Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 January 30


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 550.



The King's House,


HIS Excellency the Acting-Governor having thought it proper to suspend from his Functions as First Fiscal, the Hon. F. P. VAN BERCKEL - WILLIAM ROBERTSON, Esqr. is appointed to the duties of that Office, until further Orders.
King's House, George-Town, January 30, 1813.
By Command, JOHN EYRE,

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[second column]
At a Meeting of the Hon. the Court of Policy of the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, at their Ordinary Session, held at the King's House, in George-Town, Demerary,
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His Excellency Major-General H. L. CARMICHAEL,


And the Honourable Members,
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The Hon. F. P. VAN BERCKEL, Fiscal.

(After Prayers.)
His Excellency the Acting-Governor, addressed the Court as follows:
"I should regret so frequently attracting your attention from your private concerns, were it not for the public good; to promote which, your conduct for the last nine months has proved to me your constant readiness to sacrifice your personal interest to the colonial advantage.
"At an extra meeting, I stated to you my anxiety for the exposed parts of the coast, to the eastward and westward, particularly in that description of warfare, which has been carried on here for six or seven weeks, and by which private individuals have suffered, and the colony involved in expence.
"To avert further mischievous consequences that might have ensued, by the capture of plantation boats, interruption of the trade, and other evils - I thought it proper to take every possible measure for a speedy communication. - The most expeditious in the first instance, is by signals along the coast, which have, to a certain degree, been already established, but will require further regulation, with the cheerful assistance of the gentlemen resident along shore. The expences can be but of trivial consideration, in competition with the public advantage to be derived, exclusive of the protection that may thereby be promptly afforded.
"A suggestion has been made to me, from a very respectable quarter, and communicated to the Honourable Court at a former meeting, which appears founded in humanity - I have therefore great pleasure in recommending it to you, Gentlemen, for mature deliberation, being convinced that such a cause, also apparently agreeable to local policy, will excite your warm and cordial interest.
"It is, Gentlemen, from a very respectable character and proprietor in these colonies, with regard to the execution-sales of estates, and with a view to ameliorate the condition of negro families, and unpleasant circumstances that may attend the disposal of them at vendue.
"I think, Gentlemen, I can best explain the sentiments and motives of the gentleman who wrote the letter (a member of another branch of the legislature), by submitting it to you, agreeable to his own statement and words; as also some salutary arrangements respecting the ferries, and other matters, recommended from the same source, part of which has been anticipated at your last meeting.
"I have the honour to intimate to you, Gentlemen, that having received His Royal Highness the Prince Regent's order, to place in office, as President of the Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, the Honourable Thomas Frankland - that gentleman was sworn in on Saturday to that important trust, reposed in him by his Sovereign.
"Upon being relieved, Gentlemen, from this arduous part of my former duties as Acting-Governor - feeling upon this occasion, as I hitherto have done, but one object in view, the public good, and advantage of the colony; at the same time conforming, to the best of my abilities, with the orders and intentions of His Royal Highness, whose gracious solicitude for the welfare of those dominions, has been in so many instances evinced.
"I congratulate you, Gentlemen, upon this salutary measure; being confident, that whoever may have the honour to be Governor of these territories, cannot have time, from other essential and indispensable avocations (whatever his personal assiduity and diligence may be), to attend to the minutia of law proceedings, in obtaining justice and equity for every individual.
"I have great pleasure, Gentlemen, in stating to you, that notwithstanding the accumulation of business, in consequence of the union of Essequebo, the perseverance and indefatigable attention of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, has heard and determined two hundred and seventy-four causes since April last; exclusive of four hundred and fifteen petitions and other law processes, during their non-session.
"I would be extremely concerned, Gentlemen, to suppose that this multiplicity of law-suits proceeded from a litigious spirit; it may be attributed to various reasons, some of which are probably ideal. I think it, however, my duty to suggest, that many disputes brought before a judicial tribunal, might be amicably arranged by arbitration; and should the difference of the parties be founded upon points of law, or intricacies that required professional assistance, I am confident the liberal principles and enlightened understandings of Barristers, and generally presumed the characteristic of good lawyers, will always prefer an adjustment in this way, in the place of overwhelming their clients with law expences through the public offices - which, in many instances, are ruinous to those unable to pay, and even injurious to the advocates, whose just demands frequently remain unpaid.
"Gentlemen - Reverting to the numerous causes that have been heard, I feel myself in common justice called upon to make known to you the assistance I received as President, from my Secretary, L. Van Rossum, Esq. who from his having previously acted for a considerable time, and the character I had received of him for honor and integrity, I thought it would conduce to the public benefit, to retain a gentleman of that description in so important an office - I have now the pleasure to say, that Mr. Van Rossum's experience in the legal routine and processes, with his assiduity and diligence, were highly beneficial to the public.
"I beg leave to propose to you, Gentlemen, providing the usual fund for what is commonly called the King's Chest - the provident disposal of which, as also the reduction in the colonial expenditure, shall be strictly and minutely attended to, as far as rests with the officer at the head of the civil administration, avoiding unnecessary extravagance; and, at the same time, keeping in view that liberality and generosity, for which Demerary has ever been so conspicuous."
His Excellency having concluded, the Court returned its warmest thanks for the communication; and then proceeded to the business of the session.
By Command,
Clerk to the Court of Policy.

