Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 March 13


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 562.


[seal - centered]
The King's House, [centered]
DEMERARY. [centered]

NOTICE. [centered]
WHEREAS the inclemency of the weather on the 7th instant prevented the Parade of His Majesty's Troops and the Militia, for the purpose of Divine Worship, in commemoration of the late action between His Majesty's sloop of war Peacock, and the United States' ship Hornet, in the former of which Captain PEAKE, the Commander, was killed.
It is now directed, that they assemble at half past nine on the Parade in Cumingsburg, on Sunday, the 14th instant, for that purpose; and as some unforeseen obstacles prevent the Dutch Church being occupied on that occasion, the Corps will march by Companies from the Parade to St. George's Church.
King's-House, George-Town, March 10, 1813.
By Command,

King's Receiver's Office. [centered]
NOTICE is hereby given, to all whom it may concern, that proceedings of Summary Execution will be commenced immediately against all persons who are in arrears for Taxes on Slaves, as well as those who have neglected to pay the Instalments due upon Grants for Cutting Timber.
Demerary, March 12.

FOR SALE, [centered]
A Healthy Young Woman, an excellent washer. For Cash, or first-quality Coffee, at Cash Price. For particulars, enquire at MARSHALL's Hotel.
Also runaway - a yellow-skinned lad, named Tom; whoever will secure and deliver him as above, will receive a liberal reward. March 13.

GENTLEMEN who have engaged room in the ships Castle Lachlan, Capt. Sangster, and Aurora, Capt. McDougall, are now respectfully requested to be as expeditious as possible, in sending forward their Produce to prevent disappointment.
March 13. E. & A. FRASER.

THE Subscriber finds so little attention paid to applications for money due him, and being himself much pressed by those he stands indebted to, for their just claims; he hopes this public notice will cause his not being obliged to have recourse to unpleasant measures, to obtain payment.
Demerary, March 10.

FOR SALE - a new fast-sailing YACHT. Enquire at Plantation Belfield, Leguan Island, of Mr. DE KOKER. March 12.

NOTICE. [centered]
STOLEN or Strayed, on Monday last, a strong dark-grey Terrier DOG; his ears cropped small, and answers to the name of Sharp. A liberal reward will be paid to any person that will bring him to the Subscribers, or give such information that he can be recovered; and should he be detained, and found in the possession of any person after this advertisement, they will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of law.
March 13. M'INROY, SANDBACH & Co.

DONALD SMITH, America-Street, has just received, three dozen bottles of Madden's VEGETABLE ESSENCE, the efficacy of which is so well known for curing and relieving people in all stages of Consumption, Asthma, and Coughs. They are come from London, by the particular direction of a gentleman who experienced their relieving effects, but who no longer requires them. - They are accompanied by a box full of Stramonium; and if not sold in one week, wholesale, will, after that, be retailed at a moderate price, for ready payment. Instructions along with them. - March 13.

THE Subscribers, in addition to their stock before on hand, still various and considerable, have received by the late arrivals direct, and via Barbados, the following articles, which they offer at very moderate prices: -
Champaigne, superior London particular Madeira in quarter-casks, pure Hollands, fine Cogniac Brandy, old Island Rum, Porter in barrels, of a very superior body, new Irish Butter in firkins, Irish Linen and Russia Sheeting, Negro Blankets, Hats, Jackets, &c.
March 12. PLAYTER & LEACH.

ALL those who have any demand against the late G. FONTAINE, are requested to render in their claims as soon as possible, in order said Boedel may be brought to a speedy liquidation.
March 10. Deliberating Executors.

NOTICE. [centered]
THE Creditors of Plantations Elizabeth and Success, belonging to Mrs. ANN GOOLSBY, are hereby informed by the Trustees, that there will be ready on said Estates, on Monday the 5th of April next, Forty Casks of Sugar; for which Tenders will be received at Mr. Marsh's Hotel, George-Town, from this day to the above date, at 12 o'clock, when they will be opened in the presence of such of said Creditors as shall wish to attend, will likewise be received for 6000 Dutch Covering-Tiles. - Both the Sugar and Tiles to be delivered to the purchasers in George-Town. Leguan, March 13.

NOTICE. [centered]
IF a gentleman, named JAMES DALY, will call at the Store of the Subscribers, he will be informed of something, which may tend to mutual advantage.
George-Town, March 13.

NOTICE. [centered]
All those who entrusted their Clocks, Watches, &c. to the late JOHN BROOKS, watch-maker, are hereby desired to call for the same at the House of the Undersigned, in the course of a fortnight from the date hereof; - otherwise they will be sold at Public Vendue, to defray the expences.
Demerary, March 13. Deliberating-Executor.

