Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 May 18


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 581.

TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1813.

[seal image - centered]
Court of Policy. [centered]

By the Honourable COURT of POLICY of the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. &c.
Unto all whom these Presents may or shall concern - Greeting, be it known:
WHEREAS, by the arrival of Brigadier-General JOHN MURRAY in this Colony, the Command of His Majesty's Forces, as well as the Civil Administration of the Government of the Colony, has devolved, pro tempore, upon His Excellency.
The Honorable Court of Policy being assembled this day, His Honor Lieutenant-Colonel EDWARD CODD gave over the Civil Administration, to Brigadier-General MURRAY, who having taken the usual oath, was installed into the Government accordingly. All persons whom it may concern, being required to take notice thereof.
And that no ignorance may be pretended of these Presents, the same shall be published, and promulgated for general information.
Thus done in our Extraordinary-Assembly, held at the King's-House, in George-Town, Demerary, this 17th day of May, 1813, and Published the day following.
By Command of the Court aforesaid,
Clerk of the Court of Policy.

PROCLAMATION. [centered]
By His Excellency Major-General HUGH LYLE CARMICHAEL, Acting-Governor in and over the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, - and the Hon. COURT of POLICY of the said Colony.
Greeting - be it known: [centered]
THAT whereas we have thought proper to amend and revise the Laws and Regulations respecting the Jail-Fees. We have enacted as follows –
That for taking up, and confining of a Negro in the Colony Jail, the following Charges are to be paid, viz,

Reward to the person bringing

up such a negro

f. 5-10

Locking and unlocking

2- 0


2- 0






f. 11-10

Exclusive of f. 1 per day for the dieting of slaves under confinement, which is to remain as usual.
And, in order that no person may pretend to be ignorant of this our Proclamation, the same will be published and posted up as usual.
Thus resolved in our Ordinary Assembly, held at the King's House, George-Town, Demerary, this 27th April, 1813.
(Signed) H. L. CARMICHAEL.
By Command,
Loco Cl. To C. Policy.
[Transcriber's note: this proclamation did not appear in an earlier issue.]

PROCLAMATION. [centered]
By His Excellency Major-General HUGH LYLE CARMICHAEL, Acting-Governor in and over the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, - and the Hon. COURT of POLICY of the said Colony.
Greeting - be it known: [centered]
THAT whereas we have thought proper to amend and revise the Laws and Regulations respecting Rum and Liquor-Stores, of the Years 1803 and 1804. We have thought fit to annul them and to enact the following Regulations, with respect to keeping Taverns, Liquor-Stores, &c.
ART. 1. No Person is permitted to keep a Tavern, or to sell Wine, Beer, or Spiritous Liquors, unless he has a Special Licence from the Governor; and which Special Licence must have been exhibited to the respective Fiscals and Receiver.
ART. 2. For such permission every Tavern-Keeper or Publican will pay annually to the Receiver, the sum of Three Hundred Guilders, for the benefit of the Colony; which payment must be made within the three first months of every year.
ART. 3. At the expiration of every year, all Tavern-Keepers or Publicans are obliged to make application to the Governor, for a continuance of the Permit for the ensuing year; in case of default, the Licence once granted is considered annulled.
ART. 4. Should there happen to be any dispute in a Tavern, or Public House, so as any actual fighting to ensue therefrom, the Tavern-Keeper or Publican shall give proper notice thereof to the respective Fiscals, within twenty-four hours at farthest, if it happened in any of the Towns, and if out of them, within eight days – on pain of suspension, for the time of six weeks, for the first offence, and of having the Licence annulled on a second transgression.
ART. 5. No Tavern-Keeper or Publican is permitted to sell Liquors to Slaves, on pain of incurring the penalties herein-after mentioned.
ART. 6. This Court reserves the faculty to alter and amend these Regulations as they will think proper.
And having also taken into consideration, that not withstanding the several Restrictions enacted against the selling of Rum, some Persons, without Licence, still continue to retail that article; thereby encouraging all kind of irregularities amongst the lower class of people: And whereas we are desirous to prevent more effectually the consequences of the evil – We have thought expedient to annul all former Regulations on this subject, and to enjoin, by these presents – that exclusive of the Sugar Planters on their Estates, and the Licenced Dealers hereafter to be named, no Person whatsoever is permitted, on any kind of pretence, to sell or to deliver the same out of his or her House, Store, Premises, or Craft; or to give the same in payment, or in exchange, in lesser quantity than one Puncheon, on pain of forfeiting One Thousand Guilders. – And if the Rum is sold or given as a payment or in exchange to Slaves, on a further pain of Banishment.
All Persons without distinction, that of dealing in Spiritous Liquors in these Colonies, are to make application for the purpose to the Governor here; who is hereby empowered to grant or refuse such Licences at his discretion. These permits will only be for Twelve Months, and are to be annually renewed, unless the Governor has previously annulled them. The Sum of Three Hundred Guilders is to be paid every time, for the benefit of the Colony, and the Licences exhibited to the Fiscals; which payment and exhibition is to have place before it is allowed to act, by virtue of the Licence.
The said Dealers are not permitted to sell any Rum in a less quantity than Five and a Half Gallons, and this to Inhabitants only, on pain of incurring a fine of One Thousand Guilders, and an immediate forfeiture of their Licence: - And should the Rum be sold to any Slave, which they are expressly forbidden to do, on any pretence whatsoever, a further pain of Banishment is incurred.
This Court does hereby order and enjoin, that all Persons without distinction, who have Licences, or Permits in these Colonies, either as Tavern-Keepers, Publicans, or Dealers of Spiritous Liquors, shall exhibit such Licences or Permits at the Government Secretary's Office, within six weeks from the publishing of these presents, on pain, that by non-compliance, all such Permits or Licences will be considered annulled.
The Fines established by these presents, are to be appropriated as follows: - one-third for the Colony, one-third for the Poor, and the other third for the Informer.
Thus Enacted in our Ordinary Assembly, held in the King's-House, George-Town, Demerary, this 27th of April, 1813.
(Signed) H. L. CARMICHAEL.
By Command,
Loco Cl. To C. Policy.
[Transcriber's note: this proclamation did not appear in an earlier issue.]

