Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 April 17


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 572.


FOR HIRE - a new and pleasant Dwelling-House, situated on the North Dam of Stabroek, on the Lot formerly occupied by Messrs. RIDLEY & DODSON.
Apply to
April 15. CHORLEY & COOK.

THE Subscriber requests all persons indebted to him for the yearly rent of Mahaica Ferry, as well as those who have given Goods, or requested memorandums to be made of their passing, to come forward with payment, as he cannot in justice to his family, pay Three Thousand One Hundred Guilders per annum, to the Colony, and furnish Negroes, Punts, and Stellings, for their convenience, without being paid by them; and in future, no person except punctual subscribers, will be passed, unless the money is first paid. All accounts due after the 1st of June, will be put into the hands of a Lawyer to be sued for.
April 17. R. S. TURTON.

FOR SALE - a compleat Boot and Shoe-Maker, who can be strongly recommended for honesty and constancy - his owner not requiring the services of such a man. For particulars enquire of the Printer. - April 17.

ABSENTED himself from Plantation Naamryk, a Negro Man, named Jacob, a cooper, well known in this town. A reward of One Joe will be given to any one who will secure the said negro, or deliver him to the Subscriber.
April 17. W. ROACH.

Domicilium & Register Office, [centered]
                        Demerary, April 17.
A Management wanted, on a Coffee-Estate, by a steady Man of good character. Also wanted to Purchase, Two good House-Boys. Houses for sale and to let. For particulars apply at the Office.

100,000 lb. Whole Coffee for Sale. [centered]
ANY one wishful of purchasing the whole or a part of the above-mentioned quantity of Coffee, now ready for immediate delivery, will please to send sealed tenders for it to the Store of Messrs. Cornfoot, Bell, & Co. before or on Thursday next, the 22d instant, at noon, when they will be opened, and the highest offer, if approved, accepted.
George-Town, April 17, 1813.

FOR SALE, very cheap for Cash, at his House formerly occupied by the Revd. J. Davies, the following articles, viz.
[prepare table with 3 columns and then insert prices]
[first column]




Prime Irish butter,
per firkin





Yorkshire hams, per





Loaf sugar, in loaves
of 7 1/2 lbs. each, per







Gentlemen's black
and bottle-green
coats, each







Ditto grey ditto



Marseilles white and
colored vests, each





4 and 5-inch cables,
per pound





Best staple cordage,
assorted per pound





[second column]
Irish linen, per pieces, from f 44 to 140 0
Temper lime
Black silk sarsnetts
Ladies' stockings
Ditto elegant pocket thread cases
Sewing silk and twist
Cucumber slices
Sugar tongues
Fish knives
Ladies' smelling bottles
Pocket globes,
An elegant time-piece
A turner's lathe, with tool complete for wood, iron and brass
Thermometers, &c.
[end columns]
And many other articles too tedious to describe, but the Public is referred to the Advertisement in the Royal Gazette of the 15th of March last, for their names and prices.
[right pointing hand icon] All accounts not paid before the 1st of May, will be sued for without any respect to persons.
Werk & Rust, April 17.

A. CART begs leave to announce, that the Easter Vacation commenced in the morning of Good Friday, the 16th instant, and that the labours of the Academy will be resumed on the 26th.
He also notifies, to the Ladies in particular, that in consequence of the success of his advertisement of the first of August last (in which he now respectfully refers them), they may, with great propriety honour him with the tuition of their daughters.
N.B. Wanted an English tutor, of sober habits, and well versed in arithmetic. - April 17.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Hugo Cantzlaar, j.z. with a servant, in fourteen days, from April 1.
B. J. Hopkinson, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from April 1.
Samuel Knight, (free coloured) in fourteen days, or six weeks. [sic – no date]
Malachy Glyn, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from April 2.
C. F. E. Windisch, in fourteen days, from April 3.
James Walcott, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of April.
G. Wells, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of April.
The free coloured Martha C. Jordan, in fourteen days, from the 7th of April.
Samuel Dealey, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 9th of April.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, April 10 [sic], 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