MR. H. CANTZLAAR, I.Z. intending to depart for Europe, requests all those who have entrusted him, as Attorney at Law, with Papers, to call at his Office for the same, previous to the 1st day of April next – by neglect of which, he will be under the necessity of depositing them in the Secretary's Office.
Demerary, March 13.

Banns of Matrimony, [centered]
BETWEEN [centered]
ABEL CORBIN, Bachelor, born in Barbados, [centered]
AND [centered]
Also born in Barbados - with the consent of her Friends. [centered]
Any person knowing just cause why those persons should not be joined together in holy matrimony, must declare the same to
The Rev. W. G. STRAGHAN.
Demerary, March 13.

NOTICE. [centered]
BROUGHT to the Colony Jail, a Bay and a Black HORSE; and if they are not claimed in fourteen days from this date, they will be sold at Public Sale, to defray the expences.
Demerary, Marc 13. Cipier.

DRIFTED from along-side the Schooner Eliza, Capt. ADAMS, a large BOAT - yellow bottom, and two white streaks on her gunwale - having the name of the Vessel and Master, in the stern. Whoever will deliver the same to the Master on board, or the Subscribers, will be rewarded.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
The Honourable Anthony Meertens, and family, and two servants, with the next Convoy.
Mathew Thomson, in one month, or six weeks, from the 25th of February.
Francis Owens, in fourteen days, from the 26th of February.
Amelia Godding, and a servant named Mary, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 26th of February.
William M'Pherson, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 27th of February.
Thomas Lowthian, in fourteen days, or with the Ship Lune, from the 1st of March.
I. C. H. Kuster, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 1st of March.
William Chorley, and one servant, in fourteen days, or by the April Convoy, from the 4th of March.
Hugh Munro, in fourteen days, from the 5th of March.
George Bonyun, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 6th of March.
Thomas Smith, in fourteen days, or with the April Convoy, from the 6th of March.
J. Chaudony, M.D. in fourteen days, or by the April Fleet, from the 9th of March.
John Parcell Walsh, in fourteen days, from the 9th of March.
John Findlater, in fourteen days, or by the April Fleet, from the 13th of March.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, March 13, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

For the First Time. [centered]
BANNS of MATRIMONY - between HENRI JACQUES THEODORE FABER, Phz. born in Gelderland, Widower, of the Protestant Religion, and Miss JOHANNA HERAUT, born in Essequebo, Spinster, with the consent of and assisted by her father, JOHN HERAUT, Esq.
Any person knowing just cause or impediment, why the above parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony, must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Secretary's Office, March 13, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Monday the 15th March, at the store of H. T. FERGUSON & Co. on account of those concerned - [illegible] bundles long and 70 ditto short wood hoops, landed from the ship John and Thomas, and refused to be received on account of having been wet with salt water in landing in this river. - Cash in one month.
March 13. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday the 16th instant, [see 18130309EDRG] . . .
Also by order of HUGO CANTZLAAR, Esq. three negro men, named Isaac, Robert, and Frank, good grass and wood cutters; and a negro woman, Barbary, a huckster and seamstress, and her child.
And by order of ST. MARIE, Esq. six negroes, viz. a cook, a carpenter; three men, and a negro woman – field people.
And by Mr. MARTIN DOYER, a negro man, named Present.
Also by order of ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, a negro man, named William, a good house-servant, and [illegible] at the carpenter's trade – sold for no fault.
March 9. A. MILLS & Co.

On Wednesday the 17th March, by order of EVAN & ANGUS FRASER, at their Store in Cumingsburg, the cargo of the schooner Eliza; also negro clothing, cotton and coffee bagging, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
March 13. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday next, the 19th March, at the Vendue Office - Fifty-five barrels new Baltimore Flour, (just arrived), 50 barrels of Salt, and 100 puncheons packs.
March 13. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Tuesday the 23d instant, at the stores of HYNDMAN & CARY - Sundry goods, the effects of the late Captain Langley. (Particulars in our next).
March 13. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Thursday the 13th of April, will be exposed for sale, at the Vendue Office, by order of CHARLES SIMPSON, Esq. Acting-Executor to CHARLES MACRAE, deceased - Seventeen Prime Negro Men. Six and nine months' credit.
Also on the same day, by order of CHARLES SIMPSON, Esq. his property - Eighteen Prime Negro Men, accustomed to work in a task gang, hired for the last eighteen months on a sugar estate. - Six and nine months' credit.
March 13. A. MILLS & Co.

