Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 June 01


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 585.

TUESDAY, JUNE 1, 1813.

The Board of Orphans, [centered]
DULY authorised by the Hon. Court of Justice, requests all persons who appear to be indebted to the several Estates devolved to the Board, and agreeable to the subjoined list - to make payment; or, in case some may be disputed, to produce such proofs as will substanciate [sic] such dispute, in the time of three months from date: - after which time, all such claims not paid , or to whom no valid objections are made, will be sold at public sale, for the benefit of the Estates.
Demerary, May 15, 1813, [centered]
By Order of the Board,
F. A. VERNEDE, Recorder.


Against whom.

Favor what Estate


Miss Polly Austrim

Estate of A. Simpson

f 185


R. L. Ashington




Capt. Dudgen




Royal Engineer Department




James Lyon




M'Kenzie & Co.








Alex. Reith








Theatre Royal




H. Tolloh




Pl. Arno's Vale




Certificate of J. Codd,
Manager of Pl. Arno's Vale




For remainder of list see Royal Gazette of Tuesday last.

FOR SALE by the Subscriber, at his Store on the American Stelling, for immediate payment: -
Hams, cheese, crackers, porter, Burton ale, port wine, salmon, mackarel, tea; loaf-sugar, foolscap, letter, and common paper; quills, blank-books, Irish linens, calicoes, check, gunpowder and shot, soap and candles, white-lead, paint-oil, cordage, strong and dress shoes, beaver hats, mustard and vinegar, leaf and chewing tobacco, corks, temper lime, glassware, negro pipes, crockery, &c.
May 31. T. G. ALBOUY.

RECEIVED per Demerary, from Liverpool, and for sale by the Subscriber, on reasonable terms for immediate payment, viz. Prime Yorkshire Hams, double and single Gloster Cheese, Cork Rose Butter in half firkins, Candles, Soap, &c.
Also per Samuel Braddick - new superfine Flour, Dunnage & Larkins's Patent silk Hats, &c.

IMPORTED by the Subscriber, in the ship Belleisle, from Glasgow, and other Vessels, just arrived, for sale at his Store, America-Street:
Prime mess beef in barrels and half barrels, tongues in firkins, hams, best rose butter, split pease and barley in jugs, black pepper, white wine vinegar in jugs and bottles, salad oil, cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmegs, raisins and almonds in small boxes, assorted pickles, loaf sugar, hyson tea, beer and porter, soap and candles, printed calicoes, furniture chintz, ginghams, platillas, salempores, corded dimity, linen and cotton shirting, cotton and linen cambrics, britannias, Welch flannel shaloon,; black, blue, and scarlet broad cloths; diaper, damask table cloths, Gentlemen's dress coats and coatees, ditto beaver and Leghorn hats, children's hats, boot and shoes, best silk umbrellas, Ladies' parasols, Ladies' and Gentlemen's silk and cotton stockings, coarse handkerchiefs, long lawns, glass ware, saddlery, a complete assortment of cordage from 6 thread ratline to 7 1/2 inch cables, sewing and seine twine, log lines,; black, white, red, and green paints; paint and lamp oil, hair brooms and paint brushes, tar in barrels, nails from 4dy to 5-inch spikes, Carpenters' and Coopers' tools, negro clothing, stationery, copper skimmers and ladles, boiling-house lamps, temper lime, mill grease, mill brasses, copper liquor pumps, hook and eye and HL hinges, ivory handled knives and forks, buck handled ditto, window glass, &c.
June 1. ARCH. IVER.

