Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 May 29


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 584.

SATURDAY, MAY 29, 1813.

PAPER MONEY. [centered]
THE Committee for Finantial Purposes give notice that attendance will be given on Monday the thirty-first of May, and on Tuesday the first day of June, for the purpose of exchanging the old Paper Money; after which the Books will be made up, and delivered over to the Receiver-General; and such old Notes as remain out being no longer a tender, will be received only at the Offices of the Two Receivers, in payment of the Public Debts.
George-Town, 28th May 1813.

JOHN LEWIS [centered]
Has just received per Ships Demerary and Samuel Braddick, from Liverpool, a supply of Fresh and Genuine MEDICINES, Quackery, Stationery, Perfumery, Spices, Sago, Tapioca, &c. Also an assortment of Paints and Oil - which he is selling at his Shop, In [sic] America-Street, at his usual low prices.
May 29.

THE Subscriber has received per Samuel Braddick, Capt. STEVENS, from Liverpool, the following articles, which he will dispose of very reasonable for cash or produce, at the store adjoining J. Lewis, Esq. America-Street, opposite to the house of James Robertson, Esq. viz. -
Gloucester cheese, Lancashire and Cumberland hams, prime mess beef and pork in half barrels, candles and soap, porter and beer in puncheons, Madeira wine in pipes, nails 4dy a 30dy assorted, earthen ware in puncheons, printed calicos and cambrics, Irish linen and cotton shirting, damask and cotton napkins, linen and cotton checks, India dimity and striped nankeen, ladies' and gentlemen's silk and cotton hose, ladies' black, white, and drab beaver and silk hats, youths' and girls' hats and bonnets, gentlemen's silk and beaver do. negro hats, ladies' black jean, velvet, and Morocco and kid shoes and laced boots, youths' and girls, do. do. gentlemen's Jockey and Hessian boots, do. dress and walking shoes, gentlemen's worsted web pantaloons, do. white and printed Marseilles vests, window glass 14 x 10, 16 x 12, 18 x 14, Glauber salts in 56 and 112lb. kegs, Bristol temper lime, stationery consisting of sets of books, foolscap, pot, and post paper, quills, quire books, wafers, sealing-wax, inkstands, bill and paper cases, pen-knives, ink-powder, and a variety of books - amongst which are Inchbald's Theatre, in 25 vols.
George-Town, May 29. JOSEPH JONES.

THE Subscriber has received a supply of very superior quality MADEIRA WINE, by the Ship Diana, from thence; in pipes and hogsheads - from the House of Gordon, Duff, Inglis, & Co. f 44 per dozen Cash, on delivery.
Wanted - 500 Dozen Wine Bottles. [centered]

THE Subscriber intending to leave the Colony, requests all those indebted to him to make immediate payment before the 20th of June ensuing; after which date, he will be obliged to put his claims and open accounts in the hands of his Lawyer, to obtain payment by the most summary manner, without any respect to persons.
He offers for sale, the following articles, by the late arrivals: -
Fresh Dutch provisions, viz. sweet-milk cheese, Jew beef, pickled sausages; almond confectionary, oysters, candles, loaf sugar, coopers' and carpenters' tools, and sundry ironmongery; shoes, boots, glass and earthenware, and a complete assortment of fancy toys and jewellery. Also fish-hooks of all sizes, deep-sea and fishing lines, brooms, paint brushes, combs, musical instruments, and a variety of other articles, too tedious to mention.
May 28. G. ANGLE.

IMPORTED per the Demerary, from Liverpool, and for sale by the undersigned, at their store on Robb's Stelling: -
Hams, cheese, butter, mess beef, tea, loaf sugar, port wine, brown stout, slender beer, mustard, black pepper, candles, soap, cotton and coffee bagging, checks, Irish linen and sheeting, Russia sheeting, calicoes, ginghams, seersuckers, muslins, romals, Madras handkerchiefs, coker canvas, cordage of all sizes, sein and sewing twine, nails 4d. spikes, puncheon and vat hoops with rivets, iron pots, boat anchors, mill-grease, steel plates and capooses, temper lime, sugar pans, 60, 80, and 100 gallons; hoes, shovels, cutlasses, iron and copper tea kettles, paints and oil, lamp oil; gentlemen's coats, coatees, vests, and pantaloons, boots and shoes, ladies' slippers, overalls in bang-up style, 100 barrels of salt, &c.
Who have also on hand, [centered]
Building lime, tobacco in hogsheads; herrings, and superfine flour in barrels. May 29.

