Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 January 23


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 548.


Banns of Matrimony,


PATRICK COFFEY, Bachelor, born in Ireland,



Spinster, born in Barbados.
Any person knowing just cause why those persons should not be joined together in holy matrimony, must declare the same to
The Rev. W. G. STRAGHAN.
Demerary, Jan. 20, 1813.

Demerary Almanacks for 1813.

In the Almanacks now for sale at the Royal Gazette Office, will be found, independent of the usual Astronomical Matter, the Names of the Members of the Courts of Policy and Justice, Board of Electors and Representatives, Court of Vice Admiralty, Department of Justice, Board of Police, Commissioners for investigating Abuses said to exist in the Public Office, of the Orphan Chamber, of the Consistory, of the Vestry, of the Custom House Establishment, of the Colonial Secretary's and the Marshals' Establishments. The Names of the Public Receivers, Gentlemen of the Faculty and the Law, Translators, Commissioners of the Market, Ferrymen, and all other Officers of the Civil Government. The Days of Meeting of the Courts throughout the year, &c.

THE Subscribers have imported per Ship Fanny, from London, the following articles, which they offer for sale, in addition to their former assortment:
Building and temper lime, long wood hoops, puncheon and sugar-hogshead truss-hoops, iron puncheon and vat hoops, mill-grease and tallow, pilchards in barrels, beef and pork in half barrels, tongues in ditto, soap and candles, tobacco in hogsheads, iron chains for colony-boats, cordage from 12 thread ratline to 7 inch cable, coffee and cotton bagging, &c.
Jan. 22. DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co.

THE Undersigned offers for sale, a very valuable Lot of Ground, in the District of Charles-Town, near the Stelling. - The whole of it is completely railed round with best materials, and has the advantage of the Water-Lot in front, and the convenience of a good Stelling adjoining. If not previously sold by private contract, it will be sold three weeks hence at Vendue.

Has received by the Fanny, from London, a supply of

Amongst which are Genuine Musk, Castor, Extract of Valerian, Camomile Flowers, Digitalis, Fresh Dried Squills (at this time very scarce in London), Extract of Bark and of Hellebore, &c. Lockyer's and Anderson's Pills, Spilsbury's & Maredant's Drops, Eau Medicinale, Henry's and Common Calcined Magnesia, Ruspini's Styptic and Dentrifice, Hammet's Dentrifice, Refined Licorice in tin boxes, Whitehead's Essence of Mustard, Seddon's Steel Lozenges (particularly useful in female complaints) Lichen Islandicus, Sago, Salep, Tapioca, Isinglass, Best Pale and Yellow Bark, the Species Lignorum, or Ingredients for the Lisbon Diet Drink, &c. &c.

Golding's Lavender and Honey water, Antique Oils for the Hair, Highly Scented Soaps, Silver wired Tooth Brushes, &c.
Jan. 20. SPICES.

WANTED to Purchase - a good Schooner or Boat, capable of carrying from twelve to fifteen large hogsheads of sugar, and which draws no more than from four to four and a half feet water when loaded. Apply to the Undersigned at Plantation Uitvlugt.
January 20. A. C. BOODE.

FOUND, a large new PUNT, 28 feet by 8 1/2; has a very fine chain, and her head and stern paid with yellow ochre. The owner may recover the same by applying at the Printing Office, and paying for this advertisement. - January 23.

IMPORTED in the Thomas, and for sale at the Store of Messrs. JAMES GENTLE and Co. (for Cash only) the following articles:
Wax and Spermaceti Candles, Saucise de Bologne, Swetzer Cheese, Smoked Salmon in tin cases, Dutch Herrings in kegs, Soap, Port Wine, Sugar per puncheon, Tea per chest or lb. Scotch Barley, Knives and Forks, Powder and Shot.
January 23.

FOR SALE - a strong well-built COLONY-SLOOP, 28 feet keel and 11 feet beam, about twelve months old, with rigging, cable, anchor, &c. Will be sold very cheap for immediate payment in Rum.
Also - Five or Six valuable Young Negroes, one a boat-captain, who is well acquainted with these colonies, from Surinam to the Pomeroon Coast; the others, sailors and carpenters. Apply to
Jan. 22. T. FINLAYSON.

NOTICE. The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Undersigned, is at the residence of Mr. HENRY ARCHER, in George-Town.
January 20. JOHN KING.

FOR SALE - A few choice Bullet-tree Mill-Arms and Points. Also Bullet-tree, Purple and Green-Heart Foot Timber. Enquire of
Note. - Drifted from Plantation Free & Easy, a canoe-built Punt. Whoever has taken up the same, and will give information to the above subscriber, will receive the usual reward. - January 22.

