Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 March 23


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 565.

TUESDAY, MARCH 23, 1813.

Custom-House Sale. [centered]
ON Wednesday next, the 24th of March, 1813, will be publicly sold to the highest bidders, for immediate payment in Cash, at the Stelling of H. E. LEMMEX, in Cumingsburg, in Lots - the Hull and Materials of the Brig Rebecca - no satisfactory offer having been made for the same on Saturday last.
Custom-House, Demerary, March 22, 1813.
JOHN FORBES, Collector,
J. W. HOBBS, Acting-Comptroller.

THE Undersigned informs the Public in general, that he has some excellent WAX SKINS, just arrived - which he will sell reasonable for Cash, per single skin or per dozen.
March 23. W. ROACH.
[Transcriber's note: compare with a similar ad of the same posting date for 18130330EDRG.]

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                  Demerary, March 23, 1813.
ORDNANCE BILLS. [centered]
CASH WANTED for Bills, amounting to 2350 Sterling, drawn by Henry St. Hill, Esquire, Ordnance Store-Keeper, on the Right Hon. the Principal Officers of His Majesty's Board of Ordnance, London, at thirty Days' sight. Tenders for the same in triplicate, in sums not less than 50 Sterling, to be sent to this Office on or before Monday the 29th instant, when they will be opened, and the Tender most advantageous to Government accepted.