THE Subscriber has received, by the late arrivals, the undermentioned Articles - which he offers for sale (at his Store, close the Bridge, leading over to the Market) on moderate terms, for payment in Cash or Produce, on delivery: -
London round-end ivory white knives, with three-prong forks, deserts, carvers, and steels to match; fine and common scissars, horse ditto, new pattern Neptune razors, sailors' knives, pen ditto, and garden shears; elegant plated tea sets with silver edges, liquor stands with bottles complete, cruet ditto, bottle stands, fish knives, salt cellers, table and tea spoons and candlesticks, an assortment of ironmongery and brassware, Irish linen, silk and cotton umbrellas, glassware, wine and beer corks, boots and shoes, and a few hampers of Irish potatoes.
May 28. T. S. M'EWEN.

THE following Goods for sale, imported from London by the Henry Cerf, and from Glasgow by the Ship Sisters: -
Prime mess beef and pork in half barrels, ox tongues in kegs, Irish butter in firkins, bacon hams, Lochsyne herrings in kegs, mould candles and brown soap, 4-4 Irish linen and Irish sheeting, printed calicoes and cambricks in trunks, fashionable fancy ginghams and lenoes, hair-cord and fancy muslin, ladies' plain black cambric, stout white cotton for lining, linen pocket handkerchiefs with printed borders, York stripe and corded dimity, India jeans and Princes' cord, romal blue handkerchiefs, men's ancle cotton stockings, linen thread assorted, Welch ad thick flannel, flaxen Osnaburgs, Madeira and port wine in bottles, London porter in bottles and in bulk, pale ale and French brandy, cherry and raspberry brandy, tea and loaf sugar, men's silk, beaver, and Leghorn hats; planters' black and white hats, flannel coats, jackets, and dressing gowns; black and white silk handkerchiefs, military, doe and buck-skin gloves; men's black and white silk stockings, silk umbrellas, stationery and glass-ware assorted, sets ivory-hafted knives and forks, chamber and stock locks, masons' trowels, bed-room looking-glasses, mustard and salad oil, pearl barley in kegs, paint and paint oil, neatsfoot oil and spirits turpentine, powder and shot, flints, &c.

FOR SALE - A Mulatto-man; complete boot and shoe-maker. For particulars enquire of B. JONES, Esq. Plantation Nabaclis; or
May 27. H. S. THOMAS.

