Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 June 19


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 590.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1813.

[seal image - centered]
King's House, [centered]
DEMERARY. [centered]

IN consequence of a Communication from His Majesty's Ministers, announcing the Death of her late Royal Highness AUGUSTA, Dutchess of Brunswick - it is expected, that all persons within this government, will on, the present occasion, put themselves into decent mourning; the said mourning to commence on Sunday next, the 20th instant.
George-Town, June 18, 1813.
Brig. Gen. admin. the Gov.
By Command,

NOTICE. [centered]
IN consequence of the great irregularity observed in the framing of the generality of Petitions - in future all Petitions addressed to the Brigadier General administering the Government of Demerary, must be drawn up by an admitted Lawyer; dated, signed, sealed, and endorsed to the Government-Secretary.
They will be laid before the Brigadier-General on Fridays - and on Mondays, at two o'clock, they will be found fiated.
The Government-Secretary's Office will be open from 10 to 3 every day, except Sundays.
The Brigadier-General will be at the King's House for the dispatch of Colonial Business, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, - any intermediate application must be made through the Government-Secretary's Office.
George-Town, June 18, 1813.
By His Excellency's Command,

THOMAS SHUTE [centered]
HAS just received by the last London Ships - a very handsome Assortment of FANCY GOODS, consisting chiefly of Stationery, fine Cutlery, Glassware, Perfumery, Silk Goods, new patterns, a variety of Muslins, fashionable Mourning, Silk and Cotton Stockings, Laces and Footings, India Nankeens, Shoes, Gloves, &c. &c. for sale on reasonable terms.
June 18.

NOTICE is hereby given, that the Undersigned has assumed J. S. MASSE, Esq. to act severally and jointly with him, in all his qualities.
Demerary, June 18, 1813.

THE Subscriber has received by the Harmony, Capt. Woodall, from London - a COPPER STILL, of 60 gallons, with head worm, worm-tub, &c. complete, which he offers for sale very reasonable for immediate payment.
June 18. H. O. SEWARD.

AT a Meeting of the Creditors of Plantation Peter's Hall, and WILLIAM BRERETON, Esq. at Mr. MARSH's Hotel, convened by advertisement of the Hon. THOMAS NAGHTEN, the 15th day of June, 1813.
Present: [centered]
WILLIAM KING, Esq. (in the Chair) [centered]
ROBERT KINGSTON, Esq. [centered]
JOSEPH BEETE, Jun. Esq. q.q. [centered]
CHARLES RIDLEY, Esq. q.q. [centered]
Mr. NAGHTEN stated, that being about to leave the Colony for Europe, he requested permission to resign his situation as Trustee of Plantation Peter's Hall, and that another Gentleman should be appointed in his room. That the accounts of the estate should be submitted to the inspection of a Sworn Book keeper, and if found correct, that he should be discharged from all responsibility that was attached to him in the capacity of Trustee.
A greater number of Creditors not attending in consequence, it is supposed, of Mr. BRERETON's counter-advertisement, those present, after considering of the matter on which they were all called together, unanimously Resolved, That Mr. NAGHTEN should be relieved from all responsibility as Trustee from this day.
On the question being put, who should be appointed in his room; is [sic] was considered that the number of Creditors present was too small to authorise them to appoint one; but Mr. JOHN McGAREL having been proposed as a proper person for that situation, as representing Mr. Naghten's claim, and it being understood that he would appropriate the share of commission he would derive therefrom in the same manner as Mr. NAGHTEN had, viz. to the credit of Mr. BRERETON's account - It was resolved, that he should be appointed, subject to the approbation of the majority of the Creditors at another meeting, which is requested at Mr. MARSH's Hotel, on Tuesday next, the 22d inst.

Wines, Brandy, & Geneva, for Sale. [centered]
JUST arrived in the Ship Sophia, Capt. Hawkins, from London, and to be seen at the Stores of Messrs. James Gentle & Co. viz.
Madeira, Vedonia, and Port Wine, in pipes,
Claret and Vedonia, in hogsheads,
Cogniac Brandy, and Holland's Geneva, in puncheons,
Apply to R. F. HAWKINS, on board said Ship, or at the above-mentioned Store. - June 18.