IMPORTED in the Cork Fleet, and for sale by the Undersigned, at their Stores in America-Street: -
Hams, tripe, refined sugar, port wine, sago, spices assorted, black pepper, mould candles, brown soap, salad oil, olives, capers, fish sauces, pickles assorted, porter and beer in bottles; white, Spanish brown, yellow, and green paints; paint, neatsfoot, and whale oil; an assortment of negro cloathing, consisting of blue and grey jackets, red flannel shirts, check ditto, trowsers, hats, wrappers, Guernsey frocks and blankets; Osnaburgs, cotton and coffee bagging, cotton hammocks, bed tick, wine rubbers, linen and cotton checks, seins, sein and sewing twine, Irish linens, sheetings, and dowlas, diaper, huckaback, table-cloths, jeans, India dimity, Princes' cord, white corduroy, striped nankeens, white calicoes, a large assortment of fancy chintz, printed calicoes, checked ginghams, collistraws, seersuckers, handkerchiefs, and muslins, cotton and linen cambrics, cotton shirting, diamond quilting, superfine broad-cloths, Cassimere and Florentine, black silk and quilting vests, ladies' and gentlemen's silk and cotton stockings, gentlemen's fine lamb-wool socks, boots, dress and snow shoes, ladies' shoes, boys' and children's ditto, parasols, silk, Leghorn, and glazed hats, children's ditto, gentlemen's leather and net gloves, ladies' black silk ditto, Welch flannel, black silk handkerchiefs, crape, linen threads and tape, &c. iron pots, sodirons, fryingpans, gridirons, gunpowder, shot, and flints; assortments of stationery, tin, glass, and earthen ware; hoes, shovels, and cutlasses; nails from 4d. to 30d. boat and coopers' ditto, puncheon hoops and rivets, skimmers and ladles, cotton gin cranks, &c. halters, curry-combs and brushes, gig harness, portmanteaus, spare reins, girths, horse and chaise whips, &c.
ALSO ON HAND, [centered]
Cordage assorted, white rope, sail cloth from No. 1 to 4, mattresses complete, tea, coffee minaries, brass cocks, brass and iron-rimmed chamber door locks, brass candlesticks, carpenters' and coopers' tools, axes, adzes, hand, cross-cut, and tennant saws; long, jack, smoothing, flooring, plough, o. g. bead, and rabbit planes, with spare irons; chissels, hand and whip saw files, ivory handled knives and forks with carvers, gentlemen's best hog-skin saddles, single, double, and Hussar bridles; martingales, &c.
Blackburn's best London particular Madeira wine in pipes, hogsheads, and quarter-casks, and per dozen.
May 28. HENRY HALKET & Co.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

ALL persons having Demands against the Undersigned, are requested to render in their accounts as soon as possible, for payment.
New-Town, June 1. WILLIAM KING.

FOR SALE - Two HORSES, in very good order; can be warranted sound, and without fault - both excellent chaise and saddle horses. Also a Chaise and Harness. Enquire of the Printer.
June 1.

CASH wasted, for Bills on London, to the amount of Eight Hundred Pounds. Apply to Messrs. CORNFOOT, BELL, & Co. or to
June 1. Pl. Ruimveld.

RECEIVED per Samuel Braddick - Hams, Beer, Porter, Cotton Bagging, &c. - On Hand; Building Lime and Grating Bars.
June 1. J. H. & N. W. POLLARD.

NOTICE - All persons having Claims against the Estate of His late Excellency Major-General CARMICHAEL, will please call at the House of JOSEPH BEETE, Jun. Esqr. on Thursday the 3d instant, from 10 till 12 o'clock, for payment.
June 1. JOHN EYRE.

NOW Landing by the Subscriber, imported in the Ship Demerary, from Liverpool, for sale -
Irish butter, Hams,
Cheese, Tongues,
Mess Beef and Pork, in half barrels,

RECEIVED by last arrivals, the following assortment of Goods, which are offered for sale on very moderate terms, at the Store of the Subscriber:
4-4 Irish linen and long lawns, Irish sheeting and diaper, damask and diaper table cloths, ditto napkins, cotton shirting, cotton and linen cambric, jaconet, tamboured, sewed, striped, and plain mull muslins; plain and tamboured book ditto, leno and spider net, strong 6-4 checked muslin, hair-cord cambric and muslin; fine hair-cord ginghams, plain, checked, and plaid ditto; printed cambrics and calicoes, mourning ditto, pocket handkerchiefs, Madras pullicates, cotton, linen, and furniture check; linen Britannias, brown Holland, jean, large sized Marseilles counterpanes, bombazeen and bombazet, 4-4 black cotton, wide and narrow black crape, ladies' and gentlemen's black and white silk and cotton stockings and gloves, ladies' warm shawls, gentlemen's silk, beaver, and Leghorn hats, boys' and children's black and drab beaver ditto, women's and girls' black beaver bonnets, ladies' split straw bonnets, trimmed and plain; ditto long and short, black and white, lace veils; ditto shawls, white satin, twilled and plain; white and coloured sarcenet, ladies' extra long white kid gloves, a large assortment of fashionable ribbons and silk gimps [sic], green lawn, black and white catgut and wire, Nun's thread assorted, from No. 10 to 63; plain and twilled Marseilles vest patterns, gentlemen's morocco pumps, slippers, and shoes; boys', girls', and children's morocco boots and shoes, flannel, flax and tow Osnaburgs, Russia duck trowsers, blue nankeen, foolscap paper, plated candlesticks and bottle stands, salad oil, mustard, black pepper, a large assortment of glass, earthen, and tin ware, &c.

