Essequebo and Demerary Gazette 1804 June 02


Ao. 1804 )


( No. 75.


Essequebo and Demerary





Saturday, June 2, 1804.


By His Honor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Lieutenant Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges, and the Honble: Court of Policy of the said Colonies, &c. &c. &c.
It having been represented to Us, that Mr. Stephen Casey, Harbour Master of Demerary, has been and still continues Absent from the Colony, altho' the time for which Leave was granted him, has long since Expired.
We therefore have judged fit to Supersede the said Mr. Stephen Casey as Harbour Master aforesaid, and in his Room, to appoint James Nicholson Esqr. to hold the said Situation, under the Instructions already framed or yet to be framed for the same.
And We do require and Command all whom it may concern, to acknowledge the said James Nicholson Esqr. as Harbour Master of Demerary accordingly.
Thus Resolved in Our Extraordinary Session, held at the Court House in Stabroek, Demerary, on the 29th May 1804, and Published the day next following.
Robert Nicholson,
Lieut. Governor.
By Command of the Court,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty.

PUBLICATION. [heading]

By His Honor Lieutenant Colonel Robert Nicholson, Lieutenant-Governor in and over the Colonies of Essequebo and Demerary, and their Dependencies, President in all Courts and Colleges, and the Honble, Court of Policy of the said Colonies, &c. &c. &c.
Whereas We have been Informed that it has become almost a general Practice in the Town of Stabroek and its Precincts, to convey the Bodies of Dead Negroes to the Burying Ground, without Coffins, and mostly fastened upon a Board without any covering, - And Whereas this Mode of Burying is not merely Offensive in the highest degree, but may Produce very fatal Consequences, from the careless manner in which those Bodies are Interred after being thus Conveyed to the Burying Ground, and the consequent danger of Infection.
We therefore have thought proper, in order to prevent such Practices for the future, to Order by way of Amendment to Our Publication enacted on the 31st January 1797, and Published on the 1st of September of that Year, on the Subject of Burials in the Town of Stabroek, and We do Order by these Presents accordingly, that in future, the Bodies of Slaves within the Town of Stabroek and it's [sic] Suburbs, so far as the White Banner Division extends, shall and must be conveyed to the Burying Ground, and Interred in a proper wooden Coffin, on pain of a Fine of One hundred Guilders to be Paid by the Owner of such Slave as shall not be Buried in the manner prescribed by these Presents, or by the Person who shall have Greeted the Burial; - which Fine is to be divided into three equal parts, one third for the Fiscall, one third for the Poor, and one third for the Informer or Informers.
Ordering the Grave Digger to keep a Watchful Eye, that this be strictly attended to.
And that no ignorance may be pretended hereof, these Presents will be Published and Affixed as usual.
Thus Done in Our Ordinary Session, held at the Court House in Stabroek, Demerary, this 1st February 1804. and Published the 2d June following.
Robert Nicholson, Lt. Gov.
By Command of the Court of Policy,
P. F. Tinne, D. Secty.

BEKENDMAAKINGEN, Van de Secretary. [heading]

Alzoo de Heer Edward Jones is aangesleid tot de beheering van den Boedel en Naalatenschap van wylen den Hr. William Porley binnen deze Colonie ab intestato over leden, zoo wordt zulks mits dezen aan elk en een iegelyk gea[umlaut]dverteerd, ten einde die geenen, welke iets te pretendeeren hebben, of aan gemelde Boedel verschuldigd zyn, hunne pretensien koomen opgeeven, en hunne schulden betalen binnen den tyd van ses weeken ten Huyze van welgem. Heer Edward Jones, woonende binnen deze Hoofdplaats Stabroek.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 28 May 1804.
In kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gezw. Clercq.

Alzoo de Heer Thomas Start ["Stary" in next issue] & Mej. de Wed. West van vorneemens zyn binnen den tyd van 14 dagen van hier te vertrekken, zoo wordt zulks mits dezen bekend gemaakt, ten einde die geenen, welke iets van hun te pretendeeren hebben, of aan hun verschuldigd zyn, hunne pretension koomen ontvangen, of hunne Schulden betaalen ter hunner Domicilium.
Actum ter Secretary van Rio Demerary dezen 31 May 1804.
In Kennisse van my J. C. Stadtman, gezw. Clercq.


