Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 May 22


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 582.

SATURDAY, MAY 22, 1813.

NOTIFICATION. [centered]
WHEREAS in consequence of the death of the late Acting-Governor, Major-General CARMICHAEL, and the press of business necessarily occasioned by that melancholy event, the Publications which appeared in the Royal Gazette of Tuesday the 18th inst. respecting
THE JAIL FEES [centered]
and [centered]
LAWS and REGULATIONS for RUM and [centered]
LIQUOR STORES [centered]
were prematurely and inaccurately inserted.
All Persons are requested to take notice thereof, and govern themselves accordingly.
King's House, George-Town, Demerary, May 19, 1813.
By Command,
Clerk to the Court of Policy.

STATE of ACCOUNT of the Subscription for Capt. Peake, Officers, and Crew, of the Peacock.

Balance as per last Advertisement,
May 17


f 390 3

Subscriptions received since,


John Appleton

66 0

William Kemp

44 0

Dr. John Austin

110 0

G. J. Furnace

110 0

John Martin

88 0



Balance, May 21

808 3

The Treasurer will be much obliged to the Gentlemen whose Subscriptions are yet outstanding, to transmit them as soon as possible, it being his intention to republish the whole of the Names of the Subscribers alphabetically, as soon as possible, and to remit the balance.
George-Town, May 21.

FOR Sale or Hire - the House, on Lot No. 7, North-Dam, Stabroek, belonging to C. D. FORRESTER, Esqr.
J. BEETE, Jnr. [right pointing brace, inclosing the names, and indicating 'qq.']
May 20. C. RIDLEY,

JUST imported - a few barrels of RYE and CORNELLS FLOUR, of a superior quality - which the Undersigned offer for sale, cheap for Cash or Produce.
May 22. JAMES H. ALBOUY & Co.

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                  Demerary, May 21, 1813.
NOTICE is hereby given that sealed proposals (in triplicate) will be received at this Office, until Monday the 31st instant, at 10 o'clock in the morning, from persons willing to furnish the undermentioned articles of Cloathing for the service of the Quarter and Barrack-Department, in this Colony, viz:
36 Tradesmen's Hats,
26 Ditto Trowsers,
36 Ditto Jackets,
36 Ditto Check Shirts,
228 Yards of Check.
to be of good quality, and subject to the approval of the Assistant-Quarter and Barrack-Master General.

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                  Demerary, May 21, 1813.
REQUIRED for the Use of the Quarter and Barrack-Master-General's Department in this Colony - a HAND CART. Any person therefore, desirous of undertaking to build the same, are requested to send sealed tenders in triplicate to this Office, on or before Friday next, at ten o'clock in the morning, when they will be opened, and the offer most advantageous for Government, if approved, will be accepted.
The workmanship will be subject to the approval of Capt. Warren, Assistant-Quarter and Barrack-Master-General, and to whom parties are referred for further particulars.

NOTICE. - The Subscriber having obtained permission to open
A SEMINARY, [centered]
for the Instruction of Youth, in the Rudiments of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic - begs leave to notify to the Parents, whose promises he has already obtained, of placing their children under his tuition, and to Parents and Guardians in general, that the same will be opened on Monday, the 31st of May, at the House of George Angle, Esqr. in Kingston; and hopes, by his assiduity and attention, to give every satisfaction.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

MEMORANDUM. [centered]
ABSENTED herself from the Subscriber, on the 1st instant - an African Girl, named Present; supposed to be harboured about Cumingsburg. All persons are hereby cautioned against harbouring her; and a reward of One Joe will be given to any one who will secure the said negro, or deliver her to the Subscriber.

DROPPED, on Thursday evening last, from a small seal,
A Plain Cairn Gorum Stone. [centered]
Whoever may have found the same, and will deliver it at the Royal Gazette Office, shall be rewarded.
May 22.

ABSCONDED from the Undersigned, a yellow-skinned Boy, named John, about five feet high; had on a straw hat; has a cut on the back of his head, and a stain on his fore teeth; is lately from Barbados, of which island he is a native. A handsome reward will be given for his apprehension.
May 22. J. H. ALBOUY.