[seal image - centered]
ON Friday next, the Anniversary of His Majesty's Birth-Day, the Royal Demerary Militia, stationed at Head-Quarters, Cavalry, Artillery, and Infantry, will, under an arrangement which will be communicated through the Adjutant-General, form on the new Ground of Exercise, and Fire, in honour of the day, precisely at twelve o'clock.
King's-House, George-Town, the 1st June, 1813.
By His Excellency's Command,
Lieut. Col. & Adj. Gen.

COURT OF JUSTICE. [centered]

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Commissarial Court, which was to have been held on Monday the 7th instant, is postponed until the following day, in consequence of the intervening holiday.
Court-House, 1st June, 1813.
Clerk of the Court of Justice.

WHEREAS a number of the Creditors of the Estate of Richard Wells, deceased, and Plantation Parika, have addressed themselves by Petition to the Honourable Court of Justice, praying, that the arrangement entered into between R. WELLS, deceased, and his Creditors, and sanctioned by the Hon. Court of Justice aforesaid, on the 25th January, 1808, the period for which the said arrangement was to continue in force having elapsed - might be extended for a further period of Five Years. This is to give notice to the Creditors of said R. WELLS, deceased, and Plantation Parika, and all other whom it may concern, to give in their assent or dissent to the aforesaid extension, as prayed for, within six weeks from date, at the Secretary's Office.
Court-House, George-Town, this 1 June, 1813.
By Command,
Clerk of the Court of Justice.

MARSHAL's OFFICE. [centered]

IN consequence of the Commissarial Court, which was to have been held on Monday the 7th instant, being deferred until the day following - Notice is hereby given, that the Executional Sales, advertised to take place on Tuesday the 8th instant, are consequently postponed until Wednesday the 9th instant.
Demerary and Essequebo, this 1st day of June, 1813.

For other Advertisements from the Marshal's Office, see last page.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
D. Redfern, in 14 days, or by the June Fleet, from 19 May.
The Hon. Thomas Naghten, in 14 days or June Fleet, 20th May.
W. King (Vlissingen) in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
Charles M'Garel, in idem, or by idem, 20th May.
J. H. Albouy and Family, with two Servants, in fourteen days, or with the June Convoy, from the 22d May.
Benjn. Hall, with one Servant, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Latham Avery, with one ditto, with ditto, from the 22d May.
Jno. M'Gowty, with ditto, ditto, from the 22d May.
Thomas A. White, and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from 24th May.
John M'Bean, in fourteen days or four weeks, from 25th May.
D. N. V. A. V. Hoytema, L.L.D. in fourteen days, from 26th May.
The free black woman Mary Ann Bellamy, in fourteen days or six weeks, from 27th May.
Samuel Meyers, in fourteen days or four weeks, from the 27th May.
John Staunton, and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 27th May.
George Gellie, in fourteen days or by the June Fleet, from the 27th May.
John Henley, in fourteen days, or by ditto, from the 28th May.
Thomas Hames, in fourteen days, or by the Ship Hero, from the 28th May.
Thomas Murray, in fourteen days, from the 28th May.
George Gill, M.D. and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 28th May.
Elizabeth Bruce, in fourteen days, or by the June Fleet, from the 28th May.
Joseph Derrick, in fourteen days, from the 29th May.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, May 29, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Saturday the 5th of June, [see 18130529EDRG] . . .
Also an excellent Draft Horse and Chaise, and a good Saddle Horse – sold for no fault, the owner going to leave the Colony in the June fleet.
[right pointing hand icon] Having a large quantity of goods, the Vendue will commence precisely at 10 o'clock.
May 29. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 11th of June, at the Store of M'INROY, SANDBACH & Co. - Superfine flour, and herrings, just arrived in the Fleet; loaf sugar, port wine, pease, barley, hams, lyng-fish, Irish butter, German linen, linen Britannias, printed handkerchiefs, umbrellas, ladies' hats, boots and shoes, &c. Irish linen, cotton and coffee bagging, and Roman cement, just arrived by the Fleet.
June 1. A. MILLS & Co.

