Gibraltar, probably under the command of General Cook. A Spanish schooner gave the above account at Tobago, at which island she had arrived from Angustura."
We can only hope the above is true.

It is stated, that that portion of the London fleet which was destined for Berbice, is arrived in that river.

A vessel is arrived from the Oronoque, with Mules and Horses.

Of the late contest between the Ramoncita and the Hornet, the following are our promised additional particulars: - The sloop, it appears, mounted twenty-two long twenty-fours and eighteens, and had a complement of two hundred and fifty men; but the ship had only eighteen short twelves and nines and the complement of fifty, including passengers and boys! - The great disparity, therefore, of force, renders the result much more honourable to the British flag, and certainly implies a superior panegyric than it is in our power to bestow, on the brave and skilful defenders of the Ramoncita. In fact, we have been assured, that the ultimate safety of the ship and cargo, is chiefly attributable, to the Captain's determined resolution and example, in so promptly commencing an engagement with so overwhelming a force; and to the animated encouragement he gave his people, to continue the contest for so many hours. Not that it appears encouragement was wanting - for the hostile proposal of their commander, was heartily agreed to; but it is well-known, that on such occasions, the eye of a crew casts upon its leader, a glance of the most scrutinizing anxiety - and the answer of his, is, as it were, an electric shock! - Twice, by the superior skill in manoeuvring [sic] of Capt. Venables, was the Hornet racked fore and aft, within pistol shot! - On the colours of the Ramoncita being shot away, early in the action, one of the boys, with a degree of heroic alacrity, lashed them to the mizen-top-mast shroud, almost before the orders were given. - Captain Playter of the Demerary Militia, passenger from England, we understand, placed himself at the head of those who exercised the functions of Marines; and, it is stated greatly distinguished himself. - Finding himself annoyed by the enemy in the tops, the skilful Venables, we find, charged one of his guns with musket-ball, elevated it to a sufficient heighth, and cleared them completely. - The Ramoncita's ammunition was nearly expended. The carnage on board the Hornet, must have been dreadful. - They fell in with each other again the next day, but the Enemy evinced no desire of a second defeat. - These then, are the particulars we promised, and we give them with pleasure.

Departed this life, at Plantation Tranquillity, Mahaica, on the 7th instant - Samuel Challener, Esqr. aged 48 years - a gentleman much regretted for his many excellent and benevolent qualities.



[Transcriber's note: I would not usually transcribe the following, but I believe it serves to give a good impression of the varied uses of the newspaper press.]

November 2. - The important intelligence contained in the Paris papers to the 29th last, continues to engross the public attention. Two constructions, totally distinct and different, are put upon the account of the conspiracy at Paris. Of the three Ex-Generals who were the leaders of it, Laborie is the zealous friend of Moreau, and they are all known to be staunch Republicans, and from principle as well as discontent, at being neglected by Bonaparte, personally hostile to him. The instruments which they employed were the National Guards, a fact in itself pretty strongly evincing the regular organization of the plot, and the first explosion if it was the simultaneous attack on the heads of the three several departments of the Minister of Police, the Prefect of Paris, and the Military Commandant which constitute the Government of that capital. A report of the death of Bonaparte was at once the foundation of this conspiracy, and its recommendation to the people of France, among whom, according to private accounts, it was spread far beyond the limits of the capital, throughout many departments of the empire; and it was by an exposure of the fallacy of this report, and a positive assurance that Bonaparte was still alive, we are told, Savary (the Duke of Rovigo), who is at the head of the Police of Paris, added to the seizure of the ringleaders, that tranquillity was restored in Paris. In every point of this detail we have evidence of a regularly organized conspiracy against the Government of Bonaparte, and an effort to effect a counter-revolution. The motive is sufficiently explained by the character of the principals, the discontent that must be naturally excited by new demands to support the Russian war, the reverses of the French armies in the Peninsula, and the absence of that eclat and glory in the North which had attended Bonaparte in all his previous campaigns. Viewing then the present plot as an actual conspiracy to overturn the Government, we may foresee the result of his death whenever that event shall take place. There can be little doubt but the empire of Bonaparte, which like that of Alexander, has been created by his genius, will be broken to pieces by his fall. There are others, however, who contend that this was not an actual conspiracy, but a sort of Paddy M'Kew plot, a mere stratagem practised by Government for the purposes of state. In support of this opinion they contend that the appearance of the affair in the Moniteur is an argument against its existence, for if there were really any kindling sparks of commotion in Paris, no mention would have been made of them in the official Journal; and the three Ex-Generals may be men whom Bonaparte meant to sacrifice; that it is a proof to us of their having few followers, that the Minister of Police thus arrests hem publicly: that the present race of Frenchmen are identified with the new order of things; that it is not likely any attempt of a counter-revolution would be supported by the people; and, therefore, that it is a mere machination of Bonaparte, to afford him a plausible pretence to return home. This mode of reasoning appear to us specious and plausible, but not solid and convincing. If it were generally known, why should it not appear in the Moniteur?

For Glasgow.


To sail with Convoy in the month of March should any offer. For Freight or Passage apply to Capt. Henry, or to

Who have received by the Union, a Consignment of

Herrings in Barrels,

Potatoes in Hampers,


Building Lime in Hhds.
Which will be disposed of on very reasonable terms, for immediate payment in Cash or Produce. – Jan. 12.

Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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