At the COMMISSARY-COURT on the 3d of May next, will be passed the following
viz. [centered]
1. By J. L. & G. M. Forrester, a Re-transfer of the two Half Lots or Concessions, No. 7 and 8, situated on the North-Dam, Stabroek, George-Town, with all the Buildings thereon - to the Representative of C. D. Forrester; who will, at the same time, cancel a Mortgage, vested on the above property, by the said J. L. & G. M. Forrester, in favour of C. D. Forrester,
2. By J. J. Deeges, a Transport of a Piece of Land, 114 roods façade, situated on the lower part of the Creek Coeradaroe and the lands of said J. J. Deeges, near Supenaam Creek, Essequebo - to L. Hartensveld.
3. By the Representatives of the Estate of F. Bynoe, deceased, a Transport of Plantation Hygia, cum annexis, formerly called Gedagtenis, situated on Trooly Island - to I. D. Goddard.
4. By I. D. Goddard, a Mortgage on Plantation Hygia, formerly called Gedagtenis, and on Plantation Prospect, situated on the East Sea Coast of this River, with all the Negroes, and further Appurtenances and Dependencies, on both Estates - in favour of Rodie & Shands, of Liverpool.
5. By the Free Coloured Woman, Hester Newton, a Mortgage on Seven Negroes, the names thereof to be seen at the Secretary's Office of this Colony - in favour of J. Staunton, q.q. W. Beg & Co. of Liverpool.
6. By the Attorney of the Assignees of the Bankrupt Estate of Wm. M'Kenzie & Co. Transport of two Lots of Land, situated in Kingston, known as No. 78 and 79 with all the Buildings thereon - to Alex. Arthur.
7. By the Representatives of the Estate of D. Jardine, Transport of the Plantation Perseverance, formerly called De Noord Star, situated in Essequebo - to the Representative of the Estate of Ths. Duim, deceased.
8. By the Representative of the Estate of Ths. Duim, deceased, Transport of the same - to S. Cramer and N. M. Manget.
9. By Edward Austin, Transport of a Lot of Land, situated in Kingston, known by No. 65, with the Buildings thereon - to John Hall.
10. By the Widow Van der Markt, Transport of one hundred roods of Land of a wood ground, known by the name of Leiden, situated on the west bank of this river - to the Widow Van Hersell.
11. By the Widow Van Hersell, Transport of the same - to Mrs. M. Z. Wagner, born Van Geneep.
12. By Mrs. M. Z. Wagner, born Van Geneep, Transport of the same - to John Sobre Smith.
13. By Evan Fraser, q.q. MacNiel, Stewart, & Co. and William MacNiel and Alexander Stewart, Solvent Partners of MacNiel, Stewart, & Co. a Mortgage on Plantation Aurora, cum annexis, situated in Essequebo - in favour of W. Carbery, q.q. John Ferguson.
14. By Andrew Smith, for himself and in behalf of his late Brother, Adam Smith, a Transfer of all his right and title in Plantation Hope, situate on the Aroabische Coast, Essequebo, and in certain Lots and Buildings, situate in Cumingsburg, and known by Nos. 7 and 8 - to John Bolton, of Liverpool; and such for, and in consideration of, obtaining a release of a certain Mortgage, vested in said Plantation Hope, and Buildings and Lots in Cumingsburg, for as far as he, the said Andrew Smith, prive and as aforesaid, is bound and liable; and further of all demand the said J. Bolton may have or hold against him, the said Andrew Smith, individually, or against his late Brother, Adam Smith, deceased.
Secretary's Office, George-Town, April 17, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Wednesday the 21st of April, [see 18130327EDRG] . . .
Vendue to commence precisely at two o'clock.
March 27. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 21st instant, [see 18130406EDRG] . . .
Also a parcel of Elegant Prints, in gilt frames.
April 6. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Monday the 3d of May, 1813, [see 18130403EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Mr. I. WATSON, - a negro girl, named Mary a washer and house servant, sold for no fault.
Also by order of the Executors of the late I. BURGES (deceased) a prime young negro man, named Plato – a field negro, sold for no fault.
April 3. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 7th of May, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue-Office, by order of OWEN KERNAN, Esq. - Nine negro men, named Ned and Dick, two carpenters, the other seven field negroes - named Pompey, Harry, Boatswain, Joe, Simon, Little Harry, and John.
April 17. A. MILLS & Co.

[Seal image - centered]
                  April 17, 1813.
IN consequence of the sailing of the FLEET, the PACKET is detained until Wednesday, the 21st instant.
By Command,

The Berbice Mail-Boat arrived yesterday from Barbados, but has not brought any Papers later than the Catharine - although she communicates the following most important information:

On the 18th of February, both Houses of the British Parliament passed an unanimous Vote of Approbation, on the War with America; and pledged themselves to support the Executive, in the vigorous prosecution of the same!