A Schooner from the Oronoque, is the only arrival since Saturday; we have, therefore, but one subject to introduce to our readers. It is, however, an important one; and even themselves, it vitally concerns.

The question, arising out of the approaching expiration of the East-India Company's Charter, has at length been brought before the British Parliament; and, from what appears under our head of Foreign News, the Cabinet Council has determined, in favour of an open trade. To China only excepted.

Thus then, operating barely on any thing else, has a competition been created, respecting the great staple commodity of the Western World; and yet, scarcely any opposition has been made by it, to so unfavourable a measure!

But the Commons, notwithstanding, with whom it now rests, may decide favourably - and the West may still rival the East.

This momentous question was entered into, on the 22d of March, by Lord Castlereagh, the Ministerial-Organ of the Lower-House; and the conditions before referred to, are the substance of his address, and were recommended to the deliberation of the House, as the opinions and wishes of Administration.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

We are informed that bills for one thousand pounds sterling have been transmitted by the Packet, by order of His Excellency the late Acting-Governor Carmichael, and the Honourable Court of Policy, for the purpose of procuring pieces of half a bit and one stiver, for the convenience of the market, in the purchase of vegetable, fruit, eggs, and the lesser articles of life; - which will thereby, it is hoped, be procured by the inhabitants, on more reasonable terms - there being at present scarcely any coin of less value than a bit, circulating in the colony.

Extract of a Letter from Capt. SIMSON of His Majesty's Ship Coquette, to a gentleman in this Colony: - "When I called your attention to the act of heroism, I was not aware that the hero had left a Widow to bemoan his loss. I shall therefore request, the same means be used, in behalf of the widow, which you have done in behalf of the hero - viz. your means with the public of Demerary. The wife's father to whom all her letters are addressed is JAMES ADAIR, Mannering, near Belfast, Ireland. I don't know the wife's residence; but her interest must plead my excuse for being thus troublesome."

The Act of Heroism, above alluded to, was recorded in the Royal Gazette of the 20th of April.

FOREIGN NEWS. [centered]

GREAT-BRITAIN. [centered]

