Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1803 October 15


Ao. 1803 )


( No. 42.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 15th of October.

Government House,
Demerary, 14th October 1803.
The Lieutenant Governor will transact Military business from Nine to Ten in the Morning every day, and Civil business from Ten to Two every day, Sunday excepted.
By Command,
Geo. Eddington, Mily Secty


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises, that P. P. Luyken Esqr. intending shortly for Europe, will hold a Vendue on the 15th of November next, at his Plantation Onderneeming, where will be exposed for Sale, Household furniture, consisting of Mahogany tables, sofas, setts of china, glass ware, &c. and a collection of Books.
Also, Chaise, Horses, Cows, Sheep, and what farther may be produced on the day of Sale.
Essequebo, 15th October 1803. C. Remy.


Demerary, 12th October 1803 [sub-heading]
Wanted for the use of His Majesty's Service, CASH for Bills of Exchange drawn up on the Right Honorable the Lords of His Majesty's Treasury, to the amount of
L. 3000 Sterling.
Sealed Proposals will be received by Robert Patterson, Resident Commissary, at the House of Messrs. H. Tulloh & Co. on or before Wednesday next the 10th Instant, which Proposals will be opened in the presence of His Excellency Governor Nicholson and the highest offer will be accepted.
N.B: No Tenders can be received after 10 o'Clock on Wednesday Morning.

Office of Ordnance. [heading]
Demerary, 15th October 1803.
Wanted for His Majesty's Service, Cash for a Bill of L. 400 Sterling, at 30 days sight, drawn on Messrs: Cox and Greenwood, Agents to the Royal Artillery. Sealed Tenders will be received on this Office on Tuesday the 18th Instant, and the highest Exchange offered will have the preference.
John Mead,
Storekeeper and Pay-Master.

Contractors Wanted. [heading]
It is required by Government to build two Brick Cisterns at the new Barracks on Eve Leary, of a circular form, twenty two feet Diameter within, and twelve feet deep; sunk six feet in the ground, with a conical roof covered with Walaba Shingles. The excavation to be dug , and all materials to be furnished by the Contractor, and the whole be finished in a sufficient manner. - Sealed tenders for one or both of these Cisterns within a stated period, will be received by the undersigned, and opened on the 30th Instant in presence of Governor Nicholson, when the Person offering the lowest terms, and engaging to finish the Work within the shortest time, will be Contracted with.
Further Particulars may be known, and a plan seen on application at the House of Mr. C. Macrae.
Thos. Lacy, Capt. R. Engr.

For sale or hire. - The House and Lot occupied by the Subscriber in Cumingsburg. Terms will be made very easy to an approved Purchaser.
Demerary, 15th October 1803. P. F. Tinne.

All those who have any Demands against the Estate of James Munroe, (Carpenter) deceased, are requested to render them immediately to
Demerary, 15th October 1803. Colin Macrae, q.q.

Notice: - Persons to whom the late Mr. Thomas Fairbrother was indebted are requested to send in their Accounts (properly attested) to Mr. John Denny Scant[illegible]bury, in order that a statement of his affairs may be shewn to them; and all Persons indebted to the said Mr. Fairbrother's Estate are requested to make immediate Payment, to enable his Executors to discharge the Debts against him. All accounts unpaid on the 15th of November next, will be given to Mr. Rousselet to enforce Payment.
Demerary, 15th October 1803. Geo. Law.

For Sale: - Four Lots of Land in Cumingsburg, Nos. 10, 11, 19 & 20, adjoining the Premises of Messrs: Telford, Naghten & Co.. For Particulars apply to those gentlemen.
Demerary 15th October 1803.

Alle de geenen, die lets te pretendeeren hebben of verschuldigd zyn aan den Boedel van wylen Heer J. W. Labeo, gelieven daarvan opgave en betaling te doen aan den Hr. G. Henschelius op de Plantagie Klin Pouderoytn, of san den Heer E. C. Eli in Stabroek.
Demerary den 15 October 1803.

Notice: - The Subscriber having again received an encouragement to commence Business in the old line. This is to inform all his respective Friends, in Demerary, Essequebo and Berbice that he has undertaken the same under the Firm of B. T. Lamaitje and Polak, at the House lately occupied by the Members of the Billiard Room near that of Maria Kendricks in Stabroek. Those Gentlemen who favors them with their custom, may depend their utmost endeavours shall be exerted to render them all satisfaction.
Demerary, 15th October 1803 B. Thommie, Jr.

