Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 June 08


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 587.

TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1813.

                  COMMISSARIAT OFFICE,
                  Demerary, June 7, 1813.
Cash will be required for the following Bills of Exchange, drawn by FINCH BOVELL, Esqr. Acting Deputy Paymaster General, on the Right Honorable the Paymaster-General, London, at Thirty Days' Sight, viz.
No. 488 . . . 400
489 . . . 400
494 . . . 100 - 900 Sterling.
For which Tenders (in triplicate) will be received at this Office, until Friday next, at ten o'clock in the morning.

FOR SALE, [centered]
Best Hemp Coffee and Cotton Bagging.
A Sample of which may be seen at the
June 8. J. MEERTENS.

FOUND, on Saturday-Evening, the 5th instant, on the Dam, leading from the American-Stelling towards Robb's Stelling, a New TWO JOE PAPER. Any person having lost the same, can have it restored, by making application at the Office of this Paper, and paying for the Advertisement.
June 7.

Genteel Board and Lodging, [centered]
Or either separately, for one or two respectable gentlemen. Enquire at the Printing-Office. - June 8.

THE Subscriber respectfully informs his Friends and the public of Demerary, and the Colonies in general, that he has just imported per Ship Eliza-Ann, from London, a very extensive and choice assortment of Goods, which he offers for Sale on reasonable Terms, at his Store in George-Town.

RECEIVED by the Eliza-Ann and Sophia, from London, for sale by WILLIAM LUCAS, at his Store in Middle-Street - a large Assortment of India Goods; consisting of blue-and-white Salempores, Ginghams, Salamancas, Checks, Caledonias, blue and red Romal Handkerchiefs, Hair and mixed ditto, Seersuckers, Silk Pullicats, Silk Pullicat Romals, Taffatus, White Long Cloths, fine ditto in 10 yard pieces, yellow, white, and bleached Nankeens, Black Bombazeen, Black China Silks, Crapes, Shawl Patterns, &c. which he offers at reasonable prices for immediate payment.
Also - Pale Ale and Porter, per puncheon of 16 dozens, at 8 guilders per dozen - June 8.

ABSCONDED on Monday-morning, (31st May last,) the Negro-man John, a taylor, had on a black willow hat, green coatee, white trowsers, and shoes; speaks good English, with the twang common to natives of the Islands. He may endeavour to pass for free, as I believe he was harboured in town for eight days previous to his last desertion; but after this notice, it is requested, that no free person will shelter him, as the law will be enforced, on any person's being convicted of doing so, the usual reward will be paid to any person who lodges him in the Colony-Jail, or delivers him to his owner.
June 8. D. SMITH.

Wanted to Charter, [centered]
Guaranteeing a Loading in Berbice, by the July Convoy, a good Ship, which could sail hence next springs. Immediate application to be made to

RECEIVED per Ship Pilot, from Bristol, and for sale by the Subscriber, a Consignment of Oakhill Strong Ale, Stout Porter in puncheons, Taunton Small Ale in ditto, and rich Herefordshire Cyder in hampers of three dozen each.

200 English Puncheon Packs compleat;
Just arrived per Thomas, Capt. Foster, from Liverpool, and for sale Cheap for Cash.

NOTICE. - The Sail-making Business, heretofore carried on by BROWN & PORTER, on the premises of the former, will in future be carried on by the Undersigned - who having been regularly bred to the trade, flatters himself, by due attention and assiduity, to merit the favors of the Public.

RECEIVED per Ship Thomas, Capt. Foster, from Liverpool - a small Assortment of Dry Goods, Butter in firkins and half ditto, Paints and Paint Oil, Glauber's Salts, Gentlemen's Fashionable Coats and Vests, &c.
George-Town, June 8. JOSEPH JONES.

[seal image - centered]
            By His Excellency Brigadier-General
[column layout]
JOHN MURRAY, Acting-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, and its Dependencies, &c. &c.
[end column layout]
WHEREAS His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has been pleased in the name and behalf of His Majesty, to appoint JABEZ HENRY Esquire, to be President of the Honble. Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of this Colony, as duly notified to me by the Right Honorable the Secretary of War and the Colonies.
His Honor was therefore duly Sworn into Office this day, before the Honble. the Court of Policy, at an extraordinary meeting held for that purpose.
All Persons are required to take due Notice thereof and govern themselves accordingly.
Given under my Hand and Seal-at-Arms, in George-Town, Demerary, this 8th day of June, 1813.
By His Excellency's Command,
Clerk to the Court of Policy.