H. O. SEWARD [centered]
HAS for Sale, received by the late London fleet, and by the arrivals this year, the following articles, which he will sell very reasonable for immediate payment in Cash or Produce: -
London silver watches with seconds and stops, kegs fine pickled beef and pork, ditto smoked sausages in lard, sheeps' tongues, tripe, Scotch barley, split-pease, mess beef and pork in barrels, fine Irish butter, brown soap, long and short mould candles with waxed wicks 4's and 6's spermaceti candles in 14lb. boxes, Hoffman's rusks and gingerbread nuts in cases, ditto brown and white sugar candy in glass cases, ditto honey, comfits, orgeat, raspberry vinegar, Golding's rose, lavender, and honey water; vermicelli, macaroni, and curry powder; mustard, sago, black pepper, spices assorted, hyson, souchong, and gunpowder tea; double refined loaf sugar, pickles and sauces; gentlemen's coats, coatees, and round robins; kerseymere waistcoats and pantaloons, fine flannel, flannel coatees and dressing gowns, large camblet boat cloaks with sleeves, silk, beaver and Leghorn hats; planters' broad-rimmed hats, boys' hats, servants' glazed hats, planters' strong shoes, dress and half-dress shoes, slippers, dress and strong boots, ladies' boots, black morocco and kid shoes, superfine ladies' cloths and kerseymeres assorted colours, chaise and livery cloths, coat buttons, ladies' fine damask shawls, plain, figured, and twilled sarsnets; silk handkerchiefs, long lawns, silk and gingham umbrellas, parasols, fine white pins, patent White-Chapel needles in small cases, ladies' and gentlemen's fine silk and cotton stockings, girls' and children's cotton stockings, gauze worsted foot socks and half stockings, lambs' wool long and half stockings, cotton half stockings, cotton gloves, doe-skin ditto, ladies' fawn wash ditto, checks, long India Company's white and yellow nankeens, India chintz, plain and striped musquito net muslin, tradesmen's hats and jackets, striped trowsers, cotton bagging, white canvas for boat sails, cordage from 1 to 7 1/2 inches, white baling rope, blocks, mast-hoops, gib-hanks, and dead-eyes, hoes, cutlasses, and American felling axes, warranted carpenters' and coopers' tools, ditto axes with round eyes, boat scrapers, caulking irons, pruning knives, sailors' and buck clasp knives, buck beads, sugar boilers, grating bars, temper lime, round and square shouldered cappooses for sugar-mills with best hardened steps, mill wedges and mill clinches, cambooses for colony schooners, boiling-house lamps, copper skimmers and ladles, coopers' and carpenters' flooring brads and bats [sic], pump tacks, coffee and corn mills, sheet copper, tallow in kegs, mill grease, gin-cranks, proof bubbles, straight and folding gauging rods, deep sea and log lines, chalk lines, sein and sewing twine, fishing seins with bags in the centre 10 to 25 fathoms, fish-hooks, boats' ensigns, jacks, and bunting; fine polished white ivory handled knives and forks with deserts and carvers to match, double block tin and iron tinned inside fish-kettles, ditto tea kettles, double block tin coffee-pots, patent gridirons with fluted bars and receivers, long handled frying-pans, dripping-pans, Japan and gold bordered coffee-biggins, tea and coffee urns newest fashion, breakfast and China, large blue and white handled breakfast cups and saucers.
TOWN MADE - [centered]
Fine polished silver table, tea, and salt spoons and butter knives, best plated screw up candlesticks with plain and painted shades, chamber ditto with painted shades and extinguishers, plated bottle stands, ditto snuffers and trays, ditto table and tea spoons and soup ladles, ditto cruet frames and fish knives, ditto spurs, boot-hooks and nut crackers, large brass candlesticks, chamber ditto and extinguishers, double block tin pudding shapes in sets, cake shapes, shower baths, watering-pots, tin boxes jappaned with brass tumbler locks, garden rakes, red and black Japan with gold border bottle stands, large Japan chamber candlesticks, and extinguishers, large and small green table cloths with borders, house brooms, whitewash and cloth brushes, table-brushes, tea-bells, house-bells with every thing complete to hang them, whip and cross-cut saws, whip, cross-cut, and hand-saw files; nests of gimblets, best plate swinging glasses, plain and fluted bedsteads, mattresses, sea mattresses, cane-bottom and cherry-tree chairs, &c.; liquor cases, small waiters, vat, but [sic], wine, and porter, and bottling brass cocks, wine and porter corks, cork screws, brass door and small ditto hinges and locks, large and small hook, eye, and HL hinges; hooks and staples, stock locks, dead locks, plated ditto, padlocks, trunk, drawer, and desk locks; drawer knobs, curtain, picture, cloak and hat pins, brass door rappers, door scrapers with receivers, bed screws; stationery, hanging paper and bordering, bees' wax, Glauber's salts, bark powder, salt in puncheons, barrels, and baskets; oats in puncheons, folio and letter size writing cases, double and single heads and reins, green and white paint, neatsfoot and paint oil; hogshead and puncheon truss-hoops, long wood hoops, iron puncheon and vat hoops and rivets, a few thousand paving tiles; Morton's London brown stout, real cogniac brandy, old Jamaica and Antigua rum, old hock, Madeira and port wine, and brisk bottled cyder.
ALSO ON HAND, [centered]
Old colony rum; a few thousand inch thick crabwood boards, liquor and water vats, a few rum puncheons, ash oars, and a variety of other goods.
Also for sale, two fine young Cows (with calves) in full milk.
Also, arrived by the Cork Fleet - Cumberland hams, fine Irish linen, sheeting, table linen, &c.
Cumingsburg, March 23.

ABSENTED from the undersigned, a Negro Man, by the name of Edward; about five feet six inches high, yellow-skinned, speaks good English for an African, and is well known in and about the town, as well as on the coast as far as Mahaicony - he is a carpenter by trade. All persons are hereby cautioned against harbouring him, and Captains of Vessels from taking him off the Colony, as he may strive to pass himself as a free man; should that be the case, the offenders will be proceeded against according to law. A liberal reward will be given to any person that will apprehend and lodge him in the Colony Jail, or bring him to

THE Subscribers are now landing from the brigs Farina, from Dublin, and Greenbow, from Belfast -
Prime Mess Pork, in whole and half barrels; ditto Beef ditto; firkins of Ox Tongues, Rounds of Beef in tubs; Cork Butter, in half firkins; Soap, Candles, Potatoes, Fine Irish 4-4 Linens; ditto 5-4 Sheetings; Platillas, &c.
March 23. H. T. FERGUSON & Co.