THE Fiscals' Office will, for the present, continue to be held at the House of Mr. Martens, the Drossart.
George-Town, 30th January, 1813.

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                  Demerary, Jan. 28, 1813.
WANTED, for the Use of the Quarter and Barrack-Master-General's Department, for the Erection of Commissariat Store, the following Articles - the whole to be approved of by the Assistant Quarter and Barrack-Master-General, and delived [sic] at such time and place, and in such proportions, as he may direct.
Hardwood, not exceeding 2050 feet (cubic) of the following dimensions:
Greenheart, 8 pieces 30 feet long, 8 by 8 inch sq.
Wallaba, 72........10............8....8
Sixty-eight Pieces for Rafters, 27 feet long, 6 by 6 inches square, and 30 Pieces for Collar Beams, 18 feet long 6 by 6 inches square - all of light Colony wood, best adapted for the purpose.
1 1/2 inch Greenheart Plank.
One Inch Cabacolly Determah Crabwood Boards.
[first column]
1000 Wallaba Staves,
Wallaba Shingles,
7 Hhds. Building Lime,
12,000 Bricks,
3 Barrels of tar,
100 Pounds Red Ochre,
[second column]
8 Pair Door Hinges, large
32 Pair Window do.
16 Window Bolts,
4 Door Locks,
600 Pounds, Nails of various kinds.
[end columns]
Also, Ten Carpenters, for about two months, and Eight Masons for about 14 days.
Any person willing to Contract to furnish the whole or any part of the above Articles, will send Tenders to this Office as follows - for Lime, Bricks, and Masons, on or before Monday the 8th of February next - for the other articles, on or before Monday the 15th of February next.
Any further information required may be obtained on application to the Assistant Quarter and Barracks Master General.

THE Committee for Financial Purposes, give notice that the supply of larger Notes yet received being exhausted, attendance will be given on Wednesday the 3d of February, from nine till two o'clock, at the house of Mr. JOSEPH BEETE, jun. in Columbia-District, for the exchange of those of ONE and TWO JOES only.
The Committee are in hourly expectation of the arrival of the rest of the Notes from England, which have been delayed beyond their calculation. Due notice will be given, as soon as they can be prepared, of the time for exchanging all those remaining, as in will also at a future period of time, when the old Notes will no longer be considered as a tender. - But though it is on many accounts the wish of the Committee to withdraw the old notes from circulation, as soon as can be done with perfect convenience to the public, it is never the intention of Government to take advantage of the negligence or ignorance of any one, as refusing to exchange any old note that may remain out at any future period whatever.
George-Town, January 30, 1813.

