Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1803 November 26


Ao. 1803 )


( No. 48.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 26th of November.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Monday the 28th Inst. will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Mr. F. Dufour, at the House Occupied by Mr. N. Winandy; An assortment of fine Liquors, handkerchiefs, blue cloth, silk stokkings [sic], Penduels, Necklaces with Pearls &c. &c.
Demerary, 26th November 1803. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Monday the 28th Inst. at the House of Mr. N. Winandy, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidder: - A Strong Colony built Boat, 30 feet keel and about 11 feet Beam, she is three Years and a few Months old, has nearly new Sails and Rigging in good order, is well adapted for a Plantation and will be sold as she now lays near the Government Stelling. Also Three Field Negroes.
Demerary, 26th November 1803 E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Tuesday the 29th inst. at the Vendue Office, by desire of E. N. Wichers q.q. the Estate of Mr. Baerveld; deceased, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders: - Wearing Apparel &c.
Demerary, 16th November 1803. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertise that on Thursday the 1st of December, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, at the House of W. L. Menkman deceased, by desire of H. A. [sic] Walstab Esqr. q. q. the said Estate: - A Horse, empty Casks, Chairs, A Sopha, a Bureau, Tables, a Bedstead and Matrass, Liquors, Shoes and Boots, and Mens Cloaths.
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Tuesday and Wednesday the 13th and 14th days of the next Month, at the House lately Occupied by Rowland Smith Esqr. near Mahaica Ferry, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Messrs: Jones & Nurse; - 30 Prime Seasoned Negroes, all of whom are compleat Shovellers. Also beef, pork, butter, candles, lard, shads, makerel, and sundry other Articles.
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. E. N. Wichers.


The Agent for the Captors of this Colony advertises that so soon as the Papers of Adjudication shall arrive from Barbados, he will expose for Sale at Publick Auction the several Prize Ships now in this River, viz: - The Wilhelmina, Sturt, The Wilhelmina, Mulder, The Maria, The Boodes Welvaaren, The Liesfeldt, and The Aurora, together with their Sails, Rigging &c. &c. the particulars of which will be made known on a future day
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. R. Bent, Agent for the Captors.

Notice: - All those to whom the Estate of the late Wm. Berkmyer stand indebted, and have not yet rendered in their Accounts, are requested to do the same (properly Attested) before the 25th of December next ensuing, to Mr. Thomas Wishart q. q. at the House lately Occupied by Doctr. Baum, near Robb's Stelling in Bridge Town; those who do not observe this, must be excluded the benifit [sic] arising from said Estate; and all those indebted thereto are desired to come forward with the amount of their respective Accounts, otherwise they must be treated according to Law.
By Order of the Executors.
Stabroek, 26th Novbr 1803. Thos. Stewardson.

Just imported and for Sale by the Subscriber, at his Store on the American Stelling; - A quantity of Irish Linens, which he will sell on moderate Terms for Cash only.
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. Francis Meagher.

For Sale: - That Lot of Land on the Courantene Coast known on the General Chart by No. 38 together with twenty two Prime Slaves; There are now 40 Acres of it planted in Cotton and 60 more impoldered and cleared ready for Planting, and the Land is considered of the first quality for producing Cotton. Further Particulars and Terms of Sale may be known by application to J. F. Layfield Esqr in Berbice, or Messrs. McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. in Demerary.
If not previously sold by private Bargain, the said Lot of Land &c. will be Exposed to Sale by Publick Vendue in the Town of New Amsterdam, on the 1st Day of February 1804.
Demerary, 26th November 1803.

To Be Sold or Let: - The House next door to Edward Jones Esqr., on the North Dam, Stabroek. It is a well built House, in a good situation for Business, and has a commodious Brick Cellar. Enquire of
Wm. Hallstead, q.q.
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. Robt. Elder.

For Sale at reduced Prices, the remaining Goods of J. Hall's Store, viz; Carpenters and Coopers Tools, whip and cross cut saws, brass and iron door-locks, stock locks, pad locks, coffee, corn and peppermills, Dutch hoes and shovels, sauce pans lined with china, Negroes pots, frying pans, curry combs and brushes, box hinges, but and small H hinges, noyeau, cherry and raspberry brandy, essence of spruce, sweet oil, Dinner Services of British China, window glass 10 by 12, wafers, ink powder, glass ware, Gent. & Ladies gloves, sein twine, parlour & night lamps, Reeves's water colours, oznabrug thread, paint and brushes, bridles, wired f[?]fes, oznabrugs trowsers, tea, spices, a handsome mahogany side board, wash stands, biddies, and other Articles, next House to Messrs: Mourant & Delisle.
Demerary, 26th Novbr. 1803. John Hall.

The Subscriber has removed to the New-Town, opposite Mr. Underwood's
Demerary, 26th Novbr 1803. Henry Lookey.

Whereas the Copartnership of Van Millingen & Eli is to be dissolved by mutual consent on the first day of December next ensuing, it is requested of every one whom said Firm is indebted to, or those who are indebted to the same, to render their Accounts or to Pay their due.
Jacobus Van Millingen
Demerary, 26th Novbr 1803. E. C. Eli.

