Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 March 10


Ao. 1804 )


( No. 63.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, the 10th of March.

( Concluded from the last No. )

Art: 25.
Orders of Officers, in case of Alarm, to be Obeyed by the Inhabitants.
The orders issued in case of alarm by the Burgher Officers and signified either in Writing or verbally thro' Non-Commissioned Officers, whether for requiring Baggage carriers, or for other purposes, shall be promptly and punctually obeyed, on pain that such as may refuse to do so, shall be consedered as malevolent Persons and be Punished accordingly as circumstances may require. Persons conceiving themselves agrieved by such orders, may, tho' always after having first complyed therewith, make representations to the Governor and the Court of Policy, who on investigation of the case, and finding their complaints to be well founded, will procure them redress.
Art: 26
Articles wanted for Detachments to be required in Writing.
Should however Burgher Officers, in case of alarm as aforesaid, judge it necessary to require any articles of Provisions or otherwise, from the Inhabitants, for the Detachments under their command, they shall signify the same in Writing, as such articles delivered on verbal messages will not be Paid for by the Public, unless it be proved afterwards by a Certificate of the Officer who issued the requisition, that the articles delivered, have actually been received for a Detachment, and that the urgency of the moment prevented the sending of a Written Order.
Fines, how Collected and Levied.
The Fines or Mulets provided by the foregoing Articles for transgression of the present Regulations, shall be collected by the Captains or Commanding Officers of Companies, each in his Company; - but should the Persons Fined, refuse or neglect to Pay, the said Captains or Commanding Officers shall report the same to the Major of the Battalion, who shall then, thro' the Major Commandant, transmit the Documents relative to the transgression committed to the Fiscall, in order the Fines may be levied by him, according to the common course of the Law.
Art: 28
Fines, how applied.
The Fines collected by the Captains are to be Paid over by them to the Major of the Battalion, in order to be applied as Funds of the Battalion, to such purposes as the Major, together with the other Officers may agree upon for the good of the Battalion; but when the Fines must be levied by the Fiscall, one moyety thereof shall be for him, and the other for the said Funds.
Art: 29.
The former Regulations made or enacted for the Burghers of these Colonies are hereby repealed as far as they may be contradictory to any thing herein contained.
Art: 30. Oath of the Officers.
The Officers of the Militia previous to entering upon duty shall take the following Oath before the Governor or Commandeur respectively, viz: -
"I Promise and Swear, under my Oath of Allegiance, that in my Capacity as . . . . . . of the Militia of this Colony, I will Obey and cause to be Obeyed by the Burghers under my Command, all Orders from the Governor (and also of the Commandeur, if in Essquebo) or from the Governor and the Court of Policy, as well as from my superior Officers in matters of Service; that I will assist in opposing all riotus meetings and other seditious practices whatsoever; and that I will fully comply with the general Militia Regulations already enacted or yet to be enacted by the Court of Policy; and will on all occasions render my Services for the preservation of internal tranquility, without Fearing the loss of Property or Life, and lastly that I will conduct myself in all respects as a faithful Officer of Burghers is bound to do.
Art: 31.
The Governor and Court of Policy reserve to themselves the power of altering, amending or explaining the foregoing Regulations as they may judge proper.
And We do hereby require of and enjoin all and every Persons in this Colony whom it may concern, strictly to comply with and conform to the Regulations herein before inserted.
Thus enacted in Our Extraordinary Assemby held at the Court-House in the Town of Stabroek, on the 29th December 1803, and Published on the 18th of February 1804.
Robert Nicholson,
Lieut. Governor.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, Secretary.


The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Thursday, the 15th Inst. will be Exposed for Sale (for the benefit of the Underwriters or other concerned,) by Order, and at the Store of Messrs: Alexander Fullerton & Co. in Cumingsburg: - Eighty three whole and Ten half barrels of damaged Flour, a cable, sails, a parcel of cordage and two boats, saved from the Wreck of the Schooner Fanny, Capt. John Lang, from Barbados.
Demerary, March 10th 1804. E. N. Wichers.

The Commissary of the Vendue advertises that on Monday the 19th Inst. will be Exposed for sale to the highest Bidders, at the Store of Messrs William Hallstead & Co. in Bridge Town;
Old RUM from Barbodoes is small casks, most of it in kegs of about Ten Gallonsn each, old port wine, and salernum by the dozen, Gin in cases, fish in hhds, and boxes, mackarel in barrels, new beef and pork in whole and half barrels, butter and candles, cheese, lamp oil in jugs and barrels. Five pieces of blue broad Cloth, and sundry other Articles of Merchandize. - Conditions, Cash at three Months.
Demerary, 10th March 1804. E. N. Wichers.


