Royal Gazette 1816 March 21


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Thursday, March 21, 1816.


[No. 888.

Court of Justice. [heading]
The following list is hereby published by order of the Honourable Court of Justice of this Colony, of Decisions of Prae and Concurrentiae, on the proceeds of the following Plantations and Estates; and a list of those who are declared preferent, is ordered to be affixed in the Secretary's Office, for the inspection of those interested therein, and also to be published in European Papers:
Names of Plantations.            The late Property of
Maria's Pleasure            Thos. Hussey, dec.
2 3ds of Hackney            J. L. Harrop, dec.
2-3ds of Good Intent            Thos. Jackson, dec.
Pleasing Hope and            Thos. Harriott, dec.
Bachelor's Adventure            Thos. Harriott, dec.
Cornelia and Mine            Barth. Day.
Bingin in 't Bos            W. Z. Zimmerman.
Breemen and Rushbrook            J. C. Van Eeten.
Den Avond                  H. Vos.
Success                        Irwan Ballam.
Maria Johanna                  Jas. Nicholson.
Cape Batave                  W. Pauli.
Better Success                  Dr. Perkins.
Triangel                  J. L. Throp.
Spring Garden                  Geo. Laing.
Dordrecht                  Kramers.
Nieuw Oosterbeck            G. H. Trotz.
Laurentia Catharina            G. H. Trotz.
Annandale                  Leigh and Armstrong.
Caledonia                  Brothers L'Abbee.
New Hope                  Alex. Macrae.
Kensington                  Jos. Thomas.
Cape Good Hope                  Wm. Waters.
Two Brothers                  W. and P. L. Boon.
Two Brothers                  Barker, dec.
Columbia                  Cliffe.
Henry                        Edw. Cook.
Bourdeaux                  Alleman.
Noogt Gedagt                  (blank)
Paradise                  Geo. Laing.
Concordia                  Nath. Lucas.
The Estate of                  G. E. Aman, dec.
--                        Jacobus Kofoed, dec.
--                        John Skeys, dec.
--                        O. J. Laurin, dec.
--                        J. L. Wortman.
--                        Scauenberg.
--                        Alex. Cassie.
--                        Gabriel Ryk, dec.
--                        Hopper, dec.
Court-House, George-Town, Demerary, March 20, 1816.
By Command,
I. I. L. Molliere, Clk. Ct. Justice.

Mr. Lindo - respectfully informs the Public that he has entered into partnership with Miss Angellietta [sic] King; therefore his Dancing School will in future be held at the house of Mr. P. De Vrees, on the North Dam of Stabroek district, lately occupied by F. Horn, Esqr. Solicitor at Law.
Miss King will take either weekly or monthly boarders; and, in addition to the accomplishment of Dancing, will instruct the young ladies in Tambouring, in its various branches.
A person that can play the Violin correctly, will be liberally paid. The hours of tuition, as well as the terms, can be known by applying to either Miss King or Mr. Lindo. - March 21.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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