THE Subscribers have received by the Ships Demerary and Diana, from Liverpool, and Belleisle, from Glasgow, and have on hand of recent importations, the following assortment of GOODS, on sale at their store: -
Madeira wine, superior port wine, porter and beer, mess beef and pork, hams, potatoes, first-quality Irish butter, pine and Gloster cheese, pearl barley, split pease, tongues, tripe, pickles, vinegar, loaf-sugar, mustard, salad oil, hyson tea, sago, Glauber salts, tobacco, tallow, soap and candles, salt in tierces, spermaceti candles, spirits turpentine, neatsfoot oil, paint and lamp oil, white, green, blue, black, red, and Spanish brown paint; red ochre and dry Spanish brown, lamp-black in papers; black varnish, cordage, sein-twine, fishing, chalk, and deep-sea lines; fishing-seins 15 to 30 fathoms, bed-sheeting, Irish linen, Irish diaper, French and cotton cambric, Irish dowlas and harn, linen platillas, Russia duck, Nun's thread, tape and bobbin, Osnaburg thread, cotton and linen shirts, cotton and linen check, table-cloths, furniture check, bed-tick, linen Bengals, blue and grey cotton calico, brown Holland, furniture chintz, fancy ginghams, brown and white ancle socks, men and women's cotton stockings, plain and embroidered; black Barcelonas, India Bandana handkerchiefs, black and white silk stockings, plain and embroidered; India seersuckers, salempores and long-cloths, white and yellow nankeen, rich French lace, silk and cotton umbrellas, fashionable coats and coatees, round jackets, blue cloth and worsted pantaloons, flannel jackets, white and coloured vests, braces, children's and boys' hats, silk and beaver hats, corduroy, superfine blue and black cassimere, ditto blue, black, and scarlet cloth; blue, black, and grey broad-cloth; ditto bottle-green for rifle cloathes; Welch flannel, green baize, boat cloaks, green window gauze, quilting, jean, and royal-rib, dimity, buckskin gloves, musquito netting, mattresses with bolsters and pillows, bedsteads with mattresses, bolsters, pillows, and curtains complete; boots, planter's shoes with buckles, dress and strong walking shoes, children's shoes, ladies' black morocco shoes, ladies' straw hats, ladies' black and drab beaver hats, Inverness cotton and coffee bagging, crumb brushes, paint, shoe, and white-wash ditto, stationery, consisting of sets of books, paper, quills, &c.; glassware, consisting of half pint tumblers and goblets with cut bottoms, India shades, wine decanters, finger cups, &c.; patent candlesticks with shades, elegant night and day telescopes, dining, Pembroke, and breakfast tables; looking-glasses with dressing-boxes, portable desks, guardevines, small liquor-cases, bason stands, nests of trunks, Windsor chairs, shaving boxes, chaise and tandem harness, saddles, martingales, stall collars, portmanteaus, heads and reins, curry and mane combs and brushes, chaise and jockey whips, spurs, sets blue printed ware complete, tea trays, lanthorns, funnels, fish-kettles, dish-covers, chamber candlesticks, bread-baskets, &c. tea-kettles, wine corks, grid-irons, frying-pans, iron coffee-mills, girdles [sic], sod-irons, ship-scrapers, whip-saws, scouring-rods, ivory rules, 2 and 3 feet rules, sail and Osnaburg needles, slates and pencils, sailor's palms, hour-glasses, tea and table spoons, sets of buck and black-handled knives and forks, green ivory ditto, vat and wine cocks, mason's trowels, Dutch steelyards, stay-bars and staples, iron-pots, fishing-hooks, ivory-handled desk-knives, fine pen and sportsmen's knives, smoothing, jack, and long planes, with spare irons; common and cast-steel band-saws, cast-steel chissels and gouges, steel-backed tenon-saws, saws-sets, gimblets, carpenter's compasses, whip, cross-cut, and hand-saw files, iron squares, hammer-heads, claw and shingling hammers, hatchets, screw and plain augers, carpenters' adzes and axes, felling-axes, coopers' tools assorted, fine chest and chamber-door locks, pad-locks, stock-locks 5 to 14 inches, bright bolts 4 to 12 inches, hook-and-eye, T, and HL hinges, butt hinges, brass table hinges, pump-tacks, nails assorted, thick and thin sheet copper and nails, coffee manaries, copper lamps, ladles and skimmers, guaging-rods, proof-bubbles and phials, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, iron safes, trimming knives, jack and worm screws, powder and shot, Roman cement, gin-cranks and brasses, bar and rod iron, wood hoops, buck knives, axes, razors and looking glasses, hooks and thimbles, blocks, mast-hoops, beads, grumets, cambooses, rudder-irons, large and small anchors, negro pipes, jackets, hats, red shirts, Kilmarnock caps and wrappers, tradesmen's cloth jackets, hats, and trowsers, American shingles, grindstones, sheet-lead, temper lime, lamp oil in casks of 40 gallons; also a very choice assortment of fancy prints, chintzes, fine mourning calicoes, &c.
Also, on consignment, to be disposed of very cheap for immediate payment - trimming-knives, cotton-bagging, port wine and loaf sugar, stout and herrings, bricks and lime.
May 27. M'INROY, SANDBACH, & Co.