This was indeed the only disideratum wanted, to make this new contest, the most popular that Britain ever engaged in! Concession after concession, was made to the Americans, to an almost culpable extent, by the British Government; and yet (oh, wonderful modesty!) all would not do! Yield up, said they, your maritime rights; and strike your flag of naval supremacy - and we will remain at peace! What though our ships are chiefly manned by your seamen? Dare but to search and impress - your Canadas shall be conquered! and our "gallant little navy," shall sweep you from evey [sic] sea!!! - This is, in fact, as glorious as it is modest: - Time, however, is frequently the teller of strange stories; and it may therefore come to pass, that instead of renouncing what she has - the acquisitions of England, may be fatal, not only to the American navy - but America, itself.

We congratulate our readers on this important and most welcome intelligence.

FROM [centered]

The London Papers by the Packet. [centered]

[Transcriber's note: most European news not transcribed.]

On the 28th of January, at a Grand Dinner given at Freemason's Hall, London, to the Earl of Moira, previous to his departure for India; and after the usual toast [sic] were given – the Chairman (the Duke of Sussex) rose, and in an eloquent speech expressed the sense entertained by Mason of the estimable qualities which had distinguished their Acting Grand Master, Lord Moira, and of the esteem and gratitude they felt towards him. He then invested the Noble Earl with a Jewel prepared for the occasion, and presented by the Society of Masons, not as a mere recollection, but to carry with him as a bright star to lead him to glory in India, and a safe return to his admiring Brethren. The jewel, a most brilliant badge, was then paraded round the Lodge, and finally suspended about his Lordship's neck, who was thereupon called to the Chair, and returned his thanks in a speech replete with feeling, energy, and eloquence. He would wear it, he said, as a monitor, sensible of his actions, to invite him to spread the philanthropic and benevolent principles of Masonry over the vast country to which he was going; and concluded by relating a beautiful Asiatic tale, in which a piece of perfumed earth, on being complimented, replies, "Alas! I am but common earth; but, coming in contact with a rose, I have borrowed its sweetness." Even so, he said, he had borrowed the odours of the virtues, with the possession of which they had been pleased to compliment him, from his coming in contact with their society. His gratitude and affection would only cease with the last pulse of life.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

The second convoy for the present year departs to-morrow; and we congratulate our fellow-colonist on this additional proof of the present value, and future capabilities of Demerary. The Fleet is much larger than even that which sailed in January last, and consists of - the Thomas, Russell, the Spectator, Spooner, the Russia Company, Cole, the John & Thomas, Wilson, the Latona, M'Grath, and the Princess Mary, Goodsir, for London - the Ann, Birbeck, the William, Yabsley, the Liverpool, Hill, the Flora, Ravely, the Claud Scott, Cowley, the Elizabeth, Nelson, the Alexander, Kneale, and the Cesar [sic], M'Larty, for Liverpool - the Traveller, Fisher, the Aurora, M'Dougall, and the Castle Lachlan, Sangster, for Glasgow - the Union, Henry, for Greenock - and the Ann, Brace, for Bristol.

The following vessels have also joined convoy from Berbice - the Anna, Brand, for London - the Ann M'Kenzie, Oxley, the Ulysses, Brien, and the Westbury, Sinclair, for Liverpool.

The Coquette is the convoying vessel.

The Maxwell, Banks, late from this port, is arrived at Liverpool.

The Friendship, Glascott, from London; the Samuel Braddick, from Liverpool; and the Sisters, Gemmell, from Glasgow - may be daily expected.

Cleared at the Custom-House, on the 14th - the brig Britannia, Poulson, for St. Bartholomews - on the 15th, the sloop Sir James Cockburn, Dickinson, for Antigua - and on the 17th, the schooner Eliza, Adams, for St. John's, New-Brunswick.

Departed this Life - last night - Charles Y. Jones, Nephew of J. H. Albouy, Esq. of this town.

AT a Meeting of the Subscribers for the erection of a Monument to the memory of Capt. PEAKE, [see 18130010EDRG] . . .
[Transcriber's note: additions to listing of subscribers]

J. S. Masse


. . .

Jas. Jackson


J. Wilson


. . .


W. Mudie


. . .



C. Phipps


. . .


H. B. Maggee


. . .


G. T. Perry


J. Hawksworth


. . .


in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]






Pl. Alliance.


T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.





M. Smit,

C. Chandler.



From Mahaica.


Mrs. Morehouse,

Pl. Plaisance.


Mrs. Elliot,

Pl. Vlissingen.


J. Bergh,

Pl. Good Intent.



Bon Intention.


D. Yearwood,

Bon [sic] Repos.





Pl. Klyn Paris,

M. Doyle.


S. G. Martens,


April 17. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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