FOR BRISTOL. [centered]
PILOT, [centered]
THOMAS BARTON, Master, [centered]
Will sail with the July Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Master, or to
June 8. At the Store of Messrs. POLLARD's.

THE Subscribers request that all Persons who have demands against Plantation GREENWICH PARK, will render them in immediately for Payment.
June 8th. ROSE & CROAL.

FOR SALE, [centered]
12,500 BRICKS, [centered]
To be delivered alongside the Ship THOAMS [sic], Capt. FOSTER. June 8th.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
D. N. V. A. V. Hoytema, L.L.D. in fourteen days, from 26th May.
The free black woman Mary Ann Bellamy, in fourteen days or six weeks, from 27th May.
Samuel Meyers, in fourteen days or four weeks, from the 27th May.
John Staunton, and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 27th May.
George Gellie, in fourteen days or by the June Fleet, from the 27th May.
John Henley, in fourteen days, or by ditto, from the 28th May.
Thomas Hames, in fourteen days, or by the Ship Hero, from the 28th May.
Thomas Murray, in fourteen days, from the 28th May.
George Gill, M.D. and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or six weeks, from the 28th May.
Elizabeth Bruce, in fourteen days, or by the June Fleet, from the 28th May.
Joseph Derrick, in fourteen days, from the 29th May.
Harriott Busline, with a Servant, in fourteen days or by the June Fleet, from May 31.
H. E. Lemmex and Family, in fourteen days, or by the schooner Liverpool, from Halifax, from May 31.
The negro-woman Nelly, the property of Ann Sanderson, free coloured woman, in fourteen days, or June Fleet, from May 31.
John B. Ferguson, in fourteen days, or June Fleet, from June 1.
Edward Allen and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks from June 1.
S. Hamer, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 5.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, June 5, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

NOTE. – The Sale at Bel-Air Estate, by order of Mr. Staunton, is postponed from Saturday the 12th, to Monday the 14th instant.

On Tuesday the 6th July, by order of George Gilzean, as Executor to the Estate of Samuel Chollener deceased, on the Premises, - The Plantation TRANQUILITY and CHANCE HALL; situated on the West side of Mahaica Creek, betwixt the Estates Cambridge and Spring-Hall, together with all the Negroes &c. thereto belonging. Terms will be made known on the day of sale.
June 8th. A. MILLS & Co.

ARRIVALS. [centered]
Ramoncita, Venables, from London,
Eliza-Ann, Ross, ditto,
Granger, Lamb, ditto,
Sophia, Hawkins, ditto.
Quaker, Thomas, ditto,
Alfred, ---, ditto,
Finlay, ---, ditto.
Thomas, Foster, from Liverpool.
Camilla, W. Gemmell, from Glasgow,
Nereus, Paterson, ditto.
Pilot, Barton, from Bristol.
Under convoy of the Mosquito brig of war.

The Fleet thus announced, left Falmouth on the 24th of April, and we have been favoured with Papers, containing London intelligence to the 19th. Their contents are very gratifying, and our extracts as extensive as possible. But we are sorry to find, that nothing official has transpired respecting the fall of Dantzic.

[Transcriber's note: European and Canadian news not transcribed]

The schooner Joseph, Strickland, from Barbados, also arrived on Sunday. Her Papers are to the 1st of June.

His Honor J. Henry, the President of our Court of Justice, arrived yesterday, in the Alfred, from London, and was immediately conducted to Government-House.

