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This site contains transcripts and images of early 19th century newspapers from the colonies that made up present day Guyana. Newspapers from this era form a valuable source of information as many primary sources have been lost.

This material has been transcribed by John Wilmer from microfilm.

In 2013 UNESCO noted a project by the National Archive of the Netherlands to rescue Dutch records held within the National Archives of Guyana. This focussed on preservation and creation of digital access to these archives.

In October 2018 the Guyana National Archive announced the hand over by the National Archives of the Netherlands to the Guyana National Archives of the results of this collaboration

The digitised versions of these documents are available from the National Archive of the Netherlands site for viewing and downloading. Some of this materal contains scans of several of the Guyana Colonial Newspapers issues.

  • Background - background information on Guyanese colonial newspapers.
  • Description - details of the approach taken in transcription.
  • Transcripts - the newspaper transcriptions.
  • Indexes - people and plantations referred to in the transcriptions.
  • Search - search this site using MSN or Google.
  • Assist - help with locating and transcribing Guyanese colonial newspapers.
  • Discuss - discuss the contents with others interested in history from this era.
  • Images - a small selection of scanned images of the material being transcribed.
  • What's New - details of new and updated transcripts and indexes.

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