Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1803 December 17


Ao. 1803 )


( No. 51.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 17th of December.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo Peter Connery voorneemens is van hier te vertrekken, adverteert hy een ieder, die iets aan hem verschuldigd is, zulks op en aan te geeven ter zyner Domicilium, alzoo binnen twee weeken voorneemens is te vertrekken.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 16 December 1803.
In Kennisse van my P. C. J. Van Ryssel, 1ste Clerq.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that by Order of O. J. Laurin Esqr. duly authorised by the Honorable Court of Justice of this Colony, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, on the first of March 1804, at the House on the Lott Occupied by Mr. H. Beis, in the Morning at 11 o'Clock: - The Coffee Plantation called Zwaanenschutz, situated on the West Coast of this River, with the Buildings, Slaves, and all Appurtenances thereto belonging, according to inventory and Articles of Sale, dayly [sic] to be seen at Mr. O. J. Laurin's on Plantation Zwaanenschutz, at the Vendue Office, and at the Office of N. Rousselet Esqr. in Stabroek.
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803. E. N. Wichers


His Excellency the Lieutenant Governor of the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, request a Meeting of all the Owners of Concessions within the limits of the North and South Dam of the Town of Stabroek, on Monday the 19th Instant, at nine o'Clock in the Morning, at the House of his Honor the Vice President of the Court of Justice, for the purpose of regulating matters concerning the said Town.
Stabroek, 17th December 1803.

Notice is hereby given to the English Inhabitants, that Divine Service will begin on Sunday next, and to continue every Sunday at Eleven o'Clock in the forenoon precisely, in the Church in Stabroek.
Stabroek, 15th December 1803.

De Predikant G. Ryk maakt door dezen bekend, dat de gewoone Godsdienitoeffening op eerstkoomende Zondag den 18 dezer en vervolgens alle Zondagen weder zal gehouden worden, des voormiddags om half tien Uuren in de Kerk te Stabroek, en dat, zoo hierin eenige verandering zal plaats hebben, daar tydig Advertentie van zal worden gedaan.
Demerary den 16 December 1803.

TO THE PUBLIC. Notice is hereby given to all Owners of Vessels, that are Registered, and that are employed as Droughers, to call at the Custom House on or before the first of January 1804, to take out Droughery Passes for the Year, and all Owners of Colony Boats, will call and take out Certificates or Passes to the Fort for Twelve Months, that they may be Numbered and Known as they Pass the Fort.
Those Vessels that have not complyed [sic] with this Regulation will be stoped [sic] at the Fort after the first of January.
Richard Wells, colectr.
Demerary, 17th December 1803. A. Blair, Comptr.

The Agent for the Captors of the Colonies of Demerary, Essequebo and Berbice, gives Notice, that the Sale of the Prize Ships now lying in the River of Berbice, formerly advertised for the 19th Inst. is put off untill the 2d of January 1804, when they will be Sold in Berbice Town.
Robert Bent.
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803. Agent for the Captors.

The Subscriber advertises for the information of the Public that he has taken his Residence in the House of S. Martens Esqr. the next Concession to that Occupied by H. C. Evertz Esqr. on the Brick Dam of Stabroek, and that he will Dayly [sic] attend his Office there, from nine o'Clock in the Morning till two in the Afternoon, for all Persons that will honour him with their Practice.
Stabroek, 17th Decbr 1803. J. J. T. Duval, Lawyer.

The Subscriber requests all those who have any Demands against Angus McNiel & Co. or Angus McNiel in privy, to render them on or before the 1st of January 1804, and those indebted to the same to come forward with Payment of their Accounts; all Accounts for the last Year remaining unpaid on the 1st of January, will be put into the hands of a Lawyer to enforce Payment, as no further indulgence can be given.
Demerary, 17th December 1803. James Lyon, q. q.

All Persons to whom the Estate of William Lawrence, or Plantation Lawrence's Cottage, may be indebted to, are requested to render in their Accounts to the Subscribers or to Mrs. Mary Lawrence, Executrix, on said Estate; and all Persons indebted thereat, are requested to make immediate Payment.
Stabroek, 17th December 1803. Hugh Douglas & Co.

Drifted out of the Trench of Plantation Vlissingen, a new Punt, she is about 30 feet long has no beams and has been lately paid over with Tar. Whoever has picked up said Punt, or will give information where she may be found, shall be rewarded by applying at the Store of
Stabroek, 17th Decbr 1803. Hugh Douglas & Co.

Strayed from the Subscriber, some time ago, a large Bay Horse, has a white face, small ears, and a short thin tail. Whoever has found the said horse, and will give information, shall be handsomely Rewarded.
Stabroek, 17th December 1803. W. Daniel.

