Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 February 27


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 558.


GEORGE ANGLE takes this opportunity of informing his friends and the public, that he has engaged Mr. JAMES THOMAS - who has full powers to pay and receive monies, and transact all business on his accounts, from this date. - Feb. 27.

NOTICE. - The Subscriber, intending to leave the colony in the month of April, requests those persons who have any demands against him, and the late Firm of D. REDFERN and Co. to render them for settlement; and those indebted to come forward with immediate payment.
Werk & Rust, Feb. 27. D. REDFERN.

NOTICE. - The Subscriber having authorised Mr. F. BACKER to take charge of his affairs, requests his Creditors to render their accounts for settlement, to his aforesaid attorney; and all those indebted to him are directed to make payment to the same.
George-Town, Feb. 23.

M'INROY, SANDBACH, & Co. have received by the ship Spectator, Capt. Spooner, from London, and for sale at their Store -
White and yellow nankeen, blue salempores and long cloths, fine curious seersuckers, yellow flowered bandannas, French cambric, superfine blue, black, and scarlet cloths, blue and black cassimere, hyson tea, salad, and spermaceti candles. - Feb. 25.

WANTED to Hire for Six Months certain - TEN CARPENTERS. They must be complete workmen. Payment will be made in Cash or an approved Bill of Exchange, at the expiration of the time of hire. Apply at the Royal Gazette Office.
Feb. 27.

IMPORTED in the Castle Lachlan, and for sale by the Subscribers, at their stores in Cumingsburg: -
Tar, soft soap, tallow, boat cables, tarred rope, paints and paint oil, iron-stocked anchors, ash oars, grindstones, nails 4d. to 30d. hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, pruning-knives, patent and common carvers, negro cloathing, Osnaburgs, cotton and coffee bagging, puncheon wood hoops, a pair of scales and weights to weigh upwards of 2000lbs. casks of earthen ware, herrings in barrels, mixed spices, &c. Also a large quantity of excellent lime-stone.

TENDERS will be received at the Office of the undersigned, on or before Saturday the 6th of March next, when they will be opened, and the Tender most advantageous to Government accepted.
For Painting the Colonial Hospital and adjoining Buildings.
For making a Flight of Steps and Partition at the Garrison Hospital. Dr. Dunkin will point out the Particulars.
Brick-Dam, George-Town, February 27, 1813.

New Fancy Articles,
LANDING from the Ship Spectator, from London, of the best and most fashionable kind, which (with the Subscribers former Stock), compose a very general assortment, and are offered for sale on as low terms as any in the Colonies.
The Subscriber returns his thanks to his Friends, for their favours of the past year, and solicits a continuance of them.
February 27. THOMAS SHUTE.

LAST evening, a Young brindled-coloured BULL, with his horns sawed. Whoever will give information of the same, to Mr. Tayler, at his Office in the Market, so that the same may be recovered, shall be handsomely rewarded.
Buck-Logie, Feb. 27. M. MEAGHER.

THE Subscribers make known, that they entered into Copartnership on the 1st instant. - The business hitherto conducted by the latter, will now be carried on under the Firm of B. & M. JACOBS.
They offer for sale, the following articles, on reasonable terms, viz. -
London wired porter, Madeira wine and French claret per dozen, Cogniac brandy, warranted real; old rum and gin per gallon, Cumberland hams, cheese, potatoes, onions, oysters in pots, Scotch herrings in kegs, smoked salmon, rock salt in barrels, Liverpool salt in hogsheads, ship-chandlery and stationery, soap and candles, cod-sounds and tongues in kegs, salad oil, mustard, hyson tea in canisters and per pound, loaf sugar, almonds per pound, negro cloathing, real American axes, HL and other hinges assorted, gentlemen's beaver hats, negro ditto, London-made yellow-top boots, planters' and dress shoes, glass-ware, double and single pieces yellow nankeen, superfine black cloth, pig-tail tobacco, essence of spruce, &c. They can also furnish Wallaba Shingles.
February 27.