Custom-House Sale. [centered]
ON Saturday next, the 20th March, 1813, will be publicly sold, at the Custom-House, to the highest bidder, if the offer be approved, for immediate payment in Cash - the Brig Rebecca, her Tackle, Apparel, Furniture, Stores, &c. as she now lays; seized by Mr. JEFFERY, Waiter and Searcher at this Port, and legally Condemned in the Vice-Admiralty of this Colony. Inventories thereof may be seen, by application at this Office. Should no satisfactory offer be made, the Vessel will be broken up, and sold in lots, on Wednesday the 24th of March next.
Custom-House, Demerary, March 13, 1813.
JOHN FORBES, Collector,
J. W. HOBBS, Acting Comptroller.
The Sale will commence precisely at Two o'clock.

Real Cogniac Brandy, [centered]
A few Pipes for Sale, cheap.
March 13. H. T. FERGUSON, & Co.

Lime-Stone for Sale. [centered]
March 13. P. MASSIAH & Co.

ARRIVALS. - The brig Koutousoff, Johnstone, on Thursday; yesterday, the schooner Brothers, Adamson; and this morning, L'Espiagle sloop of war - from Barbados. Also the schooner Meadow, from Surinam.

Since our last, intelligence of considerable importance, has been communicated from North-America. Madison is re-elected President; and General Armstrong is to be Secretary at War. - French interest has therefore prevailed; and the United States are in fact, annexed to France! - Thus then, it will be for History to record, that, at a time, when such countries as Russia and Spain, were struggling against a Power, aiming at their entire subjugation – America (the free-born America!) voluntarily became that Power's vassal!

For this knowledge, however, of who would be elected, doubtless as the Government of England waited, before it acted worthy of its power; - we may, therefore, now expect early intelligence, of the proper chastisement of an enemy, whom concession could not satisfy, or any thing but approaching annihilation, bring to reason.

                        "Barbados, March. 6.
"American Papers have been received to the19th of January:
"Mr. Madison has been re-elected as President of the United States; and General Armstrong is appointed to be Secretary of War for that Government."
"By an express from St. Andrew's, which reached St. John's, New Brunswick, on the 10th Jan. last, the following official notification was made to Major Maule, commanding at that place, by Colonel Ulmer, commanding the United States' troops on Moose Island, &c. &c. by a flag of truce: -
"I hereby notify to you, that all persons coming to this frontier from His Britannic Majesty's Providences or Shipping, except by permission from the Commanding Officer of this frontier, will be treated as Spies, and will be made prisoners of war."

The Barbados Papers by the late arrivals, afford nothing new from Europe. A London Journal, however, by the late Packet, has furnish [sic] us with an article of some interest. [Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed]

On L'Espiagle leaving Barbados, we are told, two Men of war were going out, in consequence of the appearance of a vessel under jury-mast, to windward of the island - supposed to be an enemy.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

The reader will find that the Public Solemnity, which the inclemency of the weather prevented on Sunday, is to take place to-morrow. It will be recollected, that it is for the purpose of commemorating the late heroic efforts of the Peacock sloop of war, against an American of superior force; and of doing religious honour to the memory of Captain Peake - a commander, who had often fought the enemies of England; but, in the present instance, fell in a battle which was all our own! - Ours, because the foe might have become the incendiary of our plantations; the case of a suspended commercial intercourse; and of this now valuable colonial jewel being rendered, a degrading inhabitant of the British crown! - His Majesty's Troops and the Militia are to assemble on the Grand Parade in Cumingsburg, and thence march in companies to St. George's Church.

It has been since ascertained, that if any thing could have equalled the heroic manner in which Capt. Peake went into the late engagement; it was that in which the same was continued by Lieutenant Wright. - Before he struck, the Peacock's mainmast had gone by the board, half of her crew were killed and wounded, her rigging was all cut away, and she had eight feet water in her hold.

It may not be useless to remind those, who intend paying their taxes in Bills of Exchange, that the Hon. Court of Policy has altered the Rate of thirteen, to twelve guilders ten the pound sterling.

A Court of Rolls on Monday next.

The brig Koutousoff before announced, was lately the American privateer Decatur, taken by the Surprise frigate. She is a very fine vessel, sails remarkably fast, and mounts ten carriage guns.

It will be heard in this colony with pleasure, that the British Regent has been pleased to bestow, on the gallant Sir Charles Shipley, the Government of Grenada.

Cleared from the Custom-House, on the 10th instant - the schooner Catharine, White, for Barbados.

Departed this Life - on Tuesday last, Mr. Rowland Hunter, on Plantation Vlissingen.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]






Pl. Alliance.


Boedel M'Rae,

L. Corbet.


Pl. Orange Nassau,



T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.





M. Smit,

C. Chandler.


Dr. Walker,

a negro of C. M'rae.


M. Paadevort,

Pl. Kinderen.


Pl. Vergenoegen,




From Mahaica.

March 13. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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