Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1803 November 05


Ao. 1803 )


( No. 45.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 5th of November.

By the Provisional Government and by other members of the Court of Policy and Criminal Justice in the Colony of Berbice.
Whereas the Provisional Government (private intelligence having been received Thursday evening of the Surrender of Essequebo and Demerary by Capitulation to the English Monday) in an extraordinary assembly of all the Counsellors, which were also convened Lieut. Col. Carl Matthias, Commandant of the Troops, Lieut. G. T. Hinxt, of the Navy, Commander of the Republican Schooner Serpent, Capt. R. Stuyvelaar, of the Artillery, and Capt. J. R. Claessens, of the Rangers, held Friday the 23d Inst. P.M. have laid upon the table a letter delivered that Morning at [illegible] o'Clock by Brigade Major Armstrong, of the British Land Forces, and Lieut. Pardo, of the British Navy, who had arrived here with a Flag of truce.
The contents of which letter are as follows:
By Captain Loftus Otway Bland, Commander of His Brittanick Majesty's Ships &c. &c. &c. and Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Commander of His Britannick Majesty's Land Forces &c. &c. &c. under the orders of their Excellencies Lieutenant General William Grinfield, and Commodore Samuel Hood, Commanders in Chief of His Majesty's Land and Sea Forces in the Windward and Leeward Charibee Islands, &c. &c. &c.
These are requiring you the Governor and Court of Policy and the Military and Naval Forces of the said Colony of Berbice and its Dependencies, to Surrender the said Colony to His Britannick Majesty's Forces under our Command, and to place the same under His Britannick Majesty's Government.
In which case, the Laws and Usages of the Colony shall remain in force and be respected, the mode of taxation now in use be adhered to, and the Inhabitants shall enjoy the public exercise of their Religion, in the same manner as heretofore; no new Establishments shall be introduced without the consent of the Court of Police as the Legislature of the Colony. The Public Officers, whether in Civil, Law, or Church Establishment, as well as the Members of the respective Courts, (except the Governor) shall be continued in their respective Offices and Situations, until His Majesty's Pleasure shall be known; excepting those who may be attached to French principles.
The Inhabitants, those who are at present in the Colony, as well as those who may be abroad, shall be protected in their Persons, and have the free enjoyment of their Properties without being troubled or molested for any acts whatsoever, other than such as they may commit, subsequent to the Capitulation, and in violation of the Oath of Fidelity they shall be required to take.
The Sea and Land Forces of the Batavian Republick stationed in the Colony shall Surrender themselves Prisoners of War, and proper Vessels will be provided at the expence of His Britannick Majesty to convey them with the most convenient speed to one of the Ports of the Batavian Republick, but they are not to bear Arms against Great Britain or her Allies until regularly exchanged or released.
The Officers shall retain their Arms and the whole of their Baggage, and the Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates their Baggage only.
With regard to the Military Forces, the Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates of the same, may, if agreeable to themselves, enter into the British Service, and receive Pay and every advantage and emolument enjoyed by those of the same Rank in His Britannick Majesty's Service.
Should these liberal terms, which in fact extend to the Inhabitants of this Colony a free participation in the great advantages enjoyed by the Subjects of His Britannick Majesty, be refused, the Governor and the Court of Police and all concerned must be answerable for the consequences, as an immediate attack will be made by the Land and Sea Forces, which will render every resistance vain.
One hour, and no more, is given to the Governor from the delivery of this by Brigade-Major Armstrong and Lieutenant Pardo, to accept or not.
On board His Majesty's Ship Heureux, off Berbice,
September 23d 1803.
Loftus Otway Bland.
Robert Nicholson, Lieut.-Col.
And Whereas, the said letter being read, the Provisional Government have required the opinion of Lieut. Colonel Matthias and the other aforesaid Batavian Officers severally, respecting the possibility or impossibility to defend, with the present means, the Colony against an attack of the considerable Land and Sea Forces of the enemy (as they appeared to be from information received, and from the signals hoisted at the Signal-Post of the approaching number of Ships) so as to preserve the same unto the State.
And Whereas the said opinions insinuated, as was justly apprehended, that with the present means and general state of defence of this colony, there was not the least ground for reasonable hope to resist with any success: and much less now, since the enemy's advantages had so considerably encreased by the yielding of Essequebo and Demerary.
And Whereas this sentiment has naturally produced the serious conviction and consent that thus circumstanced it became duty and honor, rather to listen to a liberal Capitulation offered by the enemy, to preserve the Persons and Property of the Inhabitants and others [?????]sted in the Colony from violence, distruction [sic] and plunder, than by a vain resistance, certainly to expose the same to all those miseries.
