Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 May 01


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 576.

SATURDAY, MAY 1, 1813.

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE
                  Demerary, May 1,1813.
CASH will be received for the following Bills, drawn by FINCH BOVELL, Esqr. Acting Deputy Paymaster General, on the Right Honourable the Paymaster-General, London, at Thirty Days' Sight, viz.
No. 415 -------------------- £ 300
416 to 420 - £ 200 each - 1000
421 to 425 - £ 100 each - 500
£ 1800
for which Sealed Tender in quadruplicate, marked "Tenders for Bill," will be received at this Office, until Wednesday, the 5th of May, at 10 o'clock in the morning, when they will be opened, and the offer or offers most advantageous for government, if approved, will be accepted.

FOR SALE, OR HIRE, [centered]
A Very Comfortable small Dwelling, situate No. 61, Stabroek, with kitchen, stable, and out-buildings - on very moderate terms to an approved purchaser or tenant. Apply to
Who has still on hand, a few dozen of Superior Madeira Wine, at f 40.
May 1.

                  Demerary, May 1, 1813.
FOR SALE - A House, almost new, the frame of colony-wood, situated on a retired part of Brick-dam, Stabroek, cheap for Cash.
Wanted to Purchase - a Cooper Negro for a Sugar Estate. Also several Employments wanted, as Managers, Overseers, &c.

Plantains for Sale, [centered]
ON Plantation Versailles, West-side of the River, opposite Plantation Ruimveld, in any quantity, and on moderate terms. Apply on said Estate.
April 30.

FOR SALE - a fine roomy TENT BOAT, in excellent repair, capable of rowing six oars.
Apply to
April 30. H. T. FERGUSON & Co.

Crab Lumber for Sale, [centered]
In any quantity.
April 28. PLAYTER & LEACH.

FOR SALE - 20 Barrels Prime Irish Pork just landed. Cash or best quality Coffee, taken in payment; and Cash will be given for a few bags best Coffee.
May 1. D. SMITH.

IMPORTED by the Ship Union, from London, the following Medicines, which the Undersigned offers for Sale at his house, between Plantations Ruimveld and La Penitence:
Bark, Rhubarb, Jalap, Ipecacuana, Worm Powder, Cream of Tartar, Camphor, Opium, Myrrh, Calcined Magnesia, Cantharides, Folio Senna, AsafĻtida, Camomile Flower, Elder do. Nitre, Sulphur, Sal Ammoniac, Blue Vitriol, Verdegris, Alum, ®ther, Hoffman's Liquor, Juniper Berries, Improved Cheltenham Salts, Sweet Oil, Trusses, Jelly Pots, Vials, Lancets, and several other articles.
Demerary, April 30, 1813.

THE Subscribers have imported in the ship Friendship, B. GLASCOTT, Master, from London, the following articles, which they offer for sale:
Planter's mess beef and pork in half barrels, Leadenhall ditto in kegs, ox tongues and trip in ditto, hams, spiced salmon, pine and bath loaf cheese, split pease, pearl and Scots barley, hyson tea and refined sugar; raisins, plumbs, and almonds; sago, sweet oil, mustard and black pepper, olives, capers, and fish sauces, white wine vinegar in jugs, beer and porter in puncheons, Rhenish, old hock, and cyder in cases, Port wine and claret, cherry and raspberry brandy; lamp, spermaceti and neatsfoot oil, in jugs; green and blue paint, in pots; white, black, red, and yellow paints, in kegs, paint brushes, tar and pitch in barrels, patent canvas from No. 1 to 6, mast hoops, jib hanks, bunting, cordage from 12 thread ratline to 7-inch cable, boat chains, anchor, and cambooses, Inverness cotton and coffee bagging, sein and sewing twine, Gentlemen's black, and white silk and beaver hats; Hessian, jockey, and military boots; strong and dress shoes; blue, black and mixed broad cloth and kerseymere; white and yellow nankeen; white, olive, and drab cord; India jeans; Bandanna handkerchiefs, Irish linen and sheeting, long lawns, platillas, and Britannias, brown Holland, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, and felling axes, Carpenters/ and Coopers' tools, nails 4dy to 40dy, sheet lead, mill brasses, capooses and steps, iron boilers from 60 to 300 gallons, grating bars, scummers, ladles, sugar strainers and copper lamps, temper lime, tallow and mill grease; iron puncheon and vat hoops, long wood hoops, Negro clothing, consisting of lined and unlined jackets, blue duck and striped trowsers, wrappers and petticoats, Tradesmen's and common Negro hats, Osnaburgs, check, and salempores; globe and vase lamp, India and patent shades, snuffers and stand; sets of white ivory handled table knives and forks, steel brass mounted fowling pieces, gunpowder and shot, bedsteads and mattresses complete, neat London-made saddles and bridles, a general assortment of stationery, &c. &c. &c.
Dutch sweet milk cheese, Present and Edam ditto, Dutch smoked and pickled herrings, pickled and smoked sausages, sour crout in kegs, roolpen, cod sounds, and tongues in kegs, Hambro' smoked beef, and Dutch butter.
April 26. DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

