Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 February 18


Ao. 1804 )


( No. 60.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 18th of February.

PUBLICATION. [heading]

By His Honor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Lieutenant-Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies &c. &c. &c.
Unto all whom these Presents may and shall concern, Greeting, Be it known:
Whereas both by the Regulations for the Armed Burghers in the Town of Stabroek, enacted on the 3d of February 1803, and Published on the 22d of March next following, and by those since enacted for the Country Districts, on the 26th July 1803, and Published on the 20th of August thereto following, the Court of Policy has reserved to itself the power of making such alterations or amendments in the respective Regulations aforesaid, as on experience of their operation, should be judged requisite for the good of the Colony; - and Whereas it has since appeared to Us that it would be highly expedient to combine and unite the several Divisions of Burghers in a more perfect manner than they have been to this day; We, therefore, in order to amend the Regulations aforesaid in this and some other particulars, and with a view also to the future encrease of the Population of these Colonies, have thought fit to revise and do now in consequence thereof, republish the said Regulations, combined in one Act, with the amendments and alterations We have so deemed necessary, in manner following;
REGULATIONS for the Burgher Militia, with a view to the preservation of internal tranquility in the respective Divisions of the Rivers Essequebo and Demerary.
Art: 1
Geographical Division of the Colony in Districts.
The Division of these Colonies in Districts is to remain as is now establish, in Essequebo in Five, and in Demerary in Ten Districts, viz:
The Division of the White Banner consisting of the inhabitants on the East Bank of that River, commencing at Bourassirie Creek and extending as far as the River is Inhabited including the Fort Island.
The 1st Division of the Orange Banner on the West side of the River, from Arware Creek to the Creek Capoey.
The 2d Division of the Orange Banner extending from Capoey Creek along the West Sea Coast to the utmost limits of the Colony on that side, including the River Pomeroon.
The Division of the Blue Banner consisting of the Leguan and Varken islands.
The Division of the Red Banner comprehending the Islands called Wakkename, Arrowabisie, Great Troulie and Boniabanboe.
The Division of the White Banner or of the Town of Stabroek and its Precincts.
The Division of the Red, White and Blue Banner on the East Coast from Plantation Thomas to Plantation Vigilance inclusive.
The Division of the Yellow Banner also on the East Coast from Plantation Vigilance to the Lancaster Estate inclusive.
The Division of the White and Blue Banner includes the Inhabitants of the Creek Mahaica and extends along the Sea-Coast to Plantation Quaker's Hall inclusive.
The Division of the Red and Green Banner from Plantation Quaker's Hall to the Creek Abary, including Mahaicony.
The Division of the Blue Banner on the East Bank of the River from Le Repentir Estate to the Garden of Eden Estate, both inclusive, comprehending also the Canal No. 3.
The 1st Division of the Green Banner extending on the East side of the River from the Garden of Eden Estate to opposite the Sand-Hills, and on the West Bank from Plantation Vreedestine to the Sand Hills.
The 2d Division of the Green Banner taking in both Banks of the River from the Sand-Hills and higher up as far as there are any Inhabitants.
The Division of the Red Banner on the West Bank of the River from Plantation Vreedestine to the Best Estate, both inclusive, comprising also the Canals No. 1 and 2.
The Division of the Orange Banner on the West Sea Coast from Plantation Best to the Creek Bourassirie.
Art: 2.
The Inhabitants to be formed in Four Battalions.
The Inhabitants of the foregoing Districts shall be divided in Four Battalions, viz: two in Essequebo and two in Demerary.