The Provisional Government and other Members, Civil and Military, have felt impelled to resolve to Surrender the Colony to His Britannick Majesty's Forces on the proffered Capitulation, with some additional Articles, which they would endeavour to get granted by the British Commanders, as tending to the advantage of this Colony and all concered [sic] by the same.
Lieut. Colonel Matthias having not however categorically concurred in accepting the proffered terms, nor assisted in the framing of the additional articles, but, on being required to answer expressly on the subject, pretended that he could not positively express himself, before consulting with the other Officers of the Garrison; leaving the assembly for that purpose at half past five o'Clock, under promise to return before seven, (the utmost period the Bearers of the Summons would consent to tarry for an answer) but which he has not fulfilled, returning neither to the assembly, nor sending in any reason for his not returning, and thus obliging the assembly to frame the additional articles without his assistance and concurrence.
And after the proposals on the part of the assembly were committed to writing, it was resolved that the same should be delivered to the British Commanders by a Committee, composed of J. van den Broik Jr. of the Provisional Government, Counsellor Fricke, Fiscal and Secretary Eggers, Captns. Stuyvelaar and Claessens and Lieut. Gallas of the Navy, with authorisation finally to conclude with the said Commanders. And the said proposals having received the Signatures of the whole assembly, the Committee departed, with the Summons bearers, in the Flag of truce for the Heureux Man of War, (whence the Summons were dated) at ten o'Clock at Night.
And Whereas the Committee have returned to the assembly next Morning at eleven o'Clock, and reported the final conclusion of the Capitulation at nine o'Clock, laying upon the table the Articles mutually Signed, of which the counterpart remained with the British Commanders.
The Contents of which Articles are as follows.
By the Provisional Government and Court of Policy, and the Commanders of the Batavian Land and Sea Forces in the Colony of Berbice and its Dependencies
Answer to the Summons
By Captain Loftus Otway Bland, Commmander [sic - 3 'm's] of His Majesty's Ships &c. &c. &c. and Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Commander of His Britannick Majesty's Land Forces &c. &c. &c. under the orders of their Excellencies Lieut. General William Grinfield and Commodore Samuel Hood, Commanders in Chief of His Majesty's Land and Sea Forces in the Windward and Leeward Charibee Island, &c. &c. &c.The Sovereignty of the Colony with its Forts, Posts, Artillery and Ammunition of War will be Surrendered to His Britannick Majesty's Forces on the Capitulation offered, with the following additional Articles Viz:
Art: 1.
The Inhabitants shall have the full and immediate enjoyment of all Property, whether on shore or afloat: abest Persons shall, as far as regards their Property in the Colony, be considered as Inhabitants of Berbice; the Shipping now in the River, as either belonging to resident Inhabitants of the Colony, or to absent Proprietors of Plantations, shall be as sacred as other property in the Colony, and be allowed to proceed to Europe, or to any part of America, or disposed of in the Colony, at the option of the Owners or their Agents
Answer: With respect to absent Inhabitants and their Property this Colony will be on the same footing as Demerary. The Shipping and all belonging to them must be given up; but a particular case may be considered.
Art: 2.
The Plantations, Lands, Manufactories, Workshops, Slaves, Effects and Possessions of the Berbice Association, of whatever nature, shall be considered as private property, in the same manner as agreed to by the Capitulation with General Whyte in 1796
Ans. All private Property whatever of individuals to be respected.
Art: 3.
Provocations or Appeals of Sentences and dispositions passed in the Colony, shall be allowed as usual, and made unto such Court of Justice or Judges as shall be agreed upon, yet with this proviso, that such Court or Judges shall determine the case appealed of by the now existing Dutch Laws in the Colony.
Ans. Granted; - until decided which Country the Colony belongs to at the end of the War; in the mean-time all Appeals to be made to His Majesty in Council.
Art: 4.
The Troops of His Britannick Majesty shall Garrison all existing inland Posts for the protection of the Colony against insurrections of the Negroes; and as many more Posts shall be erected for that purpose, as in future may be deem'd necessary by the Court of Policy, on making application to the Commander of His Majesty's Troops at the time being.
Ans. The Colony will be Protected by British Troops. The Officer Commanding and Protecting the Colony is to judge where Posts are to be erected.
Art: 5.
The Colony Assignations and other Paper-Currency of the Colony shall retain their present Value, and continue in circulation, until such time as circumstances will permit a plan to be agreed upon for the withdrawing and cancelling of the same, founded on Justice and Equity and without injury to individuals.
Ans. Granted.
Art: 6.
All Salaries due by the Colony to the Provisional Government, Civil Officers and other Persons thereto belonging, shall be Paid out of the ordinary Duties and Taxes.
Ans. Granted. - out of the Colony Funds.
Art: 7.
All Debts contracted by the present Government, or by Governor van Batenburrg on account of the Colony, shall also be Paid out of that Fund; or out of such other as might appear they belong to.