WANTED for the COLONIAL HOSPITAL, the following articles, viz. -
[first column]
40 Pair Trowsers,
34 Gowns,
18 Flannel Waistcoats,
13 Bedsteads,
10 Hammocks,
60 Sheets,
10 Blankets,
30 Bolster-Cases,
[second column]
26 Pillow-Cases,
12 Paillasses.
20 Pewter Chamber-Pots
25 Tin Cups,
3 Camp-Kettles,
27 Pewter-Plates,
24 Knives and Forks,
2 Washing-Tubs.
[end columns]
Agreeable to models to be seen by applying at the Colonial Hospital.
Sealed Tenders for those articles, or part of them, will be received by the Subscriber, on or before the 10th of June next, when they will be opened by the Consistory of the Dutch Reformed Church, and the lowest offer, if approved, accepted.
Demerary, May 18, 1813.

STATE of ACCOUNT of the Subscription for Capt. Peake, Officers, and Crew, of the Peacock.

Balance as per last Advertisement,
May 10


f 3,295 3

Remitted H. I. Underwood, Esq.
Via Barbados, 250 Sterling,
at f. 12-10



3,125 0




f. 170 5

Subscriptions received since,


George Gellie, Pl. Thomas

44 0

J. H. Albouy

44 0

George Reed

44 0

H. Marsh

22 0

H. Van Cooten

66 0



Balance, May 17

390 3

The Treasurer will be much obliged to the Gentlemen whose Subscriptions are yet outstanding, to transmit them as soon as possible, it being his intention to republish the whole of the Names of the Subscribers alphabetically, as soon as possible, and to remit the balance.
George-Town, May 17.

THE Subscriber, intending to leave the Colony by the June Convoy, requests that all persons who have any demands against him, will bring them forward for settlement; and that those indebted, will make payment without delay.

ABSTRACTED from a Desk, in the Office of M. DOWNIE, Attorney-at-Law, on the Afternoon of the 12th instant, a New COLONIAL GOOD, for Twenty Joes, No. 196. It is requested that the said Good may be stopped, if offered in payment, and information given at the above Office.
May 18.

A FEW BARRELS OF [centered]
Superfine Baltimore Flour,
On Sale, at Two Joes per Barrel, by
May 18. J. L. & G. M. FORRESTER.

FOUND, by the Negroes of Plantation St. Christopher - a CREAL; which will be restored to the Owner, on paying the expence of this advertisement.
May 16.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
William Campbell, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
S. J. Thornton, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
L. Corbet, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
Henry Clarke, in fourteen days, or six weeks from the 10th of May.
P. Inglis, in ditto, or ditto, from the 13th of May.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 15, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Wednesday the 19th of May, at the Stores of THOMAS SHUTE, Esq. - Sundry articles per advertisements of the 3d April, and the 1st May.
May 15. A. MILLS & Co.
[Transcriber's note: compare with 18130515EDRG – date of vendue changed here.]

On Thursday the 20th instant, [see 18130515EDRG] . . .
Also by order of Messrs. H. T. FERGUSON & Co. without reserve, in order to close a consignment – a case of Irish long-lawn, one of table cloths, and two trunks of boots.
May 15. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 26th instant, [see 18130508EDRG] . . .
[see 18130515EDRG] . . .
Also by order of – WOODS, Esq. the Colony-built Schooner Phnix, 33 feet keel, 11 ½ feet beam, and 4 ½ feet depth of hold, with sails and rigging complete. She sails remarkably well, and is adapted for the Island or Colonial trade.
May 8. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday the 1st of June, [see 18130508EDRG] . . .
[see 18130515EDRG] . . .
Also by order of A. BARKEY, q.q. D. BARKEY, who went with the last Fleet – Six Prime Negroes, accustomed to work in the field, viz. five men, and one woman, a good washer.
Also by A. BARKEY, q.q. a healthy young Negro, who has been upwards of four years at the carpenter's trade.
May 8. A. MILLS & Co.

