Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 February 02


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 551.


The King's House,


WHEREAS it appears, from divers weighty and good reasons, that there should be a Law Officer in this colony, whose exclusive duty would retain him in all causes, where the Crown may be concerned; as also to advise and consult upon Law Proceedings, wherein His Majesty's Government may find it necessary to take a part; and as it is also thought proper to facilitate the Cause of Public Justice, and to admit of Poor Persons, unable to bear heavy law expences, to sue for their rights, when the above-mentioned Advocate General shall think it advisable to proceed in the name of His Majesty and have a decision by sentence of the Honourable Court of Justice - that such prosecution or defence, plaintiff or defendant, as may apply to him and appear proper subjects for assistance, he will report the same to His Excellency the Acting-Governor, as also to His Honor the President of the Court of Justice. He will likewise undertake such causes, as the Court may deem proper to appoint assistance prodeo.
I do hereby in virtue of the powers in me vested, constitute and appoint S. W. GORDON, Esqr. Advocate for the Crown, until his Royal Highness the Prince Regent's pleasure shall be known.
King's House, George-Town, February 2, 1813.
By Command,

J. S. MASSE, Esq. is appointed to act as Assistant Fiscal, with the Honourable W. ROBERTSON, throughout the Colony of Demerary - particularly in that part of it from Plantation Leonora to the River Pomeroon.
King's-House, George-Town, February 2, 1813.
By Command,