NORTH-AMERICA. [centered]

            United States' ship Hornet, Holme's Hole,
            March 19, 1813.
SIR - I have the honour to inform you of the arrival at this port of the United States' ship Hornet, under my command, from a cruise of 145 days, and to state to you that after Commodore Bainbridge left the coast of Brazils (Jan. 6), I continued off the harbour of St. Salvador, blockading the Bonne Citoyenne until 24th, when the Montague, 74, hove in sight, and chased me into the harbour; but night coming on, I wore and stood out to the southward. - Knowing that he had left Rio Janeiro for the express purpose of relieving the Bonne Citoyenne and the Packet (which I had also blockaded for 14 days, and obliged her to send her mail to Rio, in a Portuguese smack). I judged it most prudent to shift my cruising ground, and hauled by the wind to the westward, with the view of cruising off Pernambucco, and on the 14th Feb. captured the English brig Resolution, of 10 guns, from Rio Janeiro, bound to Maranham, with coffee, jerked beef, fustic, and butter, and about 23,000 dollars in specie. As she sailed dull, and I could ill spare hands to man her, I took out the money and set her on fire. I then ran down the coast for Maranham, and cruised there a short time; from thence run off Surinam. After cruising off that coast from the 15th until the 22d Feb. without meeting a vessel, I stood for Demerary with an intention, should I not be fortunate on that station, to run through the West Indies on my way to the United States; but, on the 24th, in the morning, I discovered a brig to leeward, to which I gave chase - run into quarter-less four, and not having a pilot, was obliged to haul off. The fort at the entrance of Demerary river at this time bearing S. W. distant about 2 1/2 leagues. Previous to giving up the chase, I discovered a vessel at anchor without the bar, with English colours flying, apparently a brig of war. In beating round Carobana bank, in order to get to her, at half past 3 p.m. I discovered another sail on my weather quarter, edging down to us; at 4 20 she hoisted English colours, at which time we discovered her to be a large man of war brig; beat to quarters, and cleared ship for action, and kept close by the wind, in order, if possible, to get the weather guage. At 5 10, finding I could weather the enemy, I hoisted American colours and tacked. At. 5 25 in passing each other, exchanged broadsides within half pistol shot. Observing the enemy in the act of wearing, I bore up, received his starboard broadside, run him close on board on the starboard quarter, and kept such a heavy and well directed fire, that in less than fifteen minutes she surrendered (being totally cut to pieces) and hoisted an ensign, union down, from the fore-rigging, as a signal of distress. Shortly after her main-mast went by the board. Dispatched Lieut. Shubrick on board, who soon returned with her First Lieutenant, and reported her to be His Britannic Majesty's late brig Peacock, commanded by Captain William Peake, who fell in the latter part of the action; that a number of her crew were killed and wounded, and that she was sinking fast, she having then six feet water in here hold - dispatched the boats immediately for the wounded, and brought both vessels to anchor. - Such shot holes as could be got at were plugged, guns thrown overboard, and every possible exertion used to keep her afloat until the prisoners could be removed - by pumping and bailing, but without effect, as she unfortunately sunk in five and half fathoms water, carrying down 13 of her crew, and 3 of my brave fellows, viz. - J. Hart, Jos. Williams, and H. Boyd. Lieutenant Connor, and Midshipman Cooper, and the remainder of my men employed in removing the prisoners, with difficulty saved themselves by jumping into a boat that was lying on the booms, as she went down. Four men of the thirteen mentioned were so fortunate as to gain the fore-top, and were afterwards taken off by our boats. Previous to her going down, four of her men took to her stern boat that had been much damaged during the action, who, I sincerely hope, reached the shore; but, from the heavy sea running at the time, the shattered state of the boat, and the difficulty of landing on the coast, I am fearful they were lost. I have not been able to ascertain from her Officers the exact number killed. Capt. Peake, and four men were found dead on board. The Master, one Midshipman, Carpenter, Captain's Clerk, and 29 men, wounded - most of them very severely; three of which died of their wounds after being removed and nine drowned. Our loss was trifling in comparison: - John Place, killed; Sam. Coulson and Joseph Dalrymple, slightly wounded; G. Coffin and L. Todd, severely burnt by the explosion of cartridge. Our rigging and sails were much cut. One shot through the foremast, and the bobsprit [sic] slightly injured. Our hull received little or no damage - At the time I brought the Peacock to action, Espiegle (the brig mentioned as being at anchor), mounting sixteen 32 pound carronades, and two long-nines, lay about six miles in shore of me, and could plainly see the whole of the action. Apprehensive she would beat out to the assistance of her consort, such exertions were used by my Officers and crew in repairing damages, &c. that, by nine o'clock, our boats were stowed, a new set of sails bent, and the ship completely ready for action; at two a.m. got under weigh and stood by the wind to the northward and westward, under easy sail. On mustering next morning, found we had two hundred and twenty-seven souls on board (including the crew of the American brig Hunter, of Portland, taken a few days before by the Peacock), and, as we had been on two-thirds allowance of provisions for some time, and had but 3400 gallons of water on board, I reduced the allowance to three pints a man, and determined to make the best of my way to the United States. The Peacock was deservedly styled one of the finest vessels of her class in the British navy. I should judge her to be about the tonnage of the Hornet: her beam was greater by five inches, but her extreem [sic] length not so great by four feet. She mounted sixteen 24-pound carronades, two long-nines, one 12 pound carronade on her forecastle, as a shifting gun; and one four or six pounder, and two swivels, mounted aft. I find by her quarter bill, that her crew consisted of 134 men, four of whom are absent in a prize. - The cool and determined conduct of my Officers and crew during the action, and their almost unamexpled [sic] exertions afterwards, entitle them to my warmest acknowledgements, and I beg leave most earnestly to recommend them to the notice of Government. By the indisposition of Lieut. Stewart, I was deprived of the service of an excellent Officer - were he able to stand on deck, I am confident his exertions would not have been surpassed by any one on board. I should be doing injustice to the merits of Lt. Shubrick, and Acting Lieuts. Corner and Newton, were I not to recommend them particularly to your notice. Lieut. Shubrick was in the action with the Guerriere and Java. Capt. Hull and Commondore Bainbridge can bear testimony as to his coolness and good conduct on both occasions. With the greatest respect, I remain, Sir, your obedient servant,
To the Hon. Wm. Jones, Sec. of the Navy.