NOTICE - The Domicilium Citandi et Executandi of the Subscriber, as Acting-Representative of the Estate of Mr. ROBERT GORDON, deceased, (in this Colony), is at the House of Messrs. Simson, Grant, and Co. Cumingsburg.

HENRY BECKLES GALL, Practitioner of Physic, hereby informs his friends and the public in general, that he has removed from his late dwelling in Cumingsburgh, to Lot No. 7, Water-Street, Bridge-Town District - where he continues to exercise the duties of his profession.
He has also on sale, a few articles, viz. G. Opium, Sal. Glauber, Crem. Tart. Laudanum, Paregoric, Sago, Mixed Spices, Salad Oil, &c. - Also Wallaba Shingles, Green-heart, Wallaba Timber, &c.
May 28.

PLAYTER & LEACH [centered]
Have for Sale, greater part just imported, of excellent quality and at low prices:
London and Bristol porter, ale, and beer, in bottles, hogsheads, and barrels; Bristol tripe, oysters, green and yellow split pease, pearl and pot barley, celery seed, white biscuit, hams, bacon, cheese, potatoes, lyng fish, salmon, butter, beef, pork, tongues, sausages, pickles, fish sauces, capers, salad oil, Florence oil, mustard, pepper, vinegar, salt, spices, sago, tea, sugar, fresh garden seeds, and essence of spruce; flour, pilchards, and salt in barrels. Coarse and fine Irish linens, finest Suffolk hemp ditto, Russia sheeting, anchor dowlas, Manchester nankeen, bombazine, bombazet, table-cloths, towels, diaper, huckaback, Marseilles waistcoating, quilting, white and striped jeans, ginghams, check, white calico, Bengal and Salamanca stripes, fancy printed calicoes, superfine and ordinary cambric, long lawn, rich Italian net; figured Mazarine, blue, and white sarsenets; Japan coloured, fancy stripe, India mull, book, and jaconet muslin; rich figured silk shambrays and other muslins; musquito netting; plain, coloured, gold-worked, and knotted, rich dresses; cord, wire and common thread, shirt moulds, pins and needles, scissars. Rich silk, knotted and plain, black and white stockings; ditto gloves, fine and ordinary cotton and lambs'-wool hosiery, and gloves of almost all sorts, both ladies' and gentlemen's; fine flannel, blue, black, bottle-green, and scarlet cloths and kerseymere; coat-patterns, fashionable coats, coatees, and pantaloos [sic] assorted, waistcoats, boots, strong shoes, ladies' and gentlemen's fine ditto, umbrellas, best beaver and silk hats, broad-brim ditto, black and white; children's hats, boys' and men's japanned leather ditto, with and without bands; leather caps; superior and common negro hats, blankets, jackets, and other negro-cloathing; negro pipes, Osnaburghs, cotton bagging, canvas, cables and other cordage, log, lead, and fishing lines; twine, white rope, blocks and mast-hoops, Swedish and coal tar, paint oil, fine and common paints of all sorts, turpentine and varnish, glue, soap, candles, tallow, lamp oil, skimmers and ladles, temper lime, wood hoops, iron hoops, flat, square, and round bar and bolt iron, blister steel, solder, boat anchors 1/2 to 3 1/2 cwt. patent mushroom ditto, nails assorted 4d. to 40d. spikes, hinges and bolts assorted, and locks; furniture ornaments, cloak pins, brass nails, pump tacks, a general assortment of carpenters', coopers', and masons' tools; a set of farriers' ditto; trenching shovels, weeding and cane-holing hoes, squaring, wedging, and felling axes; corn mills, coffee ditto, tea kettles, camp ditto, fish ditto, sauce, stew, and dripping pans; wine measures, black jacks, pint and quart pots, candlesticks, tinder boxes, lanthorns, brass and japanned hand lamps, tea trays and waiters, mats, bottle stands, ivory-handled knives and forks, common tea and table spoons and ladles, tureens, Turk's-cap, octagon and oval moulds; gridirons, frying pans, iron pots, marking scribes, pocket knives, cork screws, corks assorted, plates, dishes, cups and saucers, jugs, mugs, and chamber-ware, in crates; India shades, decanters, handsome cruet and liquor stands, wine glasses, tumblers, rummers and goblets; bedsteads, mattresses, bolsters, and pillows, complete; a handsome pair sophas, neat sets table chairs, children's ditto. Glauber and Epsom salts, calcined magnesia, and best bark. Gunpowder and shot, handsome and ordinary saddles, double and single bridles, gig and jockey whips, curry-combs and brushes, sets shoe brushes and blacking, paint and plaistering brushes, house brooms and mops, a general assortment of stationery, penknives, and a few coloured varnished prints in gilt frames.
A few quarter-casks very best Madeira wine London market, ditto in pipes, hogsheads or quarter-casks; fine Cogniac brandy, Island rum, and Colony spirit, by the piece or puncheon.
Also, on Commission - Crab boards and plank, clapboards, vat and puncheon staves, sugar-hogshead ditto, mill-timber, &c. and a Steam-Engine complete, of twelve horse power. May 26.

