Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 April 27


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 575.

TUESDAY, APRIL 27, 1813.

PETER VERBEKE has imported in the Friendship, Captain Glascott, from London, the following Goods, which he offers for sale at his Store, in New-Town, viz. -
Sweet-milk, pine, and Bath loaf cheese, hams, Dutch roll-pins, Dutch pickled sausages, sour-crout, Hambro' smoaked beef, German smoaked sausages, Dutch cod tongues and cod sounds, Dutch pickled herrings, pickled tongues, Dutch butter, smoaked herrings, pearl barley, split pease, gunpowder and hyson tea, spices assorted, sugar plumbs, olives, capers, tripe, sweet oil, old hock, port wine, cyder, beer and porter, raisins in boxes, French plumbs in ditto, hogs' lard, oats in puncheons, tallow and spermaceti candles, soap, tallow in kegs, paint oil, lamp oil, spermaceti and neatsfoot oil, green, blue, yellow, black and red paint, lamp-black, Poland starch, indigo in half-pound papers, silk and beaver hats, tradesmen's ditto, negro hats, India salempores, white nankeen, Bandanna silk handkerchiefs, black silk handkerchiefs, Inverness cotton and coffee bagging, temper lime, ladies' black and blue cloth, black, blue, and mixed cassimere, baby flannel, bed-tick, India jeans, furniture check, chintz, long-lawns, cotton cambric, printed calicoes, green baize, green canvas, Marseilles quilting, men and women's stockings, men's gloves, ladies' habit ditto, cordage, baling rope, deep sea lines, curry-combs and brushes, halters complete, paint, tar, and white-wash brushes, tooth-brushes and tooth-powder, pocket-combs, dressing-combs, Windsor soap, white and black silk ribbon, black crape, shoes and boots, plated cruet and liquor stands, plated snuffers and trays, japanned hand-waiters, plated and red morocco bottle-stands, stationery, consisting of ledgers, journals, blank-books, quills, ink-powder, Japan-ink, red-tape, &c. thread assorted, copal varnish, glue, flannel jackets and night-gowns, nails from 6d. to 40d. chamber-door locks, stock-locks, whip, cross-cut, and hand saws, ditto files, cutlasses, felling-axes, broad-axes, copper coffee manaries, copper wire, and many other articles.
April 26.

FOR Sale by the undersigned, partly imported per Union, Roberts, from London: -
Hams, sour-crout, sweet-milk and Edam cheese, hyson tea, double-refined sugar, Rhenish wine, bleached Russia sheeting, Irish linen, long lawns, platillas, brown Holland, table cloths 7 by 4 to 10 by 16, napkins, dowlas, cotton cambric, blue, black, bottle-green, and scarlet cloth; white kerseymere, green baize, coarse grey cloth, saddles and bridles, martingales, body-rollers, girths, halters, &c. sashes, belts, sword-knots, gold and silver lace, plated cruet-stands, ditto liquor-frames, ditto candlesticks, ditto with shades, plated waiters, shade-snuffers and stands, cutlasses, felling-axes, hoes, carpenters' and coopers' tools, nails, puncheon and vat rivets, brads, HL, hook and eye, and cross-garnet hinges; iron and brass case locks, pad-locks, iron stew-pans, fish-kettles, tea-kettles, japanned tea-trays, waiters, bread-baskets, and knife-trays; sugar-cans, paper boxes, and cash-boxes; sets of blue and white ware, ewers and basons, blue cups and saucers, a pair of small pier-glasses, telescopes, writing-desks, tool-chests, backgammon-boxes, chess-boards and men, sets of blank books, foolscap and post paper, pocket ledgers, &c. fowling-pieces, gunpowder and shot, Glauber salts in casks and jars, sago, Turkey opium, copper boiling-house lamps and sugar ladles, iron truss-hoops, gin-cranks, an anvil, coffin-furniture, tobacco in hogsheads and barrels, white rope and tarred cordage, guaging-rods and boxes of bubbles, snuff, corks, &c.
April 27. A. CARRON & Co.

NOTICE - A fine GREEN TURTLE, will be killed in the Market to-morrow morning - and on every successive Tuesday, for the run of five weeks.
April 27. G. F. PERRY.

