Royal Gazette 1816 April 09


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Tuesday, April 9, 1816.


[No. 896.

The Subscriber intending to leave this Colony for Europe early in the next year, offers for Sale, the Lot of Land No. 48, situated in Stabroek district, George-Town, with all the buildings thereon, at present occupied by himself, consisting of, a Dwelling House two stories high, with a balcony in front, large dining and sitting rooms, airy bed rooms; and in the lower story there is a store for house provisions, a pantry, and a wash room, &c.; and there is also attached to the premises, a small house with several rooms which may be converted into counting-house; a kitchen with fire-hearth, stabling for three horses, and large Negro rooms, a very fine kitchen garden, &c. The walking leading to the front street is ranged with the choicest fruit trees the Colony yields. The whole may be viewed at any time, and to an approved purchaser, terms will be made easy.
Also, the 3/4 Lot No. 49, adjoining the above, with a small Dwelling-house, and negro house, and a very large kitchen garden; and the half Lot No. 50, on which stands a Dwelling-house and out houses.
April 8. P. C. Mickerts.
N.B. If not disposed of by private contract, will be put up at public vendue.

The schooner Providence, from Grenada; and the ships Bellona and Alexander, from Glasgow - have arrived since our last.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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