Notice is hereby given that a Meeting of Planters, Merchants and Captains of Vessels is to be held on Friday next the 16th Instant, 11 o'Clock A. M. at the Union Coffee-House for the purpose of regulating the Freights of Produce from this Port to Great Britain for the ensuing Season.
Demerary, 10th March 1804.

Fuel Wood wanted for His Majesty's Garrison. Proposals, the supplying of which will be received by W. N. Firebrace, Resident Commissary, until Eleven o'Clock on the 12th Instant, [illegible] those most advantageous to Goverment will be accepted.
The Wood must be delivered at Fort William Frederick to the Asst. Quarter and Barrack Master General free of all Expence, and Quantity required will be from Fifty to Sixty Cords every two Months.
Demerary 10th March 1804.

For Sale by the Subscribers; - 100 Butts and Leaguers 2 to 400 Gallons each. Apply on board Ship Irlam, Gro[illegible] Keyzer, or
Schwiers, Downer & Co.
Demerary, 10th March 1804.

For Sale, by the Subscriber at the House of Thomas F[illegible]land Esqr. - Newfoundland Fish in four, six & eight [illegible] casks.
Demerary, 10th March 1804.

For Sale the following Premises, the whole Concession No. [illegible] the half Concession No. 30, and the half Concession Lr. E. all with their Buildings in compleat order, situated in Stabroek, the first Lot having a Garden with some young fruit Trees of various kinds, the second a Cistern of brick that will hold 1000 gallons of water , each a bake oven and kitchen hart of bricks. The Payment to be 4 Years, every Year 1/4 part of the Purchase Money, and a [illegible] Title given by paying the first instalment in coffee, sugar, cotton, bills of Exchange, cash or approved Notes. Enquire of N. Rousselet, living on the Premises No. 40.
Stabroek, 10th March 1804.

Whereas it is proposed to make a Carriage Road through the Town of Stabroek, from the Back Dam down to the River, together with two paved ways for foot Passengers [space 3 ems wide] Notice is hereby given that the same may be Contracted for by Persons inclined to undertake it.
The Carriage Road must be fifteen feet in breadth, formed of clay, sand, shells, gravel, ballast stones, broken-bricks, or other materials equally calculated to answer the purpose. The foot ways each five feet wide, are in like manner to be duly Paved.
Preference will be given to such Proposals as are most reasonable and best calculated to carry the design into effect. Sealed Tenders to be handed in within the term of Three Weeks, either to The Honbl: F. Van den Velden, Commissary for Town affairs in behalf of the Court or Police, or to The Honble: M. LaMaison and L. F. Schreibvogel Esqrs Commissaries representing the Proprietors of Town Concessions.
The Public are furthermore informed that Mr. J. L. Eils is appointed Treasurer for the Extra Levies the aforementioned alterations and improvements render necessary: Mr. Vincent remaining as before Receiver of the Annual Concession Duty.
Stabroek, Demerary, 10th March 1804.

P.S. P.S. P.S. [heading]
N. Rousselet V.L.B. Informs his former Customers, high and low, rich and poor, and every one whom it may concern, that he has entered in Partnership with his old Friend the Wood Cutter, who has lately returned from his journey: he has the satisfaction of acquainting his Friends thereof, recommending himself at the same time to their favors, and assuring them he will transact all the business with the same Accuracy and Dispatch as formerly.
Wamarre, green heart, hakkea, wallaba, doucaliballie, serebedanie, mania, coumarre, coereberellie, semoroupa, itiekebourebalie, moura, [illegible - two letters]asia, letter wood, bannia wasi[?]a, boelle tree, couraharre, mangroe and other Wood ready to be cut when requested.
Stabroek, March 10th 1804.

The Subscribers advertise that they have for sale of their late importations, the following Articles, which they will dispose of very reasonably for immediate Payment viz: - Irish and American mess and cargo beef and pork in barrels, American mess and cargo beef and pork in half do. a few hhds. of cod and scale fish, soap and candles in boxes. New Irish Butter in firkins, and Lumber and shingles. McInroy, Sandbach, McBean & Co.
Demerary, March 10th 1804.