Ans. Granted.
Art: 8.
The Bartering of Provisions and other Commodities with the Citizens of the United States of America for the Produce of this Colony, shall continue on the same footing as at present.
Ans. On the same footing as the British Colonies.
Art: 9.
The Grants of Land made by the Council of the American Colonies and Possessions of the Batavian Republick before this date shall be respected, and the Grantees admitted to, and maintained in the peaceable Possession of the same; except such Lands as might appear to be disposed of otherwise by the government or Council here, and such as are reserved for Public purposes; also except certain part of a Grant the Governor and Council have, in their Assembly of the 4th of October 1802, judged to have been obtain surreptitiously.
Ans. All fair Grants to be respected. All others to be left for future investigation.
Art: 10.
The Grants of Land made by Governor and Council before this date, shall be respected as conclusive, tho' the approvement and confirmation of the Council of the American Colonies and Possessions might not have arrived in the Colony; and Governor and Council shall have the power to issue Letters of Confirmation (Grond briven) to the Grantees which shall be deemed a complete and indisputable title to them and their Successors.
Ans. Left for future investigation, and if found to have been fairly obtained, will be confirmed.
Art: 11.
The Grants of Land on the West Coast and West Bank of the River Corentien, made by Governor Fredericy of Surinam, which territory was formerly held to make part of, and belonging to that Colony, but since December 1799 has been placed under and considered as belonging to the Government of Berbice, shall in the same manner as proposed by the preceding Article be respected as conclusive; and Letters of Confirmation (Grond-brieven) issued by the Governor and Council here, to the same complete and indisputable effect as aforesaid.
Ans. Answered in Article Ten.
Art: 12.
The Governor and Council shall have the power to dispose peremptorily of yet ungranted Lands, in any part of the Colony, for cultivation, to Persons that may petition for Grants, on customary conditions or otherwise, as may be deemd'd adapted to promote agriculture, and of course the prosperity of the Colony.
Ans. Cannot be granted.
Art: 13.
During two Years from this date it shall be permitted to resident and other Proprietors who wish to quit the Colony to withdraw their interest from the same, to dispose of [illegible] Properties, and to transfer or have remitted the proceeds [illegible] it wherever they shall think proper.
Ans. Granted.
Art: 14.
A Detachment of His Britannick Majesty's Forces to [illegible] Possession of the Gates of Fort St. Andrew, and of the Barracks below the Fort, on Sunday Morning the 25th Inst. at 7 o'Clock.
Ans. The Forces of His Britannick Majesty to take Possession of Fort St. Andrew and all other Posts in the Colony they think proper to occupy, this day at 10 o'Clock, or as [illegible] after as possible before two o'Clock.
Art: 15.
The Garrison will march out with the Honors of War Horns blowing and Drums beating, and shall carry with them their Arms and Ammunition and two Fieldpieces.
Ans. The Garrison to march out with the Honors of War, No Arms, Ammunition or Fieldpieces can be allowed to Prisoners of war, except the Officers who are to retain their Arms.
Art: 16.
The Commander of the Troops, all the Officers, Soldiers and other Persons belonging to the Military department [illegible] out from Holland to this Colony, and their Wives and Children shall be embark'd within one Month from this date and conducted to the Batavian Republick, at the expence of His Britannick Majesty, and not be Prisoners of war. And the Surinam detachment having been sent only from that Colony for the suppression of the mutining of the Garrison of this Colony, which took place some Months ago, shall be conveyed back to Surinam the Garrison they belong to, also within the same space of time and at His Majesty's expence, and not be Prisoners of War.
Ans. Shall be conveyed to Europe as soon as possible, but m[illegible] considered as Prisoners, and not to serve against Great Britain or her Allies until regularly exchange. The Surinam Detachment to be also Prisoners of War, on the same footing as the other Troops; - but the Officers of the said Detachment will be furnished with a conveyance to Surinam if they wish it.
Art: 17.
A Vessel shall be furnished as soon as possible for the conveyance of the Commandant, his Family and Officers, and [illegible] Baggage and Effects to them belonging.
Ans. Granted.
Art: 18.
The Sick shall be attended at the Military Hospital, at the expence of His Britannick Majesty, and when cured be [illegible] to Holland.
Ans. Granted.
Art: 19.
It shall be permitted to such Persons of the Military Department as should not wish to return to Europe, to stay in the colony, and seek for employment in the Planter's line, or other business their capacities and inclinations may fit them or if they choose, to quit this Colony for any place.
Ans. Such People as may be found useful to the colony, on pr[illegible] proper representation, will be allowed to remain.
Art: 20.
The present Government of the Colony and the Comman[illegible] of the Troops shall dispatch immediately the Republican Schooner Serpent now in this River, to give advice to the Government of the Republic of the present Capitulation.
