Royal Gazette 1816 April 11


Vol. XI.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
Thursday, April 11, 1816.


[No. 897.

Vlissingen Academy. [heading]
Easter Vacation will commence the 12th, and the Scholars return on Monday the 22d instant.
George-Town, April 11th, 1816.
A. Cart solicits payment, most earnestly, from those in arrears to him.

For Sale, [heading]
That enclosed Lot, with all the Buildings thereon, next to Messrs. Rose & Croal, opposite James Jackson, Esqr. lately gone through a thorough repair and greatly improved; can be examined at any time. For Terms, apply on the Premises, to
April 11. Joseph Tayler.

For Sale, [heading]
Plantations Two Brothers and Ridder's Faith, the property of the Subscriber, situated on the north bank of Canal No. 1, the former, between Plantations Mounjou to the east, and Vreede en Vriendschap to the west; containing 250 acres of land, capable of making 100,000 lbs. Coffee; having at present, sufficient ground provisions, to provide for the number of negroes requisite to keep in order the present cultivation: - the latter, between Plantation Orange-Field to the east, and the Land of the Hon. Van Den Heuvel to the west; containing 500 acres of land, and capable of making 50,000 lbs. Coffee; having a considerable quantity of provisions, tanyers and some plantains - all in that order that if now examined, it must meet the admiration of such Planters as are able judges.
The reason of their being offered for sale is in consequence of the Subscriber not having sufficient negroes to pick the coffee at present on the trees - and therefore, rather than losing the coffee, will make a sacrifice in selling to an approved purchaser.
Also, a Piece of uncultivated Land, in standing bush; situated on the south bank of the same canal, between the Land of Stephen Deeges, Esqr. to the east, and ungranted land to the west; containing 250 acres. In spring-tides punts may reach near it, and could, with little labour, be made so that at all times at high water, punts may reach it to load firewood.
April 11. F. De Ridder.

For Boston. [heading]
The fine Ship Princess Charlotte, Robert Hutcheson, master, coppered and copper fastened, will sail hence on the 2d of May. For freight or passage, apply to the Master on board, or to
April 11. Finlayson, Barnes, & Co.

Arrivals. - Schooner Lady Nelson, Walton, from Berbice; brig Dolphin, Perkins, from St. John's, N.B. and the ship William, Crowley, from London.

Departures. - Schooner Alert, Davel, for Barbados; ship Ayrshire, King, for Glasgow; and the brig Halifax Packet, Hogg, for Halifax.

Printed and Published by William Baker, every Tuesday,
Thursday, and Saturday, at his Office in Cumingsburg.


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