THE Subscriber has received per Spectator, a Consignment of Bottled Porter in puncheons, Candles, Ladies and Gentlemen's Patent Silk Hats, and Gentlemen's Leghorn Hats - which will be disposed of wholesale or by the package, very reasonable for immediate payment.
Feb. 27. A. D. GUTHRIE.

Custom-House Sale,
ON Thursday next the 4th of March, 1813. will be publicly Sold at the premises of Mr. LEMMEX, in Cumingsburg, for immediate payment in Cash, the following articles, seized from on board the brig Rebecca, and legally condemned in the Vice-Admiralty Court, of this Colony, viz:
[first column]
Staves, Wood Hoops,
Puncheons, Beef and Pork, in barrels and half barrels,
[second column]
Tea, Medicines, Nankeens, Tobacco and Snuff, Oil, &c.
[end columns]
Early Notice will be given of the Sale of the Brig Rebecca, also legally condemned here.
Custom-House, Demerary, February, 27, 1813.
JOHN FORBES, Collector,
J. W. HOBBS, Acting Comptroller.

Best Superfine Baltimore Flour.
NOW landing from the Schooner Fame, Captain Greenidge, from Barbados, and for sale by the Subscribers, at Mackay's Stelling - Seventy Barrels best Superfine BALTIMORE FLOUR; also two Pipes of real Old COGNIAC BRANDY, proof 24, in quantities of five gallons and upwards. Cash, or produce, at the current market price, will be received in payment.
Feb. 27. D. MORRISON & Co.


BY Authority duly obtained from His Honor THOMAS FRANKLAND, President of the Honourable the Court of Justice of this Colony, &c. &c. &c. I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal, will expose for sale, unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellors Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, George-Town, on Tuesday the Second day of March next ensuing -
In behalf of V. A. HEYLIGER and C. H. DE MUNNICK, Executors to the estate of C. VAN DYK, deceased, versus J. CRAWFURD - the Lot No. 3, in front of Plantation Werk en Rust and the Water-Lot in front of the same, with all the Buildings thereon, consisting of a Dwelling-House, about 40 feet long by 21 wide, two stories high; a side or out-house, adapted for a kitchen and wash-house; and at present occupied by M. DOWNIE, Esq. a ditto building on the westerly half of said Lot No. 3, long 40 feet by 20, an out-house 50 feet by 12, more or less, an open out-house, and the stelling or wharf on the water-lot, with the buildings thereon, formerly a blacksmith-shop; and those inclined to speculate, please attend the sale on the day and at the place before-written.
Rio Demerary, 27th February, 1813.
M. A. [sic] MEERTENS,
Deputy First Marshal.


This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
George Johnstone, in fourteen days or by the Brig Bridget, from the 1st of February.
R. W. Allkins, with one servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 2d of February.
Richard Jenkins, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 4th of February.
D. T. Mallony, will transport to Barbados, two Negroes, named Greenock and Annacilla, the property of Miss Speed, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of February.
William Ross, in fourteen days, or one month, from the 9th of February.
James Wheelright, and family, and two servants, in one month, or six weeks from the 12th of February.
Allen Dalzell, and Lady, with two servants, in fourteen days or one month, from the 13th of February.
William Burges, will transport to Berbice, twenty Negroes, the names thereof to be seen at this Office, in fourteen days, from the 13th of February.
Francis P. Walcotte, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 19th of February.
The Honourable Anthony Meertens, and family, and two servants, with the next Convoy.
Mathew Thomson, in one month, or six weeks, from the 25th of February.
Francis Owens, in fourteen days, from the 26th of February.
Amelia Godding, and a servant named Mary, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 26th of February.
William M'Pherson, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 27th of February.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, February 27, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

For the First Time.
BANNS of MATRIMONY - between JAMES BENNY, born in St. Vincent, being under age, but with the Consent of his Guardian, of the Protestant Religion; and Miss RACHEL FORRESTER, born in this colony, being under age, but with the Consent, and assisted by her father, Lewis Forrester, Esqr.
Any person knowing any just cause or impediment, why the above parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Secretary's Office, February 27, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.