FOR SALE - a fast-sailing colony-built Schooner, 38 feet keel, 11 1/2 feet beam, and 4 1/2 feet depth of hold. Apply to
May 22. J. R. KENNY & Co.

ABSENTED herself on the 4th instant, a Mulatto Woman, named Mary Ann - she is very stout, and speaks good English; and a few days after she absconded, was seen in Camp, since which time she has been seen in Mahaica and Berbice. She has art enough to pass for a free woman, and no doubt will endeavour to do so. It is requested, that no attention may be paid to any pass she may produce, as she had none from the Subscriber. The usual reward will be given to any person, who will bring her to the Subscriber, or lodge her in the Colony-Barracks.
May 22. W. GIBSON.

The inconvenience arising from the difficulty of remitting to Barbados, and the increased risque of capture at sea since the war with the States of America, and the probability of Travellers from this Colony to that Island being plundered by enemies' privateers-men of the money they may have provided for their expences and other risques of losses, are considerations which have suggested to the Subscriber the following remedy, which he submits to such of the public as may feel in it an interest.
The Subscriber will draw on Barbados, in favor of Travellers and other for Two Joes up to Ten Joes, payable at sight, at the rate of a seven penny weight Joe to be paid in Barbados for every seven penny weight Joe received here; on the basis of the foregoing Exchange, the Current Money of this Colony so received, will be paid in the Current Money of Barbados. Drafts of Ten Joes to Twenty five Joes will be drawn at Ten Days, and those for a larger sum at Twenty Days after sight. Drafts may be had any day (Sundays excepted) during the course of the present year.
Middle Street, District of Bridge-Town, May 19.

The Board of Orphans, [centered]
DULY authorised by the Hon. Court of Justice, requests all persons who appear to be indebted to the several Estates devolved to the Board, and agreeable to a list which will appear on Tuesday - to make payment; or, in case some may be disputed, to produce such proofs as will substanciate [sic] such dispute, in the time of three months from date: - after which time, all such claims not paid, or to whom no valid objections are made, will be sold at public sale, for the benefit of the Estates.
Demerary, May 22, 1813.
By Order of the Board,
F. A. VERNEDE, Recorder.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
William Campbell, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
S. J. Thornton, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
L. Corbet, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 7th of May.
Henry Clarke, in fourteen days, or six weeks from the 10th of May.
P. Inglis, in ditto, or ditto, from the 13th of May.
James Aikin, in 14 days or 6 weeks from 17 May.
John Henry Leslie, in idem from 18.
D. Redfern, in 14 days, or by the June Fleet, from 19 May.
The Hon. Thomas Naghten, in 14 days or June Fleet, 20th May.
W. King (Vlissingen) in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
Charles M'Garel, in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
J. H. Albouy and Family, with two Servants, in fourteen days, or with the June Convoy, from the 22d May.
Benjn. Hall, with one Servant, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Latham Avery, with one ditto, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Jno. M'Gowty, with ditto, ditto, from the 22d May.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 22, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

BANNS of MATRIMONY – between EDWARD SNOECK, Bachelor, being of age, born in the Hague, of the Reformed Church; and Miss WILHELMINA DOROTHEA CHRISTOPHERS, Spinster, born in the Island of St. Eustatius, of the Protestant Religion.
Any person knowing any just cause or impediment, why the above parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Secretary's Office, May 16, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

BANNS of MATRIMONY – between CHRISTIAN SCHULTZ, bachelor, a minor, but with consent of his Parents, born in this Colony, of the Reformed Church; and Miss MARY CATHARINA MEERTENS, a minor, with the consent of her Mother, born in this Colony, also of the Reformed Church.
Any person knowing any just cause or impediment, why the above parties should not be joined together in Holy Matrimony must declare the same at the Colonial Secretary's Office.
Secretary's Office, May 16, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