Of the two Essequebo Battalions, the first is to be composed of the Inhabitants of the White, Blue and Red Banner Divisions, and to consist of Five Companies, viz: Two in the White Banner Districts, two in the Blue Banner Ditto, and one in the Red Banner Ditto, to be numbered as follows:
The two Companies in the White Banner Division, to be . . . . . . . . . No. 1 and 2.
The two Ditto in the Blue Banner or Leguan Island Division, to be . . . . . . . No. 3 and 4.
And the Company of the Red Banner District to be No. 5.
The second Essequebo battalion shall be formed of the Inhabitants of the two Orange Banner Districts and shall likewise consist of Five Companies, of which there are to be two in the first Orange Banner Division to be numbered 1 and 2, and three in the second District of the Orange Banner or Arabian Coast, to be numbered 3, 4 and 5.
In Demerary the first Battalion shall be formed of the Inhabitants of the East Bank of the River, commencing at the Garden of Eden Estate and of the East Coast down to Abary, including the Town of Stabroek, which Battalion shall consist of Ten Companies, viz: Five for the Division of the White Flag or of the Town of Staroek, of which One to be formed of Free Coloured People, and One for each of the other Districts.
The said Companies are to be Numbered as follows:
The Four Companies of Whites in the Town of Stabroek Division, to be . . . . No. 1, 2, 3 and 4.
The Blue Banner District Company, . . . . . 5.
That in the Red, White and Blue Striped Banner Division, 6.
That in the Yellow Banner Division. . . . . . . 7.
The Company in the District of the Blue & White Banner, 8.
That in the District of the Red and Green Banner, . . 9.
And the Free Colour'd Company in the Town of Stabroek to be . . . . . . . . . . . . 10.
The second Demerary Battalion is to consist of the Inhabitants of the two Green Banner Districts, and is to be formed in Five Companies, of which there is to be One in the District of the Orange Banner, being No. 1. Two in that of the Red Flag, being No. 2 and 3. and one in each District of the Green Banner, being 4 and 5.
Art: 3.
How to be Officered
In each of the Rivers Essequebo and Demerary there is to be a Major Commandant for the two Battalions, in which the Inhabitants of each of the said Rivers are to be divided, and each Battalion is further to be Officered as follows, viz:
[first column]
A Major.
5 Captains.
10 Subalterns
1 Adjutant.
1 Quarter-Master.
[second column]
1 Surgeon.
1 Assistant Surgeon.
1 Sergeant-Major.
1 Drill Sergeant.
1 Drum-Major.
[end columns]
The first Demerary Battalion being of Ten Companies is to be Officers as follows, viz:
[first column]
A Major.
10 Captains.
20 Subalterns.
1 Adjutant.
1 Quarter-Master.
[second column]
1 Surgeon.
2 Assistant Surgeons.
1 Sergeant-Major.
1 Drill-Sergeant.
1 Drum-Major.
[end columns]
Art: 4.
Who are to Serve in the Militia.
All Male White Inhabitants from sixteen to fifty Years of Age, residing or that may hereafter come to reside in any of the Districts herein before named, are included in the Militia, and to be entered as such in the Returns.
Art: 5.
Returns to be made of the Militia.
The Majors of the different Battalions shall with the assistance of the Officers under the, as soon as possible, form a general return of the Burghers belonging to each Battalion, specifying what Company they are attached to, which return they shall transmit to the Majors Commandants of the two Battalions respectively, in order to its being laid by the latter before the Court of Policy. Similar Returns are to be made in future every Three Months and to be given in by the Major Commandant in each River to the Governor in time being at least eight days before the Ordinary Session of the Court of Policy. Once a Year in the Month of January, these Returns must mention the number of Slaves being on each Estate in the respective Districts, or belonging to the Burghers named in the Returns, of which particulars all Persons whom it may concern are to give due information to the Burgher Officers accordingly.
All Persons who may be found not to have taken the Oath of Allegiance, shall be noticed in these Returns.
( To be Continued in the next No. )