On Wednesday the 3d of March, by order of R. METCALFE, at his store, a consignment received per Thomas, which must be sold without reserve, consisting of Irish linens, brown Holland, linen checks, printed calicoes, blue furnitures and furniture chintz, fine 9-8 cambric, muslin, muslinette, towels and table cloths, paint and oil, boots and shoes, Madeira wine, tobacco in barrels, leno shawls, lined jackets, duck trowsers and cloth ditto, negro hats, temper lime, hessian boots, macaroni and vermicelli in canisters, snuff, loaf sugar, rose water, black sarsnets, &c.
February 27. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Thursday next the 4th March, by order of Messrs. GARDEN, KING, & Co. at the Vendue Office - three bottles oil of lavender, one bottle spirits of rosemary, three bottles creme of tartar, three pots extract of opium, eight small boxes, 10lbs. each, of manna, twenty pounds nutmegs in papers of 2lbs. each, one case containing 150lbs. pins, one box ladies' slippers, rape oil in jugs, one case and one trunk curious shells and marine plants, five pair of cooper's compasses, six dozen cotton gin-cranks, one case of black worsted stockings, smoked herrings in boxes, ditto salmon, pullicate handkerchiefs, and salempores.
February 27. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 10th of March, [see 18130220EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Mr. J. A. CART, Jun. – A Negro, named Geluk.
On the same day, by order, of H. KAMMERLING, Esq. a Negro Woman, named Rosetta, a complete seamstress and capable of attending a lady: she is sold for no fault, but is dissatisfied with her present owner.
February 20. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Monday the 22d of March, will be sold at public auction, at the Stores of Messrs. FULLERTON, OLIVERSON, and Co. by order of A. DALZELL, Esq. and T. LAW, Esq. (by his Attorney W. LEACH) Agent for Crown Droits. - The Hull and Materials of the American Brig Freeman, legally condemned in the Vice Admiraltd [sic] Court of Barbados, by J. W. COMPTON, L.L.D. Sole Judge thereof. They will be sold in lots to suit purchasers, and payment is to be made in Cash on delivery.
February 27. A. MILLS & Co.

On Thursday the 18th of May, by order of Mr. RODERICK YOUNG, at his House in Cumingsburg, the Lot No. 12, adjoining Messrs. SIMSON, GRANT & Co. - Three washer-women, one of them has a young child, two house-boys and a man-cook; household furniture, consisting of a sideboard, dining and breakfast tables, chairs, sopha, bureau, liquor cases, cruet and liquor stands, tea trays and waiters, shades, candlesticks with shades to fit, wine glasses, tumblers, and decanters, bottle slides, bason-stands, bedsteads and close-stool, two small medicine chest, a writing-desk, and new water-vat made of wallaba. Also a variety of carpenters' tools, both new and old, a pair of strong double jack-screws, a cramp and two smiths' vices, two large grindstones, several pair of window frames; and the east half of two Lots of Land, in Cumingsburg, Nos. 272 and 273. At the same time, a trunk of medical books, and a medicine-chest, sold for store-rent.
February 27. A. MILLS, & Co.

ARRIVALS. - The ships John & Thomas, Wilson; Spectator, Spooner; and Latona, M'Grath; from London. The Mouche and Maria army-schooners, from Barbados - and the Berbice Mail-Boat.

The Packet also arrived this morning.

The Fleet above-mentioned, has considerably anticipated the Packet, in the communication of Foreign News: - the Papers by the former being to the 21st ultimo, when those of the latter do not exceed the 16th. One advantage however, the Packet possesses; for her Papers afford an unbroken detail of those great events, which have immortalized the union of British policy and Russian prowess - while, on the other hand, those of the Fleet present only as it were, the last chapter yet extant, of a book whose title is - The Fate of Nations! - That last, notwithstanding, we have preferred giving at this time, (leaving the former to a future opportunity) not only because its contents are gloriously interesting in themselves, but, because they convey the mind into the region of probabilities, more glorious still!