The Subscriber presents his most greatfull [sic] thanks so those gentlemen who have been punctual in the payment of their Beef Accounts, and will be extremely obliged to those who is indebted to pay their Accounts as he conceives it entirely a Cash transaction and that the Money should be Paid when called for.
He means to continue Killing on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.
Demerary, 15th October 1803. James Graham.

Notice: - The Copartnership of Fleury & Favarger, being by mutual consent this day dissolved, they particularly request all those to whom they may be indebted to bring in their Accounts, and likewise those who are indebted to them either by Accounts or Lottery Notes, to come forward with speedy Payment as they are wish full to close the concern to leave the Colony.
Demerary, 7th October 1803. A. Fleury.
Louis Favarger.

For Sale: - Ten or twelve Pipes best old Madeira Wine, which has been five years in this Colony, the pipes will be delivered as full as possible. Enquire of
Demerary, 15th October 1803. A. Fleischman.

H. Dufresne advertises to the Publick, that he has chosen his Domicilium Citandi et Executandi, at the House of Mr. J. Verroen in Stabroek.
Demerary, 15th October 1803.

To Be Let: - The House, Kitchen, House Stable, Negro House, Fowl House and Barn, and the Concession Lr. E. on the middle dam of Stabroek, with a large Brick Cistern, it is a very pleasant and fresh situation, one room is elegantly papered; this House was formerly occupied by Doctor Van Den Landen. It will suit a Gentleman that wishes to be referred, and will also answer for a Family or a Man of Study. Enquire of the Printer.
Stabroek, 15th October 1803.

Found in front of Plantation Rotterdam, a four oar'd BOAT, whoever proves it to be their Property can recover her by Paying for the Advertisement; and rewarding the Person who picked her up.
Demerary, 15th October 1803. J. R. Brandt.

McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. inform their Friends and the Public, that the Sale of the Bacchus's Cargoe will take place on Monday the 17th, instead of the 24th as advertised in the Gazette, and Advertisements of the 7th Inst.
Demerary, 10th October 1803.

Strayed or Stolen from the Subscriber on the 20th Instant, Black, Cow, with a white font between her horns, and a few white spots about her body; any Person giving information where she may be found will be rewarded.
Better Hope, 30th September 1803. M. Keir.

For Sale by the Subscriber. - Excellent old Madeira Wine by the dozen, Port wine and falernum by ditto, noyeau, old rum (in quantities not less than 5 1/2 Gallons), sallad oil, fine table salt in bottles, mustard, vinegar, spirit of turpentine, glauber salts, gum camphor, rose water, cinamon, cloves and nutmegs, blocks, mast hoops, pump boxes, trucks, hanks, and many other articles of Ship-Chandlery, Carpenters tools, common stock locks, large well-finished ditto, pad locks, box, cupboard, till, trunk and desk ditto, brass and iron but hinge, hooks, staples, stay bars and bolts for windows, fin pen knives, combs and scissars, table knives and forks, brass-cocks, English nails of various size, brads, shot No. 2, 3 & 4 writing paper, quills, wafers, ink powder, curry combs and brushes, blank bills of lading, blank books, gun flints, corks by the groce, indigo, fishing lines, fish hooks, marking irons, hand vises, bed screws, proof glasses, glass ware, whip saws, cross cut and frame ditto, &c. &c
Demerary, 8th October 1803. Wm. Hallstead.

Cheap Goods - Capt. Fenwick of the Ship Ann, intending to sail with the first Convoy, will dispose of the following Goods very cheap for immediate Payment in Bills of exchange or Produce; apply on board said Ship or at Mr. R. S. Turton's viz: [illegible] Pork in barrels, hams, tongues, soap, candles, superfine flour, ship-bread, lamp oil, white oak staves and heading, wood hoops, puncheon packs, and a few empty Puncheons.
Demerary, 8th October 1803.

The Copartnership of G. E. Aman & Co. being this day dissolved by mutual consent, it is requested of all Persons having any demands against, or those that are indebted to said Copartnership, render in their Accounts, or to make payment, on or before the last of December next ending, to I. I. Kotwyk Esqr. or at the House lately occupied by said Copartnership, to their assigns.
Demerary, 30th Septbr 1803. I. I. Kotwyk, Privz & q.q.
G. E. Aman, Privz & q.q.

