Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 January 14


Ao. 1804 )


( No. 55.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 14th of January.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Tuesday the 24th Instant, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, at the Store of Messrs: Jones & Nurse: - A Lot of New Negroes lately received from Barbados, and a Lot of well disposed Seasoned People who are good Shovellers. - Also Beef, Pork, Soap, candles, Flour and sundry other Articles.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Wednesday the 25th Instant, will be exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, in the House of Mr. H. Beis, opposite the Vendue Office, by Order of E. N. Wichers; - 50 New Negroes, just imported.
Demerary, 14th January 1804.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Monday the 30th Instant, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Capt. Dallers, at his House near the Fort; - An assortment of Furniture, and a well situated Lot of Land with the buildings thereon, Horse and Chaise, and a variety of Articles too tedious to be mentioned.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Monday the 5th of March next ensuing, will be exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, at the House of the Late Mr. A. P. Deurwarder, deced. on Plantation Werk & Rust, by order of Messrs: J. S. Masse and I. P. Bischop, as Executors to the last Will of said A. P. Deurwarder; - The Lot with the Houses thereon situated on Werk & Rust Estate, opposite Messrs: Bruninghaus & Bergh. Also 12 Seasoned Negroes, among which are 4 Women and a child, and what farther will be Exposed on the day of sale.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. E. N. Wichers.


For Sale: - The capacious Dwelling House formerly occupied by the Subscribers, situate on the North Dam of Stabroek; the opposite corner to Messrs: Ridley, Dodson & Co's Store, containing a commodious Store Room for the exposure of Merchandize, an excellent Dining Room and five convenient Chambers, a brick cellar 6 feet high, side Store with chambers over it, Water House and Vats, Stable, Kitchen, Wash House, Pantry &c. in repair being nearly new and eligably [sic] situated for Health and Business.
The Premises in Labourgade which were likewise occupied by the Subscribers, adjoining to those of Messrs: Bothamley & Jackson, consisting of a good Dwelling House and side Buildings, Kitchen Wash House, Stable, Negroe [sic] and Chaise House &c. an excellent Store 60 feet by 26 and a cellar of 10, particularly well calculated for African or American Business, having a capacious Sale Room and Yard for Lumber &c a green heart Stelling communicating with the River and enclosed; at which a Vessel of 14 feet draught has unloaded; healthily situated and eligible however for any line of Business. The above will be disposed of on moderate Conditions and further Particulars may be known by application to
January 14th Brumell, Heyliger & Co.

Just Imported in the Ship Caldicot Castle, Richard Sherrak Master from Liverpool, and for Sale by the Subscribers, very reasonable for immediate Payment - Bricks, lime and limestone, bottled porter, flander beer and port wine, potatoes in barrels, tongues in kegs, tripe in kegs, rounds of beef, printed paper, Flemish linen, German oznabrugs, cotton and coffee bagging, and sewing twine.
McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co.
Demerary, 14th January 1804.

The Subscriber earnestly entreats those Indebted to him to Pay their Accounts, as well as the Accounts that remain due to the late Firm of Turton & Co. he is really tired of Dunning them himself and now intends to put all Notes, Open Accounts and Protested Bills in the Hands of his Lawyer, who he hopes will have better success in Collecting than he has had since his arrival in the Colony, and as he intends going for England in April next, he will sell the few Articles remaining Cheap for immediate Payment, or to his well known Customers, at three Months Credit.
Dutch Hoes and Shovels, Inverness cotton bagging and ready made Bags, Sop, dipt candles, mess pork, and few boxes of Barbados Sweet Meats.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. R. S. Turton.

All Persons indebted to the Estate of James Robert Boyce, deceased, are solicited to make immediate Payment to the Subscriber, and all those to whom the said Estate is indebted, are requested to render their Demands for a Settlement.
Thomas King.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. Acting Executor.

ROBBERY. [heading]
Stolen from the Wharf of Wm. Heathcote Esqr on Thursday Morning the 12th Instant, between the Hours of 7 and 8 o'Clock, a new 6 Oar'd Barge; she is square Ster'd and Eunice of Boston painted thereon; it is supposed that some of the Captains of Colony Boats have taken her. A Reward of Five Joes will be Paid to the Person who discovers the Thief.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. A. Blair.

The Subscriber will dispose of his Property (No. 31) situated on the West Coast of Berbice, with one hundred and ten seasoned Negroes: or to accommodate a Purchaser who may require a smaller portion of land, he is willing, but without Slaves, to dispose of the Eastern third part of the same lot, known by the Name of the Nursery, and lately the Property of Thomas Fraser Esqr.
Alfd. Bartrum,
Plantation Tempe, West Coast Berbice, 3d January 1804.

All Persons indebted to Hugh Douglas and to the Subscribers, either by Accounts or Notes of Hand, are requested to come forward and settle the same, before the end of next Month, otherwise thy will be Sued without respect to Persons; and all Persons whom Hugh Douglas or Hugh Douglas & Co. may be indebted to, are requested to send in their Demands.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. Hugh Douglas & Co.

