Essequebo and Demerary Royal Gazette 1813 June 29


Vol. VIII.]

[No. 593.

TUESDAY, JUNE 29, 1813.

                  OFFICE OF ORDNANCE,
                  Demerary, June 29, 1813.
ALL Persons having demands against the Ordnance Department in this Colony, are requested to send in their Accounts without loss of time, that they may be discharged.
Ordnance Store-keeper.

                  Demerary, June 28, 1813.
CASH will be required for the following Bills of Exchange, drawn on the Right Honourable the Paymaster General, London, at Thirty Days' sight: -
No. 491 - 300
493 200
--- 500.
For which Tenders in triplicate will be received at this Office, until Friday next, at 10 o'clock in the morning.
Deputy Assistant-Commissary-General.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement appears again in 18130703EDRG with minor changes.]

                  Demerary, June 28, 1813.
TENDERS (in Triplicate) will be received at this Office, from persons willing to furnish an Hogshead of MADEIRA WINE, for the Hospital Department, until Thursday next, at 10 o'clock in the morning.

THE Subscriber informs his friends and the public, that he has removed to the House of WILLIAM BRUMELL, Esq. on the North-Dam, Stabroek; where his Day and Boarding School will be re-opened, on Monday next, the 5th of July.
George-Town, June 28.

THE Subscriber has just received from London, by the Proselyte, Capt. Barton, via Barbados, a supply of Fresh and Genuine MEDICINES, which are on sale at his Shop in America-Street, at his usual reduced prices; among them are -
[first column]
Red, yellow, and pale Bark
Fresh Squill Powder
[second column]
Flake manna
Calcined and common Magnesia
Glass's and Henry's ditto
Lichen Islandicus
Juniper Berries
Stramonium, &c.
[end columns]
And a variety of Quackery, Spices, Black Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Salad Oil, Sago, Tapioca, Pearl Barley, Bitter Almonds, King Henry the 8th and Mogul Cards, Plain ditto, Thorn's Snuff, Cephalic ditto, Apothecaries' small Scales and Weights, Lancets, Syringes of all sizes, &c.
Also Paints and Oil. [centered]
June 29. JOHN LEWIS.

NOTICE is hereby given, that no transaction in the affairs of the late WILLIAM NIELL, deceased, will be held valid unless sanctioned by any two of the Executors, or such person as may be authorised to act for them.
June 26. HUGH STEPHENSON, q.q.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

CHEAP for CASH. - About Fifty Thousand excellent STAVES for Sugar and Molasses Casks, will be sold at f 66 per M. for immediate payment. Apply to
N.B. They are superior in quality to the generality of Colony-made Staves. June 28.

NOTICE. - If a Mr. RICHARD YOUNG, who arrived in this Colony in the year 1801, and who, in the years 1803 and 1804, superintended a task-gang belonging to JOHN DOUGLAS, Esq. be still in the Colony - he may hear of something to his advantage, by applying to the undersigned, on Plantation Northbrook.

NOTICE - Picked-up by the Pilot-Boat of this Colony, off Berbice Bar - a Six-Oared TENT-BOAT, with a gang-board in her, and six oars. The owner may have her restored, on paying the expence of this advertisement, and a reward to the people that brought her into the river. Apply to
A. D. GUTHRIE, Robb's Stelling. June 29.

RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, on the 21st instant, a Negro-Woman, named Simiery; of the Kanga nation, and has her country marks on her forehead; she once belonged to Mrs. Fleischman, and is well known throughout the Colony. Whoever will apprehend said Woman, and deliver her to the Subscriber, at the house of L. M'BEAN, Esq. shall receive One Joe reward.

PICKED-UP in front of Plantation Belle Vue – a small PUNT; about 20 feet long and 6 feet wide. The Owner can have the said Punt, by applying on the Estate, and paying the customary expences.
June 26.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

ALL Persons having demands against Plantation Belle Vue, are requested to render them in to the undersigned, in order that they may be liquidated.
June 26. W. CRUICKSHANK, q.q.
[Transcriber's note: this advertisement did not appear in an earlier issue.]

ALL Persons having any demands against the Estate of Mr. A. CULPEPER, Jun. deceased, will please render them to Mr. W. LYNG.
June 28. Deliberating Executor.

FOR BARBADOS. [centered]
Capt. DILL, [centered]
Will sail in a few days. For Freight or Passage apply to the Undersigned.
Who has for sale - superfine flour, mess beef in barrels and half barrels, tar & pitch, white lime in barrels, rum puncheons, almonds and raisins; for which payment will be taken in green-heart, purple-heart, bully-tree, and crab-wood timber, furniture wood, and best quality shingles. - June 29.