By His Excellency Major-General HUGH LYLE CARMICHAEL, Acting-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, and its Dependencies, &c. &c. and the Honourable Court of Policy of the said Colony, &c. &c. &c.
Unto all whom these presents may or shall concern, Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS it is necessary again to furnish the Government Chest with Funds to make good the different annual Payments that must be defrayed from it for carrying on the Public Service.
We therefore, on His Excellency the Acting Governor's proposition, have resolved to levy, and hereby do levy, the Capitation Tax due for the Year 1811, to be Paid by each and every Slave holder, agreeable to the established mode and in the same manner as the Tax last raised for the Year 1810, - viz: at the Rate of Three Guilders ten stivers respectively for each and every Working Male or Female Slave past 12 Years of Age and of One Guilder for all Children from 3 to 12 Years.
It is also ordered in conformity to the system established by the existing Ordinances of Taxing House Slaves at a higher rate, that all Persons Possessing Three Male or Female House or Domestic Slaves or less, shall Pay for each of them the Sum of Six Guilders.
Those Possessing Four, a Sum of Ten Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Five, a Sum of Fifteen Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Six, a Sum of Twenty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Seven, a Sum of Twenty-five Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Eight, a Sum of Thirty Guilders as above.
Those Possessing Nine and upwards, a rate of Forty Guilders as above.
From which encreased rate of Head Money respecting House or Domestic Slaves, are however to be exempted all Planters residing on their Estates, also the Governor to the number of 20 Domestic Slaves, the Members of the respective Courts, the Secretaries of the Courts, the Receivers of the Government and Colony Chests, and the Vendue Masters, to the number of six House Slaves, and all other Persons in Public Employments, who are obliged to reside in the chief Towns or their Precincts, to that of Four Domesticks.
Tradesmen are to Pay for each Slave they Employ in their respective Arts or Trades, Seven Guilders.
All free Women of Colour shall Pay for their own Person a sum of Ten Guilders - the other Regulations respecting free Men of Colour to remain in force as established by other Ordinances in this behalf.
And in order the collecting of the necessary returns and the Payment of the said Head Money may be completed in a regular manner, We do hereby order and direct as follows: -
That all Planters in the Colony, whether Proprietors or Attornies, shall give in before the 1st of May 1813, exact returns, subscribed by them under a tender of Oath, of the Slaves on each Plantation belonging to them or under their Administration, according to the number of said Slaves up to the 31st December 1811, which particulars are to be given in as pointed out in the return, a form of which is printed at the foot of the present publication, and whereof blanks will be left besides at the Receiver's Office, to be filled up by those it may concern.
That further, such of the Inhabitants as, tho' residents on, are not Proprietors of any Estates, and also those residing in the respective Towns or their Precincts, or in any other place in the Colony, not being a Plantation, shall likewise be obliged to give in exact returns under a tender of Oath, of his, her or their Male or Female Slaves, Domesticks, Handicraft and other Slaves agreeable to the second form printed at the foot of the present publication, and blanks of which may also be had at the Receiver's Office.
The different returns before-mentioned are to be filled up with the utmost accuracy, so as distinctly to state the number of Slaves of each description therein mentioned, as well as the general number of Slaves on each Plantation in the Year 1811.
It is further ordered that Payment of the said Capitation Tax for the Year 1811 shall be made before the 1st of May 1813, at the same time of giving in the returns herein before required, either in Cash, Bills of Exchange to the satisfaction of the Receiver, or in approved Claims against the Government Chest.
It is also ordered that the Receiver of the Government Chest shall, for the purpose of receiving the different Returns and Payments herein before respectively required, give attendance at his Office from the date hereof, every day in the Week, (Saturdays, Sundays and Holydays excepted,) from nine o'Clock in the Morning till one o'Clock in the Afternoon; the whole on pain that those who shall be faultive in giving in returns and in making payments in the manner and at the time herein before directed and limited, shall, on the expiration of the said period, be charged or debited in the Books of the Receiver with a sum equal to the amount of the Capitation Tax which they may appear to have paid for the Year 1810, with the addition of one-fourth or 25 per Centum of such amount which amount and additional Sum shall then, if necessary, be recoverable from the defaulters by Summary Execution.
Such Persons as may not be mentioned or occur at all in the former Books of the Receivers and are faultive in giving in their returns in the manner herein before directed, shall immediately forfeit, independant of the Taxes, a penal sum of One hundred and Fifty Guilders, to be applied to the use of the Government Chest.
All those Proprietors of Plantations in both Colonies who (agreeable to the 6th Article of the Regulations respecting grants of land enacted by the former Sovereign on the 24th July, 1792.) are liable to an annual Acre-Money at the rate of 3 Stivers per acre for first depths, and of two Stivers per acre for second depths, are further hereby called upon and required to make payment of the Acre money due by them respectively, before the 1st of May, 1813, at the Office of the Receiver of the King's Chest, on pain, in default thereof, of incurring the penalty provided by the aforesaid Regulations, and of their being immediately after the 1st. May next, debited with double the amount of the rates due by them, and the same to be recovered by Summary Execution.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of what is herein before directed and required, these presents shall be Published, posted up, Printed and sent round for general information.
Thus done in Our Assembly held in George-Town, Demerary, on the 25th of January, 1813, and Published on the 2d of February next following.
(Signed) H. L. CARMICHAEL.
By Command,
Clerk of the Court of Policy.


Return of Slaves appertaining to Plantation ------
Working Field People . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Children from 3 to 12 Years of Age . . . . . . . .
Sucking Children and Invalids . . . . . . . . . .
Free Women of Colour . . . . .


Return of Slaves appertaining to [blank]
Domesticks . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Tradesmen . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Field Negroes . . . . . . . . . . .
Children from 3 to 12 Years . . . .
Sucking Children and Invalids . . .
Free Women of Colour . . . . .

THE Advocate for the Crown will receive such persons as may think it proper to see him on matters relative to that Office, at his residence in Cumingsburg, daily, Holidays excepted, from eight to ten o'clock.
George-Town, February 2, 1813.