J. R. KENNY & Co.
HAVE, in addition to their assortment per Belmont, received by the Ships Elizabeth and William, the following articles, which will be sold cheap for immediate payment: -
Prime Irish mess beef and pork in half barrels, ox tongues, Cumberland hams, Gloucester and pine cheese, Bristol tripe, ling fish, pickled herrings, smoaked ditto, Irish potatoes, refined sugar and hyson tea, almonds, raisins, and currants, Durham mustard, brown-stout and white-wine vinegar, raspberry ditto, fine salad oil, pickled cabbage, radish, samphire, and French beans, sauce-royal and Quin's sauce, oyster, walnut, and mushroom catsup, Japan soy, French and Spanish olives, nonpareil capers, soda water, soap, candles 4's and 6's. white and green paint, and paint oil, a general assortment of gentlemen's fashionable wearing apparel, consisting of London-made black, blue, bottle-green, olive, mixture, and brown coats; blue and brown coatees, ditto round-robins, flannel ditto ditto, black, blue, mixture, and fawn-coloured pantaloons; drab cassimere small-cloathes, black silk vests, striped and fancy printed Marseilles ditto, white Marseilles ditto, buff cassimere ditto, gilt buttons, white jean trowsers, York striped ditto, gentlemen's bleached and unbleached half stockings, fine long ditto, best China silk ditto, gentlemen's white cotton and buckskin gloves, patent silk hats (Dunnage & Larkin's), London-made fashionable top and Hessian boots, gentlemen's dress and half-dress shoes, strong planters' ditto, ladies' black kid ditto, white kid and satin ditto; glass ware, consisting of India shades, hall lamps, barrel lamps, quart and two quart rummers, decanters, butter coolers, tumblers and wines, quart, pint, and half-pint, squares for liquor-cases; 5 and 6-hole plated cruet and liquor frames, plated candlesticks, a general assortment of stationery, carpenters' and coopers' tools assorted, nails, negro pipes, cordage, &c.
Also, to close sales - a few barrels of superfine American Flour, at f 86 per barrel and a few pieces of No. 1 Canvas. January 30.

THE Subscribers have received by the Ship Liverpool, from Liverpool, Ship Castle Lachlan, from Glasgow, and on hand of former importations, the following assortment, which they offer for sale at their store:
London porter, slender beer, fine old port wine, first quality Irish butter, prime mess beef and pork, tongues, hams, salmon, potatoes, red and white herrings, lyng-fish, tripe, split peas, loaf sugar, sago, pickles, fish-sauce, vinegar, mustard, salad oil, pine and Gloster cheese, oats, salt in tierces and barrels, best pale bark, calomel, Glauber salts in casks of 56 and 112lbs. soap, candles, tallow, mill-grease, neats' foot, paint, and lamp oil, blue, green, red, white, yellow, and brown paint; spirits turpentine, lamp black, dry Spanish brown, lined and unlined negro jackets, women's wrappers, hats, blankets, negro pipes, boys' glazed hats, tradesmen's jackets, blue, duffle, and duck trowsers, red shirts, Kilmarnock caps, sein twine, fishing seins 15 to 30 fathoms, fishing and chalk lines, earthen and glass ware assorted, brooms, shoe, white-wash, paint, and marking brushes; camp bedsteads, with mattress, bolster, pillows, and curtains; dining-tables with D ends, card and Pembroke tables, Grecian-backed chairs, portable desks, plain and brass mounted; guarditines, bason-stands, night tables and small liquor-cases, mahogany waiters and bottle sliders, swing looking-glasses, ditto with dressing boxes, neat hunting saddles, chaise and tandem harness, single and double bridles, spare heads and reins, martingales, stall collars, chaise and jockey whips, portmanteaus, plated-spurs, curry-combs and brushes, small nest red leather trunks, common and best post and foolscap paper, thin and thick laid folio post, best quills, wafers, desk-knives, fine pen and sports-men's knives, black-lead pencils and pencil cases, large and small ledgers and journals, pocket-ledgers, blank books, memorandum books, bills of lading and exchange, blue demy and blotting paper, patent candlesticks with shades, best plated candlesticks, steel candle snuffers with silver edges, plated stands, liquor frames, cruet stands, red bottle sliders, wine corks, fish and soup kettles, tin dish covers, horn lanthorns, japanned candlesticks, tea kettles, iron coffee mills, ship scrappers, grid irons, frying pans, iron pots, round girdles [sic], vat and puncheon hoops and rivets, nails assorted 4d. to 30d. 5 and 6-inch spikes, bright bolts from 4 to 12 inches, T, EL, and hook and eye hinges, carpenters' and coopers' tools assorted, fine stock-locks, double-bolted pad-locks, chest and drawer locks, brass and iron chamber-door locks, fish-hooks, Osnaburgh, sail, and saddlery needles, small ivory rules, sets of knives and forks with carvers, copper ladles, skimmers, and boiling-house lamps, coffee manaries, sheet copper and nails, sod-irons, gin-cranks with screws and brasses, gauging-rods, proof-bubbles and phials, whip-saws, felling axes, grindstones, buck knives, axes, razors and looking glasses; tea and table spoons, green and white-ivory handled knives and forks, desert ditto, sailors' knives and palms, masons' trowels, Dutch steelyards, stay-bars and staples, hooks and thimbles, rudder-irons, pump leather, mast-hoops, grummets [sic], beads, double and single blocks, cambooses, anchors, common and triple seal gunpowder, patent shot, fusees with bayonets, hoes, shovels, cutlasses and trimming knives, worm and double jack-screws, long wood-hoops in coils, truss-hoops, temper-lime, terras, building-lime, bricks, cotton and coffee-bagging puncheons packs complete, fine camblet boat cloaks, blue and grey broad cloth, extra superfine blue, black, olive and bottle-green coats, blue and green mixed coatees and round jackets, blue and coloured cloth and worsted pantaloons, white flannel jackets, cotton net braces, white and coloured vests, Welch flannel, gloves, green lutestring umbrellas, boys' hats, fine beaver and silk hats, ladies' fashionable straw bonnets, ladies' black and drab hats, boys' and children's shoes, dress and planters' strong shoes with buckles, boots, ladies' black morocco shoes, real Russia sheeting and duck, cordage and canvas, 7-8 and 4-4 Irish linen, long-lawn, bed sheeting, table cloths, fine quilting, jean, royal rib, dimity, cotton and linen checks, Bengals, coarse and fine dowlas, white and half bleached, diaper, green window gauze, Osnaburghs, Osnaburgh thread, cotton shirting, cotton and linen shirts, fine lace, cotton and linen cambric, thread, tape and bobbin, platillas and Britannias, black Barcelonas, furniture checks, white cotton, ancle socks, boys' and children's stockings, ladies' and gentlemen's stockings, plain and embroidered; rich furniture chintz, mourning and light ground fancy calicoes, Madrass and Musulipatam handkerchiefs, fancy ginghams, fine seersuckers, brown Holland, cotton hammocks, Madeira wine, in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter casks, American shingles, &c.
Also a Consignment by the Ship Liverpool, of Lime, Coals, Salt, Loaf Sugar, Port Wine, Herrings and Cotton Bagging; which will be sold very reasonable for immediate payment.
Jan. 30. M'INROY, SANDBACH, & Co.