THE Subscribers have received per ship Sisters from Glasgow, the following assortment, which they offer for sale, at their store in Cumingsburg, opposite Messrs. Hyndman & Cary's:
Superfine black and blue coats, coatees, and vests, cotton and linen checks, cambrics, ginghams and printed calicoes, Woodstock gloves, paints and oil, soap and candles, best London porter and ale, small beer, hams and cheese, double refined sugar, a few half barrels pork, India shades, tumblers, goblets, decanters, and wine glasses, best Nun's thread, coloured threads, Irish linen, real India silk handkerchiefs, powder and shot, stationery, boots and shoes, iron stocked anchors, gun tackle hooks, and can-hooks, &c.
Also a few puncheons Porter, on consignment, which will be sold low for immediate payment in cash or produce.
May 29. T. HOLM, & Co.

A few Small-Boats for Sale. [centered]
Apply at the Store of [centered]

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Copartnership under the Firm of B. & M. JACOBS, will be dissolved by mutual consent, on the 1st July next. All persons having demands against us, are requested to render their accounts for settlement; and those indebted to the said Firm, are also requested to pay their accounts to the last Subscriber, who is duly authorised to receive the same, and to bring the Concern to a close: and as it is his intention to leave the Colony in a short time, hopes that all those indebted will be as speedy as possible in settling their accounts.
Demerary, May 28. M. JACOBS.

RECEIVED by the Subscribers per Cork Fleet - Prime butter in firkins, a quantity of paint oil, in 2 1/4 gallon jars, boxes mustard; and cordage assorted; all which being a consignment, will be sold very low for immediate payment.
Also on hand - a few casks Newfoundland Cod Fish, in good order, pilchards, in barrels, salt in puncheons, &c.
May 29. SIMSON, GRANT, & Co.

JUST Landed and for sale by the Subscribers, cheap for Cash: -
Prime mess beef in whole and half barrels, ditto pork in ditto, ox tongues in firkins, rounds beef in tubs, butter in whole and half firkins, superfine flour in barrels, lyng-fish and potatoes, hams and cheese, pease and barley, gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, white-wine and brown-stout vinegar, pickles and mustard, porter, beer, and ale, port, Madeira, and cherry wine, claret, cherry and raspberry brandy, real Cogniac brandy, gin, old rum, paint and lamp oil in jugs, tar in barrels, cotton shirts, blue salempores, Osnaburgs, sewing twine, corded dimity, negro cloathing, ditto pipes and tobacco, corks, smoaked herrings in boxes, tea in canisters, loaf sugar, boots, &c.
May 29. GEORGE LACY & Co.

