Royal Gazette 1817 December 09

Vol. XII.]

The Royal (Colophon) Gazette
DEMERARY and ESSEQUEBO, Tuesday, December 9, 1817.


[No. 1121.

Valuable Premises, [heading]
For Sale. [heading]
1st. The House and Stores in America-street, finished about five months since, of the most prime materials, eligibly situated for mercantile business of any description, having the advantage of an excellent back landing - at present in the occupation of Messrs. Watt and Stewart.
2d. The House and very capacious Stores adjoining the above, and opposite the Vendue Office, finished about eight months since, with excellent materials, and having also a back landing - at present occupied by Peter Verbeke, Esqr.
3d. The House, adjoining Messrs. Halket, Dunlop, and Co. at present rented by Messrs. Horsely and Ingram.
4th. The Premises situated an the main-street, nearly opposite Marsh's Hotel, possessing many conveniences, and is a capital stand for business - at present in the occupation of B. Freyhaus, Esqr.
5th. The House and Stores at the north-east corner of New-town, with a good gravelled cellar, and convenient landing.
6th. The Premises adjoining on the canal, possessing good yard and cellar room, and a capital landing. This lot has the advantage of being easily united to No. 4, and which would render them competent for carrying on a very extensive business.
For further particulars, enquire of
Dec. 8. Thomas Shute.


On the 11th, and Friday the 12th of December, at the Store of Robert Munro, America-street -
A General assortment of Goods, consisting of the following articles, which will be put up in lots, catalogues of which will be inserted in the Newspapers, and can alse be had at the Store, or at the Vendue Office, any day previous to the sale - viz.
Calicoes, furniture chintz, checks, cotton shirting, platillas, Britannias, bed tick, hammocks, counterpanes, diaper, huckaback, dimity, jeans, striped nankeen, cotton cambric and muslins, black muslin and cambric, silks, bombazeen, Irish sheeting, Russia sheeting, sail canvas, coffee and cotton bagging, Oznaburgs, cordage, negro clothing and hats, gentlemen's cloathing, men and women's cotton and silk stockings, boots and shoes, umbrellas and parasols, nails, carpenters' and coopers' tools, whip and cross cut saws, hoes, shovels, and cutlasses, iron hoops, tin ware, plated ware, earthen ware assorted and dinner sets, pitch and tar in barrels, rock salt in ditto, temper lime, lamp oil, soap and candles, Irish butter, gin in cases, liqueurs in ditto, claret, tea, gunpowder and shot, perfumery, stationery, saddlery, a few thousand feet white pine lumber in planks, 10,000 white oak shooks and heading, 100 puncheon packs, Windsor chairs, mahogany ditto, and several articles of furniture.
On the 12th December, by order of Robert Munro, q.q. the Unexpired Lease of sundry Lots with the Buildings thereon, situated on part of the front lands of plantation Vlissengen, viz.
The unexpired lease of half of lot No. 13, with the buildings thereon, situated at the corner of the bridge leading into the north entry of Government-house.
The unexpired lease of lot No. 109, with the long building thereon, opposite the Theatre.
The unexpired lease of lot No. 46, with the buildings thereon, on the opposite side of that line of road on which the Parsonage is situated.
The unxpired lease of lot No. 40, with the buildings thereon, situated on the line of road leading to the north entry of Government-house.
Nov. 8. Kingston and Mills.

Debts of Honour for Sale, [heading]
At 50 per cent. discount, of H. M. Bunbury, Esq. [heading]
1st. Mr. H. M. Bunbury's written wager for twenty-five joes, dated 29th August, 1811, and signed by him - "That Major General Hislop was not a Brigadier General before he had been four years a full Colonel in the army."
N.B. Made a Colonel and Brigadier the same date. - Vide Army List.
2d. Mr. H. M. B. wagered with the Subscriber, in May, 1812, at the table and in presence of the Hon. Charles Bean and several other gentlemen, fifty joes - "That the late Duke of Cumberland, brother to his present Majesty, was living fifteen years from the date of the wager."
N.B. H. R. H. Lt. Duke Cumberland, died in 1790. - Vide Kersly's Peerage.
3rd. Mr. H. M. B. lost at different periods to the Subscriber, in 1812, eight joes, at the Essequebo Whist Club, himself, the Hon. Charles Bean, John Hubbard, Esq. and the Subscriber, being members.
All the above Debts having been repeatedly demanded of Mr. H. M. B. since that period, and finally, in this last week, on the eve of the Subscriber's departure for Europe, when Mr. H. M. B. replied, that he would not pay them, and that the Subscriber was at liberty to do what he pleased with them, he therefore, takes this method of publicly advertising them; altho' they may not produce a cash payment, they may be made a set off against any debt due that gentleman of the like nature. The Subscriber's Attornies are in possession of the original.
Samuel Phippen.
Demerary, George-town,
December 8, 1817.

Matthew Thevin, [heading]
Lately Arrived from Surinam, [heading]
Respectfully informs the Public, that during his temporary residence in this colony, for a few weeks, he will undertake any work in the way of his business - such as setting jewels, making devices in hair, or engraving ornaments in gold, &c. He resides in Middle-street, No. 29

ENTERED - yesterday, schooner Waterloo, Johnston, Barbados. This day - none.

CLEARED - yesterday, ship Kelton, Longbotham, Liverpool. This day - brig Britannia, Van Dene, Halifax, N.S.; brig Francis-Ann, Hollett, New-York, U.S.; schooner Thomas Spencer, Allers, Barbados.

Colonial-Jail. [heading]






Pl. Houston



Pl. Vlissengen


Rose and Croal

Pl. Houston


E. & A. Fraser



G. Ross

Pl. Kitty


D. Kenny

Pl. Eendract



Pl. Good Verwagting


Pl. Good Hoope



Pl. Farm, Essequebo

Pl. Amstel


Pl. Le Desire

Pl. Orange Nassau


Pl. Hague

Pl. Klyn Poederayn



Dr. Gill


G. Ross

Pl. Bel Air


Pl. Beehive

Pl. Paradise



Pl. Twee Vreenden


C. Rogers



Tinne or Kendrik

Pl. Goedeverwagting


J. Gibson




Pl. Golden Grove


B. Nichols

Pl. Lancaster



Pl. New Hope



Pl. Perseverance


H. Leneo

Pl. Huys t' Dieren



Pl. Werk en Rust


F. and A. Fraser

Pl. Brothers


E. Austin

H. S. Thomas


W. Paten



H. O. Seward

G. Barnes

Dec. 6. F. Strunkay, Scout.

Published every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday;
By William Baker.

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