RUNAWAY from the Subscriber, a Woman named Sally; she is a native of Bermuda, of a yellow complexion, is lame in the right leg, has lost some of her front teeth, and is pregnant. Any person that will apprehend the said woman and bring her to the Subscriber, shall receive One Joe reward. All Masters of Vessels are cautioned against taking her off the Colony. She is well known in Berbice, as well as this Colony, and was formerly the property of Doctor Morris.
Demerary, June 29. FRANCIS FRASHER.

FOR SALE. - Two excellent Carpenter Negroes, and a Negro Woman, well acquainted with huckstering, washing, sewing, &c. They are not offered for sale on account of any misconduct of theirs of any shape, but only to answer a pressing demand - consequently will be sold on moderate terms for Cash, Sugar, or Rum, at Cash price. For further particulars, address X. Y. at the Royal Gazette Office.
June 28.

MARSHAL'S OFFICE. [centered]

BY Virtue of an order, obtained from the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of the United Colonies of Demerary and Essequebo, bearing date the 26th instant, 1813 - I, the undersigned Deputy First Marshal of the aforesaid Colonies, do hereby publicly notify, that the sale of the Cotton Plantation The Cottage, situated in Little Coerabana, on the East Coast of Demerary River, which was advertised to take place on the Second day of July next - is postponed until further orders.
Demerary and Essequebo, this 28th day of June, 1813.

By Virtue of an order from His Honor J. HENRY, President of the Honourable Court of Criminal and Civil Justice of the United Colony of Demerary and Essequebo, &c. &c. &c. I, the undersaid Deputy First Marshal of the aforesaid Colony, will expose for sale unto the highest bidder, in presence of two Counsellor-Commissaries of the Honourable Court of Justice, and their Secretary, at the Court-House, George-Town, on the Sixth day of July next ensuing -
In behalf of PATERSON & CROSSMAN, Plaintiffs, versus the Consistory or Vestry of the Dutch Church, as Principal Defendant - All and every part of the Building called the Dutch Church, the same at present unfinished, situated in Stabroek, George-Town.
Should any person pretend to have any right, title, or claim, on the above-named Building, and wishes to oppose the sale thereof, let such person or persons address himself or themselves to the said Deputy First Marshal, stating his or their reasons of opposition in writing, and the said Deputy First Marshal appoint such person or persons a day of hearing before the Honourable Court of Justice, for the trial of the same; and those intending to purchase, please attend on the day and at the place above-mentioned.
Demerary and Essequebo, this 28 [sic] day of June, 1813.

SECRETARY's OFFICE. [centered]

This is to inform the Public, that the following Persons intend quitting this Colony: -
Edward Allen and Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks from June 1.
S. Hamer, in 14 days or 6 weeks from June 5.
The Revd. John Wray, and Family, and two Servants, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 7.
E. Troughton and Family, with one Servant, in 14 days or by July Fleet, from June 11.
Thomas Edward Woods, in 14 days or 6 weeks, from June 6.
Mrs. H. M. Barnwell, and Family, and two Servants, in fourteen days or one month, from June 16.
Martin Schneider, in fourteen days or six weeks, from June 17.
John Welsh, by the July Convoy, from June 21.
J. C. Johnson, in fourteen days, or by the Ship Thomas, from June 22.
John Hancock, by the July Convoy, from June 22.
John Currie, in fourteen days, from June 22.
James Aikin, in fourteen days or six weeks, from June 23.
Archd. Iver, and one Servant, by the July Convoy, from June 24.
Mary Nurse, and one Servant, in fourteen days or six weeks, from June 25.
S. M. Duport, in fourteen days, or by the July Convoy, from June 25.
Mc. Dyett, in fourteen days, or by the July Convoy, from June 25.
Louis Nicolas, in fourteen days or one month, from June 26.
J. D. Learmont, in fourteen days, or by the July Convoy, from June 26.
H. A. Eberhardi, in three weeks, or by the July Convoy, from June 26.
Secretary's Office, Demerary, June 26, 1813.
Sworn Clerk.

PUBLIC VENDUES. [centered]

On Saturday the 3d of July, [see 18130626EDRG] . . .
N.B. The brandy and gin will be sold by the 5 gallons.
June 26. A. MILLS & Co.

On Tuesday the 13th of July, [see 18130622EDRG] . . .
[see 18130626EDRG] . . .
Also, by order of Miss Margaret Howard – a Negro-Man, named Sam.
Also, by order of Mr. G. Wells, q.q. the Estate of John Wells, deceased – a Mulatto-Man, named James Collier – a complete boot and shoe-maker.
Also, by order of Mr. H. Maggee – a young Negro, named William – who is a good house-servant, and has been a considerable time at the carpenter's trade – sold for no fault.
Also, by order of Dr. Van Schuler, according to authorisation of His Honor J. S. Masse, President of the Honourable the Court of Justice – a Negro-Man, named Tim – belonging to A. Rench.
June 22. A. MILLS, & Co.