THE Subscriber has received per Union, Captain Roberts, from London, the following Goods, which he will dispose of cheap for immediate payment:
Printed calicoes and Bengal stripe, furniture chintz and blue plate furniture, 9-8 and 6-4 cambric muslin, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton stockings and socks, cotton towels, table cloths from 6-4 square to 10-4 by 12-4, linen checks, Irish linen, brown Holland, flannel jackets, blue and blue striped nankeen, honey, lavender, and rose water, boots and shoes.
Also, per Henry Cerf, Capt. Roxburgh, on consignment - a quantity of London porter, and real brown-stout, in bottles and hogsheads.

THE Subscriber has imported in the Friendship, Captain Glascott, from London, the following Articles, which he offers for sale, at his Store in the New-Town: -
Hams, hung-beef, pickled tongues, tripe, spiced salmon, Irish butter in firkins, Dutch butter in kegs, Dutch sour crout, Dutch and German sausages, Dutch pickled and red herrings, Dutch sweet-milk cheese, Dutch roll-pins, cod tongues and cod sounds, pine and loaf cheese, pearl and Scotch barley, split pease, Stoughton's bitters, sweet-oil, mustard, olives, brandy apricots, gages, and cherries; cherry and raspberry brandy, tea, double-refined sugar, black-pepper, spices assorted, white-wine vinegar in jugs, prunes, raisins, currants and almonds in jars, port wine, best old Rhenish wine in cases of two dozen each, beer and porter, soap, candles, tallow, paint oil, chamber oil, neatsfoot oil, spirits turpentine, white-lead, Spanish brown, green and blue paint in pots of 2lb. paint brushes assorted, account books assorted, foolscap, post, and pot paper, quills, ink-powder, and wafers; gun-powder and shot, shoe-brushes and blacking, sets of ivory-handled knives and forks, long and short brooms, sein and sewing twine, deep sea lines, cordage assorted, best hair mattresses with feather bolsters and pillows, cotton and coffee bagging, Osnaburgs, linen check, salempores, white and brown real Russia sheetng, Irish sheeting, Irish linen, long-lawns, French cambric, cotton cambric, lawn and Bandana handkerchiefs, white Marseilles quilting, clouting diaper, printed calicoes, cambrics, and Bengals; furniture chintz, white and yellow nankeen, black Florentine, bombazeen, wide and narrow crape, ladies' and gentlemen's white and black silk hose, gentlemen's white and buff buckskin gloves, ladies' habit gloves, superfine scarlet, blue, and black broad cloth; blue and black kerseymere, gentlemen's superfine broadcloth coats and coatees and blue pantaloons, Marseilles vests, flannel jackets, Hessian and top boots, half-dress, dress, and planter's shoes and buckles, ladies' Spanish-leather and kid slippers and roses; youths', boys', girls', and children's shoes; men's silk, beaver, and Leghorn hats; women's silk hats, boys' hats, straw bonnets, tradesmen's hats, lavender, honey, and rose water; essences assorted, tooth brushes and powder, pocket-combs, gentlemen's dressing-cases, shaving boxes with brushes, silk umbrellas and parasols, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, tea kettles, sauce pans and frying-pans, nails 4d. to 30d. &c.
April 27. R. D. JEFFERS.

LOST - A Double-Cased SILVER WATCH, Capped - Maker's name, John Hunter. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to the Printer of this Paper, shall receive One Joe reward.
April 27.

NOTICE is hereby given to the public, that the powers vested by G. ANGLE unto Mr. JAMES THOMAS, in the advertisement of the Royal Gazette of 27th February last, are now no longer in force - the said Mr. James THOMAS being from this day no longer in the employ of the Subscriber.
Demerary, April 27. G. ANGLE.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Hugo Cantzlaar, j.z. with a servant, in fourteen days, from April 1.
B. J. Hopkinson, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from April 1.
Samuel Knight, (free coloured) in fourteen days, or six weeks. [sic – no date]
Malachy Glyn, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from April 2.
James Walcott, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of April.
G. Wells, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of April.
The free coloured Martha C. Jordan, in fourteen days, from the 7th of April.
Samuel Dealey, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 9th of April.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, April 10 [sic], 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Thursday, the 29th instant, [see 18130424EDRG] . . .
Also, by the Commissariat Department, 8 tierces of Flour, and a quantity of empty Barrels and Casks.
April 24. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 7th of May, [see 18130417EDRG] . . .
[see 18130424EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Messrs. PLAYTER & LEACH – two Negro Masons, healthy young people.
April 17. A. MILLS & Co.