Naval Officers, Non-commissioned Officers and Seaman not be Prisoners of War, but depart with the Serpent to the Batavian Republick, and the necessary Passports shall be furnished by the Commander of His Britannick Majesty's Naval Forces.
Ans. Cannot be granted, but the same Vessel that takes our Dispatches to Europe, will take theirs.
The Republican Schooner Serpent to be given up to His Britannick Majesty's Schooner Netly at 10 o'Clock this day.
Art: 21.
The remainder of the Military Mutineers, who by their insurrection from the 11th of April to the 10th of may last, has put this Colony in danger of total distruction [sic], and are now in Prison, shall be received in custody of His Britannick Majesty's Forces, and within one Month from this date be embarked and sent to the Batavian Republick at His Britannick Majesty's expence, to be tried for their high crimes and receive [illegible] merited Punishment.
Ans. The British do not Protect Mutineers of any Country [illegible] the disposal of them to be left to the Commander in Chief His Britannick Majesty's Forces in the West-Indies.
Art: 22.
Should hereafter any differences arise concerning the [illegible] meaning of any of the Articles of the present Capitulation, the interpretation of the same shall always be given in favor of the Colonists.
Ans. Granted.
This answer and additional Articles will be delivered to Johannes van den Broek junior, Member of the Provisional Government, Z. J. C. Fricke, Member of the Court of Policy, Paul Eggers, Fiscal and Secretary, Roelof Stuyvelaar, Captain of Artillery, L. R. Claessens, Captain of the Rangers and J. D. Gallas, Lieutenant of the Navy, who are authorised finally to conclude.
Finally concluded on board His Majesty's Ship Heureux, off Berbice, at 9 o'Clock A.M. the 24th of September 1803.
[first column]
J. van den Broek Junior.
Z. J. C. Fricke.
R. Stuyvelaar, Capt.
J. R. Claessens, Capt.
J. D. Gallas, Lieut. Nvy.
P. Eggers, Secretary.
[second column]
Loftus Otway Bland.
Rob. Nicholson, Lt. Col.
John Slocombe,
Naval Secretary.
Geo. Eddington,
Military Secretary.
[end of columns]
Additional Article.
Possession of Fort St. Andrew, York Redoubt, and other Posts are to be given to a Detachment of the British Troops this day at ten o'Clock A.M. also that of the Batavian Schooner Serpent by the British seamen; and the Netly, British Schooner, with other Boats, are to be allowed to pass into the Harbour of Berbice.
Acceded to.
On board His Majesty's Ship Heureux the 24th September 1803.
[first column]
Loftus Otway Bland.
Rob. Nicholson, Lt. Col.
John Slocombe,
Naval Secretary.
Geo. Eddington,
Military Secretary.
[second column]
J. van den Broek, jun.
J. C. Fricke.
R. Stuyvelaar, Capt.
J. R. Claessens, Capt.
D. J. Gallas, Lieut. Ny.
P. Eggers, Secretary.
[end of columns]
And Whereas it thereby appeared that the Committe [sic] have laudably acquitted themselves of the trust to obtain favorable answers, indeed on more of the Articles than, by the local circumstances and state of affairs, with any appearance of hope [illegible]ould be expected.
The assembly have approved of the conduct of the Committee, and ratified the Capitulation; and the Provisional Government sent peremptory order to Liet. Col. Matthias to behave conformable to the said Capitulation; in consequence of which part of the British Forces passed into the River and came at Anchor abrest [sic] of the Town yesterday afternoon, and have to-day taken Possession of the Forts and Posts, and hoisted the British Colours in this Colony.
And these presents are to make known unto the Inhabitants the aforesaid Occurrences and Capitulation, with serious recommendation to behave themselves conformable thereto, for the common benefit of this Colony and all interested in the same.
And these present shall be Proclaimed, Posted up and circulated as customary.
Enacted in an extraordinary assembly, New-Amsterdam, 25th September 1803. Present all the Members abovenamed; except Lieut. Colonel Matthias.
J. C. W. Herlin, Vt.
By Command,
P. Eggers, Secretary.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Thursday the 10th Inst. will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, at the house occupied by Major Romswinkel, and by his desire: - An assortment of Household Furniture, consisting of chairs, Mahogany tables, sofas, bureau and wardrobe, looking glasses, shades, silver and glass ware; also, a Washer Woman, a Chaise and Horse, and a saddle Horse.
Demerary, 5th Novbr. 1803 E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises, that on Monday & Tuesday the 14th and 15th Instant by order of Nicholaas Volkerts Esqr., who intends shortly to go to Europe, shall be exposed for Sale, at the House of Mr. H. Beys [?], opposite the Vendue Office, on Werk en Rust Estate, the following Articles viz - sundry Slaves, Diamond Rings and Broaches, a variety of Gold & Silver work, Gold Watches with & without Diamonds, Repeating Watches, and a variety of other Articles. Also an elegant standing clock, bureau, sofa, large and small water jarrs and casks, muslins, ginghams, platillias and checks, marcells, linen and cotton cambrick, superfine East India counterpanes, 5 Ells by 3, handkerchiefs assorted, chints, black pantaloons, breeches patterns, East India shaving cloths, Men and womens stockings, the very best claret in cases of 48 & 5[illegible] bottles, gin in cases, tobacco in boxes and cartridges. longe tobacco pipes, smelling waters, powder and pomatum, Harlem oil, Stoughton's bitters, a compleat chest with Carpenters tools, corks &c, &c.
Also some Mechanical Instruments, the use of which the Purchaser shall after the Sale be made acquainted with.
Demerary, 5th Novbr. 1803. E. N. Wichers.