BERBICE. [centered]

From the Marshal's Office. [centered]
[First Proclamation.] [centered]

WHEREAS I, the undersigned, by authority obtained from His Excellency ROBERT GORDON, Esquire, Captain-General and Governor in Chief of the Colony Berbice, Vice-Admiral, and President in all Courts and Colleges, within the same, &c. &c. &c. granted upon a petition presented by A. HOUSTON, as empowered by letter of KINGSTON & M'BEAN, of Demerary, under date of 14 April, 1811, versus THOMAS WHITE, have caused to be taken in execution, the undivided share in the Cotton Plantation, No. 35, Correntine Coast of this Colony, the property of aforesaid Thomas White. And whereas said undivided share of Plantation No. 35, Correntine, the property of Thomas White aforesaid, has, on the 17 February last, been put under Sequestration - be it therefore known, that I, the undersigned, intend to sell, after the expiration of one year and six weeks, from the 17 February, 1813, the above-named undivided share in Plantation No. 35, Correntine Coast, with all its Buildings, Slaves, Cultivation, and further Appurtenances and Dependencies thereto belonging - all conformable to an Inventory formed thereof, and now laying at the Marshal's Office for the inspection of those whom it may concern: in order to recover from the proceeds of the sale of said undivided share of Plantation 35, Correntine Coast, the property of the now after-named Thomas White, such sum of money, cum interest and expences, as wherefore the same has been taken in execution.
This first Proclamation made known to the public by beat of drum, and further dealt with according to law.
Berbice, the 13 June, 1813.
First Marshal.

                  Demerary, June 29, 1813.
IN consequence of the little attention paid to a former notice, relative to the rendering of accounts, it becomes necessary once more to state, that unless accounts for articles furnished to the Royal Engineer, Quarter and Barrack, and Commissariat Departments, are rendered at this Office, on or before the 24th day of next month, they will after this latter period, be totally disregarded.

The Sloop Blackbird, Dill, from Barbados, arrived yesterday; and, in consequence of the receipt there, of the first Mails for May, has communicated European Intelligence to a late date.

The arrival in England of the sloop of war Childers, dispatched by Sir John B. Warren with a notification to his Government, that the Russian Minister at the United States, had proposed to be the Mediator between the two countries - is the only novelty from that quarter. There is no doubt the mediation will be resumed.

The Barbados Papers (to the 19th instant) by the Blackbird, make no mention of the Challenge, reported in our last. Hoaxing must be a pleasant pastime - for we have certainly plenty of it.

LOCALITIES. [centered]

We are happy to announce the appointment of Brigadier-General Murray (our Acting-Governor) to be Adjutant-General of the Forces, serving in the Windward and Leeward Islands, under the Command of Lieut.-Gen. Sir G. Beckwith.

A circumstance occurred yesterday, as singular as it is unfortunate. That fine new Ship the Ramoncita, now in the river, from the sudden shifting of a few casks of sugar, during the removal of her ballast, completely upset, and immediately went down. Capt. Venables, and two or three friends, who were in the cabin, with much difficulty saved their lives. Hopes are, however, confidently entertained, of the ship's ultimate recovery. We shall give further particulars in our next.

The Festival of St. John, on Thursday last, was commemorated at Marshal's Hotel by the Chosen Friends, with their accustomed conviviality.

The Carteret Packet, which sailed hence on the 8th of March, for England, has safe arrived.

The hull of the Demerary brig of war, is to be sold, in Barbados, on the 30th instant.

FOREIGN NEWS. [centered]

GREAT-BRITAIN. [centered]

May 10. -

Government has come to the determination of issuing licences "for the importation from any port of the United States not blockaded, direct to a port in Great Britain specified, in bona fide neutral vessels, whose names are specified, such American products as are by law permitted to be imported;" these licences being granted without the stipulation of any previous export from Great Britain.

May 14. -

The House of Commons, on the 13th instant, went into a Committee on the Conquered Islands Sugar Bill. An additional duty of 5s. per cwt. is to be put on the Sugars of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and their dependencies; and an additional duty of 12s. 6d. per cwt. is to be imposed on clayed sugars.

May 15. -

Earl Darnley, in the House of Lords on the 14th ult. made the motion for an investigation into the manner of conducting the War with America, chiefly as regarding the Naval Administration; - the debates on this occasion were at some length on both sides, but on the question being put, the motion of his Lordship was negatived by a majority of 66.

GEORGE-TOWN: [centered]
Printed and Published, every Tuesday and Saturday Afternoon.
By Edward James Henery. [centered]

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