Royal Gazette 1817 November 25

Vol. XII.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
DEMERARY and ESSEQUEBO, Tuesday, November 25, 1817.


[No. 1105.

Fiscal's Office. [heading]
Whereas, since some time the number of pigs running through the streets of George-town, is greatly augmented to the great destruction of the roads and annoyance of the inhabitants, the proprietors of them are reminded, that by the existing regulations these may be killed by any one for his own use; and are further warned, that those found still to run through the town, on Monday next, and afterwards, will be shot. - November 22.

ENTERED - yesterday - schooner Demerary Packet, Hill, Barbados; and brigantine Joseph, Stickland; - this day, the brig Isis, Young, Newcastle; and schooner Douglas, Thomas, New London.

CLEARED - yesterday - ship Contest, Semmell, London; this day, Lark, M'Curdy, New Brunswick.

"Colonial-Jail." [heading changes here]
[Transcriber's note: not yet transcribed]

Published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday;
By William Baker.

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