WHEREAS some Creditors of the Estate of F. KROLL, deceased, have neglected, notwithstanding repeated advertisements in the Gazette and personal applications, to receive their dividends of 10 per cent. of the Coffee Crop of 1810 - Notice is therefore, hereby given, that the remaining quantity, of coffee of said crop now on the estate, and due to the aforesaid Creditors, shall be disposed of for their account, to the highest bidding Creditor of those who may choose to attend a meeting to be held in the Union-Coffee-House, on the 5th of February next, precisely at twelve o'clock, and whatever less than six stuivers per lb. this Coffee may sell for, that having been the cash price at the time of declaring said dividend, such loss shall be charged to the account of those that have neglected to send to receive the same. C. M. OVERWEG, q.q.
January 23. COLIN MACRAE.

IMPORTED by the Ship Ramoncita, from London, and for sale by the Undersigned, at their Store, No. 11, in the District Le Repentir:
A great variety of Musical Instruments, &c. Grand Piano Forte Strings, square ditto, 1st, 2d, 3d, and 4th, Fiddle Strings, Ruled Books, 10 and 12 staves each, Duffek's Instructions of the Art of Playing the Piano Forte, Guiado di Musica, in 24 progressive lessons, by James Hook; Pleyel's Sonatoes, ditto to the Queen, ditto Sonatines, ditto Scotch Airs, Grand Concerto by Heyden, Quartettoes for the Piano Forte, Overture to Lodoiska, Battle of Prague, Petite Airs, Quartettoes by Pleyel, dedicated to the King of Prussia, arranged for the piano forte with accompaniments for violins and bass, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, suites; a Concerto by Duffek, the favorite Air of the Plough Boy, a Grand Concerto by Strebelt, opera 33 - bows for violins, faced and hollowed with screws, ditto ivory common, best bridges for violins, pegs, &c.
Smoked salmon in tin cases, Jew or spiced beef in kegs, pickled sausages, Dutch pickled salt fish, ditto pickled and smoked herring, stuffed tripe, cods' sounds, green peas, pearl barley, Dutch almonds, confectionary, &c.

Also, from late Importations;
Mess beef in half barrels, ox tongues in ditto, tea in canisters, loaf sugar, olive oil in quart and pint bottles, capers, olives, white wine vinegar, negro cloathing, looking glasses, &c. for Indians, gin, brandy, noyau, annisette, sirop de orgeat, ditto capillaire, ditto de vinaigre, bay water, Madeira wine, Macauba snuff, cigares, dry goods, viz: calicoes, linen Britannias, black broad cloth, &c.
Also for sale a large PUNT, about 35 feet long, and may be viewed by applying to the Undersigned.
Jan. 23. P. REYNARD, & Co.

THE Undersigned particularly requests the favour of those indebted to him to come forward with payment. He is much averse to employ coercive measures for the purpose of obtaining monies due him, by many individuals, for several years back; but as it would appear, that such steps alone are at all likely to produce the desired effect, he is positively determined to have recourse to them, without further delay, or any respect to persons.
George-Town, January 23.

THE Subscriber, intending to leave the colony for Europe, early in the spring, earnestly requests all those indebted to him, either by note of hand or open account, to come forward with payment, in one month from this date; and hopes this timely notice will have the effect intended.
He also offers for sale, the Lot of Land, No. 222, pleasantly situated in Cumingsburg, with the Buildings thereon, all of hard wood, and perfectly new, - Likewise a few valuable House-Servants; all or part of which will be sold reasonable to an approved purchaser. For further particulars enquire of
N.B. - Having a few Cattle on hand, he will continue to supply his customers with Fresh-Beef, a few weeks longer. George-Town, January 23.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Alleyne Culpeper, and a Servant, in 14 days or 6 weeks from the 2d of January.
Alexander Macrae, Junr. in fourteen days or six weeks from the 4th of January.
C. Waterton, in fourteen days or by the First Fleet, from the 7th of January.
J. P. Blount, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 8th of January.
John Stewart, in fourteen days or six weeks, or by the Bridget, from the 23d of January.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 23, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


On Tuesday the 26th instant, [see 18130119EDRG] . . .

On the same day, 50 barrels new American Flour.
January 19. A. MILLS & Co.

On Thursday the 28th instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of Messrs. DYET [sic], M'GAREL & Co. - 100 barrels of pilchards, 50 kegs of Dutch butter, 10 cases of sweet-oil, beef, pork, &c.
January 23. A. MILLS & Co.