NOTICE. [centered]
ALL the Watches now remaining undelivered, which were found in the possession of the late A. SCOTT, deceased, and which were repairable, being now ready for deliver, if the same are not called for in fourteen days from this date, the same will be sold at Vendue to defray the expences of repairs.
George-Town, May, 25.
Deliberating Executors.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

JUST Arrived and for sale, in addition to the Subscriber's handsome assortment on hand -
Flannels, dimities, and linens, black and white plain and twilled cotton cambric, pocket handkerchiefs, checks and diapers, jubilar-cord, bombazeen, ladies' robes and imitation dresses, gentlemen's square handkerchiefs, ditto pink bordered, gentlemen's and ladies' black and white silk stockings, gentlemen's and ladies' buff leather gloves, ginghams, point nets, figured lenoes, feathered, sprigged, and plain ditto, striped book muslin, satin, striped mull ditto, threads, tapes, &c.

FOR Sale, for Cash only - A HOUSE FRAME, of Hard-wood, two full Stories high, 25 feet long by 16 broad, with Blocks of 5 feet - Price 30 Joes. Apply to

THE Subscribers have received by the ship Sisters, Capt. Gemmill, from Glasgow, the following Consignment, which they will dispose of at a very moderate advance on Invoice costs:
Temper and building lime, coals, ling fish in boxes and hhds. beer in puncheons, soap and candles in half boxes, prime mess beef and pork in half barrels, superfine flour in barrels, Irish butter and ox tongues in firkins and half firkins, Stockholm tar in large barrels, an elegant assortment of saddlery, consisting of sets of brown and black chaise harness complete, spurs, leather halters and whips, &c.
An assorted Invoice of Ironmongery, consisting of sets of German steel whip saws, whip and handsaw files, sets of white and green table knives and forks, desert ditto ditto, iron hoops, cotton and coffee bagging, &c.

NOW opening, an assortment of Hair Cord, satin stripe and veined muslins, plain and spotted jaconets and cambrics, mull and lappet, plain and sprigged, gauze and leno ditto, wrought and plain shawls and robes, Japan spotted, twilled and plain black, printed and white cottons, cotton shirting, York stripes, linen checks and ticks, bleached and unbleached platillas, Madras and pullicat handkerchiefs, tapes, thread, and bobbins.
May 29. CORNFOOT, BELL, & Co.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Henry Clarke, in fourteen days, or six weeks from the 10th of May.
P. Inglis, in ditto, or ditto, from the 13th of May.
James Aikin, in 14 days or 6 weeks from 17 May.
John Henry Leslie, in idem from 18.
D. Redfern, in 14 days, or by the June Fleet, from 19 May.
The Hon. Thomas Naghten, in 14 days or June Fleet, 20th May.
W. King (Vlissingen) in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
Charles M'Garel, in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
J. H. Albouy and Family, with two Servants, in fourteen days, or with the June Convoy, from the 22d May.
Benjn. Hall, with one Servant, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Latham Avery, with one ditto, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Jno. M'Gowty, with ditto, ditto, from the 22d May.
Thomas A. White, and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from 24th May.
John M'Bean, in fourteen days or four weeks, from 25th May.
D. N. V. A. V. Hoytema, L.L.D. in fourteen days, from 26th May.
The free black woman Mary Ann Bellamy, in fourteen days or six weeks, from 27th May.
Samuel Meyers, in fourteen days or four weeks, from the 27th May.
John Staunton, and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 27th May.
George Gellie, in fourteen days or by the June Fleet, from the 27th May.
John Henley, in fourteen days, or by ditto, from the 28th May.
Thomas Hames, in fourteen days, or by the Ship Hero, from the 28th May.
Thomas Murray, in fourteen days, from the 28th May.
George Gill, M.D. and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 28th May.
Elizabeth Bruce, in fourteen days, or by the June Fleet, from the 28th May.
Joseph Derrick, in fourteen days, from the 29th May.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 29, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