FOR SALE, [centered]
HAMS, cheese, salt in barrels, tea in canisters, Madeira wine in bottles, beer and porter, rose water, soap and candles, tobacco, rice, coffee bagging, salempores, broad cloths, vest patterns, cotton shirts, black and white silk stockings, ladies' silk gloves, Guernsey frocks, stationery, shoe blacking, earthen ware, tin saucepans, with covers, mellon [sic] moulds, fish kettles, lanthorns, coffee pots, cassada graters, jib hanks, sewing twine, carpenter's rules, coopers' jointers, rivets, adzes, superfine black, blue, and green coats, Marseilles vests, London made boots and shoes, ladies' black shoes, beaver and silk hats, broad rim'd ditto, Irish linen, portable razors, knives and forks, scissars, pen knives, sailor's ditto, beef and pork, in half barrels, &c.
The above articles will be sold reasonable for immediate payment in cash or produce.
J. J. begs that all those still indebted to the late firm of J. JACKSON, & Co. will immediately come forward with payment of their accounts, so as to close the affairs of that concern, otherwise such as remain unsettled will after one month be placed in the hands of an attorney at law, to be sued for. - June 18.

THE Subscribers have received for sale by the last London and Cork Fleets:
[first column]
Fashionable coats & coatees
Vests & printed quilts
Black, blue, green, and scarlet broad cloths
Muslin, ginghams & haircord
Twilled cotton
Flannel, cotton, and linen checks
Ladies' and gentlemen's superfine cotton hose
Lamb's wool, & brown cotton socks
Ladies straw bonnets
Irish linen,
India silk handkerchiefs
Cotton bagging
Threads of every kind
[second column]
Stationery, glass ware
London porter and beer, in puncheons, & tierces at six dozen
Gloster cheese
Yorkshire hams,
Pickled herrings, in kegs
Lyng fish, potatoes,
Mess pork in half barrels
Prime Cork butter
Shoes, children's, men's dress, half dress, an [sic] strong
Soap & candles, temper lime
Gunpowder and shot
Paints and paint oil
Brandy and gin, &c.
[end columns]
And a few glass windows, with weights and pullies complete; which they will dispose of very cheap for immediate payment.
June 18. THOMAS HOLM, & Co.

NOTICE – The Domicilium of Mr RODERICK COZIER, is at the house of Mr. HENRY AUSTIN, Middle-Street, District of Bridge-Town.
June 15.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

COURT OF JUSTICE. [centered]

BY Virtue of a Decree of the Honourable the Court of Justice of Demerary and Essequebo, are hereby summoned, all known and unknown Creditors of the Insolvent Estate of WILLIAM HOOPER, deceased, (to which Estate P. VERBEKE has been appointed Curator), to give in their claims on the first and following days of the Ordinary Session of the Court aforesaid, which will take place in the month of August next ensuing; when the Court will proceed to decide on said claims, and no further claims be admitted.
Thus done at the Court-House, George-Town, this 17th June, 1813.
Cl. Co. Jus.

BY Virtue of a Decree of the Honourable the Court of Justice of Demerary and Essequebo, are hereby summoned, all known and unknown Creditors of the Insolvent Estate of - SCHAUENBERG, deceased, (to which Estate B. HEBBELINCK has been appointed Curator), to give in their claims on the first and following days of the Ordinary Session of the Court aforesaid, which will take place in the month of August next ensuing; when the Court will proceed to decide on said claims, and no further claims be admitted.
Thus done at the Court-House, George-Town, this 17th June, 1813.
Cl. Co. Jus.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Edward Allen and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks from June 1.
S. Hamer, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 5.
Thomas Dunbrack, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 8.
The Revd. John Wray, and Family, and two Servants, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 7.
E. Troughton and Family, with one Servant, in 14 days or by July Fleet, from June 11.
H. B. Williams, in 14 days or one month from June 12.
Thomas Edward Woods, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 6.
Mrs. H. M. Barnwell, and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or one month, from June 16.
Martin Schneider, in fourteen days or six weeks, from June 17.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, June 18, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