London, March 23. – The House of Commons resolved itself yesterday, into a Committee on the subject of the East India Company's affairs – and after a speech of great length, Lord Castlereagh moved the following Resolutions:-
1. That is expedient that all the privileges, authorities, and immunities, granted to the United Company of Merchants trading to the East-Indies, by virtue of any Act or Acts of Parliament now in force, and all rules, regulations, and clauses affecting the same, shall continue and be in force for the further term of twenty years, except as far as the same may hereinafter be modified and repealed.
2. That the existing restraints respecting the commercial intercourse with China, shall be continued, and that the exclusive trade in tea shall be preserved to the said Company during the period aforesaid.
3. That Subject to the provisions contained in the preceding Resolution, it shall be lawful for any of his Majesty's subjects to export any goods, wares, or merchandize, which can now or may hereafter be legally exported from any port in the United Kingdom to any port within the limits of the Charter of the said Company; and that all ships navigated according to law, proceeding from any port within the limits of the Company's Charter, and being provided with regular manifests from the last port of clearance, shall respectively, be permitted to import any goods, wares, and merchandize, the product and manufacture, of any countries within the said limits, into any ports in the United Kingdom which may be provided with warehouses, together with wet docks or basins, or such other securities as shall, in the judgment of the Commissioners of the Treasury in Great Britain and Ireland respectively, be fit and proper for the deposit and safe custody of all such goods, wares, and merchandize, as well as for the collection of all duties payable thereon, and shall have been so declared by the Orders of his Majesty in Council in Great Britain, or by the Order of the Lord Lieutenant in Council in Ireland, provided always that copies of all such Orders in Council shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament in the Session next ensuing.
Provided also, that no ship or vessel of less than 350 tons, registered measurement, shall be permitted to clear out from any port in the United Kingdom, for any port or place within the limits aforesaid, or be admitted to entry into any port of the United Kingdom, from any place with those limits.
Provided also, that no such ship which shall have so navigated, shall be admitted to entry in any port of the United Kingdom, without a regular manifest, duly certified, according to such regulations as may hereafter be enacted.
Provided also, that no article manufactured of silk, hair, or wool, or any mixture thereof, shall be entered or taken out of any warehouse, except for exportation, unless the same shall have been brought into the port of London, and deposited in the warehouses of the said United Company: and such articles shall by them be exposed to public sale by auction, in order to ascertain the duties payable thereupon; and in all other ports, as well as the port of London, such articles, when entered, and taken out for exportation, shall be charged according to their value, under regulations legally applicable in other cases to duties payable ad valorem.
4. That as long as the Government of India shall be administered, under the authority of the said Company, according to the provisions, limitations, and regulations hereafter to be enacted, the rents, revenues, and profits arising from the territorial acquisition in India, shall, after defraying the expences of collecting the same, with the several charges and stipulated payments to which the revenues are subject, be applied, and disposed of, according to the following order of preference:-
In the first place, in defraying all the charges and expences of raising and maintaining the forces, as well European as native artillery and marine on the establishment in India, and of maintaining the forts and garrisons there, and providing war-like and naval stores. – 2dly, In the payment of the interest accruing on the debts owning, or which may hereafter be incurred by the said Company of India. – 3dly, In defraying the civil and commercial establishments at the several settlement there. – 4thly, That the whole or any part of the surplus that may remain of the above described rents, revenues, and profits, after providing for the several appropriations, and defraying the several charges before mentioned, shall be applied to the provision of the Company's investments in India, in remittances to China for the provision of investments there, or towards the liquidation of debts in India, or such other purposes as the Court of Directors, with the approbation of the Board of Commissioners, shall from time to time direct.
5. That the receipts into the Company's treasury in England, from the proceeds of the sales of their goods, and from the profits arising from private and privileged trade, or in any other manner, shall be applied and disposed of as follows: First, in payment of bills of exchange already accepted by the Company, as the same shall become due. Secondly, for the current payment of debts (the principal of the bond debt in England always excepted) as well as interest, and the commercial charges and expences of the said Company. Thirdly, in payment of a dividend of 10l. per cent on the present, or any future amount of the capital stock of the said Company; also in payment of a further dividend of 10s. per cent. upon such capital stock, after the separate fund upon which the same was originally charged by the 124th clause of the 33d. cap. 52, shall have been exhausted; the said payment respectively to be made half-yearly. Fourthly, in the reduction of the principal of the debt in India, or of the bond debt at home, as the Court of Directors, with the approbation of the Board of Commissioners, shall from time to time direct.
6. That when the principal of the debt bearing interest in India shall have been reduced to the sum of 10 millions of pounds sterling, calculated at the exchange of 2s. 3d. the Bengal current rupee; 8s. the Madras pagoda; and 2s. the Bombay rupee; and the bonded debt in England shall have been reduced to the sum of three millions of pounds sterling; then, and thereafter, the surplus proceeds which shall be found to arise from the revenues of India, and the profits upon the trade, after providing for the payments aforesaid, shall be applied to the more speedy repayment of the capital of any public funds or securities which have been or may be created for the use of the said Company, the charges of which have been, or may be, directed to be borne by the said Company, in virtue of any Act or Acts of Parliament; and that any further surplus that may arise shall be set apart, and from time to time paid into the receipt of his Majesty's Exchequer, to be applied as Parliament shall direct, without any interest to be paid to the Company, in respect or for the use thereof, but nevertheless to be considered and declared as an effectual security to the said Company, for the capital stock of the said Company, and for the dividend of 10 ½ per cent. per annum, in respect thereof, and that the excess of such payments, if any, beyond the said amount of 10 millions one sixth part shall, from time to time, be reserved and retained by the said Company for their own use and benefit, and the remaining five-sixths shall be deemed and declared the property of the public, and at the disposal of Parliament.
Provided also, that if the Company's debts in India, after the same shall have been reduced to 10,000,000l. sterling, shall be again increased beyond that amount, or if their bond debt in England, after the same shall have been reduced to 3,000,000l. shall be again increased beyond that sum, then and so often as either of these cases shall happen, the surplus proceeds shall be appropriated to the reduction of such new debts respectively, until the debts of India shall be again reduced to 10,000,000l. sterling, and the bond debt in England to 3,000,000l. sterling.
7. That it is expedient, that ships built within the British territories in the East Indies, and employed in the commerce between India and the United Kingdom, should during the present war, and for 18 months after the conclusion thereof, be permitted to import any goods, wares, or merchandize, the produce or manufacture of any countries, within the limits of the East India Company's Charter, except as aforesaid, or to export any goods, wares, or merchandize from this Kingdom to the British settlements in the East Indies, or to any of the places within the said limits, in the same manner as ships, British built and duly registered as such, and that after the expiration of the period abovementioned, the said India built ships should be liable to such other provisions as Parliament may, from time to time, enact, for the further increase and encouragement of shipping and navigation; and that effectual provision should be made, at the charge of the owners and commanders of such ships for the maintenance, while in the United Kingdom, of the Asiatic sailors employed in the navigation thereof, and for the return of such sailors to their native country.
8. That it is expedient to make provision for further limiting the granting of gratuities and pensions to officers, civil and military, or increasing the same, or creating any new establishments at home, in such manner as may effectually protect the funds of the said Company.
9. That all vacancies happening in the office of Governor General of Fort William, in Bengal, or of Governor of either of the Company's Presidencies or Settlement of Fort St. George or Bombay, or of Governor of the Forts and Garrisons of Fort William, Fort St. George, or Bombay, or of Commander in Chief of all the Forces in India, or of any provincial Commander in Chief of the Forces there, shall continue to be filled up and supplied by the Court of Directors of the said United Company, subject, nevertheless, to the approbation of his Majesty, to be signified in writing under his royal sign manual, countersigned by the President of the Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India.
10. That the number of his Majesty's troops in India to be in future maintained by the said Company, be limited, and that an augmentation of force exceeding the number so limited, shall, unless employed at the express repuisition [sic - requisition] of the said Company, be at the public charge.
11. That it is expected that the Church Establishment in the British territories in the East Indies, should be placed under the superintendance of a Bishop and three Archdeacons, and that adequate provision should be made, from the territorial revenues of India, for their maintenance.
Some conversation of no moment then took place, and the Chairman obtained leave to sit again on Tuesday next. – Adjourned at two o'clock.

