Royal Gazette 1816 January 02


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Tuesday, January 2, 1816.


[No. 855.

For Sale - The following Property, belonging to a Lady, who intends quitting the colony: - Half a Lot or Concession of Land, situated in front of Plantation Repentir, along the brick or paved road leading up the river, and known on the chart as sub. No. -, with the Buildings thereon. - And the following Slaves - Charity, a good cook; Zemire, Charlotte, Jaba, with two mulatto children; Henrietta and Babet, with three children.
These Negroes are all very valuable well disposed house people, being good seamstresses, washer women, &c.; and are sold for no fault whatever, but merely in consequence of their owner's intended departure from the colony, and having formerly belonged to a Coffee Plantation, they are all excellent coffee pickers.
The above property, if not previously disposed of, will be up at Vendue in month of February next.
For further particulars, apply at the Office of Mr. De Veer, Attorney at Law. - January 2.

Sheet Almanacks, [heading]
(Calculated by Dr. Hancock.)
Are now ready for delivery at the Royal Gazette Office.

The Arrivals since our last, are the Sterling, Capt. Kennan, from Liverpool; the brig Jane, from London; a Brig, from St. John's, N.B.; and the schooner Kate, from Surinam.

Letters [heading]
In the Post-Office, Demerary - January 1. [heading]
[first column]
A [centered]
Ashby, Mary
Adalfa, Catharine
Archer, A. C.
Arthur, Innis
Archer, Rose
Ayton, Charles
Affer, F. F. [transcriber's note: possibly Asser]
Alleyne, John
Aarils, Pieter
Aronders, J.
Auley, Rebecca
Amory, James
Agard, William
B [centered]
Blair, Lambert
Byrne, Andrew
Booek, Frederick
Bourdau, Queen
Bovell, Cambridge
Bartrum, Miss
Bugmans, J. L.
Brenner, H.
Bell, Thomas [first instance]
Bess, Judy
Balfour, James
Black, Andrew
Ballam, Irvine
Brown, Sophia
Bollers, J. F.
Barbiere, H.
Blair, Mary
Boekhorst, J. C.
Boetberg, J. N. A.
Barry, George
Bryden, John
Bourne, Samuel
Bunning, I.
Bell, Thomas [second instance]
Blake, Mary
Barker, William
Bell, John
Bartilya, Andre[accent]
Blake, Fraser
Blount, John
Burton, W.
Braithwaite, John
Buttleweg, F.
Brown, Andrew
Beim, C. A.
Bruce, James
Backer, Fred.
Batron, Hannah
Bordeau, S.
Beaufort, P.
Bell, Thomas [third instance]
Barnwell, Thos. P.
Burrows, James
Baandeck, Hannah
Belgrave, Bella
Butcher, R. W.
Biegman, J. L.
Bell, Constantine
Bradley, Samuel
Brotherson, Gibson
Bosquet, David
Barkey, Lucretia
C [centered]
Colquhoue, Mrs.
Cozier, T. G.
Curtys, Christ.
Campbell, Geo.
Coley, R.
Cumings, Sam.
Campbell, Catherine
Culler, Rhomas
Campbell, James
Cook, Mrs.
Carfs, Adam
Crawford, John
Cooper, Jos.
Cox, I. W.
Coruotte, Geo.
Christiaansen, Miss
Carbery, Wm.
Claxton, William
Cook, Geo.
Creech, Edward
Cummins, James
Corcoran, James
Cummings, Bella
Cooke, John
Claxton, W. A.
Carnegie, D.
Chilcott, Thomas
Croyden, Caroline
Croyden, John
Campbell, Jenny
Campbell, David
Cryele, J. W.
Cuvelje, P. D. W.
Collier, Mrs.
Connolly, John
[second column]
Campbell, Alex.
D [centered]
Duweeder, Alexander
Douglas, Joseph
Dunckett, Geo.
De Haart, G. M.
Davies, Eliz.
Dowding, Rebecca
Dow, Alex.
Delisle, William
E [centered]
Eberhardi, H. A.
Eburne, John
Elle, John
Ehe, Mr.
Eburne, S. S.
Evans, John, and Co.
Eunshlatte, J. B.
Enburn, Mary
Ellis, Patience
Eve, John
F [centered]
Franzen, I.
Forsyth, Geo.
Floors, B.
Fraser, Ritta
Fraser, John
Fraser, J. G.
Forbes, Jem
Franzen, C. C.
French, J. L.
Fraser, George
Fraser, S. J.
Floyd, J. G.
French, Mary E.
Fraser, Alexander
Fraser, William
Fleming, Thomas
Fotheringham H.
Fournier, Bridget
Felderhoff, W.
Fither, Esther
French, Joseph D.
Fraser, Peter
G [centered]
Gray, L. M.
Greaves, Frances
Grant, Jean and Sophia
Gibbons, E. Attornies of
Game, Cassandra
Gieben, Z. H.
Goddard, J. W.
Goddard, J. D.
Gillard, Abraham
Goppy, Margaret
Gilbert, John McKey
Green, Eliza
Garrett, Edward
Geumain, Thomas
Gordon, Alexander
Griffiths, Nathaniel
Graham, Ellis
Gardner, John
Gotherd, [???]h
Gerds, J. P.
Game, Mr.
Goddard, Arthur
Gruwell, Flora
Gill, James
Gordon, William
Gordon, Mrs.
Graufon, Mary
Grant, Robert
Gillan, Catharine
H [centered]
Hun, George
Harris, Mary A.
Hinde, George
Hunt, Francis
Hall, Burgoine
Hendricks, Mary
Hutton, H.
Howard, Margaret
Henderson, G.
Huffe, Precilla
Huisenkamp, J. H.
Hudson, George
Harden and Smit
Heyliger, Abraham
Hamilton, R.
Harris, Francess
Heiniken, T. S.
I and J [centered]
Jack, Robert
Jochens, Hendrick
Ingrum, C. N.
Jones, Richard J.
Jones, J. G.
Jipfan, Peta
Jonas, Lucy
Julius, Zelia
Johnson, Susanna
Johnson, M.
Jackson, Francis
Jackson, Robert
Jones, Elizabeth
[end columns]
The remainder in our next.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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