At the COMMISSARY-COURT on the 5th of July, [centered]
1813, will be passed the following [centered]
viz. [centered]
1. By John Hubbard, a Transport of Plantation Columbia, cum annexis, situated on the West Sea-Coast of Essequebo - to Phineas Mackintosh.
2. By Phineas Mackintosh, a Mortgage on said Plantation Columbia, with 60 additional Negroes, (names to be seen at this Office) - in favour John Hubbard.
3. By John Fullarton, Transport of Plantation Sophia Wilhelmina and Endeavour, cum annexis, situated on Leguan Island - to E. & A. Fraser, q.q. John Campbell, senior, & Co. of Glasgow, subject to the following Mortgages - 1st. The Estate of I. F. Boode, a balance due on the 31st December, 1812 with interest, f 6,046 6. - 2d. Wilhelmina Deneken, balance due at same period, f 10,704 7. - 3d. The Heirs of Deneken, balance of Account rendered, at same period, f 57,222 12; or such sum or sums of money as may appear to be legally due on said Mortgage respectively.
4. By J. R. Brandt, q.q. Andries Brommer, deceased, Transport of the North Half of Concession or Lot, No. 49, situated in Stabroek District, with all the Buildings thereon - to P. C. Mickerts.
5. By Susannah Earl, Transport of the Quarter-Lot, No. 29, situated in Cumingsburg, long 45 and broad 84 feet, on the South side of the said Half-Concession, with the Buildings thereon - to Sarah Allen.
6. By H. Hyndman and L. Cary, q.q. the Trustees of Thomas Mackenzie, Transport of the Buildings, on Lot No. 19 , situated in the front of Plantation Vlissingen, called New-Town, with all the right and interest in the Lease of said Lot, during the present Lease - to Joseph Beete, Jun.
7. By D. Gold, Transport of the West Quarter of the Concession, No. 134, situated in Cumingsburg - to Eleanor Fitzgerald.
8. By J. Barnwell, Transport of the Plantation Perseverance, formerly called De Noord Star, situated in Essequebo - to the Representatives of the Estate of D. Jardine.
9. By the Representatives of the Estate of T. Duim, deceased, Transport of the same - to S. Cramer.
10. By William King (Vlissingen), and John Johnson, Transport of the undivided One-Half of a certain Lot of Land, known as Plantation Sans Souci, with all the Buildings and Cultivation thereon, situated on the East-Coast of this River, in the District of Abary - to W. G. Alleyne.
11. By William Odwin, Transport of the Half-Lot, No. 8 , with all the Buildings thereon, situated in Kingston District - to James H. Albouy.
12. By P. De Vries, Transport of a Piece of Land, part of No. 87, with the Buildings thereon, situated in Kingston District, (in such manner as the same was sold at Public Vendue, on the 17th February, 1810 [sic - no closing parenthesis] - to Francis Fraser.
13. By Jacobus Meertens, q.q. the Hon. A. Meertens, Transport of Plantation Rome and Zorg en Hoop, situated on the East-Bank of this River, with all the Cultivation, Buildings, Slaves, &c. as per inventory - to Robert Aug. Hyndman; who will, at the same time, pass a Mortgage on the same, in favour of Anthony Meertens.
15. By C. I. A. Stakman, as Guardian to the Minor Children, Annetta and Cornelis Stackman [sic], Transport of the Concession or Lot of Land, No. 24, situated in Stabroek District - to Annetta Stakman.
16. By N. M. Manget, q.q. the Minor Heirs of the late F. Sabbathier, deceased, Transport of the West Half of the Lot of Land known by the name of Marienburg, situated in Canal No. 1, in this River - to J. Schneido.
Secretary's Office, 18th June 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