DESERTED, [centered]
FROM the Brig North Star, in the night of the 25th instant - two English and four Portuguese Seamen; with the Long-Boat and oars, two royal sails, one compass, a cask of rum, a dozen of wine, seven bags of rice, beef, pork, hams, frying-pan, kettle, tinder-box, &c. all belonging to said Brig. They also broke open the Captain's writing-desk, out of which they took his watch, and other small articles. Any person or persons apprehending the above Seamen, by securing them in the Colony-Jail, will be duly rewarded; as also for the recovery of the long-boat, or any part of the articles plundered from said Brig.
April 27. D. MORRISON & Co.

The kindness of our friends, has enabled us to continue the communication of Important Intelligence commenced on Saturday. We did not conceive, so much in substance, and so favourable in fact, was given in our last, that Papers, only two days later, would have made any addition; but it appears, such is the state of Europe, that every hour teems with events, almost miraculous - and that, at this moment, not a cloud is seen in the political horizon. [Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed.]

In the present number, therefore, of the Royal Gazette, as well as the last, there exists much cause of satisfaction to every Community, subject to the British Flag. To us, the Inhabitants of the West, in particular, the changes which have taken place in Europe, are of the deepest interest. Commerce is again free; and Colonial Produce no longer lingers in the storehouses of England. The Planter is now sure that his labours will be remunerated; and the Merchant can now speculate in safety.

Leaving, however, Europe and the Western World - let us cast a glance at that most dangerous of all Belligerents - namely, America! If report, however, be true, England's fears may begin to subside! That gigantic fleet, which was to annihilate the right of search, and prevent in future the unjust practice of impressment - is at last become less by a frigate. - The Essex is no more!

But on this and the subjects mentioned above, we refer our readers to the extracts we have made from London Papers.


London, March 20. [centered]

Extract of a letter from an Officer on board His Majesty's ship St. Domingo, dated Bermuda, Feb. .15, 1813. – "We have at last commenced our warlike operations against the Americans, the whole of their ports were, on the 4th inst. declared in a state of blockade, by our Commander in Chief. We are just returned from a six weeks cruise off New-York, the Delaware, and Chesapeake, with the Dragon, Statira, and Colibre sloop. We have taken and destroyed, during this cruise, 34 sail – 16 we sent into Bermuda. We have been joined by three line of battle ships the Malborough, Rear Admiral Cockburn, Ramilies, and Victorious, which make six sail of the line. We expect other reinforcements."


                        "Cadiz, February 17.
"The Americans, and Greeks from the Black Sea, arrive in great numbers; provisions promise to be down to nothing, and as the American Government have not been able to prevent their ships sailing with provisions for the Peninsula, brother Jonathan continues to carry large supplies of wheat, flour and rice. Flour is now without a price, and every store in Cadiz piled up to the top. It is now three p.m. and six Americans in sight."


                  New-York, Jan. 7, 1813.
By all that we can learn from Washington, says the United States Gazette, it appears to us sufficiently evident that some juggle is about to take place between the Administration and their underworkers in Congress, with a view to get this troublesome war off their hands. It has served the purpose for which it was made, by securing to Mr. Madison his re-election, and he now wishes to have nothing more to do with it.

From the National Intelligencer. [centered]
We observe that an idea is in circulation in some of the Gazettes, that there is a prospect of an early accommodation with Great Britain. We wish it may be founded on any recent judications, on the part of Great Britain, of a disposition to meet the liberal advances of our Government. Of such a disposition we have however no proof. Of the perseverance of the United States in their pacific disposition, we have no doubt that every additional proof will appear from time to time that circumstances may render proper. We allude more particularly to its being intended, as we learn, to introduce into the Legislature a proposition for excluding by law foreign seamen from the public and private vessels of the United States. This will provide for giving effect to any stipulated arrangement between the two governments, which may take place after the adjournment of Congress, without the delay and inconvenience incident to a special call for the purpose.