New and Elegant Saddlery.
STEPHEN BUTTS has just received on consignment, a new and elegant assortment of Sadlery [sic], viz:

From London, by the Brig Thomas, Capt. Langley:
Gentlemen's best plain hunting saddles, best ditto with padded flaps, plain, and with neat plated heads and cantles, made by that celebrated maker, Godsman, Haymarket; best plated snake, sabre, curled, Duke, and straight cheeked Portsmouth bridles, with lip straps; best plated snaffle ditto, double and single bridle heads and reins, with buckles and bellets; martingales and neck-straps, white spring web girths, white linen web surcingles, spare cruppers with round stuffed docks, very best town-made chaise harness, plain, and with beautiful embellishments; light cavalry head-collars with leather reins, flat-headed hemp halters, tinned watering bridles, best jappaned 7-bar 4-knockered curey-combs [sic], mahogany-backed brushes, mane combs and spunges, plain jockey whips, very best ditto, solid silver wired buttons, best Buck handled hunting whips, with long handles and thongs, best ditto with polished steel and brown hammers.

From Glasgow, by the Ship Traveller, Capt. Fisher:
A few very good strong saddles, with padded flaps; plated single curb, or hard and sharp bridles; and one set of very neat strong chaise harness. These articles, with what was advertised on the 8th instant, forms the best assortment every yet offered to the public, and are well worth the attention of those who are in the habit of purchasing the best of articles when they are to be procured; but they cannot be sold for any thing but cash, as the proceeds must be remitted by said vessels, or go with myself in the month of April next.
George-Town, January 30.