FOR LIVERPOOL, [centered]
WILLIAM KNEALE, Master, [centered]
Stands A 1, at Lloyd's. Will positively sail with the First Convoy from hence. For Freight or Passage apply to
Who has received per said Vessel, [centered]
Bricks and lime, coals in hogsheads, tobacco in ditto, earthen ware in puncheons assorted, beer and porter, butter in whole and half firkins, double and single Gloucester cheese, refined sugar in small loaves, superfine flour, beef and pork in whole and half barrels, hams in tierces and puncheons, potatoes in hampers, salad oil, brown stout and white-wine vinegar, Scotch and pearl barley, mustard in boxes of 6 dozen each, soap and candles, tar, cordage assorted from 12-thread ratline to 6 inch hawser, nails assorted 4d. to 30d. puncheon and vat hoops, ditto rivets, puncheon packs, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, a large assortment of tin ware, double and single barrelled fowling-pieces, and shot belts, powder in canisters, cotton and coffee bagging, boots and shoes, Irish linen 7-8 and 4-4 wide, real Welch flannel, gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, tradesmen's and negro hats, Nuns' thread assorted No. 8 to 30, tape and bobbin assorted, cotton shirting, Romall and Madras handkerchiefs, dimities, jeans and jeanettes, ginghams, plain and figured muslin, platillas and Britannias, cotton and linen check, York stripe, an assortment of cutlery consisting of knives and forks, razors, penknives, scissars, buck knives, &c. Also two cooper Stills complete, of 60 gallons each, on the new patent plan of Mr. John Sutherland, Liverpool; for whom orders will be received, and cash given for any quantity of old copper.
Middle-Street, March 22.

NOTICE. [centered]
THE Adjourned-Meeting of the 4th instant, respecting the loss of the Peacock, takes place on Thursday the 25th, at Marsh's Hotel, at 10 o'clock. Those gentlemen who have kindly assisted in forwarding the benevolent intentions of the Meeting, are requested to attend. - March 23.

RECEIVED by the Brig Ann, from Bristol, and for Sale by the Subscribers:
Beef in kegs, Tongues in ditto, Tripe in jars, Hams, Butter, Cheese, Oysters, Beer and Porter, Loaf Sugar, Lime in hogsheads, Grindstones, Vat and Puncheon Hoops, and a few dozen green painted elbow Chairs.
Also on Hand - a few Hundred Twilled Coffee Bags, cheap for Cash.
March 23. J. H. & N. W. POLLARD, & Co.

LANDED from the Schooner Phnix, from Barbados, on consignment: -
A few cases, containing each three dozen, of superior Claret and Port Wine; and one pipe real Cogniac Brandy; for which Cash, or Coffee at cash price, will be taken.
And, to close sales - a few puncheons of Glassware. Apply to
American-Stelling, March 23.

MARSHAL'S OFFICE. [centered]

BY virtue of an order from His Honor the President of the Honourable Court of Justice of the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. &c. I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal of the aforesaid Colony, will expose for sale, unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellors Commissaries of the Honorable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, George-Town, on the Sixth day of April next ensuing.
1st. In behalf of H. C. EVERTSZ, Sole-Representative of the Heirs of M. LOOFF, deceased, Plaintif, versus the Representatives or Executors of H. Haaseman, Defendants - An Account-Current between N. VOLKERTS and the Estate of HAASEMAN, deceased, signed by J. SCHNEIDO, q.q. and for J. H. BEEKMAN q.q. the Estate of HAASEMAN, deceased; which account current amounts to f 23,400 and is founded on a contract for the purchase of Plantation Flensburg, sold by HAASEMAN to N. VOLKERTS, and the same contract being annexed to the account-current.
Should any person pretend to have any right, title, or claim on the above-named account, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof; let such person or persons address themselves to me, the said Deputy First Marshal, stating their reasons of opposition in writing, when I will appoint such person or persons a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice for the trial of the same, and those intend to purchase, please attend the day of sale, and at the place above-written.
Rio Demerary, 22d March, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.
[Transcriber's note: the text above specifies a '1st.' but there is no '2d' or other ennumeration.]