RECEIVED per the Ship Liverpool, and for sale by the subscriber, at the store formerly occupied by JOSEPH HILL, Esq. the under-mentioned articles, cheap for immediate payment, viz. -
A general assortment of fashionable coats and coatees, black and buff kerseymere waistcoats, fancy quilting ditto, pantaloons and dress breeches, flannel jackets, servants' cloth ditto, ladies' cotton stockings, gentlemen's ditto and socks, ladies' and gentlemen's silk gloves, striped and plaid ginghams, 9-8 and 6-4 cotton cambric, silk, cotton web, and leather braces, silk and gingham umbrellas from 24 to 30 inches, a great variety of combs, an elegant assortment of plated ware, consisting of cruet stands, silver mounted, with fine cut glass bottles, complete; liquor ditto, sets of cut glass salts, with superb stands, punch-ladles, fish-knives, tea-pots with sugar and cream pots to match, candlesticks, &c. iron and brass ware of all descriptions, London beer and porter, and numerous other articles, too tedious to mention.
Feb. 2. T. S. M'EWEN.

Mr. H. CANTZLAAR, j.z. intending to leave this Colony for Europe, in the beginning of April next, requests all those who have entrusted him with papers, in his capacity as attorney-at-law, to call for the same, at his office, Brick-dam, Stabroek, before the 1st day of March next; for which purpose he will every day attend from nine o'clock to two o'clock in the afternoon, Sundays excepted.
He offers for sale, the Premises occupied by him, as also several good House Servants, and other Slaves.
Demerary, January 30.

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, Feb. 2, 1813.
A PUNT drifted on Friday night from her moorings in the Canal, at Eve-Leary Barracks. - Any person who may pick it up, will, on application at this Office, be rewarded for their trouble.

LOST or Mislaid, on Friday last, a Twenty-Joe Paper, No. 67 - it has the name, Gilgeous, wrote with a pen over the number, rather inclined to the corner, and on the back is 1158 with a pen, and 100 carelessly wrote with a pencil. Whoever may have found and will return the same, shall receive a liberal reward, by applying at the Office of this Paper.
February 1.

WANTED to Contract for the delivery of a Frame for a Boiling House and Rum Store; as also for a Cattle Mill House - agreeable to drawings made for the same.
Likewise for the delivery of Five River and Canal Punts, as per dimensions to be given; and 200,000 Bricks.
And lastly, for the laying of a brick foundation for the above buildings, and for schooner hire.
Any one wishful of coming under contract for any part or the whole of what is required above, will please apply to
February 1. On Pl. Ruimveld.

FOR SALE - Plantation CHANTILLY; situated on the West-bank of the River, about 15 or 16 miles from town: with or without Fifty Negroes. There is a comfortable dwelling-house on the property, 120 feet of negro-houses recently put up, 70 M. bearing Coffee-trees, and abundance of Plantains.
For Terms apply to JAMES JAMISON, on Plantation Vridestein - who has also 15 or 20 Head of Cattle to dispose of. - Demerary, Feb. 2.

FOR SALE - Twenty-five Bales of Cotton, from Plantation Kensington; and for which Tenders will be received by the Undersigned, at the Store of Messrs. M'Inroy, Sandbach, and Co. until 12 o'clock on Monday the 15th instant, to be paid in cash on delivery. The Tenders will be then opened, and the highest offer (if approved) accepted.
WILLIAM GORDON [right pointing brace, indicating 'Sequest.']
for Self and
Demerary, Feb. 1, 1813.

FOR SALE by the Subscribers - Hoes, shovels, cutlasses, skimmers, ladles, lamps, strainers, adzes, axes, hand and pit saws, saw-files, pruning knives, nails, hinges, white paint, blue, brown, yellow and black ditto, varnish, neats'-foot oil, spermaceti ditto, spirits of turpentine, lamp oil, Hessian boots, jockey ditto, black pepper, old port, old hock, cherry and raspberry brandy, shoe blacking, mill-grease, butter, tongues, beef, pork, pickled salmon, spiced and smoked ditto, shads, fish, tobacco, Dutch terras, building lime, oars, Madeira wine of the first and second quality, a few cords of roller-wood, &c.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
J. P. Blount, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 8th of January.
John Stewart, in fourteen days or six weeks, or by the Bridget, from the 23d of January.
Mary Perry, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 25th of January.
L. N. Auckins, in fourteen days or one month, from the 29th of January.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, January 30, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


On Wednesday the 17th of February, [see 18130123EDRG] . . .
Also, for the benefit of those it may concern, a curicle and harness, a ship's long boat, a few barrels of salt, and 2 casks of lamp-black.
January 23. A. MILLS & Co.

