Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 June 22


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 591.

TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1813.

[seal image - centered]
The King's House, [centered]
DEMERARY. [centered]

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By His Excellency Brigadier-General JOHN MURRAY, Acting-Governor and Commander in Chief in and over the Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, and its Dependencies, &c. &c.
[end columns]
WHEREAS by the resignation of William King, Esq. on his departure for Europe, a Vacancy occurs in the College of Kiezers (or Electors) and Financial Representatives -
Those qualified to Vote conformable to law, will deposit their Ballots in a Box, at the Government-Secretary's Office, King's House - which will be opened in the usual manner, on Tuesday the 13th July next.
Given under my Hand and Seal-at-Arms, this 22d day of June, 1813.
By Command,
God Save the King! [centered]

FOR SALE - left by a gentleman who has quitted the colony - an elegant mahogany Writing Table, ditto Secretary and Bookcase, a spring Clock in a square black case, a japanned Dial and convex Glass, sundry Plate and Books, two Saddles and Bridles, and a Negro-Man, a good groom.
June 21. R. F. HELLEMANN.

STATE of ACCOUNT of the Subscription for Capt. Peake, Officers, and Crew, of the Peacock.

Balance as per last Advertisement,
May 22


f 808 3

Subscriptions received since,


J. Gordon


R. Johnson


Jardine Watson


J. Watson


R. Proctor


W. Burgess


A. Mounier


C. Stewart


W. Innes


Dr. Speringshoek





f 1,072-8

The Treasurer proposing to close the account; advertize the particulars, and remit home the balance early in the next month, will be much obliged to the Gentlemen whose Subscriptions are still outstanding, to transmit them as soon as possible; and should there be any demand on the Fund, he intreats that it may be sent in directly, when it will be immediately paid.
George-Town, June 21.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Edward Allen and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks from June 1.
S. Hamer, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 5.
Thomas Dunbrack, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 8.
The Revd. John Wray, and Family, and two Servants, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 7.
E. Troughton and Family, with one Servant, in 14 days or by July Fleet, from June 11.
H. B. Williams, in 14 days or one month from June 12.
Thomas Edward Woods, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 6.
Mrs. H. M. Barnwell, and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or one month, from June 16.
Martin Schneider, in fourteen days or six weeks, from June 17.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, June 18, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Wednesday the 30th of June, and Thursday the 1st of July, by order of JAMES FRASER, at his Store, Middle-Street – a large assortment of Dry Goods, consisting of checked and striped ginghams, calicoes, corded dimity, jeans and jeanets, romal, Madras, and pullicate handkerchiefs, Irish linen and cotton shirting, Britannias and platillas, cambric muslin, musquito netting plain and figured, cotton and linen check, Welch flannel, brown sheeting, white dowlas, Raven's duck, Osnaburgs, cotton bagging, men's fine hats, ditto shoes and boots, a few boxes spermaceti candles, brown soap and candles, butter, half barrels beef and pork, hams, three pipes cogniac brandy, Holland's gin, a few puncheons porter, ten cases of glass ware, tobacco in hogsheads, tar, lamp oil in barrels. Also, to close sales a large assortment of tin ware.
June 8. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Friday the 2d of July, by order of DOUGLAS, REID, & Co. at their Store in George-Town - sundry Consignments, per Ship Cervantes from Bristol, and Belleisle from the Clyde – consisting of beef and pork in half barrels, firkins of butter, negro cloathing, and ironmongery, lime in hogsheads, wood hoops, coffee and cotton bagging, sadlery, beaver hats, bottled beer and porter, and a quantity of iron hoops. Likewise trunks of stationery assorted, and a select collection of new books, comprehending a large imperial folio edition of Hogarth, with illustrations, Walter Scott's Rokeby, Edgeworth's Tales, 12 vols. Bell's Shakespeare, Spectator, History of England, 16 vols. Beauties of Scotland, 5 vols. with plates, Burns', Ramsay's, and Cowper's Poems, Edinburgh Annual Register, Seward's Anecdotes, Self Controul, and several new Novels, &c.
June 19. A. MILLS, & Co.

On Tuesday the 13th of July, at the Vendue Office, by order of Mr. ROBERT WILLIAMSON, at a credit of nine and twelve months - Eighteen Negroes, viz. a good carpenter negro, named Chance, a sawyer and wood cutter, a woman and child, the remainder prime field negroes.
Also on the same day, by order of JOHN ROSS, Esq. a Boat Captain, who is well acquainted with the navigation of the coast from Pomeroon to Corentyne river, and three good boat hands, two of them capable of taking charge of a schooner; a carpenter negro, who has been two years at the coopers' trade, and can work at either; three house women, a seamstress, a huckster, and a washer; and two negro men, field people.
June 22. A. MILLS, & Co.

No arrival since Saturday. We have, therefore, again, referred to the Papers by the Packet, for a few articles of Foreign News - the most particular of which has Bonaparte for its subject. On the 16th of April, it appears, this Scourge of Europe left the Palace of St. Cloud, for that which we are led to believe, will prove his Last campaign. Previous to his departure, however, he invested the Empress with the functions of Regent. The Parisian Writer will be found, equally brilliant and diverting as usual.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

The following Copy of a late Correspondence, between His Excellency our Acting-Governor and the Inhabitants of Berbice, will be read with pleasure. The late pressure of other matter, has prevented an earlier insertion.