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
J. Chaudony, M.D. in fourteen days, or by the April Fleet, from the 9th of March.
John Parcell Walsh, in fourteen days, from the 9th of March.
John Findlater, in fourteen days, or by the April Fleet, from the 13th of March.
Thomas Finlayson, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 16th of March.
Lucius Van Baerle, in fourteen days, or by the First Fleet, from the 16th of March.
Andrew Smith, with one servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 16th of March.
Charles Mackintosh, in fourteen days, or by the First Fleet, from the 18th of March.
William Lucas, with one servant, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 19th of March.
Richard Chandler, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 19th of March.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, March 20, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Saturday the 27th instant, at the stores of HYNDMAN & CARY - Sundry goods, the effects of the late Captain Langley: Bitters, Irish linen, cotton stockings, waistcoat patterns, a parcel beads and garnets, Buck knives, smelling bottles, 3 cases hats, 100 cotton shirts, 8 pair Russia sheeting trowsers, candles, a parcel bottled Madiera, cotton bagging, a pipe gin, barley in jugs, caret in cases of one dozen, 18 dozen coffee bags, Osnaburgs, 4 barrels hearts and skirts, a parcel earthen ware, a fashionable saddle complete, a chest of slops containing fearnought and blue cloth jackets and trowsers, Guernsey frocks, &c. &c. – a parcel of wearing apparel belonging to the late Captain Langley.
Also, provisions of different kinds – salmon, shades [sic – shads], flour and what further may be exposed for sale.
March 23. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Tuesday the 20th of April, by order of J. L. & G. M. FORRESTER, on the North-Dam - sundry Household Furniture, consisting of four-post bedsteads, dining and chamber tables, nests of drawers, sophas, light rush and cane-bottom chairs, one mahogany slab with drawers, knife cases, two tea-table sets of China ware, two elegant patent oil floor cloths, looking glasses, a few pair of large elegant pictures, highly tinted and finished, in gilt frames; one liquor-case, with large white flint bottles and stoppers; one strong easy chaise, knives and forks, glass and China ware, jappaned tea waiters, mahogany swing tray and stand, globe lamps and covers; sundry empty rum puncheons, and what further may appear on the day of sale.
March 23. A. MILLS, & Co.

The King's House, [centered]
DEMERARY. [centered]

By his Excellency Major-General Hugh
[first column]
[image of a seal - broken circle with 'L.S.' within]
[second column]
LYLE CARMICHAEL Acting-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, and it Dependencies, &c. &c.
[end columns]
WHEREAS by the Appointment of CHARLES BEAN, Esqr. to act as Second Fiscal, pro tempore, a Vacancy occurs in the Board of Kiezers of Electors. Those qualified to Vote, conformable to Law, will deposit their Ballots in a Box, at the Government-Secretary's Office, King's House, which will be opened in the usual manner, on Tuesday the 14th of April next.
Given under my Hand and Seal-at-Arms, this Twenty-third Day of March, 1813.
By Command,

NOTICE. [centered]
WHEREAS several Complaints have recently been made, in consequence of the Lives of Persons being endangered by people of different descriptions Galloping their Horses through the Streets, and on the Public Roads in the Vicinity of George-Town, - contrary to Law. This Caution is given, as the full Penalty will hereafter be put in force, against such as appear to have no regard for the Lives or Limbs of their Fellow Creatures.
And whereas, two very serious accidents occured, by which the Child of an Officer, and his servant; as also in another instance, a Soldier of His Majesty's Second Battalion, 60th Regiment, had nearly lost their Lives - and the Persons who rode against them, had not even the common feelings of humanity, to express contrition or regret for the injury. A reward of Ten Joes will be given for the discovery of such person or persons, who were concerned in those Lawless Acts.
King's-House, George-Town, March 23, 1813.
By Command, JOHN EYRE,

ARRIVALS - The ship Hero, and the schooner Phnix, from Barbados.