On Sale at the Vendue-Office, [centered]
A Consignment of a few pipes and half-pipes PARTICULAR MADEIRA WINE, received by the Belleisle and Sisters in the last Fleet.
May 29.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Monday the 31st May, at the Vendue Office – Calicos, stationery, Planters' calf and Morocco shoes, Osnaburgs, brown sheeting, harn and anchor dowlas, white lead, Spanish brown, paint oil, negro hats, flannel, ladies' silk hats, 4dy. To 30dy. And coopers' nails, frying pans, sod irons, seine, sein and sewing twine, towing, mackrel, malon and chalk lines, common and patent dish covers, japanned trunks, coats, coatees, and round robins, white and printed quilting, jean and black silk vests, kerseymere pantaloons, silk umbrellas, and ladies' parasols, just arrived per Belleisle. Also port wine, gin, tobacco in barrels, cordage, bed tick, musquito netting, men's stockings and socks, Irish linen, sheeting, long lawn, diaper, cotton cambric, chissels, chest and pad locks, cutlasses, hoes, negro jackets, &c.
May 26. A. MILLS & Co.

On Thursday next, the 3d June, at the Commissariat-House in Kingston - Household furniture, plate, a chaise and horse, and what may further appear; the property of a gentleman leaving the Colony.
May 29. A. MILLS & Co.

On Saturday the 5th of June, by order of Messrs. JAMES H. ALBOUY & Co. at their store - superfine rye and cornell flour in barrels, salmon in barrels, tierces, and kits; mackarel, shads, and herrings in ditto, tobacco in barrels, tar, pitch, and turpentine in ditto, rock salt in barrels, spruce spars for boats' masts, and colony lumber, butter in kegs of about 40 to 50lbs. &c.
May 29. A. MILLS & Co.

NOTICE. [centered]
DOCTOR GILL's absence from the Colony will be for a short time; but requests any, who may have business with him, to call on him in the ensuing week. - May 29.

Except the Schooner Governor Bentinck, from the Oronoque, we have no arrival to announce this day. But the Reader's attention is requested to a certain naval document, subsequently inserted. It is worthy his perusal, and will excite his admiration. It is calculated to chase every gloomy impression from the mind, relative to the late reverses of the British navy; and strongly manifests, that when there is any thing like equality of force - Victory ever sides with England.

The document in question, represents the novel circumstances of one small frigate bravely bearing down on two, individually superior; skilfully separating them; engaging the largest; and ultimately obliging her to retire from the combat!
[Transcriber's note: this naval battle between the British and French off the coast of Africa not transcribed.]

LOCALITIES. [centered]

The inclemency of the weather preventing the parade on Wednesday, the Royal Battalion Demerary Militia assembled on Thursday, and will again on Monday next.

Cleared from the Custom-House, on the 27th instant, the Schooner Ph¤nix, Adamson, for Trinidad; and on the 28th, the Sloop Blackbird, Hall, for Barbados.

We announced as one of the Cork Fleet, the arrival of the Cremona. But we now find, she came no further then [sic] Barbados.

The Packet sailed this morning, for Barbados - in company with the Bustard sloop of war. Also the sloop Blackbird. The Bustard was one of the convoying vessels of the Cork Fleet.

[right pointing hand icon] We again respectfully inform the Public, that no Advertisement can be received for insertion on the days of publication, after eight in the morning.

We were under the necessity of omitting several advertisements for the present number, in consequence of their too late arrival.

Marshal's Office. [centered]

By virtue of an Extract from the Minutes of the Court of Rolls, bearing date 24th of August, 1812 - I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal, in the name and instance of W. ROBERTSON, Esq. Acting First Fiscal, R. O. do hereby, for the Fourth Time, ex superabundanti by Edict Cite - JAN DOSCHER; personally to appear before the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice, for the United Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, at their session to be holden at the Court-House, in George-Town, on the twenty first day of June next, and following days: in order to clear himself of the defaults obtained against him, and to see the Plaintiff, R. O. file his Intendith, with the vouchers thereto belonging, and further to hear sentence pronounced, according to law.
Demerary and Essquebo, 25th May, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.

[Transcriber's note: no listing of Runaway and Arrested Slaves in this issue.]

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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