Except a few gleanings from the Papers received by the last Mail, we have nothing to introduce to our readers, in the present number; but, as the schooner Brothers, and other vessels, are hourly expected from Barbados, we hope, on Saturday, to supply every deficiency.

The length of time which has elapsed, since we had any direct communication from Europe, will, without doubt, render the next arrival particularly interesting.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

In another part of this Paper, our readers will find - that His Excellency Lieutenant-Colonel CODD has already given over the government of the colony. His successor is Brigadier-General MURRAY, the late, and popular Acting-Governor of Berbice.

The gallant General arrived early on Sunday morning, and immediately repaired to the residence of the Honorable Joseph Beete - where he was soon after visited by our then Acting-Governor, and other Distinguished Personages.

In the course of the day, he took possession of the King's House; and was yesterday sworn-in to the delegated exercise of the royal functions.

His Excellency's levee this morning, was of the first respectability.

An additional sum of f 3,125, we find, has been remitted by the Treasurer, for the fulfillment of the purposes connected with the loss of the Peacock.

Our first page proclaims the enactment of several much wanted regulations on the subject of the liquor-trade. The ease, with which the slaves have been enabled to attain intoxication, has often occasioned in the breast of many, the most serious apprehension and regret.

Another Proclamation also appears regulating the Colonial Jail Fees. It now appears, the highest sum that can be demanded, on the release of an arrested slave - is eleven guilders; exclusive of the dieting charge of a guilder per day.

From an American Paper. [centered]

"Boston, Jan. 14. – The privateer brig Montgomery arrived at Salem, yesterday, from a cruise. The Montgomery fell in with a British packet, from England for Surinam, of double her force, and engaged her within pistol shot for fifty three minutes; attempted to board the packet several times, without success. After the combat, they both hauled off to repair. It was in the night. Soon afterwards, single guns were heard, which were supposed to be signals of distress; but the packet was seen no more. The Montgomery had sixteen men wounded, some of whom have died since, the others are on the recovery. Capt. Upton received a musketball in his cheek and a wound in the arm by a boarding pike."

From a London Paper of March 15. [centered]

On Tuesday last, John Edward Egmond Crillon, alias Sonbrien, alias Count Warree, alias Major Johnstone, was apprehended at Lymington, and committed to the County Gaol, under the Alien Act. It might be in recollection, that during the last Session of Parliament, a charge was made by the American Government against this Government (and it underwent Parliamentary discussion) that a Captain Henry had been employed by the late Sir James Craig to attempt to bring about the dismemberment of certain parts of the United States, which was most peremptorily denied, it appearing that Sir James Craig had employed him only to procure information in relation to the military character and resources of the Eastern Provinces, from which he was recalled on the menaces of hostility at that time being withdrawn by America. The person above described is the identical Capt. Henry. He came to this country from Gibraltar in the Weymouth store-ship, in January list, when he set forth a representation in all the public prints, that he had arrived from Salir (in Catalonia) and Alicant, and was the only survivor, with his servant, out of 28 sail of vessels, which sailed in company with the one in which he was on board. He has since been making a tour of England. – He was on the point of embarking on board a merchant vessel for St. John's, Newfoundland, when taken into custody at Lymington. He there represented himself to be a Major Johnstone, going out to St. John's as Secretary to Government. His orders had been executed by a tradesman to the amount of 80 l. for which he was to give a drait on his agent at Hull. He left Portsmouth on Sunday last. Woods, the King's Messenger, went there in search of him; and, with the assistance of Lazarus (a very active constable of that borough) he was traced to Lymington.

From a Halifax Paper. [centered]

                  "His Majesty's Ship Orpheus, Jan. 29.
"MR. EDITOR, - By the last cartel arrived in this harbour, from Boston, a report, malicious as unfounded, was brought and put into circulation, no doubt with the hope of answering the sinister designs of the enemy, in weakening the attachment and shaking the fidelity of that particular class of men on whom the nation in this quarter, so much depends for support in carrying on the present unprovoked war on the part of the United States, stating that the crew of the Orpheus, and other ships on this station, would not fight against the American frigates; which report having reached the ears of the ship's company, which I feel proud in having the honour to command, I do, at their particular request, authorise you to insert in your paper the following letter, addressed by them to Mr. Fayrer, first Lieutenant of the Orpheus. – I am, &c. "H. PIGOT."

      "On board his Majesty's ship Orpheus, Halifax, Jan. 29.
"SIR – A report having been circulated that the seamen and marines of his Majesty's ship Orpheus, now lying at Halifax, commanded by Hugh Pigot, Esq. would act cowardly, they are very much hurt at the thought of such representation respecting them, and they now beg the liberty to acquaint Mr. Fayrer, for the imformation [sic] of Captain Pigot, that they are anxious to have it in their power to shew their loyal disposition in defence of their King and country, their rights and privileges; and further, under the command of such an able officer as Capt. Pigot, and the rest of the officers by whom they have the honour to be commanded, they further beg leave to represent, that they long for the time to appear when it shall be in their power to convince the authors of such a calumnious report, that their determination is to fight against their enemies, to sustain the honour and glory of Great Britain, or die in the attempt. – This is humbly addressed by desire of the whole ship's company."
Signed by the Petty Officers.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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