Uit Krachte van zeker Appoinetement, door dev Wel Edelen Gestrengen Heer Mr. M. LaMaison, Vice-Praesident van den Edelen Achtbaaren Hove van Justitie dezer Rivier.
Zoo is het, dat ik Ondergeschrevene Eerste Exploicteur van welgemelden Hove, op den 6de Maart eerstkoomende, des Middags precies [sic] de Klokke 12 Uuren, ten Raadhuyze by Executie zal verkoopen 3 Stukken Lands, ieder groot 500 Ackers, gelegen in het Canaal No. 1, aankommende Carel Brandes, A. W. Knollman, & Overweg en Walteling, alle welke door G. M. de Haart, als Commissaris van het opgemelde Canaal No. 1, ten behoeve van J. H. Barbary, Triumphant van Sententie in Executie aangeweezen; die hierinne gading heeft, kome ten dage en doe zyn profyt.
Actum Rio Demerary den 14 January 1804.
Marts. Smit, 1ste Exploiteur

A Caution to the Public to avoid Losses in Purchasing Plantains. [heading]
The Subscriber being as well by verbal as written Proposals of Stephanus Deges [sic] acting as Planter in Mahaica, requested to buy Plantains from him at the rate of f 1 per bunch, thro' necessity compelled, consented and on this day sent for 66 Bunches together with 3 Joes Cash, after the delivery of the same, he experienced that the greatest part of these Plantains were unsaleable, and on weighting some of the Bunches, with stalk and all, found many not exceeding from nine to eleven pounds Dutch weight. He leaves it now to the Judgment of the Public, how expensive the support of the Negroes are. Two of these Bunches, each of which have the extraordinary weight of nine Pounds, with Stalk and all, are hanging for the inspection of the Public, as long as they are not rotten, in front of the Dwelling House of Mr. J. F. H. Von Schuler, on Frederica Johanna Estate in Mahaica.
January 8th 1804. I. P. Bischop.
Weighed in our presence, dato ut Supra, being willing to take out Oath to the above. A. P. Bollaertz.
Peter Meys.

The Subscribers will Expose for Sale on Monday the 23d Instant;
300 Prime Windward Coast Slaves.
Imported in the Ship Hector, Joseph Williams, Master.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. Bynoe & Goddard.

The Subscribers will Expose for Sale on Monday the 23d Instant;
107 Prime African Slaves
Imported in the Schooner Fanny, Benjamin Fox Master.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. F. Bynoe & Co.

For Sale by the Subscriber at Mr. Heathcote's Wharf, a quantity of Lime Stone of the best quality.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. G. L. Furnace.

For Barbados - The fast sailing Schooner Fanny, (formerly the Property of F. Bynoe Esqr.) Benjamin Fox Commander, will positively sail on or before the 31st Instant. For Freight or Passage apply to said Master on board or
James Taitt.
Who has for sale at the Store of Doctr. H. B. Gall best superfine flour in barrels, a few excellent English hams, cheese, and split pease.
Bridge Town, 14th January 1804.

The Subscriber intending to remove to England in the course of the Month of March, requests Persons indebted to him to come forward with Payment as early as possible, that he may be the better enabled to discharge his own Debts. Obligations and Accounts that yet remain due to the late Firm of Good & Barrell will be prosecuted at Law, unless settled with one of the parties before the expiration of February: Mr. Good's residence is at Mahaicony. Such Debts as are still due from that Firm will be Paid by the Subscriber, provided seasonable application is made: the Books of Account will be left in the hands of Mr. William Good.
A dwelling House in Stabroek with very convenient out offices, and paved yard to be Sold at a moderate Price, or to be Rented to an approved Tenant on low terms. A few House Negroes to be disposed of, and some articles of Furniture, among which are table, mahogany hair bottom chairs, a capital eight day Clock, handsome bookcase, bedsteads &c. all in excellent order. Application to be made at the Store of Benjamin & Barrell near the American Stelling, or at the House above mentioned on the Brick Dam.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. Theodore Barrell.

This is to give Notice that the Subscriber having done with all Mercantile Business in his own name, requests those Gentlemen who stand indebted to him, to make immediate Payments, so as to enable him to discharge any Demands against him, otherwise he will be under the absolute necessity of loding the same in the hands of an Attorney to enforce Payment; a receipt in full will be given by Messrs: Louis Desaulles & Co. at their Store in the New Town. He also informs the Public that he has chosen his Domicilium citandi et executandi at the same Store.
Demerary, 14th January 1804. William Good.

My People, two Fishermen, have picked up a small Yawl, her weather bow cracked, her bottom black, having a rope underneath the front planck, without oars and rudder. The Owner my have it, he Paying this Advertisement and a few leaves Tobacco to the Negroes. The Yawl lays in the Canal of Stabroek, aback of the Lott No. 40.
Stabroek, 14th January 1804. N. Rousselet.

The Subscriber hereby Cautions all Persons not to deliver any thing on his Account, without a written Order, as there has been something of the kind already transacted and entirely unknown to him, as it will not be allowed by
Stabroek, 14th January 1804. C. Bourne.

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 12th day of January 1804,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 12 January 1804, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.






11de West-Indische Reg.

Jane Betsy.

Mr. Beresford.

Post Iveleary.


Van Well.

F. Kroll.






Le Blanc.



Post Mahaica.



Pl. Goede Hoop.












Post Mahaica.





J. Freese.

dito. [sic – Dutch]


van Kingschot.




Pl. Meerzorg.



Ord. Fiscaal.



Pl. Industry.


J. Ogle.

Mr. Post.


Miss Kier.

F. Fileun.


Prins Pole.






Janssen in Essequebo.

P. Looven.



J. Wesh.



De Dienders.





Mr. Russel.



Miss Young.

Neger Mossia.


Doctor Tuite.



Doctor Asting.

De Dienders.



L. de Witt.


Doctor Hounbers.



Miss Kemmers.

Pl. Siphan.


Mr. Fraser.






E. Van Batenburg.




dito. [sic – Dutch]


Gorden in Berbice

J. Appelton.





George Lang.

Pl. Providence.



Ned van Paradys.



dito. [sic – Dutch]


Bromminson in Mahaica.







Pl. Thomas.

And Twenty-seven New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts Seven en twentig Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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