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo de Heer Hendrik Swart van voornemens is binnen den tyd van vier weeken van hier te vertrekken, zoo wordt zulks mits dezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hem, zoo in prive[accent] als q. q, te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hem verschuldigd zyn, hunne pretensien koomen ontvangen, of hunne schulden betalen ter zyner Domicilium by den Heer S. F. Narjes op de Plantagie le Repentir.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 15 Febr. 1804.
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman gezw. Clercq.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Wednesday 22d Instant, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, by order of Messrs: J. Lachtrop and Gt. Timmerman, as Executors to the Estate of the late Mrs. Timmerman, at the house of Mr. Lachtrop: - an assortment of Furniture, ready made Colony Frames, an excellent Boat Negro, Horse and Chaise, a four oar'd Boat with sails compleat, some very fine cattle, goats and sheep.
Demerary, 18th February 1804. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Friday the 24th Instant, will be Exposed for Sale to the highest Bidders, at the Store of Messrs: Telford, Naghten & Co. - Prime Irish mess Beef and Pork in whole and half barrels, butter, candles and soap, sundry Ironmongery, Plantation Stores &c.
Also a Negro Man who has been some time in the Colony, and is well seasoned.
Demerary, 18th Feby. 1804. E. N. Wichers.


All Proprietors of Concessions situate in Stabroek, are hereby requested to come forward and discharge their arrears on or before the first of March ensuing, as the Receiver will otherwise be under the disagreeable necessity of enforcing Payment by Summary Execution.
Charles Vincent,
Demerary, 17th February 1804 Colonial Receiver.

JUST ARRIVED, [heading]
HARRISON's Celebrated Learned PIG; [heading]
And will be Exhibited by Permission, at the House of Mr. J. Fileen, on the Brick-Dam, Stabroek; - This Exhibition is Universally allowed the pre eminence [sic - separated by a space] of any Curiosity ever offered to the Public; and where the Artist and Philosopher both acknowledge their want of penetration, to define by what secret Powers this Sapient Animal was taught, and is now actuated, has been a matter of Speculation, Wonder and Astonishment. The Proprietor presumes a puffing Advertisement or Exaggerated Bill unnecessary, and will only state what the Pig actually Performs, viz:
She spells any word or name desired by the Company. Tells the time of the day by any Watch produced. The day of the Month, and the date of the Year. The Golden Number and the Epact [sic]. Answers any Arithmetical Questions proposed by the Company. Distinguishes Colours, and from the Flags of different Nations laid upon the floor, she will select any one requested. Any Lady or gentleman may draw from one to a half a dozen Cards out of a new Pack, and from another pack laid upon the floor, she will without hesitation shew the cards so drawn. - The PIG will discover many other surprising Instances of Sagacity too numerous for an Advertisement. - Admittance, Half a Joe, Children, Half price, Persons of Colour, Two Dollars. The Performance will commence at seven o'Clock in the Evening on Thursday and Saturday the 16th. & 18th. Instant, and to continue every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as the Proprietor intends remaining here two weeks only. And on Friday next the 17th Instant and to cantinue [sic] every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for Persons of Colour.
Those Ladies and Gentlemen who intend honoring the Exhibition with their presence, are requested to send for Tickets in the day, as the Room is small and no more will be issued than can be accommodated with Convenience.
N. B. The PIG will be conveyed to any House or Plantation for a Company of 10 Persons or upwards, they furnishing a conveyance for the Animal, at one hour's Notice, on application to the Proprietor. Demerary, February 15th 1804.

For Sale by N. Rousselet, One Keg only, and just Imported from Virginia, the Place where Kind Nature produced this Anti-patride Medicine; - The Price will be moderate, to be paid on the Delivery. Demerary, February 18th 1804.

Johannes Bakker, Daniel Leen, and Arnold[illegible – binding] Francois d'Hankar, Esquires, Berbice, duly qualified for the following Sale and disposal, Offer for sale by private contract on favorable conditions, and easy instalments [sic]:
1st. The Plantation Volkerts Rust, situate on the North Bank of the lower part of Canje River, between the Estates Goedland and Batchelor's Adventure, with all its Buildings and improvements.
The said Plantation containing 4?0 Acres, on which are planted in a rich fertile soil 30,000 Coffee Trees, the eldest of which are now two years and a half old, and standing sheltered under very promising Plantains. Also 19 Acres in very promising Plantains only.
And 100 ditto newly imbanked [sic] superior Plantain and Coffee Land of which 18 or 12 1/2 Acres are already prepared to be put in Plantains in January next.
All the cultivation is in a flourishing state, the drainage compleat with a navigable Canal and cross ditch, for the easy transportation of Plantains from aback, and a Sluice of Hard Wood, 22 feet long and 4 by 6 feet wide, in excellent condition. The Buildings consists a capital and commodious Dwelling House, also of hard wood, a range of necessary Out Houses, a Carpenters lodge and cow house, Negro houses &c. The whole of which Buildings are in good repair.
Also, the right and title of Property, as possessed by the sellers in their capacity, to a Lot of Land of 500 Acres, situate on the West bank of Correntine River, in the Government of Berbice, known on the Chart by No. 80.
Any Persons inclined to Purchase either the aforesaid Plantation or the Correntine Lot, please to apply to Johannes Bakker Esqr. No. 25, New Amsterdam, Berbice; by whom may be inspected and lately made Inventory and Appraisement of the said Plantation Volkerts Rust and improvements, as also the terms of disposal, from the 25th of the present month, till the 25th of the next, every day in the forenoon from 8 till 1 o'Clock, during which period Persons inclined to Purchase may also view the Plantation.
Berbice, 10th February 1804. P. Eggers, Secretary.