To be Sold at Public Auction on Wednesday the 6th Instant, at the Vendue Office, by Order of R. S. Turton Esqr.
Thirty reclaimed NEGROES.
June 2d 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Wednesday the 6th Instant will be Sold at the Vendue Office, ships, Sails very little used. Wine, Cordage, Beef and Pork.
June 2d 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

On Friday the 8th Instant will be Sold at the Vendue Office, Thirty Hogsheads of best Salt Fish, to the highest Bidders.
June 2d 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

For Sale on Tuesday the 26th Instant, by Order of the Free Colour'd Man H. Tubman; - The Lot and Houses at present Occupied by him, situated on the grant Land of Pl. Werk & Rust.
June 2d 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

For Sale on Thursday the 5th July, at Public Auction on Plantation Uitvlugt, on the West Coast of this River by Order of Messrs. D. L. C. Martini and J. Ph. Muncker, Executors to the Estate of Dr. W. I. Jost deced: - An assortment of Medicines, Surgical Instruments, Books, Household Furniture, Wearing apparel, gold Watches, Negroes, Saddle & Draft Horses, Chaise and Harness.
June 2d 1804. Brereton & Kingston.

[Not Transcribed: From the Barbados Mercury.
May 22d 1804. - Capitulation of Surinam]


For London, with the second Convoy, the Brig Ann, J. Graham Master. For Freight or Passage apply to the Store of R. Younghusband & Co.
Demerary, 2d June 1804.

Doctor Frost advertises for Sale at his Shop, next door to Messrs. Benjamin & Barrell, the following Medicines, Surgical Instruments, &c. at a cheap rate for Cash, as he is about leaving this Colony, viz. Jalap, rhubarb, cantharides, camphor, opium, flake manna, calomel, cammomile flowers, senna, Peruvian bark, snakeroot, saffron, laudanum, aloes, India pink root, musk, Anderson's pills, gentian, sugar of lead, lint, Ipic[?] e, tartar emetic, honey, glauber salts, salt nitre, rose water, British oil, and various other useful Medicines for a Practitioner in Medicine. - Surgeons pocket instruments, Amputating Instruments, steel Elastic Trusses, lancets in cases, glyster syringes calculated to give one's self, also English mustard, essence spruce in pots, Almanacks for 1804, and marble mortars. Demerary, 2d June 1804.

Demerary, 1st June 1804.
Wanted for the Use of His Majesty's Service, Cash for Bills of Exchange, drawn upon The Right Honorable The Lords of His Majesty's Treasury to the Amount of
L. 1000 Sterling.
Sealed Proposals will be received by William N. Firebrace, Resident Commissary, at his Office, for the above Bills on or before Wednesday next the 6th Instant, which Proposals will be opened in the Presence of His Honor Lt. Governor Nicholson, and the Highest Offer or Offers will be accepted.
No Tenders will be received after Eleven o'Clock on the 6th Instant.

Office of Ordnance, Demerary, 2d June 1804.
Wanted for His Majesty's Service, Cash for Bills of Exchange drawn upon The Honorable Board of Ordnance and Messrs: Greenwood and Cox, Agents to the Royal Artillery, to the amount of
L 1400 Sterling
Sealed Tenders will be received at this Office on Monday the 4th of June instant, and the highest Exchange offered will have the preference. James Bontein, Store Keeper and Pay Master.

Just Imported and for Sale by the Subscribers, on reasonable Terms. - Pitch pine boards, plank & scantling, 22 inch Cypress shingles, white pine lumber, R. O. staves & shooks, clap boards, salt fish, tobacco, gin & brandy, mess beef and pork in whole and half barrels, lamp oil, soap & candles, tea in cannisters, also London bottled porter, Negro cloathing, crates Earthen ware, pease & barley, knives & forks, soup ladles & plated candlesticks.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. G. I. Goppy & Co.

Henry B. Gall, Druggist, has just Imported by the latest Arrivals, and for sale at his Shop in front of Plantation Vlissingen, a fresh and general assortment of valuable Medicines, viz.
Fresh powder'd jalap, Ipecacuanha, bark, cantharides, opium, sal: nitre, verdigris, myrrh, senna leaves, manna, tart: emetic, white vitriol, blue do. sugar lead, calomel, magnesia, glauber salts in kegs of 112 lbs. cream of tartar, rhubarb, assafoetida, crude antimony, flor: sulphur, letharge, prepared steel, red precipitate, flor: zinc, corosive [sic] sublimate, alum, borax, spts. of hartshorn, nitre, sal: ammon, lavender, gum guaicum, ammonicum, rosin, yellow wax, piasters, steel bandage, pint and half pint peuter [sic] syringes, scales & weight, with numberless other Articles.
Demerary, 2d June 1804.