For Sale: - Several valuable Lots of Land in Cumingsburg, adjoining the Premises Occupied by the Subscribers, they are well situated for Mercantile Business having a new Stelling contigious [sic] to them; for terms &c apply to
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803 Telford, Naghten & Co.
Who are landing the Cargo of Ship Latona, from Cape Ann, N. A. consisting of boards, plank, scantling, R. O. staves and shooks, shingles, salt fish in hogsheads and boxes, fine flour, and herrings, which with tobacco, candles, soap, clap boards, W. O. shooks, &c. &c. they are selling on reasonable terms. Saddle and Draft Horses just landed and for Sale by the Subscriber at his Stables in Bridge Town.
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803. John Clapham.

Just imported per the Schooner Amazon, Capt. Murray, from New-York, and for Sale by the Subscribers, viz: - Mess beef in barrels and half barrels, rounds beef in tubs, mess and prime pork in barrels, Indian meal in barrels, rice in half tierces, crackers and pilot bread, hams, mackerel in whole and half barrels, cod and scale fish in hogsheads and boxes, kitts of salmon, essence of spruce, leaf tobacco in barrels, superfine flour in whole and half barrels, candles and soap, potatoes in barrels, white pine boards, pitch pine plank, cyprus shingles, white oak shooks with heading, iron hoops, &c &c.
Stabroek, 17th Decbr. 1803. Hugh Douglas, & Co.

The Subscriber requests his Creditors to appear with a Statement of their Demands before the Commissaries of the Honbl: Court of Justice of this Colony, on Wednesday the 4th of January next, when he intends to make some Proposals for discharging all the Demands against him, in a manner which he flatters himself will give satisfaction.
Stabroek, 17th Decebr 1803. Leonard Hoopstad.

The Subscriber requests all those to whom he stands indebted to render in their Accounts as early in the Month of January as they may find convenient, in order that they may be settled. He also requests all those who stand indebted to him, either by Notes or Accounts for the Year 1802, also 1803, to make their Payments as quick in January as they can, as longer indulgence than the last of the Month will not be given
Demerary, 17th December 1803 James Graham.
N.B: He would wish to remind those that are indebted for that article of Fresh Beef, that this will be the last information, to prevent their being Sued.

Runaway for the second time, my Negro Boy Bedford, he plays a good Fiddle. In a former Advertisement at the time he did absent himself for the first time he was then discribed [sic] which makes it unnessary [sic] to be repeated. One Joe Reward will be given for taking him up and securing him in the Barracks.
Stabroek, 17th Decbr. 1803. N. Rousselet.

Absented from the Subscriber, the Property of her Daughter Mary Ann Walcott, a Negro Woman called Mary Belva, she is tall and well made, has very thick hair, with a scar on her right temple occasioned by a burn in her infancy, and speaks English very well. She has been seen on the Road on the West side of this River, selling, and it is probable that she may travel to Mahaica, as she has Family in that Quarter. Any Person that will apprehend and deliver said Negro Woman to the Subscriber will be liberally Rewarded, and all Persons are hereby cautioned against employing her, as after this Notice, the Law will be rigorously enforce against any Offender.
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803. Eliza Walcott.

Notice: - All those indebted to the Estate of James Maitland deceased, are requested to come forward immediately with Payment; and those to whom he was indebted will please furnish the Subscriber with their Accounts, in order that a statement of his affairs may be laid before them.
Demerary, 10th Decbr. 1803 James MacKid, Executor.

The Subscriber has Forty Prime Gold-Coast Slaves undisposed of, part of the Cargo of the Brig Regulator, first exposed for Sale on Friday the 9th Instant, at the Sale-Room of Messrs: McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. on the front ground of Plantation Werk & Rust.
Demerary, 17th December 1803. C. D. Forrester.

The Subscribers will expose for Sale on Wednesday the 28th Instant, at the Sale Room of Messrs: McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co. on the front ground of Plantation Werk & Rust;
329 Prime Young Slaves.
Imported in the Ship Diligent, Capt. David Marshall, from Bonny.
Walcott & Forrester.
Demerary, 17th December 1803.

Just Imported in the Schooner Linnes, from Barbados, and for Sale by the Subscriber: - An assortment of Ironmonngery, in which are Nails, Locks and Hinges, Table Knives and Forks, Carpenters and Coopers Tools; also a few kegs of White Lead.
Demerary, 17th Decbr. 1803. Wm. Hallstead.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 16th day of December 1803,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 16 December 1803, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.









Post Mahaica.



Pl. Guide Groove.



Pl. Goede Hoop.











T. Spooner.

Pl. Turkeyen.





J. Freese.

Post Mahaica.


J. Ogle.




Pl. Industry.


M. Forrester.




R. Young.





Doctr. Oslin in Berbice.



De Wed. Conner.

P. Looven.


Landsneger in Essequebo.




D. P. Simon.





Ridley & Dodson.






W. Casey.

Smith & Bell.



Pl. Good Intent.







And Twenty-three New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts Drit en twentig Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart.

DOODEN. [heading]

Begraaven zedert den 9 tot den 15 Dec. 1803.
Den 12 Dec. De Timmerman Wm. Bauman, oud 26 Jaaren, geboren in Schotland.
De Timmerman Leendert van Buuren, oud 67 Jaaren, geboren te Amsterdam.

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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