                        June 19.
FOR SALE at this Office, imported by the Eliza-Ann – 100 Dozen PORT WINE, of superior quality.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Monday the 21st day of June, 1813, by order of Mr. JOSEPH JONES, at the store adjoining Dr. LEWIS in America-Street, the following articles, just arrived per Samuel Braddick and Thomas, from Liverpool, viz. -
Printed calicoes and cotton cambric, ginghams, Irish linens and cotton shirting, cotton platillas, corded dimities, diaper, linen and cotton checks, cotton napkins, Madras and pullicate handkerchiefs, jeanets, ladies' and gentlemen's cotton stockings, gentlemen's silk and beaver hats, boys' ditto, nails assorted 4d. to 30d. hams, beef and pork in half barrels, ale and porter, white, red, and black paint, paint oil, Glauber salts in 56 and 112lb. kegs, soap and candles, boots and shoes, negro hats, gentlemen's coats, vests, and pantaloons, stationery, boots, &c. The whole to be sold without reserve to close sales.
June 19. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday, the 22d of June, [see 18130612EDRG] . . .
Also 50 barrels Pilchards, arrived in the last fleet.
June 12. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Thursday next, the 24th Instant, at the Vendue Office, by order of OWEN KERNAN, Esq. - Bricks, building-lime in hogsheads, wood-hoops, Roman cement, Pilchards, &c.
June 19. A. MILLS & Co.

On Friday the 25th June at the Vendue-Office, [see 18130615EDRG] . . .
Also a few sets white ivory-handled knives, three-prong forks, cravers, and steels to match; common sets ditto, scissars, razors, and garden shears, plated tea pots silver-edged, with sugar and cream pots to mach, salt cellars, candlesticks, cruet-stands, liquor do., umbrellas, &c.
June 15. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Monday the 28th of June, [see 18130605EDRG] . . .
[see 18130615EDRG] . . .
Also by order of F. J. HUESTEEG, q.q. C. MULLER and J. SMALLENBROEK – the Dwelling-House, situate on the Half-Lot No. 7, Brick-Dam, Stabroek, directly opposite E. C. Eli, Esq. to be pulled down and removed from the said half-lot, within fourteen days after the sale; and four cases Cotton Hammocks, for whatever may be offered, to close a consignment.
And two Negroes, named April and Lotje.
June 5. A. MILLS & Co.

On Wednesday the 30th of June, and Thursday the 1st of July, by order of JAMES FRASER, at his Store, Middle-Street – a large assortment of Dry Goods, &c. Particulars on Tuesday.
June 8. A. MILLS, & Co.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

On Friday the 2d of July, by order of DOUGLAS, REID, & Co. at their Store in George-Town - sundry Consignments, per Ship Cervantes from Bristol, and Belleisle from the Clyde. - Particulars on Tuesday.
June 19. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Wednesday the 14th of July, by order of E. TROUGHTON, Esq. at his residence in Cumingsburg, his Household furniture, consisting of a large dining table with D ends, pembroke and card tables, cherry tree chairs, with and without arms, a hair sofa, a sideboard, a globe lamp, and shades, a large mahogany bedstead, and bed, a camp ditto and ditto, silver and glass ware, a large table service of blue ware, and an excellent toned Piano Forte, by Broadwood.
June 19. A. MILLS, & Co.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement appears again in 18130703EDRG with a changed date of Monday the 12th of July.]

On Friday the 16th of July, will be exposed for sale at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. JOHN LEES and Henry Buckoll, Executors of JOSEPH TRIGGER, deceased - a Negro Man, a good house-servant, a ditto, George, an excellent carpenter, household furniture, two horses and foal, wearing apparel, &c.
June 19. A. MILLS, & Co.

The Walsingham Packet, with the April Mail, arrived on Wednesday. Her London Papers are to the 29th of that month - and our Extracts will be found interesting. There are however, only two or three subjects we think necessary to particularly introduce to the public notice.

[Transcriber's note: European news not transcribed]

We are happy to find, that although at this important crisis, there may be a degree of apathy in this part of the world - there is none at home, in those connected with it. For, in respect to the Produce of the United States, several Petitions have already been presented to the British Parliament, against any importation during the war - particularly of COTTON; and, in allusion to the opening of the Eastern trade, there appears to be an opposition forming, which promises success - and witnesses have been examined at the Bar of the House of Commons, whose evidence is entirely in favour of the old system.

There is nothing particularly important from Spain - and with regard to America, we almost begin to doubt even the existance of hostilities! - Sir John's system of warfare, may be effectual; but it is certainly the most silent that was ever known - and perhaps as slow in its progress.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

Official notice is this day given from the King's House, of the death of Her Royal Highness the Dutchess of Brunswick, and that of a general mourning in this colony to commence to-morrow. Her Royal Highness expired on the 23d of March. She was in the 76th year of her age, and the last surviving sister of our Sovereign. She was born on the 31st of July, 1737; and on the 17th of January, 1764, was married to the late Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbittle, by whom she had issue three sons and two daughters, besides the Princess of Wales.