Extract of a letter, dated Norfolk, Dec. 26: - "A vessel arrived yesterday with the crews of several vessels captured by the squadron at our Cape, and put on board just at our Light, among them the ship Pekin (formerly the British ship Ann Green), coming round in ballast, with the Sidmonth, to load at Alexandria, taken because that she had been made a prize from them since the war [another account states that it was because they would not admit that her licence protected her only, from Alexandria outwards] - sent to Bermuda. It is said the Commander of the Poictiers regretted the capture afterwards, and thinks she will be released. They are close in with the Cape and speak every thing. - There are some fears of an attack here or more South, and the State Governments are making some preparations."

LOCALITIES. [centered]

To the Editor of the Royal Gazette. [centered]
With all due deference to the Author of that admirable Inscription which appeared on Tuesday, I humbly conceive something to the following effect, would be more appropriate. A Subscriber.
Sacred to the Memory [centered]
of [centered]
WILLIAM PEAKE, [centered]
Commander of the late sloop of war Peacock, [centered]
who, [centered]
Having in Trust [centered]
The Commercial Interests of these Valuable Possessions, [centered]
And seeing them in danger imminent, [centered]
So bravely fought a much superior Foe, [centered]
and [centered]
So lamented fell - a martyr to his sense of duty; [centered]
that [centered]
THE COLONISTS, [centered]
Sensible of the Service done them, [centered]
Erected [centered]
this [centered]
By Voluntary Contribution, [centered]
as a memorial of [centered]
Their admiration, respect, and gratitude. [centered]

The Engagement took place off Mahaica, on the -- of February, 1813.

STATE of ACCOUNT of the Subscription for Capt. Peake, Officers, and Crew, of the Peacock,

Amount of Subscription inserted in
the Royal Demerary Gazette, to
April 17th



f 15,122

Omitted in said Advertisement -


R. Kingston,

f 220


H. E. Lemmex,











f 15,386

Received since -

S. W. Gordon



Simson, Grant, & Co.



M. Van Kerkwyk



C. Simpson



Lewis Corbet, a Gift to
C. Simpson in July 110 13

E. Bishop, junr.



D. Mackay



Thomas Cathray



W. Munro



C. Monaghan



J. Sutherland



T. Dougan



L. Hartensveldt



H. J. Knolman



J. J. Deeges



R. Buchanan



W. W. Kernan



M. Gahan



P. W. Prins



B. Dardier



Joseph Hadfield



E. M'Pherson



J. Searles



M. Van Markwyk



R. M'Culloh



R. M'Lachlan



H. Ragge



R. Chandler



J. Stuart



Dr. R. Jones



R. Murray



C. Wilday



E. Higgins



R. M'Leod



W. Good



Dorinda Mansfield



R. Watson


-- 2,387 13






17,773 13


Account of Clothes and



Sundries for the Officer,

837 – 15


Seamen, and Marines.






Remitted H. J. Underwood,



Esqr. per Packet.

15,000 - 0


1,200 Pounds Sterling,



at f 12 - 10





15,837 15




Balance on hand, April 27,


f 1935 18




JOSEPH BEETE, Treasurer.

For London. [centered]
To Sail positively with the June Convoy. [centered]
The New Ship HENRY CERF, [centered]
DAVID ROXBURGH, Master, [centered]
Has good Accommodations for Passengers. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or on Plantation Rome, to
Who has received by the above Vessels, and offers for sale Rum Puncheons and Jamaica Sugar Hhgs. in Packs
April 26.

For Liverpool. [centered]
With the June Convoy. [centered]
The new fast-sailing Brig UNION, [centered]

WILLIAM ROBERTS, Master, [centered]

Stands First Class at Lloyd's. Mounts Ten Guns.
For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board or to

Just Landing from the Union, Capt. Roberts, from London.
New Stock Fish, in excellent order.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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