[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed.]

Colonial Produce is, as we expected, considerably advanced in price. But we defer giving the particular sums, until our next.

The Barbados Papers by the Army-schooners, are to the 20th instant; but the following articles are all we found in them of importance: -

There appears to be some chance of a rencounter [sic] between a British and an American frigate upon a more equal footing than has hitherto taken place - a letter addressed by Captain Porter, of the Essex, to the American Secretary at War, having been discovered on board of one of the prizes taken on that coast, in which he mentions his particular cruising ground off the Brazils, and where he intends supplying his ship with wood and water. In consequence of this, the Belvidera, had been dispatched in quest of her, and we trust that the consequence of an interview will be such as we anticipate - a complete triumph over the enemy.

The American private armed ship Alexander, of 30 guns, and upwards of 200 men, is also cruising on the coast of Brazils.

Nassau (New Providence) Dec. 8. - Late on Monday evening, one of the Lieutenants of His Majesty's ship Southampton arrived in this port, in one of the ship's boats, from St. Salvador, with accounts of the capture of the United States' brig Vixen, by the Southampton, and of both ships having been afterwards unfortunately cast away upon the reefs of Little Island. Both crews saved.


On Friday-morning, the unpleasant intelligence was communicated to the public, of the loss of the Peacock sloop of war, which lately left this port on a cruise to windward, after an action of two hours off Mahaica, with the American sloop of war Hornet. We shall not, however, enlarge upon the subject at present, as but little has officially transpired, and as of course all the rest must be merely report.

Our old friend, the Highflyer American privateer, has lately been captured by the Poictiers and Acasta in company, and carried into Bermuda. Capt. Grant and four of his crew, had been previously killed in an action with the Teazer army-schooner.

The Active, of Greenock, which our readers will recollect, was captured by the Highflyer some time since, on her passage hither from Newfoundland - arrived at Charlestown on the 16th of December last.

We have much satisfaction in stating, that on the morning of the 6th instant, the Peruvian brig of war, Capt. Kippen, (promoted from the Maria, lately on this station) on her return from St. Thomas, fell in with, and, after a chase of 15 hours, captured the American privateer ship John, of 16 guns and 100 men.

A Court of Rolls and Commissarial Court, on Monday next.

For London.


JOHN COLE, Master,
Will sail with the First Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to
February 27. On Pl. Ruimveld.


Will positively sail with the Convoy in April. For Freight or Passage, having excellent Accommodations, apply to Capt. Wilson, or
Feb. 24. H. T. FERGUSON & Co.
Note - Those gentlemen having goods on board the ship, are requested to send for them as soon as possible.

To sail with the First Convoy in April,

The Staunch Ship WILLIAM,

Well armed and manned. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board, or to the Subscribers.


M. MAGRATH, Master,
Will sail with convoy in the Month of April. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or
Who has for sale, imported by the above vessel - Porter and pale ale, paints and oils, vinegar, Scotch barley in jugs, salad oil, gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, boys' ditto, nails assorted, hams, pine and Berkley cheese, Hoffman's cherry and raspberry brandy, printed calicoes, salempores, Inverness cotton bagging, umbrellas, parasols, dress and plain shoes, ladies' slippers, negro blankets, &c. Likewise on Consignment - Building and fire bricks, building lime, puncheons packs complete, long and short wood hoops, elegant patent lamps, &c. - Feb. 27.


in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary.






Pl. Alliance.


Boedel M'Rae,

L. Corbet.


Pl. Orange Nassau,



T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.





Pl. Swanenschuts,

Pl. Lowlands.








W. King,



Pl. Werk & Rust,

Pl. La Reduit.


M. Smit,

C. Chandler.


Pl. Cornelia,

Pl. Christopher.


Garden & King,



Pl. Petit Fortune,

Pl. Sophia.


Pl. Werk and Rust,


February 20. [sic] F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.

By Edward James Henery.

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