At the COMMISSARY-COURT of the 7th of June, 1813, will be passed the following
1. By the free negro man King Howard, q.q. Arthur Leary Boschman (free man), Transport of Lot No. 316, in Cumingsburgh, in the following manner: -
The East-Quarter to Magdalena Hofstede, Executrix to the Boedel of the free woman, Jan Ball Winter, deceased; the other East-Quarter to the free woman Hannah Peter; and the West-Half to Cato Gridley.
2. By A. Layne, Transport of a certain Piece of Land, called the Lower Pearl, one hundred and sixteen roods façade, more or less, and 750 roods deep, situated on the East-side of this River, between the Plantation Sarah Johanna and the Upper Pearl - to James Allan and William Burges.
3. By B. J. Hopkinson, a Mortgage on Plantation Cove, situated on the East Sea-Coast of this River, between Plantation Craigmill and the John, with all the Negroes thereon - in favour of J. Hopkinson.
4. By the Attorney of Ths. Smith, a Transport of the Buildings on Lot No. 32, situated in Bridge-Town, with all the right and interest in the lease of said Lot, during the present lease - to J. J. Bouillier.
5. By J. J. Deeges, Transport of a Piece land, situated on the West-Coast of Essequebo, commencing at the Creek Coeradara, bounded on the upper side by the lands belonging to P. Beck, and on the lower side by the grounds of said J. J. Deeges, being 117 roods façade - to L. Hartensveld.
6. By the Hon. Ths. Naghten, q.q. H. M'Calmont & Co. Transport of two Half lots, No. 41 and 42, with the Buildings thereon, situated in Cumingsburg - to J. and Chas. M'Garel, as Trustees of Francis Cox and her Children.
7. By the Hon. Thomas Naghten, q.q. H. M'Calmont & Co. Transport of two Half-Lots No. 8 and 9, with the Buildings thereon, situated in Cumingsburg - to Hyndman & Cary.
Secretary's Office, May 22, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

BY Virtue of an Order of His Honor J. S. MASSE, Esq. President of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of Demerary and Essequebo, dated 18th of May, 1813, are hereby summoned, all known and unknown Creditors having or sustaining any claim or right of preference, on the Nett Proceeds of the sale of One-Third of Plantation Hackney, situated in the River Pomeroon, Essequebo - to appear before the Honourable Court of Justice, at their Ordinary Session the 21st June, 1813, and following days; in order to file their Claims, with the vouchers relating thereto; whereas after the expiration of that time, the Court will decide on the preference or priority of such claim, or decree perpetual silence with respect to those, who shall not have given in their claims by that time.
George-Town, Demerary, this 22d May, 1813.
Sect. for Essequebo Department.

Public Vendues. [centered]

On Tuesday next the 25th instant, at the Vendue Office - One case long lawns, 1 case diaper table cloths, 1 trunk boots, 17 boxes candles, 1 chest green tea, 9 tierces salmon, 41 loaves sugar, a quantity of plated ware silver rimmed, umbrellas, chamber door locks, &c.
May 22. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 26th instant, [see 18130508EDRG] . . .
[see 18130515EDRG] . . .
Also by order of T. E. WOODS, Esq. the Colony-built Schooner Ph¤nix, 33 feet keel, 11 ½ feet beam, and 4 ½ feet depth of hold, with sails and rigging complete. She sails remarkably well, and is adapted for the Island or Colonial trade.
May 8. A. MILLS & Co.
[Transcriber's note: compare with 18130518EDRG – here initials supplied for the surname Woods.]

On Friday next, the 28th instant, at Government-House, the effects of the late Acting-Governor, Major-General CARMICHAEL; by order of the Acting-Executors - consisting of household furniture, plate, horses, carriages, a collection of books, &c. A catalogue to be seen at this office.
May 22. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday the 1st of June, [see 18130508EDRG] . . .
[see 18130515EDRG] . . .
[see 18130518EDRG] . . .
Also by Order of Mr. R. Marshal, at three months' credit – a Negro-Man, named William, who has been employed for some time past, as a blacksmith.
Also by order of Miss Sarah Nunes – a Negro-Woman, named Dutchess; a good washer.
May 8. A. MILLS & Co.