FURTHER Notice is hereby given, that M. Dyett, of the late concern of PETER VERBEKE & Co. is fully authorised to adjust the affairs of, to receive the debts due, and give discharges for, the same. Persons indebted are required to be prompt in making payment, to prevent the disagreeable necessity of coercive measures, which will be enforced from a disregard to this advertisement.
January 30. M. DYETT.

PETER VERBEKE has for sale at his Store the following Goods from late importations:
Best Bourdeaux claret in cases of two dozen each, old hock, port wine, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, olives, capers, sweet oil, drajees [sic], sugar almonds, cinnamon ditto, currants, kegs lard in one gallon jars, firkins of pickled tongues, pickled salmon, tripe in jars, sour crout, mould candles, tallow, lamp oil, spermaceti and neatsfoot oil, copal varnish, spirits of turpentine, red, blue, and yellow paint; patent shot, gunpowder in canisters, loaf sugar, gunpowder and hyson tea in canisters, black pepper, assorted spices, canvas, cotton and coffee bagging, baling rope, cordage assorted, deep sea lines, seine and sewing twine, Irish linen, Irish sheeting, India jeans, green table covers, linen-cambric, linen pocket handkerchiefs, East India silk ditto, black silk ditto, gold lace, long lawns, diaper, bed tick, white Nankeens, green canvas for window blinds, coarse cloth for lining chaises, cotton chaise reins, cotton counterpanes, mattrasses with feather bolsters and pillows, black florentine, black crape, printed calicoes, furniture chintzes, furniture checks, gentlemen's and ladies' gloves, funeral gloves, cotton braces, thread, from No. 7 to 40, Osnaburg ditto, backgammon boxes and chess boards, complete, mahogany writing desks, stationary, consisting of - ledgers, journals, and account books, letter paper, ink powders, japan ink, maps and files, wafers, quills, and stationery silk ribbon, black and white silk ribbon, pocket combs, Windsor soap, best tooth brushes, and tooth powder, lavender, rose and honey water, sets black tea ware, setts of china, breakfast cups and saucers, glass ware, Dutch terras, oats in puncheons, lamp black, starch and blue, indigo in 1/2 lb. papers, boots and shoes, flannel jackets, flannel night gowns, green baize, halters complete, common bridles, jockey and hunting whips, curry combs and brushes, paint, tar, and white wash ditto, furniture and crumb ditto, coffin furniture, night caps, cotton towels, musquito netting, hour glasses, candlesticks, rum bubbles and vials, small looking glasses, flints, blocks assorted, corks, jack screws, brass cocks, corded dimity, glue, bees' wax, rosin, baby flannel, shoe blacking, children's mahogany chairs, cherry tree chairs, nails, cutlasses, buck axes, felling axes, sod-irons, bolts, chisels, broad axes, hatchets, carpenters' braces and bits, iron squares, masons' trowels, coffee mills, sash pullies, wired rat traps, stays and bars for windows, whip, cross-cut, and hand saws, tennon, sash and key-hole ditto, coopers' axes, carpenters' adzes, sledge hammers, capooses and mill brasses, copper coffee manaries, copper wire, stock locks assorted, brass and iron chamber door locks, tacks and brads, frying-pans, grid-irons, tea kettles and sauce pans, ewers and basins, tin, soup, and fish kettles, tin lanthorns, japanned do. hand waiters, plated butter and cheese knives, plated cruet stands, ditto liquor stands, plated snuffers and trays, plated bottle stands, red morocco ditto, cocked hats, opera hats, girls' hats, &c. - January 30.

THE Subscriber offers for sale, both his Houses in Cumingsburg, with the Gardens thereto belonging. Approved purchasers will have liberal terms.
January 29. F. P. VAN BERCKEL.

THE Subscribers have received by the Ship Castle Lachlan, and on hand of late importations:
Small Boats for colony-craft, with oars, &c. complete; long wood hoops and ash oars; tar in barrels, coffee and cotton bagging; Oznaburgs and Strelitzs, negro cloathing; mixed spices in canisters; a large beam, with scales and weights complete, and capable of weighing upwards of a ton weight. Also a few very excellent rum puncheons.
January 30. EVAN & ANGUS FRASER.

PICKED-UP at the entrance of the river Essequebo, a Buoyed CREAUL. The owner may have her by application to the Undersigned, at Werk & Rust, and paying expences.