On Friday the 16th Instant, the Subscriber will Expose for Sale at Bourdau's Logie: - 213 Prime Windward Coast Slaves. Imported in the Ship Hibernia, Captain Thomas Pratt.
Demerary, 10th March 1804. W. Brereton.

To Sail for Liverpool, as early as she can be got ready; The Ship Hibernia, Capt Thomas Pratt; - For Freight or Passage, apply to the Captain on board, or to
Demerary, March 10th 1804. W. Brereton.

All Persons having Demands against the late Robt. Bent Esqr either in his Private or Public Capacities, are desired to render their Accounts for immediate Liquidation.
John Bent, q.q.
Demerary, March 10th 1804. R. Phipps, q.q.

A ROBBERY. [heading]
On the 8th Instant, some unknown Person entered the Room of the Subscriber, is supposed by the Assistance of a false key, opened his Writing desk, wherein was two silver Watches; one was taken away same day, and on the next they called again and took the other. - Any Person who will make a discovery of the Thief, shall receive Five Joes reward.
Demerary, March 10th 1804. Samuel Solomon.

De Ondergetekende van voorneemens zyne met het begin der aanstaande Maand April deze Colonie te verlaaren, adverteert zulks aan de daar by belang hebbende, met verzoek aan die geenen, die iets van hem, in eenige relatie of qualiteit, mogten te vorderen hebben, ofte aan hen verschuldigd zyn, zulks voor dien datum te koomen ingeeven, ofte betalinge te doen ten zynen Huyze op de Voorgrond van Plantagie Werk en Rust, in het Huys weleer bewoond door den Procureur Loncke.
Demerary den 9 Maart 1804. G. E. Aman.

PLAN of a Lottery made by J. F. Meyer, with Permission of His Honor Lieutenant Governor Nicholson.
Art: 1.
This Lottery is composed of One hundred and Fifty two Tickets, at Six Joes or One hundred and thirty two Guilders each.
Art: 2.
The Lottery will contain Five & Twenty Prizes, amounting to Twenty Thousand and sixty four Guilders, according to a List of the Articles herewith annexed.
Art: 3.
The Tickets (which are to be had at the Store of J. F. Meyer) to be paid for when chosen, or an Acceptance passed Payable on the day of the drawing of the Lottery, which will be made known in the Demerary Gazette.
Art: 4.
The Lottery shall be drawn by two Children, in the presence of a Clerk of the Secretary's Office and two Persons, who will keep, one a list of numbers, and the other a list of Blanks and Prizes.
Art: 5. Every Person that takes a Ticket, shall write his Name directly opposite the Number, in a Book kept for that Purpose.
List of Prizes in the Lottery of J. F. Meyer.
1st: Prize. A good repeating Watch of a very curious and clever Invention, striking with six visible hammers and playing every three hours, (either worn in the pocket or hanging in a Room a Tune f 5500
2d One trunk with a compleat sett of silver service, consisting of soup, punch and sauce ladles, soup and tea spoons, knives and forks, fish knives and tongues, candlesticks, coffee trays, goblets, butter knives, sugar tongues and a variety of other Instruments all neatly fitted in a strong trunk, to be taken on a Journey or voyage. f 3000.
3d One rich diamond ring laid in gold 2200.
4th One ditto ditto with a blue stone. 1100.
5th One gold snuff box with a valuable stone in the bottom, and the cover represents a Natural Citadel, f 1100.
6th One gold English Watch (old fashioned) but solid, 770.
7th A pair of gold shoe buckles, richly ornamented. 660.
8th Three Oblong plated dishes with silver Gadroon edges and silver handles. 660.
9th A diamond Pin. 530.
10th A ditto with a blue stone 440.
11th One Coffee Pot with silver edges, glove pattern, one tea do. one sugar bason, one cream cover, one egg stand & Toast tray, f 440.
12th One sett of do. 440.
13th One sett of do. 440.
14th A Lot of Sundries, consisting of one Topaz Cross laid in gold, a gold head for a stick, a gold seal, two gold rings, and a gold Octagon Engine turn'd Topaz Broach. f 363.
15th A Lot of ditto, viz: a gold locket with pearls, a Topaz Cross laid in gold, a gold ring, a gold Broach, a seal, and Sixty silver-neat Waistcoat buttons, f 363.
16th A solid gold necklace with a heart, 300.
17th A fashionable elegant Liquor stand with four cut glass bottles, and ditto sugar dish. f 264.
18th a ditto, 264.
19th One silver tobacco box with gold inside, 220.
20th One case with a pair of silver spectacles, and a ditto with Mathematical Instruments f 220.
21st One elegant gold chain and a case with a sett of razors, 108.
22d One silver segar box and a pair of silver shoe buckles, 176.
23d One pair of silver shoe, and a pair of knee buckles, 176.
24th One small red Box with a silver spoon, knife and fork, 110.
One ditto do. 110.