On Monday the 15th of February next, at ten o'clock, will be exposed for sale, at the house of C. J. A. STAKMAN, Esq. on the middle-dam of Stabroek, in George-Town, by order of B. HEBBELINCK and C. J. A. STAKMAN, in their quality as Joint Trustees to the Estate of the late H. A. KRUSE, deceased - A house and Premises situated on Fort Island, having been formerly the Commissary's Office; a Piece of Land, situated up the river Essequebo, on the west-bank, called Sacca-sacali. Also the negroes, Charmant, Lendor, and Tom with his child, Frydag; a woman, Mary, with her child, Mina, having the yaws. - A cow and calf, a horse and chaise, two gold, one silver, and a pinchbeck watch, a pair of spectacles, and some gold and silver trinkets, silver and steel chirurgical instruments, an assortment of medicines in bottles and pots; a few barrels of salt, some wearing apparel, gunpowder and shot, house furniture, an assortment of books, and what further will be produced on the day of sale.
January 23. A. MILLS & Co.

On Wednesday the 17th of February, at the Vendue Office, by order of the Curators to the Estate of HEYWOOD & TAYLOR - 1 wash-hand stand, 1 bedstead, 1 chest of drawers, 1 bureau, 1 chamber book-case, 1 counting-house press, a set of pigeon-holes, 2 mahogany tables, 2 side-boards, 6 mahogany chairs, 6 green ditto, 3 pair of steelyards, 2 cases of medicines, and what else may appear on the day of sale.
Also, for the benefit of those it may concern, a curricle and harness, a ship's long-boat, a few barrels of salt, and 2 casks of lamp-black.
January 23. A. MILLS & Co.

By His Excellency Major-General HUGH LYLE CARMICHAEL, Acting-Governor in and over the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. and the Honourable the COURT of POLICY of the Colony aforesaid.
Unto all whom it may concern - Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS, at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Honourable Court of Policy, held this day, by desire of His Excellency the Acting-Governor -
His Honor, THOMAS FRANKLAND, was sworn-in as President of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of this Colony - in pursuance of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent's Commands, received to that effect.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of the Appointment aforesaid, the same is ordered to be printed and published in the usual manner.
Thus done at the King's-House, George-Town, Demerary, the 23d of January, 1813.
(Signed) H. L. CARMICHAEL.
By Command,
Clerk to the Court of Policy.

THE President of the Court of Civil and Criminal Justice will attend at the House lately occupied by the Assistant-Commissary General, for the dispatch of the Business of his Office, from the Hours of Ten in the Morning, till Two in the Afternoon, Daily - Sundays and Holiday excepted.
George-Town, January 23.

The schooner Brothers, Adamson, from Barbados, is the only arrival since our last. Her passage was three days.

By the Brothers above-mentioned, we have received Barbados Papers to the 16th instant; but the only European article of intelligence contained therein (at least, of novelty and importance,) is the Death of Bonaparte. True it is, that the reports of this man's decease, have, in every campaign, been so numerous as the lances, by which he is now said to have fallen - and all have proved groundless. In the present instance, however, it must be acknowledged, that the situation in which he was, gives more than a probability of the declared event. In the name then, of a bleeding and distracted world; of those laws, human and divine, he has violated; of those countries, his desolating banditti have often laid waste, of that friendly intercourse of nations, which his decrees have prevented; of those arts, whose productions he has annihilated; of those sciences, whose progress to perfection he has retarded; and of that all-healing peace his death will be the harbinger of - we gladly give the following extract:

"London, December 11 – It is reported upon 'Change, and generally believed, on the authority of an arrival from the opposite coast (Dieppe), that Bonaparte is no more! – He is said to have been killed in an affair with the Cossacks on the 19th ult. His whole escort, consisting of 3000 of the Imperial Guard, was cut to pieces. He himself was pierced by a thousand lances of the Cossacks! – He must have been in the act of attempting to cut his way from Smolensk to the Duna, at the head of the remains of his Imperial Guards, when he met his fate."

The Barbados Papers, as we stated before, though somewhat deficient of European news; communicate however, much from North-America. Not satisfied with the ineffectual attempts yet made, for the Conquest of Canada, and the disgrace already synonymous with the American arms; the moon-struck Madison, it appears, has consigned another General to a fate, similar to that of his predecessors. See the following extract: -

"Buffaloe [sic], Nov. 21. - On Friday evening, at nine o'clock, the armistice concluded between General Smith and General Scheaffe expired, thirty hours notice having previously been given by General Smith. On Saturday morning a heavy firing of cannon was heard from Niagara."