To be Sold or Let. The House next door to Edward Jones Esqr, on the North-Dam Stabroek. It is a well built House, in a good situation for Business, and has a commodious Brick Cellar. Enquire of Wm. Hallstead, q. q.
Stabroek November 5th 1803. Rob. Elder.

P. Jourdan & Co have the honor to acquaint their Friends in particular, and the Publick in general, that they have opened a Store on the Concession formerly oc. J. E. Bohm dec., where they have for sale best corse Salt, mostly fit for the Use of Plantation negroes, Flour in barrels & half barrels, Pork, Bourdeaux Claret, Figs, Raisins, Flemish Linnen for Cotton and Coffee bagging, Hanging paper &c. &c. They expect within a few days a compleat assortment of Provisions and dry Goods, which in due time will be publickly advertised.
They have further the honor to advertise, that, in order to make speedy Sales, and to secure the publick favors, they'll always be provided with goods of the first quality, and enabled to sell their Goods at a very reasonable rate.
Demerary November 5th 1803.

Whereas It may be possible that some of the Batavian Officers, by their sudden departure from this Colony, have left debts behind them; the Subscriber requests all those that have any Demands against them, or that are indebted to the said Officers of the Garrison of this Colony from December 1802 until September 1803, to bring in their claims or pay their debts to the Subscriber, at the House of Mr. P. F. Francke in Stabroek.
Demerary, 5th Novbr. 1803. L. Vermasen, Lt Qr M

