Royal Gazette 1816 March 07


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Thursday, March 7, 1816.


[No. 882.

Public Vendues. [heading] . . .
On Wednesday the 17th of April, by order of J. E Frantzen, Esq. at the Vendue-Office - Wood, or Timber Lands, in Essequebo, viz: - 1st, a Piece of Land situated on the West bank of Essequebo river, next the place of Mr. Sarzeer, about 600 roods in front and 900 in depth; agreeable to a chart thereof which will be produced at the Vendue Office on the day of sale; with the exception however, of about 150 acres on the river side, which has already been disposed of in different Lots- leaving only 350 roods in front with all the back Timber Land - containing in the whole about 1500 acres, measured and impalled as the upper limits. This piece of Land is well worth the attention of Carpenters' [sic] and Wood-cutters, as it contains more valuable Timber, such as Greenheart, Wallaba, and every other species of hardwood, than any other place in both rivers, at such a small distance from the cultivated parts of the colony; besides having the convenience of the creek Werewerrekerery (on which is situated the Saw-Mill of Mr. A. Meertens) which runs through the Land, and is navigable for large Punts, being 14 feet deep.
2d. A Piece of Land appertaining to the heirs of B. F. Stoll, adjoining the creek Manweaboura, 100 roode [sic] facade and 700 in depth.
3d. A Piece of Land appurtaining [sic] to the Children of T. and E. de Wierdt, between the once cultivated Lands of Plantation Triangle and the place formerly belonging to Ls. Olander, at the upper point of Wakenaam Island, 100 acres more or less.
4th The place at the point of Wakenaam Island, formerly the residence of the boat-builder Laurens Olander, adjoining the lands of Plantation Concordia, on the limits below, and on the upper-side to another small place, containing fully 15 Acres of Land.
The payments to be made at 6, 9, and 12 months.
March 7. Kingston & Mills.

Arrivals since our last: - The brig Margaret, from North-America; the ships Alfred and the Ranger, from London. Also, a Dutch Ship.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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