To be Sold, with or without 15 to 20 Prime Negroes. - The Plantation No. 46, on the West side of the River Demerary, containing in full depth 250 Acres (more or less,) with liberty to Double depth &c. Part of the Estate is already in Plantains and Coffee, and a considerable piece of Ground cleared and drained for the same. There are on the Premises, Negro Houses &c. The Place would be Eligible to any Person wanting Provision Grounds.
Terms will be made easy to an approved Purchaser. - Apply to the Printer. Demerary, February 18th 1804.

For Sale: - The House lately Occupied by Rowland Smith Esqr. near Mahaica Ferry, and a Sloop Boat. For Further Particulars apply to
Stabroek, 17th February 1804. Jones & Nurse.

The Subscriber will dispose of the following Articles cheap for Immediate Payment, mess pork, hoes, shovels, cutlasses, hatchets, pruning knives, cordage of different sizes, and about [illegible] yards of Scarlet Cloth.
Demerary, February 18th. 1804. R. S. Turton.

Absented himself from Town, a Mulatto Boy called Jan belonging to the Estate of the late Doctor Leuschenreing, and formerly the Property of C. F. Van Kohler: - Any Person that might apprehend him and lodge him in the Barracks, shall be handsomely Rewarded, it is reported that he has gone to Mahaica and lives some where in the neighbourhood of one of the Estates belonging formerly to the said Kohler. Whoever may be found harbouring the said Boy, will be prosecuted according to Law.
Demerary, February 18th 1804. P. Verbeke, q. q.

On the 28th January 1804 in the Morning about eleven o'Clock died my dear Beloved Son, Jean Anthony de Beet, Aged 27 1/2 Years, hereby giving Notice to her Friends and the Public, hoping they will excuse her from receiving any Letters of Sorrow.
Demerary, 9th February 1804 De Wed: de Beet.

Heden Morgen ten twaalf Uuren behaagde het den Almach[illegible] gen den Heer Gerhardus Johannes Coninck [illegible] eene ziekte van agt dagen in den Ouderdom var. 36 Jaaren dit tyde lyke met het eeuwige te doen verwisselen, geevende hiervan do[illegible] dezen aan alle zyne Vrienden kennis.
Demerary den 17 Feburary 1804. P. C. J. van Ryssel.
H. D. Obermuller.
Executeuren Testamentair.


Begraaven zedert den 11 tot den 16 Febr. 1804.
Den 14 Febr, C. Von Lasberg, oud 40 Jaaren, gewezen Capt.
Den 14 Febr, Smith, geboren in Noord America oud 22 Jooren.
Den 14 Febr, S. Karmann, Timmerman van New York, 21 Jaar.
Den 11 Febr. E. Loyd matr. schip Diligent van Liverpool, 40 Jaaren.
Den 12 Febr. J. Ernst Matr. dito dito.

[No List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves]

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.

to the
Essequebo and Demerary

Saturday, the 18th of February.

The Undersigned has just received in addition to his former assortment, and for Sale at his House, behind that of Charles Vincent Esqr. for ready Cash on very reasonable Prices, the following Articles, viz: - Superfine Scarlet, ditto Blue Green and Black Cloth, red, white, blue and uper salt Cassimer, fine and co[illegible] Irish Linen, Flannel, Military Shaloon, white and yellow buttons, Military green feathers, patent razors, small silver pocket knives, forks, gold watches, double and single barrel guns, boots and [illegible] and a variety of other Articles.
Demerary, 4th February 1804. J. F. Meyer.

For Sale: - A Strong American Horse which can answer either for the Saddle or Drought. Apply at the Gazette Printing Office. Stabroek, 4th February 1804.

The Subscribers have just imported in the Brig La Rose, Paul Bienvence, from Madeira, a quantity of London particular Madeira Wine of the very best quality.
Cumingsburg, 4th February 1804. Mourant & Del[illegible - probably Delisle]

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.



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