For Sale; A Young healthy Man, a compleat Boot and Shoe Maker, warranted to be Proficient in that Business; He can attend a Gentleman in Capacity of House Servant &c. and has a perfect knowledge of Kitchen Business. - For Terms, apply to Aaron Sober at the House of J. W. Robinson near The Honble: F. P. Van Berckel's. Stabroek, 10th March 1804.

Runaway from the Subscriber, a Mulatto Man named John, a Native of Africa, and lately arrived here in the Ship Minerva, He will easily be known from having lost a joint of his right fore finger. - Whoever will lodge the said Man in the Barracks, or deliver him to the Subscriber at Messrs. Bothamley & Jackson's will receive a One Joe Reward.
Demerary, 10th March 1804. J. R. Seward.

RUNAWAN [sic] from the Subscribers, a Negro Boat Captain named Boatswain, formerly the Property of Messrs: Pittman and Ashley, he is well known about Town. Whoever will ledge said Negro in the Barracks or deliver him to the Subscribers shall be rewarded, and Whoever is found harbouring him will be punished according to Law.
Demerary, 10th March 1804. Hadfield & Murrow.

Te koop of te Huur - een quart Concessie met de Huyzingen daar op staande, op den Middeldam der Hoofdplaats Stabroek. Informatie by den Procueur Cantzlaar J. z.
Stabroek den 8 Maart 1804.

Gevonden op de publicque Weg voor Plantage le Reduit, een Order door C. Gunning op J. Campbell getrokken saveur Wm. Wilkinson, groot f 350 en door J. Campbell; gea[umlaut]ccepteerd. Die geene, welke dezelve verlooren heeft, wordt verzogt deze Advertentie te betalen en kan dezelve terugbekoomen
Le Reduit den 10 Maart 1804. C. A. de Florimont.

Has Just imported in the Ships Scarborough, Cap. Peacok from London, and Horatio, Capt. Bond from Liverpool, and for Sale at his Store opposite the Union Coffee-House, for prompt Payment - Patent single and double barrell guns, gentlemens and [Repeat of previous ad of February 25, 1804]

List of Runaway and arrested Slaves, on this 8th day of March 1804,

in the Stocks of Demerary.

Lyst der op heden den 8 Maart 1804, zig in arrest bevindende

Weglopper slaaven, in Rio Demerary.



By whom brought.






11de West-Indische Reg.

Jane Betsy.

Mr. Beresford.

Post Iveleary.


Van Well.

F. Kroll.






Dito. [sic – Dutch]



Post Mahaica.





J. Freese.



J. Ogle.






Miss Kier.



Prins Pole.

F. Fileun.






Ord. Fiscaal.


W. Casey.



Mr. Fraser.

Ord. Fiscaal.






De Dienders.


Mr. Russel.



Miss Young.







J. Appelton.


G. Laing.

Pl. Providence.








Jan Henderson.



Capt. Sheldrack.







J. C. Schutz.


J. Runnels.

Labee van de Pl. Rome.



Een Lands Bomba.


Triya in Berbice.

J. van Genderen.











Juffrouw Luders.

Mevr. W. [?]letz.


Wits in Barbados.

[?]. Cennedy.


Doctor Lucas.

F. Duberge.









Ord. Fiscaal.






G. van den Heuvel.









J. Luthers.



Lachlan Cuming.






Henry Waller.

And Twenty-one New Negroes, the names of their Owners unknown.
Voorts een en twintig Nieuwe Negers, waarvan men de naamen der Eygenaar niet kan ontwaar worden
J. Runnels, Drossaart

Dooden. [heading]

Begraaven zedert den 2 tot den 8 Maart 1804.
Den 5 Maart Een Persoon in het Colonie Hospitaal overloden, genaamd Telle,
Den 6 Maart H. Hyne Monke
Den 6 Maart Jochem Frans, Matr., Schip Diligent, van Liverpool oud 30 Jaaren.

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.


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