On Wednesday, the 2d of June, by order of D. REDFERN, Esq. at his Store, Werk and Rust, his remaining stock, viz.
An assortment of M'Ivers, Seller, & Co.'s patent cordage and cables, Irish linens, and ladies' stockings, gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, coats, vests and trowsers, piana [sic] forte, Pembroke and Loo tables. – Also an excellent horse with saddle and two bridles, and many other articles too tedious enumerate.
May 19. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Tuesday the 15th of June, at the Vendue Office, by order of JAMES JACKSON, Esq. Surviving Partner of the late Firm of JAMES JACKSON & Co. - The Premises in New-Town, now occupied by Messrs. MURRAY & JACKSON; also the schooner Eclipse, and three Sailor-Negroes, named William, Ben, and Abraham. The whole to be sold without reserve, to close their late concern.
Also by order of John Henry, the remainder of a consignment to close sales – Prime Irish mess beef in half barrels, firkins Neats' tongues, hams, 200 kegs pigs' tongues, and a few pieces brown linen.
May 8. A. MILLS & Co.
[Transcriber's note: compare with 18130508EDRG for vendue for 3d of June; in the present notice the date changes to the 15th of June (out of order in the sequence by date) with an addition.]

On Tuesday, the 8th of June, will be sold by the Board of Orphans,
The half lot No. 133, in Cumingsburgh, belonging to the estate of the late Adam Smith; a house on fort Island, belonging to the estate of C. Versteeg, such gold and jewellery as was found in the estate of S. W. King, and has not been claimed, or for the repairs of which has not been paid and further what will appear at the day of sale. Also, by order of the Executor of the late J. Ashley, - a gold watch, wearing apparel, &c.
May 19. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 9th and Thursday the 10th of June, at the store of Messrs. DYETT, M'GAREL, & Co. the following Goods, to close consignments - 100 barrels pilchards, 10 hogsheads of tobacco, beer and porter in puncheons, beef and pork, tongues, linen checks, boots, shoes, hats, &c.
May 22. A. MILLS, & Co.

ARRIVALS. - His Majesty's Ship Coquette, Capt. Simson; the Ship Laforey, Johnstone; and the Schooner Brothers, Tynes - from Barbados.

The Island-Papers by the last-mentioned vessel, (which are to the 15th instant), contain European Intelligence to the 27th of March; and, it will be found, of a nature - gratifying beyond measure.

[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed]

Via Barbados, American Intelligence, of considerable importance, and to a late date, has been also received.

The following Extract of a Letter (corroborating what appears on the subject of Mediation, in another part of this Paper) sufficiently shows, how already-repentant of the past, and fearful of the future, poor JONATHAN is become!

"American Papers of the 5th of April mention, that Mr. Gallatin, was about to depart for Russia, to settle, through the mediate of that Court - a Peace. He is furnished with passports from Sir J. B. Warren."

In an ensuing column will likewise be seen, a more particular account, than has hitherto appeared of the fall of the gallant and lamented Capt. Peake, of the late sloop of war Peacock.


GREAT-BRITAIN. [centered]

March 26. – We received this morning, the following letter from our Deal Correspondent: - "From some arrivals from a Dutch port, I hear that Bonaparte has actually left Paris – that he has been to the opposite coast, to Dunkirk, Flushing, and Antwerp; after which he set off for the army now collecting on the other side of the Rhine."

NORTH-AMERICA. [centered]

New York, Jan. 19. - The greatest confusion prevails in this city, in consequence of there being a 74, two 38's and one 18 gun ship, taking all the vessels bound out or coming in. Our forts will be of no use to us if the enemy attempt to come up. The first fort, Richmond, is garrisoned with troops just arrived from the country. Bedlow's and Ellis's island have nothing but raw recruits sent there, for safe keeping. Governor's island has not 100 disciplined troops. All the forts in the city have new recruits. The frigate United States is undergoing repairs. We are in a fine situation to defend ourselves against the enemy. The force below is sufficient to take every fort in the harbour - cut out every ship, sack and set fire to the city, and run away by the light of it. It is reported that another fleet is off Montank [sic - Montauk] Point; so that if both fleets attack us, we shall be confoundedly squeezed between them.

Boston, March 24. - On Monday evening handbills were received in the town from the Mercury Office in New-Bedford, and the Bristol Gazette Office in Fairhaven, announcing the capture and destruction of the British brig of war Peacock, of 19 guns, by the United States' ship Hornet, of 16 guns, Capt. Lawrence, off Surinam, on the 25th ultimo.

