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This index of 18th and 19th century residents of the colonies of Berbice, Demerara, and Essequebo is compiled and maintained by Tikwis Begbie from a wide variety of sources. The index benefits greatly from the exchange of information which ensures its accuracy and continuation. More information about the index can be found at the site home page. Partial transcripts of selected British Guiana (1794-1817) newspapers are on the Guyana Colonial Newspapers site. This data was last updated on 21 Mar 2015.

'S GRAVESANDE, Charlotte, partner of C.G. Storm

  • Married 'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Cornelis Gerhard Storm

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Adolph Willem Storm

  • Born: 26 JAN 1817, Demerara
  • Died: 21 DEC 1893, Lonneker (Enschede) NL

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Alpheda Louisa

  • Born: NOV 1737
  • Married BACKER, Johannes: 13 OCT 1766, Demerara
  • Married MEIJERHELM, G.E.
  • Died: JAN 1793

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Cornelis Gerhard Storm

  • Born: 22 AUG 1779, Deventer
  • Married 'S GRAVESANDE, Charlotte, partner of C.G. Storm
  • Married STORM 'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Lumea, partner of C.G.
  • Died: 16 JUN 1825, Demerara


  • Died: 9 JAN 1835, Pln. Verzegtidheid, Mahaica

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Francina Constantia Lumea Jacoba Storm

  • Born: BEF DEC 1801

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Francois Jonathan Storm

  • Born: 12 SEP 1777, Rio Demerara
  • Married BRANDES, Maria Catharina Geertruida: 10 JUN 1799, Demerary
  • Died: ABT DEC 1801

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Frans Jonathan Pieter

  • Born: 7 MAY 1812, Demerara
  • Died: 2 SEP 1875, Batavia

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, George Augustus Frederick

  • Born: ABT 1846
  • Died: 14 SEP 1855, Mahaica Toll House

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Gerhard Johan

  • Born: 29 SEP 1740
  • Died: 20 JUL 1764, Demerara

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Jan Cornelis

  • Born: ABT 1810, Demerara
  • Died: 30 AUG 1832, Breda nl


  • Died: AFT 1775

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Johanna Storm

  • Married M'KENZIE, Kenneth: 2 OCT 1829, Banns of Matrimony

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Jonathan Samuel Storm

  • Born: 30 NOV 1728, Holland
  • Married GELSKERKE, VAN, Anna Gertruida: ABT 1750
  • Died: ABT MAY 1761, Demerara

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Laurens Storm

  • Born: 12 OCT 1704, 's Hertogenbosch Holland
  • Married BERGHEYCK, VAN, Lumea Constantia: ABT 1727, Holland
  • Died: 14 AUG 1775, Plantation Soesdyke

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Lumea Catharina C. S.

  • Born: 7 FEB 1782
  • Married HEUVEL, VAN DEN, Abraham Jeremias Johan: ABT 4 MAY 1801, Demerary
  • Died: 8 JAN 1812, Pln. t' Huis te dieren

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Maria Catharina Storm

  • Born: 27 AUG 1734
  • Married BERGHEYCK, VAN, Laurens Lodewijk
  • Married HEUVEL, VAN DEN, Jan Cornelius: 13 OCT 1766, Demerara
  • Died: 17 APR 1771, Rio Demerary

'S GRAVESANDE, VAN, Willem Laurens Storm

  • Born: 22 NOV 1750, Rio Demerara
  • Married WIPPERMAN, Helena Judith: 8 NOV 1809, Emmerich (Rees, D.)
  • Married QUEIJSEN, Jacoba Francina: 8 MAR 1776, Demerara
  • Died: 29 APR 1819, Demerara

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