                  Berbice, May 17th, 1813.
The sudden manner in which you were called away to Demerary, prevented our fulfilling the commission entrusted to us, of presenting to you, on the eve of your departure from this colony, the Address of the Inhabitants.
We now beg leave to take this method of transmitting it to you - and have the honor to be,
Your most obedient servants,
(Signed) GEO. BAGOT,
To Brig.-Gen. MURRAY, &c. &c. &c.

To Brigadier-General MURRAY. [centered]
Having understood the probability of your early departure from us, we conceive it a mark of attention due to your meritorious conduct in the administration of this government, during the short period you have held it, to express our sentiments thereon.
We therefore beg leave to offer you our most grateful acknowledgments, for your zealous and upright discharge of the high and important duties of chief magistrate of this colony, whilst entrusted to your care. In thus expressing our sentiments of your public conduct, we cannot refrain from mentioning the regret with which we view your departure from us as a member of society.
Be assured, Sir, the urbanity and ready attention shewn to all who have had occasion to address themselves to you, will long ensure you our sincere regard, and best wishes for your prosperity.
Permit us, as a small but lasting token of our grateful remembrance, to request your acceptance of a Sword, of the value of one hundred guineas, and wishing you many years to wear it, with honour and advantage to yourself and country,
We have the honour to be,
Your most obedient, humble servants,
(Signed) Geo. Bagot, Stephen Mourant, Robert Douglas, Simon Fraser [first instance], K. Wm. Dodgson, I. G. Cloot de Newerkirk, Robert Lisle, Wm. Lawson, George Munro, Thos. C. Long, Jas. Chalmers, Wm. Kewley, Jos. M'Donald, Jno. Ross, Jno. Bethune, G. Baird, Gilbert Robertson, Wm. Innes, F. Brittlebank, Saml. Kendall, John Fraser, M. Dallas, R. Harris, Jno. Tapin, W. Gordon, Danl. Allt, Thos. Wade, David Carnegie, Fred. Cort, B. Jeffery, Robt. Tait, Webbe Hobson, J. Beresford, J. Thibou Mathews, A. Z. Glasius, Mithus Rader, Thos. M. Wm. Dugging, Jno. Cameron, James Fraser, John Davies, B. J. Schwiers, J. H. Schlarhorst, T. E. Tiebol, Hendrick Staal, Wilson Taylor, J. Wulf, M. S. Bennett, W. B. Liot, Thomas Chapman, Simon Fraser [second instance], B. William Munro, F. J. M'Camon, L. C. Abbensett, John Broderick, W. Katz, E. Smithson, J. H. S. Oakey, William Cort.
May 15th, 1813.

                  King's-House, Demerary, 26th May, 1813.
I am honoured with your letter of the 17th inst. inclosing an Address from the Inhabitants of Berbice.
I rejoice to find that my endeavours to perform with impartiality, the important duties which in that colony devolve upon its chief magistrate, should by the loyal and enlightened inhabitants, be deemed worthy of so distinguishing a mark of their regard.
The approbation of virtuous men is the most valuable enjoyment of life: it is therefore highly satisfactory to me, to see, in the signature of this honourable testimonial, so very large a portion of the worth, and of the independent spirit of the colony.
I should be unworthy of the unvaried, hospitable, and polite attentions, I experienced in Berbice, were I not equally alive to the kind expressions of private feeling contained in this Address. Should it be our lot to meet no more, I shall not cease to indulge the pleasing expectation, that even time will not soon subdue the reciprocal sentiments, in which, I make no doubt, we should have continued to live.
The Sword I accept with pride, as a sacred trust. - It is particularly flattering to mark your approbation of my conduct in the discharge of one public duty, by confiding to my hand the instrument of a more glorious destiny, which, in common with every British soldier, I look forward to be one day called on to fulfil [sic]. Such a day would bring you all with added force to my recollection.
I thank you for transmitting the address to me, and beg you to convey the reply. Assure the respectable body who deputed you, how highly I value the distinction, and how sincerely I wish them every earthly blessing.
I have the honour to be,
Your faithful and obedient servant,
(Signed) JNO. MURRAY,
To GEO. BAGOT, [right pointing brace enclosing names and indicating 'Esquires']

The June-Session of the Court of Justice commenced yesterday, under the Presidency of the Honourable Jabez Henry; but we do not find that any question of general interest has yet been argued.

We are authorised to state, that in future, a Mail for Berbice will be made up at the Post-Office, every Wednesday afternoon.

The homeward-bound Fleet, under convoy of the Raleigh, finally departed on Saturday. It consisted, we believe, of sixteen vessels. The next Convoy is appointed to sail on the 17th of July.

Cleared from the Custom-House, on the 21st - No. Sa. del Carmen, Maritugares, for the Oronoque.

FOREIGN NEWS. [centered]

GREAT-BRITAIN. [centered]

A Society is stated to have been detected, which, according to the French description of it, had for its object the invention and propagation of bad news – in other words, it was a society whose wish was that the people should know the real state of affairs, and no longer be imposed upon by French fabrications.

When the Bill for renewing the East India Company's Charter comes before the House, we understand it to be the intention of Mr. Canning to move an amendment to this effect – that the Trade to China be thrown open at the expiration of ten, instead of twenty years.

The following statement is from a London Price-Current of the 23d of April:-

Coffee (good)

84s. to 90s.


82s. to 85s.


5s. 8d. to 6s. 2d.

Cotton (Demerary)

1s. 9d. to 2s. 2d.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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