MARSHAL'S OFFICE. [centered]

BY Virtue of an Order obtained from the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice for the United Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, bearing date the 29th of this present month of May, 1813 - I, the undersigned Deputy-First-Marshal of said Colony, will expose for sale unto the highest bidder, in presence of Two Councellor-Commissaries of said Court of Justice, and their Secretary, on the 2d day of July, 1813, on the premises - in behalf of GABRIEL JAMES, for himself and his Partner, RICHARD STEVENS, versus the Proprietor or Representative - of Plantation The Cottage -
The Cotton-Plantation Cottage, [centered]
Situated in Little-Courabana, on the East-Coast of Demerary River; with all its Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, and further Appurtenances - the property of BRUMELL and ADDISON; an Inventory whereof is now laying at the Marshal's Office for the inspection of those whom it may concern.
Whoever should think to have any right, title or claim, on the before-mentioned Plantation, and intends to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or persons address themselves to me, at the Marshal's Office of this Colony, declaring their reasons for such opposition, in due time and form, and I do hereby give notice, that I will receive such opposition from any person thereto qualified, appoint them a day to have such claim or claims heard before the Honble. Court of Justice, and further act therein as the Law directs.
Demerary and Essequebo, this 31st day of May 1813.

BY Virtue of an Order granted by His Honor, J. S. MASSE, President of the Honourable Court of Justice - I, the Undersigned Deputy-First-Marshal, at the request and instance of ALEXANDER FULLERTON and JOHN OLIVERSON, Constituted Attornies, in this Colony, of SARAH BLAND, WILLIAM BARTON, and WILIAM PENNY, Executors of THOMAS ASHBURNER, formerly of the Island of Barbados, Esquire, deceased - do hereby, for the First Time, by Edict, Cite - all known and unknown Creditors of the Estate of the said THOMAS ASHBURNER, deceased, to appear before the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice for the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, at their session to be holden at the Court-House, in George-Town, on the 21st day of June next, and following days; in order to render their respective claims in due form: whereas after the expiration of the fourth Summons by Edict, will be proceeded against the non-appearers according to Law.
Demerary and Essequebo, 29th May, 1813.
Deputy First Marshal.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]





J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.



Demerary Ferry.






Pl. Providence.





Capt. Mudie,

Pl. Unity.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


T. Marsh,

Pl. Klyn Parys.


Pl. Huntly,

W. Kemp.



Pl. Zeelugt.


Pl. Concordia,

Pl. Beterhoop.








Met & Meerzorg,

Pl. Underneeming.

May 29. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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