The following are the Hornet's log-book minutes of this brilliant victory: -

                  "Thursday, 25th February, 1813.
"At half past three p.m. discovered a strange sail bearing down for us - at 4, 20, she hoisted English colours - at 4, 30, beat to quarters and cleared ship for action, and hauled close by the wind, in order to get the weather gage of her - at 5, 10, hoisted American colours, tacked and stood for the enemy - at 5, 25, in passing each other, exchanged broadsides within pistol-shot - the enemy then wore and gave us their starboard broadside - bore up close on the starboard quarter, and kept up such a heavy and well-directed fire, that in less than 15 minutes she made the signal of submission, being cut to pieces - in five minutes after, her main-mast went by the board - sent our first Lieutenant on board - returned with her first Lieutenant, who reported her to be his Britannic Majesty's brig Peacock, mounting 19 guns, and 134 men - that her commander, Capt. Peake, was killed in the action, - a great number of her men killed and wounded, and that she was sinking fast - dispatched the boats immediately to take out the wounded and the rest of the prisoners, and brought both vessels to anchor - but notwithstanding every exertion was made to save the crew, she unfortunately sunk, carrying down 12 of her crew, and 3 of my brave fellows.
Lieutenant Connor, Midshipman Cooper, and the remainder of our men employed in getting out the prisoners, with difficulty saved themselves by jumping into one her boats stowed on the booms - four men were then taken from the fore-top by our boats.
We had one man killed, and two slightly wounded.
The enemy had eight killed, and twenty-seven wounded."

New York, April 12. - By the stage last night, we have accounts from Lewistown to Friday. The bombs and rockets of the enemy having fallen short of the town, they were preparing boats to land.

BARBADOS. [centered]

Bridge-Town, May the 8th. [centered]

By an arrival from St. Bartholomews on Thursday, it is reported, that an application on the part of the American Government, to enter into an Armistice, had lately been made to Sir John B. Warren; to which, it is added, the British Admiral did not consent; alledging in his reply, that the instructions of his Government did not now authorise him acceding to any such proposals.

The Poictiers, 74, blockading the Delaware, is said to have taken two vessels from the East Indies bound to one of the ports in that River; - and there is also a rumour of the President, American 44-gun ship, having been captured by one of our line of battle ships on that coast: - we should be happy to confirm this intelligence.

May 14. - His Majesty's brig Arab, with brigs Auxiliary, Darrell; Sophia, Vesey; schooners General Horsford, Godfrey; Springbird, Fox; and Placid, Darrell; under convoy from Bermuda, arrived on Sunday, fifteen days from thence. The intelligence given on report in our last, relative to the application for an Armistice on the part of America, is thus confirmed; and in consequence of this circumstance, and an offer of mediation by the Russian Ambassador that has recently arrived in the United States, Sir John B. Warren had been induced to dispatch the Childers sloop of war to England, for instructions from his Government in what manner he is to proceed. The Government of America have appointed Mr. Gallatin, Minister Plenipotentiary to the Court of Russia, for the express purpose of soliciting the friendly interposition of the Emperor Alexander, in order to effect a Negociation for Peace between Great Britain and America. The late debates in Congress, we understand, have been in favour of an amicable adjustment of existing differences with England.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

The Royal Battalion of the Militia paraded this morning; and will again on Wednesday next.

The ship Albion, Nicholson, one of the fleet which left this river in January last, under convoy of the Peacock, has been captured by the American-privateer Hazard.

The ship Laforey, now in the river, was the late American East-Indiaman Thomas Penrose - prize to the Tribune frigate.

We understand, the Packet hourly expected from Surinam, is the Princess Elizabeth.

The Isabella, Humble; Pilot, Barton; Fame, Williams; Caledonia, Thompson; Thomas, Foster; Kingsmill, M'Lune; Hawk, Livington; Camilla, Gemmell; Diana, M'George; Herald, M'Kessock; and Nereus, Patterson - late from this river, are all arrived safe at their respective places of destination.

Cleared from the Custom-House, on the 20th - the Schooner Joseph, Strickland, for Barbados.