Major Grant, of the 60th, has again become the Acting-Governor of Berbice. His Excellency the Governor having taken his departure to Barbados, for the recovery of his health. His Honor took the usual oaths of government, on the 12th instant.

The curious non-descript, which lately induced the redoubtable Champlin "to hoist the bloody flag" and cut so many capers off Surinam - must certainly have been the Coquette. At first he had doubts as to her being a vessel of war; then she was a Liverpool letter of marque; and lastly, a frigate! - See, Tuesday's Gazette.

The Mail for Europe will be closed at the Post-Office, at six o'clock on Tuesday evening.

Cleared from the Custom-House on the 15th - the Ship Venus, Knight, for London - on the 16th, the Ship Sisters, Gemmell, for Glasgow; the Schooner Catharine, White, for Bermuda; and the Brig Farina, Burrell, for Dublin - and on the 17th, the ship Hero, Levett, for London; and the Brig Harriot, Mason, for Liverpool.

Departed this Life, yesterday morning - A. de St. Marie, Esq. of Plantation Versailles.

FOREIGN NEWS. [centered]

GREAT-BRITAIN. [centered]

London, April 29. -

A Court Martial was held on the 24th instant, at Portsmouth, on the remaining Officers and ship's company of the Java. General Hislop and the other passengers, were examined: and the Court agreed, that the capture of the ship was caused by her being totally dismasted; that after the fall of Capt. Lambert the action having been continued with equal zeal, ability, and bravery, by Lieut. Chads, until she became a perfect wreck - the said Lieut. Chads, Officers, and crew, should be honourably acquitted. Rear-Admiral Graham Moore, (the President), in returning Lieut. Chads his sword, addressed him nearly as follows: - "I have much satisfaction in returning your sword. Had you been an officer who had served in comparative obscurity all your life, and never before heard of, your conduct on the present occasion has been sufficient to establish your character as a brave, skilful, and attentive officer."

General Hislop attended at the War-Office, yesterday, and was introduced to the Commander in Chief on his return to England on parole.

The Planters and West India Merchants of Glasgow have transmitted a petition to the House of Commons, praying, "that the Act of the 43d of his Majesty, chap 153, may be repealed; and further, that all articles of growth and produce of the American States, may be prohibited from being imported into this kingdom during the war."

The Manufacturers and Spinners in Manchester have memorialised his Majesty's Ministers, "praying that all American cottons may be interdicted from coming to Great Britain during the war." And the Chamber of Commerce and Manufactures, of Glasgow, have also sent off a petition to Parliament, praying that the circumstances of the cotton trade may be investigated before enacting any regulation calculated to affect it.

The ship-owners of Glasgow have transmitted a Petition to the House of Commons, praying, "That the Act of the 43d of his Majesty, chap. 153, be repealed in so far as to prohibit the importation, by neutral ships, of any goods or merchandize, the produce of an enemy's country, directly or indirectly, into the United Kingdom."

By a statement printed by order of the House of Lords, the following was the British naval force on the American stations, on the 1st Feb. viz. – Newfoundland, under Sir J. T. Duckworth; one sloop, one brig, and two frigates. North America and the West Indies, under Admiral Sir J. B. Warren: 11 ships of the line, one fifty, 33 frigates, two troop frigates, 38 sloops, 12 brigs and smaller vessels.

in the Colony-Stocks of Demerary. [centered]






Demerary Ferry.





T. Marsh,

Pl. Klyn Parys.


Pl. Huntly,

W. Kemp.


Pl. Concordia,

Pl. Beterhoop.





Pl. Unity,

Pl. Mon Repos.


G. Baird,

Negro Backfin.


Estate Heathcote,

Pl. Vlissingen.


Pl. Farm,



J. Pantliz,

From Pomeroon.


R. Arnot,

Pl. Mon Repos.


Dodson (Berbice),

Mrs. Pollard.





Pl. Repentier,

Ord. C. Brand.

June 19. F. STRUNKAY, Scout.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

Supplement to the Royal Gazette. [centered]

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1813. [centered]


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