The Subscriber having opened a School for the purpose of teaching French, Dutch and German Languages, (likewise English required) Reading, Writing, and Piano Forte, begs leave to recommend himself to the favours of the Publick. He also gives private lessons to those who are wishfull of learning French Gramatically, and repairs Forte Pianos for a reasonable price.
For farther enquiries apply to the Subscriber at the house formerly occupied by Mr. Ls. Favarger (Watch Maker) on Pl. Werk & Rust.
Demerary, 8th October 1803. H. Borel.

Opgevangen op de Plantagie Zwaanenschultz een Pont; De Eigenaar daarvan kan tegens betaling van de onkosten van dit Advertentie en een ordentelyke belooning der Negers, welk dezelve hebben opgevangen terugbekomen.
Pl. Zwananenschutz den 6 Octob [sic] 1803. O. J. Laurin.

De Ondergetekende adverteert noch eenmaal het opvischen van een Sesriems Tentboot. Hy verzoekt vriendelyk, dat de Eigenaar derzelve binnen ses weeken gelieve op te koomen, zullende anders om zyne verschotten en uitgaven weder te erlangen genoodzaakt zyn over dezelve te disponeeren, zoo als zal vermeenen te behooren.
Pl. Herstelling den 8 Octob. 1803. W. A. Leezeman.

Absconded from the Subscriber last Sunday evening, a Negro Woman named Nancy, of the Coromantee Nation, with her fled a Child very fine Boy named Henry alias Quaco, about two years old. She is a stout good looking woman, has a smoothe pleasant countenance and full eyed, her left breast much larger than the other, a very large navel, and had on when she went away a blue striped Coat. - Any person that will secure them for the Subscriber, or give notice so that they may be recovered, shall receive a handsome reward.
Whoever may be found harbouring them will be dealt with according to Law.
Stabroek, October 8th 1803. John Richards.

For Sale: - A half Concession with the Buildings thereon, being a Dwelling-House and side Buildings, situated on the front of Plantation Iveleary, now called Kingston, formerly the Property of Mr. William Gibson, the terms will be made very moderate to an approved Purchaser, apply to the Subscriber in Stabroek.
Demerary, 1st October 1803. Marts. Smit.

The Subscriber offers for Sale, the whole or half of the Lott No. 158, with the buildings thereon, situate in Cumingsburg, opposite the new Barracks. Also a few well made Cotton Hand Gins.
Demerary, 8th October 1803 J. Essenberg.

J. F. LeBlanc intending possitively [sic] to leave this Colony for England in the course of this year or the next Year, takes the liberty to request the Gentlemen Planters of Essequebo, Demerary and Berbice that he has received from Europe a large assortment of Machineries and materials to carry on the Coffee Mill making Business, as, axel-trees, handles, sheets of copper and the best wire for menaries, and has now for sale twelve Coffee Mills in complete order: the Gentlemen Planters who are in want of them, by applying to said J. F. Leblanc, may purchase them on reasonable terms, as he has given up Business.
He has also for sale a parcell of Carpenters, mill and menarie makers, sempstresses, Cooks, Washers and Fishermen, also a convenient Dwelling-House with out houses, garden, Carpenters Logie &c. all said Buildings are of Colony Wood. For further information apply to said J. F. LeBlanc, who resides on Ive Leary Land, Kingston, near the Fort.
Demerary, October 1st 1803.

All persons having demands against Peter T. Simson, deceased, are requested to render them properly attested without delay, to the last undersigned, at his House in Cumingsburg; and all those indebted thereto, to make immediate Payment, in order that the Estate may be brought to a speedy liquidation.
Cumingsburg, 1st Octr 1803. Richard Harding,
Gedney Howard.

Now Landing and for Sale by the Subscribers, at their Store on the North Dam, Stabroek; - Beef in barrels and half barrels, boards and clap boards, Fish in casks and boxes, Flour in half and whole barrels, Kegs of butter, barrels of Tobacco, boxes spermaceti Candles, Hams, Kegs of Crackers, barrels of Mackrel, barrels and half barrels Pork, ditto of Alvives, Rice and Corn Meal in tierces, kegs of Lard. Also a few peices [sic] of excellent Inverness cotton Bagging.
Stabroek, October 1st 1803. Jones & Nurse.

Just Imported in the Schooner William, Capt. Woodbery [sic] from Boston, and Brig Plymouth, Capt. Lander from Salem, and for Sale by the Subscribers very reasonably, to immediate payment, the following Articles, viz; - New cod Fish, Mackrel, Shads, Mess Beef, Mess Pork, superfine Flour, Mould Candles, Spermaceti ditto, Soap, Lard, Butter, Lamp Oil, barn Lumber, R O Staves, ditto Shooks, W O Shooks, Crackers, Sausages, Sallad Oil &c.
Demerary, 30th Sept. 1803. De Ridder & Goppy.