ABSENTED himself from the Subscriber, the well-known Negro, Azore, or Money-man. Whoever apprehends the said Negro, and conveys him to the Royal Gazette Office, will be liberally rewarded.
January 30. E. J. HENERY.

FOR SALE - an excellent House and Waiting-Boy and a Girl who is a good seamstress, and capable of waiting on a lady. Apply at the Printing Office.
January 30.

THE Subscriber offers for sale - a Quantity of Colony Lumber, consisting of inch and inch and a half Crabwood Boards and three quarter inch Cabocolly Clapboards - on the most moderate terms for immediate payment.
January 30. T. G. ALBOUY.

JUST imported in the Ceres, from Liverpool, and for sale by the Subscriber, on Mr. Mackay's Premises:
Choice Cumberland Hams and Chesaire [sic] Cheese,
Madeira Wine and Onions,
Best London Porter,
Smoked Salmon & Herrings, Scotch Herrings in kegs,
Potatoes and Tobacco,
London-made yellow-top and Hessian Boots, and Shoes,
Real Cogniac Brandy,
And a choice assortment of China and Queen's Ware.

MRS. VAN NOOTEN intending to leave the colony, requests all persons having any demands against the estate of her decease husband, D. HOOLA VAN NOOTEN, to call for, and those indebted to said estate, to come forward with, payment to J. S. MASSE, Esqr. at Plantation Leonora, or to herself at Plantation Blankenburg - January 30.


BY Authority duly obtained from His Honor the President, the undersigned Deputy-First-Marshal will expose for sale unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellor-Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, George-Town, on Tuesday the Second Day of March next ensuing-
In behalf of F. W. OVERWEG and A. FRASER, versus A. T. HARROWER – Two Half Lots of Land, Nos. 15 and 16, situated in Cumingsburg, with the Buildings thereon – consisting of a carpenter's logie, 80 feet long by 26 feet wide, a side-building, 50 by 15, and a blacksmith's shop, 26 feet by 16, covered with wallaba shingles. Also, a Stelling on the mud-lot.
Any person or persons having right, claim or interest in the above-named Premises, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof; let such person or persons address themselves to me the Deputy First Marshal, stating their reasons of opposition in writing, and I will appoint him or them a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice for the trial of the same; and those inclined to speculate, please attend the sale on the day and place above-written.
Rivers Demerary and Essequebo, this 26th day of January, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.

IN pursuance of two extracts from the Minutes of the Court of Rolls, bearing date 19 January, 1813, I the undersigned Deputy First Marshal, at the request and instance of A. VAN DER STOK, Substituted Executor to the Estate of the late A. FLEISCHMAN, deceased - and also, in the name and behalf of J. B. THEYSSE, in quality as jointly with I. G. WALTELING and J. H. H. TOUSON and O. L. SCHULTZ, appointed Curators to the Estate of the late G. E. AMAN - do hereby, for the Fourth Time (ex-superabundantie), by Edict, cite all known and unknown Creditors of the before-named Estates of A. Fleischman, and G. E. Aman, to appear before the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, at their Session, to be holden at the Court-House in George-Town, on the 15th of February next, and following days, in order to render as yet their respective claims in due form - whereas after the expiration of this last summons, will be proceeded against the non-appearers according to Law.
Demerary, 30th January, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
J. P. Blount, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 8th of January.
John Stewart, in fourteen days or six weeks, or by the Bridget, from the 23d of January.
Mary Perry, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 25th of January.
L. N. Auckins, in fourteen days or one month, from the 29th of January.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 30, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

For the First Time.
BANNS of MATRIMONY - between GEORGE ANDERSON, born in this colony, of the Protestant Religion, Widower; and SARAH MITCHELL, born in the island of St. Eustatius, also of the Protestant Religion, a Minor, but with the Concent [sic] of, and assisted by F. A. Vernede, Esqr. in the Name of the Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church, as her Guardians.
Any person knowing just cause or impediment, why the above parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Secretary's Office, January 30, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