JUST imported in the Ship Friendship, from London, and for sale by the subscriber: -
Superfine cloth, black and blue, Welch flannel, bombazeen, black Florentine, fashionable printed Marseilles quilting, plain ditto, India jeans, diapers, Irish linen, linen and cotton bed-tick, French cambric, jaconet ditto, mull mull and cambric muslin, warm shawls, green lawn, black and white crape, black, white, and coloured plain and twilled sarsnet; black silk handkerchiefs, extra fine; figured ditto, black and white silk stockings and gloves, men's thread and cotton stockings, boot ditto, women's plain black and white cotton ditto, fashionable split straw bonnets, plain and trimmed, figured ditto, men's Leghorn hats, mourning calicoes, tape, thread, sewing-silk, &c. Also on hand - a variety of other articles, which will be sold on the most reasonable terms for cash on delivery.

NOTICE. - Those Gentlemen having Goods on board the Henry Cerf, are requested to send for the same without delay.

H. O. SEWARD has just received in the brig Harmony, Capt. Woodall, from London, and which he offers for sale, very reasonable for immediate payment -
Morton's London Brown Stout, in hhds. & barrels,
Ditto ditto, in bottles,
Ditto Pale Ale, in hhds.
April 30.

ABSCONDED, about five weeks ago, from the Subscriber, an African Girl, named Maria; about five feet four inches high, has lost the sight of one eye, and speaks pretty good English. Whoever will apprehend the said girl, and deliver her to the subscriber, or lodge her in the Colony Barracks, shall receive the usual reward.
April 30. JUDITH NEW.

ROBBERY. [centered]
WHEREAS, there having been stolen out of a glass case, in the Store of the Undersigned, a GOLD RING, containing twelve diamond stones; a liberal reward will be given to whoever will give sufficient information as may lead to the discovery of the robber; there having further been broken open a bureau chest of drawers, in the house of the Undersigned, on the evening of Sunday, the 11th instant, between the hours of seven and eight, and stolen out of the same sundry articles, the quantity being not as yet ascertained.
Demerary, the 30th April, 1813.

Fifty Firkins Cork Butter, [centered]
JUST landed, and for sale by the Subscriber, at the Store of Messrs. PATERSON & CROSSMAN, very low for Cash.
April 28. J. JONES.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, May 1, 1813.
CASH wanted for Bills of Exchange, to be drawn on the Principal Officers of His Majesty's Ordnance, London, for £ 1200 Sterling, at Thirty Days' Sight, is sums as low as £ 50 each. Sealed Tenders for which, endorsed "Tenders for bills of Exchange," will be received by the Subscriber, 'till Tuesday next, the 4th instant, at 12 o'clock, when they will be opened in presence of His Excellency the Governor, and the highest offers (if approved) accepted.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Hugo Cantzlaar, j.z. with a servant, in fourteen days, from April 1.
Samuel Knight, (free coloured) in fourteen days, or six weeks. [sic – no date]
Malachy Glyn, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from April 2.
G. Wells, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 5th of April.
The free coloured Martha C. Jordan, in fourteen days, from the 7th of April.
Samuel Dealey, in fourteen days, or six weeks, from the 9th of April.
B. Freyhaus, in fourteen days or six weeks from April 26.
J. J. Muncker, in fourteen days or six weeks from April 30.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 1, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

NOTE. - The Term of Credit for Mr. Smit's Sale of Negroes, on the 10th of May next, is extended to Six and Nine Months.

On Tuesday the 4th and Wednesday the 5th of May, [see 18130406EDRG] . . .
Also a quantity of new puncheons, and puncheon packs, sugar hogsheads and hogshead packs.
Also by Captain ROXBURGH, (on the same day and place), a quantity of coffee and cotton bagging, a few thousand wood-hoops, cases of pickles, vinegar, crout, pearl barley, &c. and an elegant new Ph¾ton.
April 6. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 7th of May, [see 18130417EDRG] . . .
[see 18130424EDRG] . . .
[see 18130427EDRG] . . .
Also – Madeira Wine in quarter casks.
Also, by Mr. Rob. Robertson, Three Negroes belonging to the estate of John Millar, and a Negro woman Adjuba, a washer and huckstress, by order of Mr. John Henery.
April 17. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday the 11th of May, [see 18130424EDRG] . . .
Also an Encyclop¾dia Britannica, complete, in 18 volumes, elegantly bound.
April 24. A. MILLS, & Co.