Ter Drukkery deezer is uyt de hand te koop een extra fraaye Bureaux met booven stuk alles massies, een Sopha met drie kleeden, een groote Spiegel, een staand orlogie gemaakt in Amsterdam door Gerrit Knip, alsmeede 5 gaoote Waater Potten en 2 of 3 klyne dito, alles tot een zeer civiele prys en Contante betaaling alzo deeze goederen verkogt worden door he vertrek na elders van N. Volkerts. - Ook zyn aldaar te bekoomen kasten roodewyn houdende 48 en 58 Flesschen deste qualiteyt.
Stabroek den 3de November 1803.

All Persons having Demands against Mr. Daniel Taayspel deceased, are requested to come forward with statements of the same, in the time of Six Weeks from this date, to the Undersigned as Executrix and Heiress to the said Mr. Taayspel. All Accounts not rendered at the expiration of said time, will not be noticed.
Demerary, 5th November 1803. L. H. Warner.

The Undersigned intending to leave this Colony for Europe with the first Ships that sail in the beginning of next Year, requests all those who have Demands against him, as well in his private transactions as also q. q. to tender in their Accounts in the course of four Weeks, to Mr. Heyfelder on Plantation Vreed & Rust; and those indebted to him are also requested to come forward and make Payment to the same, as after the Expiration of that time, all Demands not settled will be given into the hands of his Lawyer.
Demerary, 5th Novbr. 1803 Willem de Wolff prive & q. q.

Absented since four Weeks, my Negro Cesar, he employs himself on board of vessells [sic] as a boatman and has been seen frequently in boats getting water. Whoever will secure said Negro and lodge him in the Barracks shall receive One Joe Reward.
Stabroek, 5th Novbr. 1803. N. Rousselet.

Absented himself from the Subscriber, the Negro boy by name Pay Money, he is of the Canga Nation and speaks good English, he is remarkably strong made, his stature not exceeding five feet two inches. He is well known in and about Town in the capacity of a grass cutter, as well as his being an aprentice [sic] of Mr. Thomas Atkins, Carpenter, from whose service he last absented himself, he has been seen in Great Courabanna and in the Neighbourhood of Mahaicony Creek. A reward of One Joe is hereby offered to whoever will deliver him up to the subscriber or lodge him in the Barracks.
Stabroek, 5th Novr. 1803. R. Murray.

Persons wishing to have a Sale by public Vendue, may be accommodated, with a large commodious and for that purpose fit up Store-room, situate on the premises of the Subscriber opposite the house of E. N. Wichers Esq on Werk en Rust, at one joe for each day. He'll see every thing requisite for a public sale, to be in good order, by wich [sic] regulations, the proceeds will be much more profitable to the Sellers.
Demerary November 5th 1803 H. Beys.

[No list of Runaway Slaves]

DOODEN. [heading]

Begraaven zedert den 28 Octob. tot den 3 Nov. 1803.
Den 28 Octob. Mr. Jan de Jong.
Den 2 Nov. Mr. Doudle van Barbados, oud 18 Jaaren.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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