The present number, notwithstanding the above-mentioned arrivals, is unavoidably barren of news of importance. Previous to Saturday, however, we hop the Packet will arrive - in which case, our next will make sufficient amends.


Bridge-Town, March 16. [centered]

The Tickler Mail-Boat (which arrived yesterday from St. Vincent), on her passage hence for Trinidad, and within the Bocas, was boarded by a large Spanish schooner, armed, and having a complement of 160 men, which stated, that they were cruising for a sloop that was expected from St. Bartholomew, with a reinforcement of Frenchmen, to assist those renagadoes who had lately landed at Guiara, on the Spanish Main. They behaved respectfully on board the mail-boat, but at the same time were particularly desirous of ascertaining whether any of the passengers were French subjects, or natives of any of their lately conquered Colonies in this quarter; they evinced much exasperation against that Government, and were evidently overjoyed on being informed of the reverses that had befallen Bonaparte and his armies in Russia. We have been given to understand, that in consequence of the invaders of Guira having departed from a small island within the command of Trinidad, a very strong remonstrance has been made to the Governor of that Colony, by the Commandant of Cumana, who, it is added, has also written to his Government on the subject; and it is therefore to be apprehended, that this affair will occasion much jealousy in the minds of Spaniards, as to our ultimate views in being leagued with them against France.

The Squadrons blockading the ports of America have been very successful in preventing the commercial pursuits of that country as well as enriching our tars by captures from the enemy: - one division, under the personal direction of Sir John Borlase Warren, had recently taken twenty sail, and that commanded by Commodore Beresford had been no less fortunate, having captured about the same number, one of which is estimated to be worth 70,000, sterling. The United States' brig Argus lately had a narrow escape, having been chased for a considerable time by some of our men of war, but, by throwing her guns overboard, she defeated their exertions, and, having arrived in port, is now refitting. She had been on a three months' cruise, part of which on the coast of Brazil, whence she ran down from St. Roque, to Surinam, and then passed to windward of these Islands and the Bermudas, during which time she had taken five British Vessels.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

Pursuant to the Court of Policy's Proclamation, of the 9th ultimo, the Superintendant of the Fire Engine Department, (F. Van den Velden, Esq.) attended last week, at the Engine-House, for the purpose of organizing the same. Among other regulations, Captain Cart's Company of the Militia, was placed on permanent Duty, in case of fire, for the ensuing three months

[Transcriber's note: here an item cut out of the newspaper.]

Yesterday, the long-pending case of the Calcutta-Estate, occupied the attention of the Court of Justice for several hours. It was ably argued on both sides; Mr. Downie for the Plaintiffs; and Mr. Heyliger, for the Defendants. The Court has decided in favour of the later.

We understand, that the Admiral has given Capt. Simpson, of the Coquette sloop of war - the chief command between this river and that of Surinam.

The Exchange of Colonial Paper Money, is to continue every Monday, at the usual place, until further notice.

The Demerary, Dougall, from Liverpool, may be daily expected.

The arrivals announced in our last, from Liverpool, Belfast, Bristol, and Dublin, came under convoy of the Eclipse sloop of war - being part of the Cork Fleet. Forty-six days' passage.

The Carteret Packet, late from this port, arrived at Barbados on the 15th instant.

Departed this Life - at Barbados, Major Bacon, of the 60th Regiment.

Cleared from the Custom-House - on the 18th, the ship Belmont, Knubley; and the brig Bridget, Kennan, for Liverpool - on the 20th, the sloop Blackbird, Hall, for Martinique, and the schooner Brothers, Adamson, for Barbados.

For London. [centered]
THOMAS GOODSIR, Master, [centered]
To sail with the April Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
March 23. DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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