On Monday, the 1st of February, 1813, at the Vendue Office, by Order of Dr. J. L. SMITH – The Plantation Maria's Lodge; situated in Essequebo, adjoining Mr. Prin's Estate, Bathsheba's Lust; together with Four Negroes.
Also by Order of R. BATTY, Esqr. – Patent double and single right and left Spring Trusses, Books Pocket Surgical Instruments, Pocket Books, a Camp Desk, 21 dozen Ladies' Jean Slippers, and 12 dozen Hats.
January 16. A. MILLS & Co.
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On Tuesday the 2d of February, at the stores of Messrs. HENRY T. FERGUSON & Co. – Forty Pipes, Hogsheads, and Quarter Casks of superior quality Madeira Wine, just imported.
January 16. A. MILLS & Co.
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On Wednesday the 3d of February, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. JOHN RUNCIE, Executor to Mr. THOMAS CRAWFORD, deceased – Eleven excellent Negroes, a Gold Watch and Chain, &c.
Also by Order of Messrs. DOUGLAS, REID, and Co. – a quantity of Cotton Bagging, imported in the Ship Traveller.
Also, by order of Thomas Shute, Esq. – a carpenter negro man named Moses.
January 16. A. MILLS & Co.
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On Monday the 8th of February, by order of Doctor CHAUDONY, at his residence in front of Plant. Malgre-Tout, on the west-side of the River Demerary - Fifteen Negroes, amongst them are field negroes, grass-cutters, a captain and people accustomed to work in punts, creole milch cows, a chaise horse, a chaise and harness, a capital riding mare, medicines and medical books, &c.
Also by Order of N. M. MANGET, Esq. Executor to the Estate of Mr. D. KOOL – Six Head of Cattle, and some Furniture.
January 16. A. MILLS & Co.
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On Tuesday the 9th of February, at the store of Messrs. FULLERTON, OLIVERSON, & Co. - Brown Holland, Russia Duck, Dowlas, Sheeting, 20 barrels Pilchards, 10 barrels Beef, Straw Hats, &c.
January 30. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 12th of February will be sold, by order of the Hon. F. P. VAN BERCKEL, Fiscal, according to a Resolution of the Honourable the Court of Policy, dated 28th August, 1804, the following Slaves, now in confinement in the Colony-Jail in George-Town: The negro Anthony, belonging to Telford or Alex. Tulloh, brought by the Dienders; Jack, belonging to Rule (Berbice), brought from Plantation Grove; Harry, belonging to J. Cook, brought by Samuel Nichols; Henry, belonging to Plantation Alliance, brought by Charles Ridley; Grog, belonging to Plantation Georgia, brought by the Dienders.
January 16. A. MILLS & Co.
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On Tuesday the 16th of February, at the Vendue Office, by Order of H. M. ROBERTSON, Esqr. - A general assortment of Nails, viz. 4d. 6d. 8d. 10d. 20d. and Dutch strong ditto 3 to 5 inch, coopers' broad-headed ditto and rivets, mill ditto, scupper ditto, pump tacks, horse ditto, different sizes, fine clasp ditto, for clapboarding and joiners' work.
January 30. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Monday the 22d of February, at the Vendue Office, by order of RICHARD HINKSON and JAMES DUNLOP, Executors to WILLIAM BARR, deceased; - Wearing apparel, a fowling piece, a rifle ditto, a silver watch, 7 heifers, 2 bulls, a capital saddle horse, a riding mule, a young negro-man a blacksmith, &c.
January 30. A. MILLS, & Co.

The Coquette sloop of war, from a cruise, is the only arrival since Tuesday.

In the absence, therefore, of what is generally termed News - we have dedicated to the service of our advertising friends, the whole of the present Number; particularly those, whose favours we omitted in our last.

For Glasgow.



Will positively sail with Convoy, expected to leave this in all March. For Freight or Passage apply to
Who have for sale, 10 hogsheads smith's coals imported in said vessel. – January 29.


in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary.





Rule (Berbice

Pl. Grove.


Pl. Georgia,




Pl. Alliance.


Boedel M'Rae,

L. Corbet.


Pl. Orange Nassau,



Bynoe, (Barbados),

J. Crossman.



Post Morocco.


T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






From Essequebo.



Pl. Zorg & Hoop.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.






S. Duport.






Js. Robinson.


Pl. Rebecca's Lust,



Miss Francina,

Pl. Le Repentir.


Rose and Croal,



M. Campbell,

B. Jacobs.

January 23 [sic]. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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