Royal Gazette 1816 February 13


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Tuesday, February 13, 1816.


[No. 872.

Militia General Order. [heading]
His Excellency the Commander in Chief has been pleased to make the following Promotion in the Demerary Militia: -
George-Town Company of Militia Artillery,
First-Lieutenant J. H. Albuoy, to be Captain; vice Grant, deceased.
Second-Lieutenant M. Viret, to be First-Lieutenant; vice Albuoy, promoted.
Sargeant [sic] J. Dusart, to be Second Lieutenant; vice Viret, promoted.
Adjutant-General's Office, George-Town, Demerary, this 13th of February 1816.
By His Excellency's Command,
J. R. Brandt, Lt. Col. & Adjt. Gen. M. F.

For Sale - that very eligible Concession known by letter E, situated on the West side of Middle-Dam of Stabroek, George-Town, actually occupied by the Owner, Miss Magdalina Martin; with an excellent strong-built Dwelling House, a Water Cistern, and several substantial and mostly new Side Buildings. Any one wishful of purchasing the same, will please to apply for terms of sale, either to said Miss Magdalina Martin, or to
Stephen Cramer.
If the above Concession is not sold by Private Contract before, it will be sold on the 18th of March next, at Public Vendue. - February 12.

Valuable Premises for Sale. [heading]
The Subscriber, anxious to settle all demands against him, will dispose of the Premises he at present occupies, on Water Lot No. 35, adjoining the North Canal and Bridge leading to the Market; with the Unexpired Term of the Lease, which has been lately renewed. The said Lot extending to Low Water Mark, renders it a very desirable situation for business. Terms can be known on application to the Subscriber.
February 12. W. S. Kirton.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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