The Subscriber intending to depart from this Colony as soon as possible, offers for Sale, for prompt payment, sundry Household Furniture, consisting of an excellent standing Clock, made by Gerrit Knip, Amsterdam, a very fine Bureau, a Sofa, Mahogany Chairs with hair bottoms, a large looking glass &c. all [illegible] may be seen daily by applying to him. Also an excellent saddle Horse, a Colt, and a Chaise with Harness &c.
Stabroek, 1st October 1803. N. Volkerts.

De Ondergetekende maakt mits dezen bekend, dat hy zyn Domicilium citandi & executandi gekoozen heeft op de Arowabische Kur or te Plantagie de Johanna, [illegible] den Heer A. F. Knoop, en verders dar het huis van Negotie canteerende blyft op de Hoofdplaats Stabroek op de Firma Touson & Coninck. Zy verzoeken de gust van alle Planters en Inwooners, en kunnen verzekerd zyn van een prompte en civiele hedjening [sic – or hediening].
Stabroek den 28 Sept. 1803. J. H. H. Touson.

For Sale: - The Lotts No. 3, 4, & 13, in Town of Vlissingen, separately or all together. The situation very eligible for any Peroson for the Mercantile line, and very moderate terms will be given to any approved Purchaser. For particulars enquire of the Subscriber residing in Stabroek. W. C. Hunter.
Who begs leave to inform his Friends, that he has received an appointment from his Excellency and the Honble: Court of Police as Book Keeper, and will be thankfull for any favor conferred on him in that line. He will undertake Business on Plantations, to attend at stated periods. Demerary, 24th Septr. 1803.

The Subscriber offers for sale at his Store, Bridge Town, for Prompt Payment: - Rice in whole and half tierces, flour, butter, mackrel, spermecetie and tallow candles, cheese, hams, tobacco in barrels and hogsheads, pork in whole and half barrels, herrings, Hollands gin, hyson tea, loaf sugar, superfine blue broad cloth, nankeens, white cassmere, and a few pipes of Madeira Wine.
Demerary, 24th Septbr. 1803. John Clapham.

The Subscriber having purchased the Hearse of the Late Thomas Harper, intends to carry on the Business on the same terms Mr. Harper did, viz: those who employ him to make Coffins will not be charged for the use of the Hearse. He has for sale three Negro Women who are compleat House Negroes, likewise his House Situated in Bridge Town adjoining Mr. Mackey's.
Demerary, 24th Septbr. 1803. Thos. White.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 13th day of October 1803,

in the Stocks of Demerary.
Lyst der op heden den 13 October 1803, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.






11th West-Ind. Regt.

Jane Betsey,

Dr. Beresford,

Post of Eve Leary.

Port Oricquo,

Saml. Kendall,

Brumell & Addison.



Smith & Bell.



Post Mahaica.



Pl. Guid. Groove.



Pl. Repentir.

Toba [faint, illegible]

N [faint]

Post Mahaica.


M [faint]







Ord. Fiscaal.


Doctor Tuite,

N. M. Manget.





T. Spooner,

Pl. Industry.

Monkie, [faint]

C [faint]

Pl. Looven.



E[???]ing. [faint]

B[??]m, [faint]

Doctor Hunt,

J. Thomas. [faint]



Navies. [faint]









Pl. Goede Hoop.












Ord. Fiscaal.


J. Freese,

Post Mahaica.


Van Duncan

Ord. Fiscaal.






Ord. Fiscaal.


Anna Fox,




John Lewes.



N. M. Manget.



Ord. Fiscaal.



Pl. Meerzorg.



Ord. Fiscaal.




And Fourteen New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts Veertien Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaar worden
C. van Eff, cipier

October 7, Schooner Enterprize, Capt. J. O. Berry, from Barbadoes
October 8, Ship Bacchus, Capt. Alexr. Nicholson, from Africa
October 10. Brig Orion, Capt. M. Lines, from New Haven.
October 10. Schooner Hero, East. Pray, from Portsmouth.
October 13, Schooner Lady Seaforth, Capt. Thos. Long, from Barbados.

October 8, Schooner Peggy, John Kirtland, for New-York.
October 11, Brig Antelope, A. Andrews, for New-York.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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