The next arrival therefore, will probably announce the result of this third campaign, on the frontiers of Canada.

While however, we indulge in congratulation for the past, and triumphant anticipation of the future - we do not forget, that there is also announced by the Papers before us, an occurrence in the American seas, of a nature somewhat unpleasant; and we therefore present the following account of it, with considerable regret:

      "United States' ship United States, at sea, Oct. 30,
"Sir - I have the honour to inform you, that on the 25th inst. being in Lat. 29. N. Long. 29 20. W. we fell in with, and, after an action of an hour and a half, captured his Britannic Majesty's ship Macedonian, commanded by Capt. John Carden, and mounting 49 carriage guns (the odd gun shifting). She is a frigate of the largest class, two years old, four months out of dock, and reputed one of the best sailers in the British service. The enemy being to windward, had the advantage of engaging us at his own distance, which was so great, that for the first half hour we did not use our carronades, and at no moment was he within the complete effect of our musketry or grape - to this circumstance and a heavy swell, which was on at the time, I ascribe the unusual length of the action.
"The enthusiasm of every officer, seaman, and marine on board this ship, on discovering the enemy - their steady conduct in battle, and precision of their fire, could not be surpassed. Where all met my fullest expectations, it would be unjust in me to discriminate. Permit me, however, to recommend to your particular notice, my First Lieutenant, W. H. Allen. He has served with me upwards of five years, and to his unremitted exertions in disciplining the crew, is to be imputed the obvious superiority of our gunnery exhibited in the result of this contest.
"Subjoined is a lest of the killed and wounded on both sides. Our loss compared with that of the enemy will appear small; amongst our wounded, you will observe the name of Lieut. Funk, who died a few hours after the action - he was an officer of great gallantry and promise, and the service has sustained a severe loss in his death.
"The Macedonian lost her mizen-mast, fore and main top-masts, and main-yard, and was much cut up in her hull. The damage sustained by this ship was not such as to render her return into port necessary, and had I not deemed it important that we should see our prize in, should have continued our cruise.
"With the highest consideration and respect, I am, Sir, your obedient humble servant,
"Number of killed and wounded on board the United States: Five killed, and seven wounded (including Lieut. Funk, since dead.)
"On board the Macedonian, there were thirty-six killed, and sixty-eight wounded. Amongst the former were the Boatswain, one Master's Mate, and the School-Master; and of the latter were the First and Third Lieutenants, one Master's Mate, and two Midshipmen."

Now, on the above, observation is useless, as the Macedonian certainly fought under similar disadvantages to those of the Guerriere.


The Honourable Members of the Court of Policy assemble on Monday next.

Much speculation has hitherto existed, as to a wreck that has been seen by many, on their passage hither from Surinam, and the many articles that have been found on our windward coast. The former, however, is now ascertained to be the remains of the schooner Robert Augustus Hyndman; and the latter, of course, were a part of her cargo. The particulars of her loss are given as follows: - She sailed from Barbados for Surinam on the 3d of December, under convoy of the Crane sloop of war; but on the 18th, at about half past one in the morning, it being extremely dark, and the convoy tacking unperceived by the schooner, they both came in contact, and the latter sunk soon after. The people on board, however, were saved.

Affairs of Government have prevented the sailing of the Eliza Packet. till this day.

The home-ward-bound Fleet from this River, mentioned in our last, sailed yesterday.


R. BYRON, Master,
Will sail from hence with the First Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
Jan. 23. DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co.

For Liverpool.
Warranted to Sail with the First Convoy, via Barbados.


Is now loading, and will positively sail the 2d of February - two-thirds of her cargo being engaged. For Freight or Passage, apply to
Jan. 23. SIMSON, GRANT & Co.

RUNAWAY and Arrested SLAVES,

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary.





Rule (Berbice

Pl. Grove.


Pl. Georgia,




Pl. Alliance.


Boedel M'Rae,

L. Corbet.


Pl. Affiance,

O. Kernan.



Van Senden.


Pl. Orange Nassau,



Bynoe, (Barbados),

J. Crossman.



Post Morocco.





T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






From Essequebo.


Pl. Concordia,

Pl. Goed Verwagt.



Pl. Zorg & Hoop.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.






S. Duport.


A. Cart,

Pl. Adventure.


Pl. Diamond,

N. Primo.


E. H. Williams,

J. Smith.



Pl. Two Friends.





H. Douglas,



Pl. Zel den Rust,

N. Cupido.

January 23. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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