Picked up near Fort William Frederick, a Tent Boat, she is built of Colony Wood and appears to belong to a Plantation. Whoever can prove their Property may have her restored by applying on Board the Ship Eunice and Paying the Expences.
Demerary, 26th November 1803. Wm. Marshall.

Lost: - An Acceptance of Messrs: Benjamin and Barrel [sic], in favor of Capt. Samuel Allen, or Order, dated Demerary 29th June 1803, of f 501 5 4. Whoever has found the same or should yet find it, is requested to deliver it at the House of Messrs: Remy & Boter on Werk & Rust, and to expect a handsome reward. Proper steps are taken that the amount will be payed to the right Owner, therefore said Acceptance is not of the smallest value to any other Person.
Demerary, 26th November 1803.

De Ondergetekende adverteert by dezen, dat een geruymen tyde geleden is opgebragt een ligt bruyn paard. De Eigenaar van hetzelve wordt verzogt binnen den tyd van agt dagen naa dit Advertisement het Paard tegens betaling der onkosten af te haalen, alzoo de tyd, ingevolge Publicatie ten dezen opzigte gee[umlaut]manerd, is geexpirerd, Zullende by nalatigheid van dien anderzins op publicque Vendue voor de onkosten worden verkogt.
Stabroek den 24 Novbr 1803. J. Runnels, Drossaart

De Ondergetekende geest by dezen aan het gee[umlaut]erd Publicq te kennen, dat hy den Schryver van zekere Advertentie ten lassen, van den Ondergetekenden geplaatst in the Essequebo and Demerary Gazette d. d. 19 November dezes Jaars, en ondertekend met den naam van L. J. C. Warner, erkent by dezen als een Lasteraar on Eerdief, alzoo hy Ondergetekende door deze onderstaande Declaratie, door twee geruygen ondertekend, genoegzaam het Publicq aantoont, dat hy met eene onwaarheid is bezwaard geworden. Hy presenteert eene somma van een honderd Guildens aan die geenen, die met voldoende bewyzen kan aantoonen, die de origineele Advertentie vooornoemd heest geschreven en met den naam van L. J. C. Warner ondertekend, oin zoodanig persoon ingevalge de wetten te zien strassen.
Demerary dan 24 November 1803. C. F. V. Ko[umlaut]hler.

Wy Ondergetekenden verklaaret by dezen, uit Liesde dor waarheid en ten verzoeke van den Heer C. J. V. Kohler, ons verzogt te hebben ten huyze van de vrye meid L. J. C. Warner en aan haar op verzoek van de Heer Kohler gevraagd hebbende of zeker Advertentie d d 19 Nov. door haar was in de Courant geplaatst En of zy voornoemde Advertentie in hei origineel by den Drukker E. J. Henery berustende me haar eigen hand ondertek[??] waarop zy aan ons ten antwoord [???] dat zulks zonder haare kennis ware dgedaan, en ook het origineel nooit of nimmer door haard eige handschrift ware ondertekend, [???] minder daartoe door imand hoegenaamd eenige speciaale magte h[illegible]dde gegeeven, verklaarde zyn voornoemde Meid aan ons, dat het geen, het welk de Hr. Ko[umlaut]hler in den boedel Wylen Daniel Taayspel heeft verrigt met haar consent en volkomen approbatie ware ged[illegible]an.
Demerary den 24 Novbr. 1803. F. Gumtzel
F. Sturk.

To be Sold on very reasonable Terms, an elegant and complete set of Iron Works for a Sugar Wind Mill; also a quantity of Grating Bars. apply to
Robert McArthur.
Plan. Deliesde [previous somewhat illegible], Wakenham, Essequebo, 18th November 1803.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 24th day of November 1803,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 24 November 1803, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.






11th West-Ind. Regt.


Van Well.

F. Krol.






Post Mahaica.



Pl. Guide Groove



Pl. Goede Hoop.











T. Spooner.

Pl. Turkeyen.



Post Mahaica.


J. Freese.

dito. [sic – Dutch]



dito. [sic – Dutch]





Anna Fox.







dito. [sic – Dutch]



Smith & Bell.


J. Ogle.

Pl. Industry.


Mrs. Kier.

Pl. La Souveneur.



Mr. Jemmy.


Miss Farrisont.




R. Young.


Ridley & Dodson.



De Winter.

R. Collier.








Doctr. Oslin in Berbice.



Du Frain.

J. G. Cornette.

And Nineteen New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts Negentien Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossart
C. van Eff, Cipier

DOODEN. [heading]

Begraaven zedert den 18 Nov tot den 24 dito 1803.
Den 19 Nov. de persoon genaamd Lans in het Colonie Hospitaal.
Den 20 Nov. Een Matroos genaamd Daniel Wilson, van de Schoener Sally, van N. America, oud 22 Jaaren.
Den 21 Nov. Een Matroos van dito Schip, genaamd John Digo, van Boston, oud 18 Jaaren.

Published and Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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