Just Imported and for sale by the Subscribers at their Store in Bridge Town, the following Articles for Immediate Payment, or to known Punctual Customers, at a short Credit. Viz. Yard wide Irish linnen, superfine blue cloth, black and brown cassimere, laggings [sic], Men's gloves, cotton stockings, calico cambric, pullicat & romal handkerchiefs, [illegible] diaper, dimity, buff thick sett, a few pieces japan muslin, black velvet, breeches braces, post and Foolscap paper, pen knives and scissors, hams, cheese, refined sugar, English rounds in tubs, tongues in firkins, tripe, split pease, butter, candles, soap, white lead and paint oil, London particular Madeira Wine per dozen, Porter per do. hair powder and pomatum, patent Shot in bags &c.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. H. B. Gall & Co.

For Sale: - Sixty Seasoned Negroes: For Particulars, apply to Thos. T. Layfield
Berbice, 2d June 1804. Hermitage Estate.

The Subscriber requests all Account against Pln. Greenfield, on the East Sea Coast of this Colony, to be rendered to James Ogle Esqr. on Coldingen Estate, as early as possible.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. James Fraser.

This is to give Public Notice that G. W. Scott is no longer in the Employ of
Demerary, 2d June 1804. John Hall.

The Subscriber requests that no Person who stands indebted to him will Pay any Money to the Person of James Hyatt or John McCollin, nor any Credit be given them on his Account; they having received considerable sums of Money lately, which they have made away with, also embezzled and made away with many different articles in his Store which has never been put on his Books.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. James Graham.

Runaway from John McClure Esqr. about seven Weeks since, a Negro named Joe, of the Coromantee Nation, yellow skin, short and thick made. Whoever will apprehend said Negro and deliver him to the Subscriber shall receive a Joe Reward.
If he is found to be harboured by any Person, the Laws of the Colony will immediately be enforced against them.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. James Graham.

C. Van Dyk Commanding the Ship Sir John Borlase Warren requests his Friends to send their Produce on board, as he will Sail with the second Convoy for London.
Demerary, 2d June 1804.

For Sale: - The Schooner Lively as she now lays in the River (opposite the Stelling of Messrs: Heathcote & Co.) burthen 52 Tons per Register, with all her Sails and other appurtenances.
The Lively is English built, well found, capable of carrying a heavy Cargo, of an easy draught of Water, perfectly tight and strong, and ready for Sea, and is well adapted for the Islands or Newfoundland Trade. There is a Person on board where a Copy of the Inventory maybe seen, and who will shew the Vessel to any Person that may wish to examine her. For Conditions apply to
Kitty, 31st March 1804. Thomas Cuming.
N. B: If not previously disposed of, the Lively will be Sold at Vendue on Tuesday the 12th of June.

De Predikant G. Ryk maakt bekend, dat op morgen den [illegible] des morgens ten half tien Uuren en volgende Zondagen de gewoone Godsdienstoesseningen weder zulien gehouden worden.
Stabroek den 2 Juny 1804.

Vheins geevt door dezen kennis, dat op den 24 dezer [illegible] vonds om half negen Uuren alhier is overleden zyne dierbaare Egtgenoote Louisa Elisabeth Wyeth, naa eene zie[illegible] van vyf Maanden, in den Ouderdom van 26 Jaaren en 11 Maanden.
Demerary den 31 May 1804.

Stolen or Drifted, from Werk & Rust Stelling, a small Punt, built of Colony wood, she is about twelve feet keel and five feet beam, having wash boards: - Any Person picking up the said Punt, and delivering her to the Subscriber, shall be handsomely Rewarded.
Demerary, 2d June 1804. Christopher Bourne.

De Ondergetekende revoceert by dezen zyne Generaale Procuratie gepasseert op den Heer J. Olderson delareert dezelve naa dato dezes van geene de minsie waarde, waarnaa zich een leder geheve te reguleeren.
Demerary den 29 May 1804. J. A. Sargenton.

Opgevangen in de Gronden van Plantagie Vrede & Rust. Onstzyde der Rivier Demerary een Paard en een Muyl [illegible] Tegens Voldoening van Varg, Kostgeld en andere Onkosten [illegible] die geene, zoo daarvan geregtigde Eigenaar is, dezelve op [illegible] Platagie in ontvang neemen.
Demerary den 28 May 1804. W. de Wolff.

[No List of Runaway and Arrested Slaves]

Printed and Published by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.

to the
Essequebo and Demerary

Saturday, June 2, 1804.

Printed by E. J. Henery, Stabroek.



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