We announced in our last, the enactment of certain long-wanted regulations respecting the Colonial Jail Fees and Liquor-Stores; but it now appears, their operation is suspended for the present, in consequence of their having been prematurely and inaccurately sent, for insertion on Tuesday.

MARSHAL'S OFFICE. [centered]

BY virtue of an order from His honor J. S. MASSE, President of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. &c. I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal of the aforesaid Colony, will expose for sale, unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellors Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, George-Town, on the Ninth [sic] day of June next ensuing -
In behalf of GABRIEL JAMES & Co. versus W. H. ADDISON, Defendant - the following goods, to wit -
[first column]
103 iron pots
10 empty jugs
1/2 keg iron filings
3 1/2 large kegs white lead
10 kegs nails
1/2 keg yellow ochre
14 paint brushes
3 boiling-house lamps
80 hoes
19 augers
12 hand saw files
7 cross-cut ditto
6 whip ditto
5 pump boxes
4 tenant saws
1 compass ditto
3 iron squares
1 jack-plane
2 smoothing-planes
21 cane-bills
18 pair small hinges
6 ditto large ditto
4 iron boilers
3 iron cylinders
2 O-G's
A spoke-shave
26 jack-plane irons
4 jointers, coopers' ditto
6 pinchers
4 carpenter's axes
3 cooper's ditto
[second column]
10 rasps
10 soldering-irons
28 trunk iron key-holes
12 window-weights
3 chissels
31 bits for a brace
3 sheafs
7 window-rods
2 large compasses
2 carpenter's adzes
35 pick-axes
6 small plane-irons
7 mill-hoops
12 felling-axes
7 sugar-shovels
2 old skimmers
A keg with some glue
17 capooses
28 hooks and thimbles
5 cotton cards
20 iron bolts
A box screw-bolts and nuts
A cask rivets
30 pounds pump-leather
A pair brass blocks
A cotton ginning-machine
Screw-plates for a water-wheel
A small still and worm
A space [sic]large worm
A lead pump.
[end columns]
Should any person pretend to have any right, title, or claim, on the above-mentioned goods, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or persons address themselves to me, the said Deputy First Marshal, stating their reasons of opposition in writing, when I will appoint such person or persons a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice, for the trial of the same; and those inclined to purchase, please attend on the sale on sale on the day and at the place before-written.
Demerary and Essequebo, 21st May, 1813.

IN pursuance of an Extract from the Minutes of the Court of Rolls in Essequebo, dated 3d February, 1812, I, the Undersigned Deputy First Marshal, at the request and instance of J. S. MASSE and W. MOOY, Curators to the Estate of G. H. TROTZ, deceased, do hereby, for the Fourth Time, by Edict (ex-superabundanti) Cite - all known and unknown Creditors of Plantation Laurentia Catharina, belonging to said Estate, to appear before the Hon. Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, for the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, at their Session to be holden at the Court House, on the 21st day of June next ensuing, and following days, in order to render as yet, their respective Claims in due form; whereas, after the expiration of this Fourth and Last Edict, will be proceeded against the non-appearers, according to Law.
Demerary, 21st May, 1813.

IN pursuance of an Extract from the Minutes of the Court of Rolls, dated 3d May, 1813, I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal, in the name and behalf of JAMES ROBERTSON, Sole Acting-Executor in this colony, to the Estate of N. ROUSSELET, deceased, do hereby, for the Fourth Time, by Edict (ex-superabundanti) Cite - all known and unknown Creditors of said N. Rousselet, deceased, to appear before the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice for the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, at their Session to be holden at the Court-House, on the 21st day of June next, and following days, in order to render as yet, their respective claims in due form; whereas after the expiration of this Fourth and Last Edict, will be proceeded against the non-appearers according to Law.
Demerary, 21st May, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]






Pl. Alliance.


T. Robinson,

Pl. Vryheid's Lust.






Pl. Marias Lodge.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.









Demerary Ferry.






Pl. Providence.


Pl. Sophia,




Pl. Sophia.


Pl. Sarah Johanna,









Capt. Mudie,

Pl. Unity.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


Dr. Louis,

J. Douglas.


T. Marsh,

Pl. Klyn Parys.


Pl. Huntly,

W. Kemp.



Pl. Zeelugt.

May 22. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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