No arrival since Saturday.

The present Number, therefore, of the Royal Gazette, would have been entirely barren of Foreign Intelligence, had we not, by a reference to late London Papers, been enabled to extract as follow:
"The following Bills have past both Houses of the New Parliament: - 1st. For the Continuation of the Use of Sugar in all Breweries. 2dly. For Indemnifying such Persons as had acted under the Orders in Council of 1805, for regulating the Intercourse between the West India Islands and America. And lastly. For Continuing the Prohibition of Distillation from Grain."

Upon all which we congratulate our Fellow-Colonists.


The First Session of the Court of Justice for the present year, commences on the 15th instant. On which day there will also be a Roll Court.

The Discourse of the Revd. W. G. Straghan, on the 2d ultimo, and which was so correctly designated in subsequent Militia Orders, as "appropriate, impressing, and animating," is about to be published. The Officers, of the Battalion to whom it was addressed, having requested a copy for that purpose.

The Legislature of Berbice has decreed the penalty of confiscation, on all vessels, not provided with a certificate of British registry, or a regular clearance from the Custom-house of the colony, which shall be found transporting produce to this port.

We congratulate the Colony at large, on the re-appearance of Mr. Masse, as a Public Functionary. S. W. Gordon, Esqr. it will also be seen from our first page, is appointed Advocate for the Crown.

The Coquette, will leave this port on Thursday, with those Vessels which may be able to avail themselves of her protection.
















January 6. - T. C. Engles, Plantation Domburg, Essequebo.
7. - Samuel Challener, Plantation Tranquillity [sic].
12. - T. F. P. de Boekhorst, Bielfield, Essequebo.
18. - Peter Lint, Plentation [sic] Vergenoegen.
26. - James Lyon, Bridge-Town.

January 6. - Widow L. Tome, born Pietersen, Cumaka Sirima, Essequebo.
7. - Roos Scott, Werk and Rust.

Births omitted in the last Return - One White Boy.

Deaths omitted in the last Return - Whites - Dec. 23. John Ashley, Labourgarde. Dec. 25, John Brandrith, Plantation Maryville, Essequebe [sic].

[right pointing hand icon] The above Returns are from the Orphan Chamber, agreeable to the Resolution of the Court of Policy, on the 9th of May, 1812.


(From the Custom-House)

Since our Last Report.

January 18. Brig Thomas, Capt. Langley, from London.
19. Brig Alexis, Bell, Newfoundland.
20. Ship Fanny, Byron, London.
21. Schooner Brothers, Adamson, Barbados.
22. Schooner Good Intent, Bowen, Barbados.
25. Ship Ceres, Burn, Cork.
Schooner Joseph, Strickland, Barbados.
26. Ship Castle Lachlan, Sangster, Glasgow.
Ship Elizabeth, Nelson, Liverpool.
27. Ship Liverpool, Hill, Liverpool.
28. Ship William, Yabsley, Liverpool.
30. Schooner Catharine, White, St. Vincent.

January 16. Ship Fame, Capt. Williams, for Liverpool.
18. Ship Nerius, Paterson, Glasgow.
Ship Granger, Lamb, London.
19. Ship Kingsmill, M'Clune, Liverpool.
Ship Albion, Nicholson, London.
Ship Thomas, Forster, Liverpool.
20. Ship Caledonia, Cameron, Liverpool.
Ship Ramoncica [sic], Venables, London.
Ship Diana, M'George, Glasgow.
21. Ship Isabella, Humble, London.
23. Schooner Brothers, Adamson, Barbados.
February 1. Schooner Good Intent, Bowen, Barbados.

Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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