The King's House, [centered]
DEMERARY. [centered]

NOTICE. [centered]
THE Meeting of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, is further postponed until Monday the 24th instant.
By His Excellency's Command,
May 1, 1813.

ARRIVALS. - The schooner Fame, Greenidge, from Barbados; and the sloop Gimblet, Moodie, from St. Vincent.

The Papers by the Fame, are to the 24th ultimo; and they furnish Extracts of as great importance, as any already before us.
[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed]

America, it seems, is determined that the ensuing campaign shall be indeed a desperate one! - The President is to head the Army of the North; the Ex-President that of the North-West; and the Secretary at War, that of the Centre. - Seriously, however, there is something so magnanimous about this arrangement, that we almost feel inclined to wish them success! Something, in fact, so very illustrious, that though Canada may not be conquered, this experienced Trio of Presidential and Secretarial Generalissimoes, will still deserve well of the Assassins of Baltimore!

London, March 20. – It is known that two Gentlemen lately arrived from Holland on a particular mission to the Russian Minister at the British Court; and another gentlemen [sic] arrived yesterday for the purpose of inviting the Prince of Orange to Holland, where the people were desirous of joining his Standard; and, it is further said, that dispatches were immediately forwarded to his Serene Highness, in Spain.

PORTO-RICO. [centered]
March 13. - His Excellency the Intendant-General of this Island, Don Alexander Ramirez, has arrived here. - The Regency of Spain has vested in him the most extensive power to promote the interest of the inhabitants of Porto-Rico, by encouraging, by wise regulations, the commerce and culture for which by nature this Island is so admirably situated and adapted. - His Excellency has therefore resolved and issued under this date a Proclamation, declaring.
1. That all ports and harbours of this Island are open and free for every kind of trade, without any limitation.
2. That every vessel and cargo may be entered and cleared at the said ports without a license from the capital, as formerly was required.
3. That all vessels, whether Spanish or foreign, under neutral or friendly flags, are permitted to sell either the whole or any Part of their cargoes in any port of the Island; with entire liberty to procure the most advantageous sale, and to take such returns that may best suit them, without the least detention or vexation.
4. That the vessels may go and pass freely from one port to another of the Island, in order to dispose of their goods or to complete their return cargoes.
5. That any sales or purchases may be made within the said ports, transporting freely the goods from one vessel to another at their owner's option.
6. That imported goods, when re-exported, shall be entitled to a drawback of all the duties, and no duties paid on articles not sold.
7. That the exportation of every kind of produce or merchandize to be found in the island shall be permitted.
8. That the exportation of gold and silver coin shall be likewise permitted; - foreigners paying 3 per cent. on gold and 10 per cent on silver coin, according to a Decree of the Spanish Cortes.
9. that the importation of gold and silver shall be free from all duties both in Spanish and foreign bottoms.
10. That all kind of cattle may be exported to any port.
11. That the duties that are at present paid upon goods, and produce will be moderated, and those that have not a lawful title will be altogether taken off, as it is to declared by a particular Decree.
12. That all channels for industry and trade are open and lawful, both on the coasts and the interior of the Island.
13. That the Administrators and Officers of the Custom-Houses shall proceed with the quickest dispatch. No holidays for these matters. At all times of the day the public Offices are to be open for commercial business, and equity and mildness employed in all transactions.
14. That the Tarif of the duties and imports shall be fixed at each Custom-House doors, to avoid all trouble and doubts; printed forms will be prepared for the maritime expeditions.
15. Lastly, His Excellency the Intendant-General lays it down as his rule, that trade wants nothing but freedom and protection; and he says that he is empowered by the Spanish Regency to inquire into and resolve all dubious points on the matter which may be most advantageous to adopt for the prosperity of this Island.

MARSHAL'S OFFICE. [centered]

BY virtue of an order obtained from His Honor J. S. MASSE, President of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice for the United-Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, bearing date the 29th of April, 1813 - I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal of the aforesaid Colonies, do hereby publicly notify, that the sale of Plantation De Graaflykheid, situated on Troelie Island, in the river Essequebo, which was advertised to take place on the 18th day of May next, 1813, is postponed until further orders.
Rio Demerary and Essequebo, 30th April, 1813.

For London. [centered]
The Ship FRIENDSHIP, [centered]
B. GLASSCOTT, Master, [centered]
To sail with the June Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
April 31. [sic] DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]






Pl. Alliance.


T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.





M. Smith,

C. Chandler.


J. Bergh,

Pl. Good Intent.








J. Bergh,

Pl. La Resouvenir.



Demerary Ferry.



E. Mapp.



Pl. Niew Flandre.



Pl. Werk en Rust.


Pl. Helena,

Pl. Paradise.


A. M'Kenzie,

Pl. Bel Air.

May 1. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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