BARBADOS. [centered]

May 22. - We learn from good authority, that on the 6th inst. the homeward-bound Trade of all the neighbouring Islands and Colonies had assembled at St. Thomas, and on the following evening the Cumberland, 74; Tribune frigate, and brigs Scorpion and Arachne (the latter to accompany them only a short distance), with 224 sail under convoy, were seen standing to the northward with a fine breeze from the southward.

May 25. - [Transcriber's note: chiefly European news not transcribed]

June 1. - [Transcriber's note: chiefly Canadian and European news not transcribed]

For London. [centered]
THE SHIP SOPHIA, [centered]
Captain HAWKINS, [centered]
And [centered]
THE SHIP QUAKER, [centered]
Captain THOMAS, [centered]
Both vessels warranted to sail with the July Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to the Masters, or to
Who have received by the above vessels, a large assortment of dry goods, provisions, bottled liquors, and Plantation stores. - June 8.

(With the First Convoy). [centered]
THE SHIP VENUS, [centered]
Captain KNIGHT. [centered]
Those Gentlemen who have engaged room on board the above vessel, are requested to ship their produce without loss of time, to prevent disappointment. For Freight or Passage apply to the Captain on board, or to

For Liverpool. [centered]
THE SHIP THOMAS, [centered]
G. FOSTER, Master, [centered]
To sail with the July Convoy. For Freight or Passage apply to
Who has received by said vessel, and for sale - Bricks and Lime, Coals in hogsheads, Tobacco, Flour, Barley, Beer and Porter, Salt in puncheons, Hams, Puncheons Glassware assorted, Nails, Puncheon Packs. Also a large and general assortment of Dry Goods, &c.

JOHN STEVENS, Master, [centered]
Will positively sail hence with the July fleet. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or

For Glasgow. [centered]
THE SHIP CAMILLA, [centered]
W. GEMMILL, Master, [centered]
Will positively sail hence with the July Fleet. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master, or

(Warranted to sail with the July Convoy.) [centered]
THE SHIP NEREUS, [centered]
SAMUEL PATERSON, Commander, [centered]
For Freight or Passage apply to Captain Paterson, or

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]





J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.


J. M'Pherson,

From Mahaicony.



Demerary Ferry.






Pl. Providence.





Capt. Mudie,

Pl. Unity.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


Pl. Cane Garden,

Pl. Zorg en Hoop.


T. Marsh,

Pl. Klyn Parys.


Pl. Huntly,

W. Kemp.



Pl. Zeelugt.


Pl. Concordia,

Pl. Beterhoop.





?. Baird,

Negro Backfin.



Demerary Ferry.


Dr. Munroe,

R. S. Turton.


Simson & Grant,




Pl. Nabaclis.

June 5. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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